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  1. Toby Keith Loves his Gun-Free Bar, Do You?


    January 1, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

    So, Toby Keith the Oklahoman country singer¬†and hit-maker (I Love this Bar, for one) turned restaurant-franchise owner (I Love this …
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  2. 12 Million Ducks Can’t Be Wrong. Right?


    December 31, 2013 by gregrabidoux2013

    So, Phenomenal Phil, the patriarch of the bearded, “camo-clad,” Duck Dynasty Robertson clan is making duck waves for his controversial …
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  3. Global Test Scores are In. You Want the Good or Bad News First?


    December 3, 2013 by gregrabidoux2013

    Since I always try but often fail at seeing the positive in things,¬†let me share the good news first. International …
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  4. Peeping Tom? Close. Peeping NSA.


    November 27, 2013 by gregrabidoux2013

    It’s been a rough year for the good, though professionally sneaky folks at the National Security Agency (NSA). It’s archenemy …
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