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  1. Honey-Boo-Boo, Deep-Fried Oreo Cookies and Child Obesity. Here Comes the Truth.


    March 1, 2015 by gregrabidoux2013

    Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo. Or, more accurately, there she grows. At 9 years old and only 4 foot 6 inches …
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  2. Texas GOP says Yes to Reparative Therapy. Time to Turn Gays back into Straight-Shooters.


    June 11, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

    The Texas GOP recently approved a new plank to its party platform. This one is called “Reparative Therapy.” The premise …
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  3. Haunted by Bad Memories? Just Erase ’em all. For a Price.


    May 16, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

    When I was in Little League I made the All-Star squad for 3 straight years (good memory). I remember I …
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