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  1. Tough Times To Be A Celebrity?


    July 9, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

        What a week it has been friends. From the shootings of young black men in Minnesota and Louisiana …
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  2. Radical. Islamic. Terrorism.


    June 16, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

      Three words. One phrase. Continued executive denial. President Obama steadfastly refuses to, as he puts it “label” certain acts …
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  3. Kittens, Chocolate and Cotton Candy-The New Recruiting Tools for ISIS?


    May 26, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

    Since the truth didn’t seem to be working well for ISIS recruiters-Never ending misery, no pay, daily violence, blowing one’s …
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  4. Sticks and Stones. Are Trump Haters Actually Helping “The Donald?”


    March 14, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

    Incendiary. Inflammatory. Explosive. Damaging. Catastrophic. Is the media talking about N. Korea’s most recent claim that it has developed a …
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  5. Professors Told to Avoid Teaching Sensitive Subjects to Students with Guns. Wait, What?


    February 26, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

    Race. Politics. Ethnicity. Gender Relations. Sexism. Campus Assaults. Exams. Grades. Even “The Donald.” All sensitive subjects and all are apparently …
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  6. Peyton Manning and the Truth About His Brand and Us.


    February 16, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

      When I was young, many moons ago, the word “brand” had not yet thrust itself into the everyday lexicon …
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  7. Hollywood Oscar’s Big Night Black Out.


    January 21, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

      If you’ve ever watched Hollywood’s big night, and, as the great Lauren Bacall used to say, “Darling, where else …
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