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  1. Cap Took a Seat and We All Noticed. Is that a good thing?


    August 30, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

      Recently, at a pre-season NFL game, and we all know how much those games usually matter, the quarterback of …
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  2. Just Say “Non” to Burkini Bathing Beauties?


    August 28, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

    Ah, summer.   Barbecues. Burgers. Beach. And, apparently, Burkinis. Sacre bleu, What? You know, Burkinis, the combination Burqa and Bikini …
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  3. Sticks and Stones. Are Trump Haters Actually Helping “The Donald?”


    March 14, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

    Incendiary. Inflammatory. Explosive. Damaging. Catastrophic. Is the media talking about N. Korea’s most recent claim that it has developed a …
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  4. Professors Told to Avoid Teaching Sensitive Subjects to Students with Guns. Wait, What?


    February 26, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

    Race. Politics. Ethnicity. Gender Relations. Sexism. Campus Assaults. Exams. Grades. Even “The Donald.” All sensitive subjects and all are apparently …
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  5. Aftermath of Paris Terror. A War With No End?


    November 21, 2015 by gregrabidoux2013

    If so, then it really becomes a way of life doesn’t it? And as we, Americans, continue to┬ámove forward from┬áthe …
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  6. So, Should A Muslim Ever Be President?


    September 29, 2015 by gregrabidoux2013

    This was the question posed to GOP Presidential candidate and one-time neurosurgeon, Ben Carson recently on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” …
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  7. “I Can’t Breathe” or “Just Shut-Up and Play?”


    December 23, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

    Basketball. Let me explain. In 2005 a popular country singing group at the time called “The Dixie Chicks” amped up …
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