Dr. Greg Rabidoux, PH.D, JD

Dr. Greg Rabidoux, PH.D, JD

The Daily Growl is a daily blog about current events, politics and pop culture. The blogger behind all of this growling is Greg Rabidoux. Greg is an insider with an outsider’s perspective. He has worked in Congress, the United Nations, been a director for national political advocacy campaigns based in Washington DC and most recently, directed a large scale research project on our 50 state supreme courts (“the stuff our judges say when not on the bench…wow”). Greg ran for US Congress in 2010 (“a fun labor of love”) and has been teaching politics, law and public policy to moderately informed and somewhat interested (“more so near final exams”) college students on and off for over 12 years.

Greg’s true career mistress, though? Writing, of course. Greg is the author of Hollywood Politicos, Then and Now (UPA Press, USA, p. 385) and has hunt and pecked his way to completing over 300 columns/blogs (some old school stuff on mostly paper products) and counting, on politics, current events and pop culture these past few years in publications like USAToday, All State, New Perspective, National Journal of Law, Golden Legal, Waukesha Freeman and has posted for national blogs like Common Cause, The American Lawyer and the American Constitution Society.

When not growling off on the pressing issues of today, Greg can probably be found on a tennis court somewhere pursuing his other passion (“unseemly obsession is more like it”).

The greatest compliment that can be paid to the author of The Daily Growl? Care enough to join in the discussion and share feedback. Apathy blows out the flame of democracy. Caring keeps the flame eternal.


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  1. Patrick Hilgert says:

    I like your blog! Let me just bookmark it. 🙂

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