Check, Please. Time To Wrap-Up the WHCD For Good.


May 1, 2018 by gregrabidoux2013


sisterhood wolf

The classless Ms. Wolf, the new heroine of the liberal media.


Michelle Wolf is, so they tell me, a comedienne.

She has her own Netflix show coming up soon and her “coming out” appearance at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) was designed to shock, horrify and create interest in this upcoming show. All the while entertaining the well-heeled, elitist crowd at the lavish DC dinner.

Well, she checked nearly all those boxes. She was indeed shocking, horrifying and did certainly stir up some publicity for herself.

The one box she failed to put a check in? That would be entertaining. Or Funny. Or even mildly witty and humorous.

And that has become an ongoing issue with a whole lot of what passes for today as comedy from our brothers and now sisters on the left.

Where to start?

Ms. Wolf, a self-proclaimed “ultra-feminist” bashed Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press secretary for her looks, referring to her as dowdy, fat, a clueless sack-wearing mouthpiece who sets fashion back decades and a harlot with too much eye liner and cited KellyAnne Conway who also sat stoically in the audience as she was mercilessly attacked as something close to what Goebbels was during the Hitler regime. Let’s see, stop me when you start to laugh. The classless Ms. Wolf referred to the President’s daughter Ivanka as “nothing more than an empty box of tampons” while Melania Trump was maligned as plastic and brain-dead.


sisterhood sarah s

Her day job is tough enough, next year I’d encourage her to go bowling and skip the yawnfest known as the WHCD.


I’m sorry, but did we all just get transported back to middle school?

Are these the witless, pointless and just plain mean-spirited personal insults that the Left was fawning over after the dinner? Is this the type of “humor” we need right now in our country? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Jimmy Kimmel referred to Ms. Wolf as his “new, personal hero.”, page 1 @ Normalize

Being a mean girl is funny when it’s a movie. In real life, not so much.


Has the entertainment industry in our nation become so enraged, so full of white, hot hatred that they have lost all sense of right and wrong?

And whatever happened to sisterhood?

Or have women on the left of the political aisle like Ms. Wolf become so consumed by their hatred for Trump that it matters not that when they choose to launch such vicious, vile personal attacks on their fellow women they seem to casually set the entire women’s movement back some 50 years?

Can you imagine what women like Ms. Wolf would be saying about how there are so many prominent women in this White House, this Administration (and there are in record numbers) if it was a liberal presidency?


sisterhood ashley judd

Agree with me, I embrace you. Honestly disagree and you are no sister of hers.


Wow. There wouldn’t be enough awards to present or movies to be made in Hollywood  to memorialize the courageous, female pioneers of the Trump Presidency.

But, since the Left despises Trump and all he stands for they apparently feel emboldened, even obligated to spew incredibly base, juvenile and offensive insults at any and all women they feel aren’t part of their “resistance.”

The folks who keep lecturing us about harmony, diversity and tolerance sure have  become truly nasty women.

But the real problem as I referenced earlier is that all of this name-calling, body-shaming and appearance attacking is just not funny. As Jerry Seinfeld, who has forgotten more than Ms. Wolf will ever know about tickling the funny bone once noted, “If it’s not funny, you can’t call it a comedy, and if you can’t call it a comedy then you don’t get to call yourself a comedien.”


sisterhood jerry s

The man knows humor. The WHCD does not.


Ms. Wolf may be a number of things but based on her painfully unfunny blistering attacks she made the other night one thing is clear, she’s no comedienne.

What once was an event noted for its good-spirited humor, an evening where the press and the president playfully “roasted” each other has become, especially in the absence of the president merely another fancy, high-priced, self-congratulatory event designed to vent the collective spleen of the Left on this presidency and all who serve it.

Especially, or so it would appear, the women who have the audacity to not be card-carrying members of the Planned Parenthood or fully support the agenda of the Left.

I guess you’re only a sister if you agree with the resistance.

If not then you are fair game. No matter how hideous, cruel and vile. There, take that Sarah, KellyAnne, Melania, Ivanka and Nikki. How dare you break from the pack and have your own political views and opinions?

Time for the WHCD to turn off the lights and put the silverware, especially the sharp knives away. It just isn’t funny anymore.

Or, to put it another way, more people tuned into see Roseanne last week than they did to see the Academy Awards, the Grammys, the WHCD, Jimmy Kimmel and the Stephen Colbert shows. Combined.


sisterhood roseanne

Attacked, reviled, criticized. May I interest you in some ratings?


To quote a legendary “sister” of comedy, Joan Rivers, “If you are funny they will come and they will stay and they will laugh. And if you aren’t then your sex won’t save you.”

Kudos to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and KellyAnne Conway for sitting just a few feet away from Ms. Wolf and not leaping to their feet and leaving that sad excuse for a show. No one should have to endure that type of personal attack in the name of comedy and journalism.

But they did.

Nice to see some sisters have class.

Daily Growl Tiger







12 thoughts on “Check, Please. Time To Wrap-Up the WHCD For Good.

  1. Susan K says:

    It just wasn’t funny. This is all the left has now, personal, vicious, immature attacks on anyone and everyone all because the election they tried to rig for the loser Hillary backfired. Wow, what a bunch of sourgrapes.

  2. Robert Shimer says:

    The most offensive thing she said was :Flint, MI still doesn’t have clean water.” If you were not offended by that you have no reason calling yourself a decent human being.

    • Susan K says:

      Robert, not true. She was offensive and should have her show canceled before it airs. Go to some bar and insult everyone and see how far you get. You are wrong Robert, sorry.

  3. Melany says:

    Purposely offending anyone is not comedy, regardless of who you are. It’s just mean and rude.

  4. GMoss says:

    I understand comedy is subjective. I get it. But at some point human decency has to prevail. Her intent was to be shocking and to stir the pot in an effort to gain publicity. After all, she has a comedy special coming up. She achieved her objective. It just so happens she did so at the expense of other people. Granted, I’m not a fan of any of the people she roasted, but I found her comedy to be extremely rude and just plain not funny. In fact, I think each year the WHCD gets worse and worse. Perhaps it is best to end it. Or scratch the format and establish a dinner that is worthy of those being honored.

  5. Ebony B says:

    I agree. Nothing about her performance was entertaining. At the end of the day, no matter political party, we should have enough respect for each other to not result in jokes such as fat-shaming. Shame on her.

  6. Darryl N says:

    We forget, who brought this kind of mean-spirited, talk about women’s looks and the degradation of anyone (even women) who does not agree with him or who challenges his glass or paper kingdom that he – Donald Trump is constructing!

  7. Obediah E. H says:

    Agree with her comedy or not, and as I can tell from the post you do not, the dinner itself is about far more then the 15 minutes of a roast that historically has been reciprocated by the President, it is about the journalistic scholarships that are handed out and funded in part by the dinner. Her roast of those ladies currently working for this administration may have been harsh and to some crass, they still had points to them. The knock on SHS and her eye liner was that she burned facts for the smokey eye look, meaning she has a propensity to lie without any regret and her comment on the First daughter/Senior WH Adviser speaks to the mission statement Ivanka herself said she would do when taking that job, “Be a strong champion for women.” She has really stood up for them when faced with issue after issue and when called on it she coyly shies away hiding behind I am just his daughter. The current administration had no problem attending the Gridiron Club dinner, where the same type of give and take was had only not televised, only since he was roasted at the previous administrations last WHCD did the current refuse to attend since. So do away with the comedian if they must but keep the dinner, because it is for a good cause.

    • Terry L says:

      There are many ways to raise money for a good cause but having an out of date WHCD where the WH just gets attacked is no longer a thing that has to occur. The left has the MSM and all the late night talk shows to roast every day. Shut this crap down!

      • Misha B says:

        This dinner has historically roasted the seated President. It is called a “Roast” for a reason, and the attendees are aware they may be publicly insulted. In fact, it is expected. Previous Presidents have attended, and participated by addressing the roasters with their own speech. It may have been found unfunny, but it is Constitutionally protected, as it should be. The speeches Donald Trump gives at his rallies, are protected by the same rights. They are also unfunny, and often untrue and unfounded. No one is crying out for the women he offended when he stated he could “grab them by the P*$$^”. It was even more offensive, as contextually, it was not in a forum where that speech was expected. It may be offensive, but, so is Trump’s defense of “some very fine people” that attended a Supremacist rally. It is his right to say it, it is my right to be offended. It is not my right to cry for a change of his speech because I am offended. I exercise that right at the voting polls.
        When we start giving too much power to anyone by shutting down their opponents, we are no longer a democracy.

  8. Walter S. Parker says:

    I disagree 100%. I do not think post on the daily growl wears too much eyeliner. If that is an example of what the complaints have dropped to it sounds like an endorsement to me

  9. Walter S. P says:

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not wear too much eye liner

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