The Search For Russian Collusion-Time to Put it to Bed, Comrade?


April 27, 2018 by gregrabidoux2013


trump and putin

Collusion? Is that even a word Voldemort, er, I mean, Vladimir?


For a year and a half we have been hearing about Russian collusion literally non-stop. Wolf Blitzer of CNN looks like he hasn’t slept in months as he continues to scour for evidence, even a small shred that once and for all will end his Trump nightmare. James Comey (geez, I am so sick of hearing about this guy!) continues to gleefully do his book tour as he and political pundits of all stripes debate just exactly what is and is not a “leak.”

Meanwhile, not even white smoke signals of intent emanate from the far-reaches of the Game of Thrones like isolated House of Mueller chimney. Well, except for the FBI busting down the door of Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen as they searched for several items including the “Access Hollywood” tape where Trump boasts of his secret elixir to attract women (Hint: It’s called money) nary a word has been whispered.

Meanwhile, it is rumored that the Russian Collusion investigation is closely following the continued legal spat between Stephanie Clifford, aka, “Stormy Daniels” the porn, um, excuse me, adult entertainment star and her alleged affair some 10 years ago with Donald Trump and their confidentiality agreement with then candidate Trump.


trump stormy daniels

Please, this interview with me can’t be a lower moment than when Kathy Griffin wrote green marker on your head New Year’s Eve a couple of years ago.


Is this what the Russian Collusion investigation has become?

Allegations of illegal unmasking and spying on Trump campaign members, illegal FISA warrants, questionable memos, FBI lovebirds who wanted to craft an “insurance policy” against a Trump presidency even as they handled the investigation against Hillary Clinton’s email server, internecine feuding between top DOJ officials, the ruination of General Flynn’s career, the shady pre-Trump campaign dealings of venture capitalist Paul Manafort and what seems like a lifetime of spying on small-fry Carter Page and his alleged Russian dealings.


trump carter page

Carter Page, is he really worth years of spying? Isn’t it obvious he’s sort of a small fry without a clue?


Like I said, is this what the Russian Collusion investigation has left on our shores after its initial Tsunami-like hype?

While Democrats like Adam Schiff (D-CA) continue to vow that “there is evidence out there somewhere” and all Dems would seemingly like to see a never-ending Special Counsel investigation (unless of course it ends with some smoking-gun evidence of a Vodka-swilling Trump and a vodka-swilling Putin in cahoots which then leads to a rapid Impeachment and removal of the hated Trump) the reality seems to be that this now year and a half long investigation has been largely a bust. Even Nancy Pelosi conceded recently that “it’s possible that Russian Collusion fatigue has set in.” Though she did quickly add that even if it takes another 3 or even 7 years we shouldn’t rush the process. And you thought the Philly 76ers refused to rush “the process.”


trump nancy pelosi

It’s up to the American people. Well, not really but my poll numbers go up slightly when I say stuff like that.


In a swamp (DC) obsessed with leaking and leakers it seems inconceivable that even the stoic, granite-chiseled House of Mueller would not be able to hide the fact of finding any real evidence of collusion if indeed, they found any.

And yet, we continue to trudge through the swamp and muck being stoked and uncovered from both sides. We are besieged daily with “breakthroughs” and “bombshells” amidst a seemingly endless stream of memos, leaks, documents, texts and he saids, she saids, all allegedly proving beyond a doubt that Trump didn’t collude or that he absolutely did, depending.

So, the question really does seem worth repeating one final time. This investigation which seems to have been launched on a rather dubious if not outright “incredible” piece of political opposition research, in effect an investigation that began with no evidence of a crime (does that not strike anyone else as absurd in a democracy where we normally operate our justice system in a completely polar opposite manner?) an investigation which now clearly has no scope, boundaries nor moorings may now, finally be time to wrap things up.


trump bob mueller

To Collude or not to Collude? Yes, that is the question. Now, assemble my court I may make a promulgation…or not.


Let the House of Mueller make its grand promulgation and let us peasants simply move on with our lives.

But no matter what happens or is found or not found, please, someone take Jim Comey to a kingdom far, far away.

If, for no other reason that even a Blitzer named Wolf needs to get some shut eye sometime. And to stop his infernal howling at the moon of impeachment.


trump wolf and moon

The new “War Room.”


Daily Growl Tiger



9 thoughts on “The Search For Russian Collusion-Time to Put it to Bed, Comrade?

  1. Jonathan Klusmeyer says:

    Sessions has taken a lot of heat from the President and Republican members of Congress for both his recusal and his refusal. He recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation and refused to appoint a special counsel to look into matters surrounding likely crimes and missteps by the Democrats and FBI. He is not wrong in his actions, however. If Sessions had not appointed a special counsel to look into a crime that doesn’t exist (that wasn’t committed), then it would look like a cover up on his part. If Sessions allowed for a second special counsel, he would basically be stating that the Justice Department was too ineffective to conduct high-visibility investigations anymore. Allowing U.S. Attorney John Huber to look into the concerns raised by Congressional Republicans is the right move. How long can Muller be allowed to continue his witch hunt is the question, however. If he still lacks any substantial evidence after a year and a half of investigation, one of two things must be true. 1. He is incompetent or 2. There is no evidence. Either way, he should not be allowed to continue. We, as a country, must be allowed to move on. The level of political obstruction to the Trump presidency is overwhelming and making the country as a whole less effective on the national stage. Enough is enough. Time to focus on making progress. Items such as an end to the Korean War are much more important than how many Diet Cokes President Trump drinks every day or if he had a fling with a porn star. Since they found no “smoking gun,” they are looking for President Clinton’s “smoking cigar.”

  2. L says:

    I agree that the Mueller investigation has gone on for far too long. With all the time and money invested into the investigation, being this far along in the process with nothing to show for all the work is seemingly a good sign there may be nothing there. Some have called the investigation a “witch hunt.” Perhaps they are right, especially since there is still a lack of evidence and the direction of the investigation seems to be going off the rails. How does Ms. Clifford correlate with Russian collusion?
    I’m reluctant to use the term “witch hunt” because as stated by television producer Chuck Lorre “sometimes there are witches.” Nobody is above the law. But, if nothing is there we need not waste the funds trying to scrape up a non-existent crumb.

    • Naomi P says:

      I’m not sure it is entirely accurate to say that there is “nothing to show” for Mueller investigation so far. To date, the investigation has issued more than 100 charges against 20 people. It will certainly be interesting to see where the investigation ends up when all is said and done.

  3. Mike H. says:

    It seems a little disingenuous to me to moan about the length of time that Mueller has been conducting his investigation as if it is unusual for the work of a special prosecutor to take this long. How quickly we seem to forget that Ken Starr began his work four years prior to Bill Clinton testifying in front of a grand jury. We should also not forget that the focus of Starr’s investigation was initially the Whitewater scandal, which did not end up getting Clinton impeached by the House. The impeachment proceedings were still going on over five years after the council began. Lets also not forget that the work of the special council began a full eight months before Ken Starr was even appointed. So, in that reckoning, we could be a long way from a conclusion to the Mueller probe. It could even be possible that, should Trump lose a reelection bid, the investigation could conclude after he leaves office.

    Let Mueller do his work. It either will or won’t find anything and it may or may not be related to the initial purview of the investigation. Either way, it won’t exactly be bucking historical precedent. It’s no fun when your side gets investigated, but it is a fact of life in modern politics. Should the political winds shift and we wind up with another party in the White House, I fully expect the same treatment from those who are now so loudly complaining about the “endless” Mueller investigation.

  4. Brent Mayes says:

    Russian collusion is beginning to seem a lot like the search for WMD in the Middle East. As a citizen and as a public administrator, I often look at the news and wonder what percentage of it is relevant, true, and not a smoke-screen for some other world issues. I know that is a sad statement to make, but I fear a lot of our media is political-party-driven, often unverified, and often reported more for ratings that American priority and need.

    I wish our media would pursue stories that have relevance, are unbiased politically, and are worthy of the average American’s attention.

    If there is a serious issue actually at stake with a threat of Russian collusion, then it should be investigated. Once a resolution, either way, has been made, report it to the American people. But respect our time and dignity. Do not drag the story along for months without any progression of evidence, relevancy, and verification of its truth.

  5. GMoss says:

    I find it interesting to hear those say the investigation has gone on far too long, or the investigation is reaching too far, or if there is evidence reveal it now rather than later. Since when has there been a specific timeline around an investigation? There are far too many examples of cases that were rushed to judgement and resulted in innocent people being thrown behind bars. If there was no collusion, the investigation could go on for years and the end result would be the same. So, what the rush? If the fear is that the reach of the case could reveal other criminal acts, well, so be it.

  6. Ebony B says:

    I also think the investigation is a drag. I would have thought by now that they would have found something incriminating enough to impeach Trump but they haven’t and he is over a year into his presidency. I rather them allocate their resources somewhere else.

  7. Darryl N says:

    With all of the Lies and Cover-ups, I do not know what to believe anymore, is this what a legitimate investigation into an enemy, foreign power’s meddling into the 2016 US Presidential election has become. I am still trying to recover from the craziness of the last couple of years, watching all of this unfold.The ridiculousness of the “Newest Banana Republic” in the world is truly bizarre. Or are we truly, living in a alternate universe – Bizarro World……

  8. Katie D says:

    Investigations of this size and political importance take quite some time. However i think we are all tired of hear about it. I rather Mueller do his job and lets turn to a different subject. When investigations of this type get of publicity and media coverage what is true and what is not true begins to be unclear.

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