Non-Stop Fury towards the Loathsome Trump. Have Dems painted themselves into a Political Corner?


January 31, 2018 by gregrabidoux2013


SOTU Trump pelosi

Never a good idea to eat lemons right before a televised SOTU.


Being the opposition political party at a televised State of the Union address is inherently a risky proposition. Look too enthusiastic and your loyalists wonder if you’ve jumped ship. Look too unenthusiastic even furious at good news in America and some  Americans may just wonder if you’ve jumped countries.

As far as optics, last night was not a good night for most of the Democrats who chose to be present in the well of the US Capitol building for the president’s SOTU. The ones who skipped it completely, well, I’m on record that I have no respect for either party who pulls that nonsense.

As President Trump touted his tax cuts, talked of companies like Apple investing some $350 billion back into the US market with plans to add some 20,000 jobs here and ticked off the names of companies who have given their employees $1-2,000 bonuses it was hard not to miss Dems like House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi in the audience. She seemed to have a look of utter disgust and revulsion perpetually frozen on her face during the whole evening. Perhaps, she was again thinking that this money was simply “crumbs” as she publicly characterized these tax cuts and worker bonuses just days before. Maybe it was the botox injections.


SOTU Trump pres

He took so many victory laps it was a wonder he didn’t run out of breath.


As the President talked of a roaring stock market setting record highs, noted several manufacturers, foreign based and domestic announcing plans to come back to the US and open factories, as he noted the arrests and deportation of violent thugs like those of the notorious MS-13 gang members, as he shared anecdotes of small business owners experiencing unprecedented growth in the wake of his pro-business agenda and the fact that African-American unemployment is at historical lows and gainful employment at historical highs (neither of which we experienced under former president Obama) it was impossible to miss the visceral, utter hostility in the faces and body language (they refused to stand or clap) of the Congressional Black Caucus Members.

They didn’t want to be there and were hell-bent on refusing to acknowledge any good news over the past year of this Administration. Even if that good news was actually historically positive for their caucus, for those they were created to serve and advance.


SOTU Trump bc

Can you still hate the messenger but love the message? Apparently, not.


All of which leads to the question-Have the Democrats who seem genuinely and non-stop furious and outraged 24/7 painted themselves into a political corner from which there is no escaping?

I don’t know about you but I find being enraged and furious constantly to be well, really and utterly exhausting. And on those rare occasions when I have been genuinely furious or enraged any thoughts of compromise or rational thinking seems impossible. However, once the extreme emotion dissipates then once again clear headedness returns and solutions that seemed to be evasive or invisible seem rather obvious and within reach.

In short, I found at a rather young age that being enraged or furious or extreme in my thinking or behavior does me no good. In fact, it only seems to harm me and those around me. So, I chose very early to put such nonsense aside.

Maybe the Dems need to choose to put such feelings aside too. It seems to be preventing them from truly being able to join in to accomplish great things for all Americans. This non-stop, ’round the clock rage may just be proving to be self-defeating and harmful as it so often is in real life.

But the sad reality of political life in America, especially in Washington DC as I learned when I worked there for several years is that rage and fury and hatred gets funded. Compromise, rational thinking and clear headedness does not.


SOTU Trump chuck s

Even funders want some results at some point Chuck.


And this is the political corner that many Dems have painted themselves into by their non-stop, often irrational hatred for a president that they long ago decided (about the time the mythology of Hillary Clinton’s electoral invincibility was destroyed) is a loathsome, sexist, racist embodiment of evil.

Tough to work with, compromise or even acknowledge someone that you or at least your supporters and especially those that fund you believe or have convinced themselves is about 50 shades of more evil than say, Darth Vader.

How do you backpedal from that position? How do you go back to your zealous loyalists who demand blood and say well, wait a second, maybe we can work with this guy on a few items that may actually benefit us all?

In short, if you have bought into painting the opposition as a complete and utter cartoon character of such wildly evil and malevolent proportions then even as good news for all Americans rolls in, or tales of genuine American bravery is told you must sit on your hands and stew in silent rage. Even as proposals are offered that would in the words of former US House Speaker and Democrat Top O’Neill get your party at least “half if not the whole loaf of bread” then you clearly must remain unmoved as your blood boils.


SOTU Trump Tip

The former Dem Speaker knew that hatred didn’t work for long in the political arena.


Meanwhile, the optics remain bad. Really bad. And pointless.

This all-consuming, continual hate against Trump and everything he is, proposes, accomplishes and stands for is already proving to be limiting. Even Dem Rep. Maxine Waters’ non-stop “Impeach 45” is no longer drawing crowds or cash.

The Democrats are fast approaching a political cross-roads, either they hold their collective noses and work with this president on items that will truly benefit them and their constituents or continue down the dead-end path of irrational, non-stop hatred.

The former at least allows them as a minority party to be at the table and help ensure that what is served is not completely distasteful. The latter may just find them completely outside looking in.

But characterizing every proposal, every policy, every speech, anecdote, trend, fact and idea as racist, sexist, loathsome and evil will not advance their party forward nor ensure even small victories for their loyalists. Or their funders.

Sometimes politically speaking, holding your nose is better than sitting on your hands.

Or, in the words of Tip O’Neill who was the top Dem during the Reagan years, “Hating the opposition does no one any good. Anyone can hate and do nothing. We are here to work with whomever the American people put into the Oval office.”

If it’s truly a good fight they want then it’s time for the Dems to get out of the corner and get back into the ring.


SOTU Trump s korean

Hatred alone is never enough. 


Daily Growl Tiger










25 thoughts on “Non-Stop Fury towards the Loathsome Trump. Have Dems painted themselves into a Political Corner?

  1. Melissa K says:

    Great Post! Funny and true. Dems do need to change their strategy 24/7 hate and fury ain’t working. And Nancy just needs to go away.

  2. Jonathan Klusmeyer says:

    It has been said many times that the Dems do not stand for anything except amnesty. Aside from that, they stand against Trump. Trump hatred can only get you so far in the midterm elections. This is not a winning strategy. The real clear politics average shows how Dems have blown the 13 point lead they had after Trump’s election. It is now down to 7. The hatred of Trump is truly standing in the way of Dems making any political achievements that they can campaign on. Although Trump’s 1st year in office was one of the most conservative first years of any president, the guy is really a populist. Many of the ideas he spouted during the state of the union were populist and/or liberal in nature. Dems need to get behind Trump on what they agree on (which is more than they would have agreed on with any other Republican president) and oppose him only when they feel it violates their ideals of their constituents. The Dems are in desperate need of leadership. Their current leadership is east and west coast. These folks are in an echo chamber. Maybe someone from the Heartland can tell them that $1,000-$2,000 extra in a working family’s wallet ain’t crumbs!

    • Mike H. says:

      There were plenty of populist/nationalist ideas spouted forth, but outside of infrastructure spending (except for the parts about stripping regulations), I struggled to find much that could be classified as “liberal”, which as someone who considers themselves a permanent resident of the left-wing, I would know what counts and what doesn’t.

      Point by point through his speech, Trump discussed his tax program, that despite arguments over what is and is not crumbs, was hardly a bastion of left wing ideology in action.

      Next, he talked about the economy, which any president would do regardless of party. Nothing particularly liberal or conservative there. Maybe the arrival of manufacturing jobs could be seen as something, but I don’t think the picture is as rosy as he’d like to paint it. After all, nearly every manufacturing job at the famous Carrier Plant has been eliminated now, though admittedly, the white collar office jobs have remained. In addition, the much touted Wal-Mart salary increases were offset by the closure of nearly 70 Sam’s Club stores. Even the much touted unemployment numbers for black Americans have jumped nearly a percentage point back to where they were when Trump took office according to the BLS. (

      He then moved on to immigration. As a dyed in the wool member of the left-wing, I can assure you there was nothing there that was remotely palatable to that side of the aisle. Border walls, increased enforcement, ending chain migration, and ridiculously long paths to citizenship for dreamers are not going to be anything many liberals can get behind.

      I don’t think much in the North Korea bits of the speech was particularly partisan, though its just more of the same worrisome saber-rattling that he has long spouted. Not much there for those hoping for diplomatic solutions to grab on to, even if we can agree that the North Korean regime is completely terrible with no redeeming values whatsoever.

      Finally he moved on to healthcare, where in his efforts to be Obama’s exact opposite, he has tried to undo everything the Democratic Party set up with the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act. Not much hope for liberals there either.

      I do realize that in America, our political “center” skews a lot further right than most places in the world, but even correcting for this, I still cannot manage to find much “liberal” content to celebrate in Trump’s first state of the union address, unless you are referring to the “classical liberalism” of Milton Friedman. His speech was the same hollow partisan call for bipartisanship that I have heard time and time again from both sides of the aisle.

      On a final note, is it possible to drop the concept of “east and west coast” as a derogatory remark? Or the notion of the “heartland” as a superior place? There’s good and bad to be found in every corner of the country and believe you me the “heartland” has its own echo chamber problems to contend with as well. No region of the country is any better or worse than any other and we are all Americans.

      • Jonathan Klusmeyer says:

        The points that I consider to be liberal in his speech are:

        $1.5 trillion for infrastructure (try getting the Freedom Caucus to swallow that pill)

        Government interference in the free market by way of prescription drug regulation (which is fine with many republicans as an answer to Obamacare, but not for true conservatives)

        A pathway to citizenship for over a million illegal immigrants (his supporters are going to have trouble swallowing that even if it comes with the great wall of China…pronounce Jy-NA)

        The Heartland comment is a simple reference to the electoral map and cost of living difference. Democrat leader talking points ignore the midwest, south, and north. They clearly are not appealing to a large chunk of the electorate that they used to, as is clear from the last election. It would do them well to establish balance.

      • Mike H. says:

        Sorry for missing this for a month and a half! I completely missed this comment somehow.

        As to the stuff that you considered liberal in the speech, it was all tied to other things that are utterly unpalatable for folks of that persuasion.

        1.5 trillion for infrastructure (If you build the wall)
        Prescription drug regulation I can give you. Too bad it comes with the dismantling of Affordable Care Act regulations with it.
        Pathway to citizenship (Again, if you build the wall and get behind draconian immigration policy)

        It would be like telling a conservative caucus that we would undo the Brady Bill or eliminate TANF, as long as they voted to restore federal funding for abortions at any stage of pregnancy. It’s not going to happen and I can’t say that “shocked” would be my reaction when conservatives weren’t buying what I was selling.

        There is a bipartisan approach to these policies that could work and give both parties a little of what they wanted, but I didn’t hear it in Trump’s SOTU address.

  3. Canesta says:

    Hatred at any level is time consuming, utterly tiring, and limits opportunities to “meet in the middle” for all. At the end of the day, the American people will continue to suffer for the decisions and actions projected by the public officials who are supposed to be working in the public’s best interests.

    • Diane M. B. says:

      Hatred is consuming and prevents any other emotions from reaching through. I would find working closely with President Trump very tiresome though. His apparent love of chaos may have worked in his personal business empire where business associates were more easily replaced but he is quickly burning out career civil servants with his management style.

  4. Darryl Nettles says:

    First of all, a well-written piece here that gives much advice of how American political parties should truly attempt to work together for the benefit of their constituents and the entire nation – I get that. However, in some defense of the Democratic Party, the Dems are just doing what the Republican Party pulled all eight years of the “Honorable” Barack Obama’s Presidency. Let’s all recap, the GOP never could give a clear and rational answer as to why everything that Obama proposed was a “NO” for them, therefore, many people suspected there was just a racial undertone present from the Republicans. It becomes rather difficult to attract individuals from the opposite political persuasion and retain those in your own party, when you have Tons of “Negative” Energy – you get what you exude (Trump).
    I believe it was a very difficult decision for all of those Congressional members who decided NOT to attend the 1st SOTU address for Donald Trump, but what makes that decision “Nonsense”? Particularly, if the past couple of years of campaigning and Trump’s tenure as President of the most powerful nation in the world has been filled with nothing but Nonsense.

  5. Trent Hester says:

    We, as Americans, find ourselves in a very unique state of affairs. We are more divided now than we have been in nearly sixty years and have more unifying entities in place than every before. What we are doing is not working.

    With regard to our political system, we see, on the whole, three groups of people. First, we see people on the right. These republican individuals are going to vote for the republican candidate and, in most cases, support that canidate blindly. Likewise, the same is true of the left, democratic individuals. The third and, in my mind at least, most sane of these three groups is the level-headed middle. This group will sit back, listen, and make true, educated decisions about who they choose to represent them. This group, however, gets little-to-no attention in today’s politically charged world.

    As a nation, we must make a critical shift in thinking. We must stop supporting the foolishness that is occurring all around us. Are you tired of seeing political leaders act like children? Then stop supporting them. We, the people, allow this nonsense. Yes, we have a president that many in our country do not care for. However, he is the person that is leading our country for the next several years and, unless we wish to waste that precious time, we must work together to accomplish common goals.

    In today’s political system, the focus seems to have moved away from the public. When a political leader becomes offended, rather than expressing that offense and working to reconcile and move forward, we see occurrences such as those mentioned in this article. Refusing to stand in support of your president is like refusing to go get food when you’re hungry. You’re just hurting yourself and your cause.

  6. Levi B. says:

    The anger and disdain for President Trump has been apparent since he announced his candidacy. The president has seen success on the economic front during his first year in office. Perhaps not the success that he had originally promised. O-care still exists and the wall has yet to be funded. But, some may say this is because of the immense push back of the opposition. It seems that democratic leaders refuse to work with the President and paints whatever he says or does as bigoted. That being said, I personally do not agree with things the President says, and I often cringe at his Tweets. There is a certain tactfulness in word that he lacks.
    You made a very great point “How do you go back to your zealous loyalists who demand blood and say well, wait a second, maybe we can work with this guy on a few items that may actually benefit us all?” Such is partisan politics. If you paint the man as malevolent, how do you turn and work with him without giving the appearance of selling out your ideals? The hyper-partisan politics have lead to a do-nothing Congress and a very angry American people. I think that Americans should stop blaming each other and put their disdain where it belongs, squarely on the nose of the U.S. Congress.

  7. Melissa Tolbert says:

    In regards to the State of the Union Address, whether you agree with President Trump or not, the facts are hard to deny. I think some of these career politicians are focused more on themselves and what they look like as opposed to serving their citizens who elected them to their pompous seats. And let’s face it, if they were really worried about how they looked, the replays of their faces and total lack of respect would shame their grandmothers who are likely rolling in their graves. Regardless of which political party you side with, in PA we are taught to serve the citizens as if they were customers. This definitely has evaded these Democrats. Now, to be fair, I believe that the constant standing and clapping after a positive note, is a bit overboard and really drags out the speech. I would like to point out that one of my favorite parts is acknowledging everyday heroes and it was poor on anyone’s part to sit during those recognitions. But for there to be an improving economy, push towards greater national security and putting people to work, we should all be giving a standing ovation to all who have worked hard to accomplish those negotiations. It is the work of many, not just the POTUS to accomplish those feats.

  8. JCE says:

    If you want to see how desperate the opposition is, just look at the media’s constant criticism of Melania Trump. Every movement, down to which direction she’s looking, is interpreted and some deeper “meaning” is extrapolated. Every glance is a perceived slight or misstep. On January 31, the day of the above blog post, my Google News feed had no fewer than a dozen news articles talking about her “awkward” (that’s the word they used over and over again…) gift exchange with the Obamas on Inauguration Day. Really? A year in office and this is what the media latches on to from the previous day’s Michelle Obama (Ellen) interview? And this wasn’t just People Magazine reporting: it was The NY Times, USA Today, WaPo, etc. We know they adored Michelle Obama and all miss her desperately, but this coverage set a new standard for journalistic frivolousness in the guise of “reporting.”

    And a month prior to that, the media and the Democrats acted like the defeat of Roy Moore in Alabama was some kind of watershed moment and referendum in the South against Trump and the right. Um. I’m a lifelong Conservative Republican… and even I wouldn’t have voted for that cretin. Sexual harassment allegations true or not, that guy is weird and creepy. And Trump (and other Republicans) shouldn’t have endorsed him or even let him get as far as he did.

    The desperation of the left is real. But the eventual backlash from the right might just be worse (see November 2016 for reference).

  9. Lisa Mathis says:

    I guess I just expect people in these positions, (those who are in this audience) to be courteous and respectful, at least on the outside for about an hour while the leader of our country makes a speech. I don’t expect cheers or great lauding, but I would expect them not to sit there like they are sleeping, bored, or just plain hateful. I don’t want to think they represent me in any situation with those sour scowls on their faces. Just have some simple manners of propriety in public.

    • Diane M. B. says:

      I agree. I would expect them to act with respect as well. I have been to events where I really disliked the speaker but I never would show contempt or disdain in my expressions. This made them look like pouting children. I may not have stood and applauded but I certainly wouldn’t have been scowling the entire time.

  10. Heather Pence says:

    I have taken a lesson from my husband’s place of employment over the last several years, “It is what it is.” We say this often because he works for a county government that is full of corrupt politicians making decisions that are not in the best interest of the employees or the citizens. We have decided that he must keep a positive attitude because the people need fire and ems protection. His attitude reflects on him not on the government. Maybe our democrats (and republicans) need to take that stance. You get to determine your attitude and response to (un)favorable decisions made by others. Being negative does not help anyone.

  11. Diane M. B. says:

    I have also witnessed Politicians intent on hating and sabotaging members of the opposite party. A quote often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt states, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” The media and members of the opposite party often have placed too much emphasis on insignificant details. Many disturbing events in the Trump Presidency have happened though since this initial blog post. Our President is under investigation and most of his closest advisors have been fired or resigned. His picks for top positions often have no experience or expertise in the subject matter of the organizations they have been tasked to lead. The President of the United States is firing individuals via Twitter! He taunts unstable foreign leaders on Twitter as well and states his bombs are bigger. Trump seems to struggle stating a position and standing behind it and often contradicts himself. The President has a profound lack of respect for the authority and power he wields. Millions of citizens depend on him to act in the best interest of our country. He is treating his office as if he is still on a reality show and manufacturing drama in an attempt for a more entertaining story.

  12. James Barnes says:

    I think you absolutely nailed it by pointing out rage and fury rake in donor money, whereas compromise and measured responses do not. Groups get too caught up in “winning” and forget that this is a nation, not a battlefield. I remember a time when people actually bragged about bipartisan deals once in awhile. Now politicians run around the hallowed halls of legislation like pro wrestlers…with all the fake pomp, script, and grand standing to appease the masses.

    I disagreed with the Clinton administration over NAFTA and CAFTA; however, I happily admitted he brought the nation out of the national debt red. That is no small feat. You can disagree with a group or an ideology, but It is in the very poorest taste to ignore achievements that benefit a country. How much national success is required for people to move beyond their biases and just be happy for the county and its people?

    I will be the first to say Trump was far from my top pick for the presidency. Now that he is here I hope the country benefits. I think he gets things horribly wrong, as any businessman would in public office, but I cannot ignore the positives either. I have not lived to see a single perfect legislator or president. They are all human, but I hope they genuinely care about this nation and try their best to help it succeed. I will continue to cheer on whoever is in office in the hopes that they make life just a tad better for average Joes and Janes.

    • Diane M. B. says:

      I agree the different political parties get caught up in winning instead of realizing we are all on the same team and should work together for the good of our nation. I see this on a smaller scale in my work at a University. As different departments compete for limited resources, everyone thinks their project is the most important and should receive funding. It is often difficult for them to objectively consider another department’s needs over their own. Yet, everyone should be working together to benefit our University and allocate resources to those areas which have the greatest need of funding.

    • JCE says:

      Never in a lifetime did I think I’d ever quote Roseanne Barr, but her recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel was a study and statement of boldness combined with some much-needed clear-thinking from the left. Here’s a highlight from the exchange:

      “Barr insisted she has not changed over the year, but ‘you all moved — you all went so f*ckin far out you lost everyone.’ She cautioned Kimmel and his audience against wanting to see Trump fail. ‘Because we don’t want [Mike] Pence,’ which is a pretty effective argument. ‘You want Pence for the fr*ckin President? Well then zip that f*ckin lip!’ she told Kimmel.”

      Exactly. The left has been so focused on the minutiae and “little stuff” (Trump’s hair! Melania’s pout!) that the big stuff (Criminal investigations. Trade tariffs. Etc.) gets lost in the melee. If everyone continues to treat the president and the US government like it’s one big punchline, that’s what it’s likely to become. In the meantime, middle America and the right (and middle left) get angrier, more marginalized, and increasingly reactionary.

  13. Daniel Turknett says:

    It seems like both parties just moan and complain. That’s how more and more people are coping with something they don’t like. I’m with you Dr. Rabidoux, I have no respect for people that don’t show up to where they’re supposed to be. The two parties need to meet in the middle on some subjects to try to advance the country instead of just fighting among each other the entire time.

  14. GMoss says:

    I think the disrespect, hatred, anger, fury and other emotions we’ve seen since Trump was elected to be president is typical in the political environment. We see it, hear it, read about it after every election. The difference with this presidency is social media (of which the President is huge fan) seems to have consumed our world. News — facts or fiction — spreads faster, reaches more people, and we’re all pulled into it whether we want to be or not. Yes, some of our elected officials are acting like elementary school students who can’t get their way. But, what’s new about that?

  15. Emad says:

    Trump has played a vital role in bringing business back to U.S. Most of the companies left the U.S. because of high taxes and ransom from the mafia. He arrested those and cut taxes to pay investors home.

  16. Melany says:

    Great post! Hatred is exhausting and gets us no where. Everyone just needs to put on their big boy pants and reach a level of acceptance and move on. Start working for the country like they are suppose to be doing!

  17. Ebony B says:

    Can’t we all just be happy that the President is accomplishing some great things for us?! You don’t have to like the man but at the end of the day you still have to respect him and it seems as if the DEMS did not show any respect that night. Shame on them. Hopefully, someone will point out their actions and they will improve on their attitudes. Or at least keep a fake smile on for the public.

  18. Tim A says:

    President Trump’s demeanor may be more shrewd businessman than politician, but I have to agree with the article. Forget about what he says on twitter and look at whats happening in America. Stock Market up, (since he took office), possible peace treaty and denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, unemployment down, tax breaks, bonuses galore, repatriation by many fortune 500 companies and on and on. If the Democrats don’t wise up, the American voters may kick them further to the curb. The Democrats and many news agencies are too busy hating Trump to realize the good things that are happening in America. Does anybody remember 2008-2009 and the Great recession. We are very far from those times and the government should strive to continue to do what’s best for all Americans.

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