#45 and his presidential shadow. Did someone forget to give #44 the memo?


July 7, 2017 by gregrabidoux2013


trump and obama pic

The start of a beautiful relationship? If so, no one looks too happy.


Maybe they should just book their flights and hotel rooms together. You know, so they can split the costs and save taxpayer dollars.

The problem is only one of them is currently elected as President. The other guy maybe hasn’t received the memo yet because wherever #45 goes #44 is right behind him. At first it was just sort of odd. President Trump visited a number of Asian nations including S. Korea recently and then following each stop the same leaders then met with former President Obama. Then, even more recently after Mr. Trump met with many of our European allies like Angela Merkel of Germany, Emmanuel Macron of France and Theresa May of England we saw that Mr. Obama had scheduled meetings with each of those same leaders.


trump and obama merkel pic

Cordial not cozy.



trump and obama merkel 2 pic

Geez, maybe someone ought to alert Michelle.


And now this.

Our current President gives what was received in Poland as a rousing and inspiring speech and then literally not 3 hours after he leaves then our former President follows up by sitting down with the Polish leader.

It’s gone from quirky to odd to downright disturbing.

Someone needs to tell Barack Obama that he is in fact no longer the president. And, if sources are correct in that in each of these meetings he seeks to downplay President Trump and “reassure” each leader that there is a good chance he (Trump) will not be re-elected and so to not “overreact” to anything he says or does, well, that sure seems to be the epitome of meddling and where is the outcry from the Left?

I mean they are opposed to meddling, right?

Look, I get it. I really do.

To many on the Left Mr. Obama is their generation’s JFK. Relatively young, eloquent, highly educated, his speeches often filled with soaring rhetoric, particularly on civil rights and racial issues.

He is as far removed from being like Trump perhaps as one can get and still share the same Oval Office. To supporters of Obama he is almost a cult-like figure while Trump is loathsome. Crass. Crude. In short, the anti-Obama.


trump enemies wrestler

The anti-Obama?


But politics can be brutal and unforgiving.

Mr. Obama went all in on Hillary Clinton. He bet heavy with his time, effort and personal and political capitol that voters would elect her as a way of keeping his legacy alive and burnishing his reputation and political cache.

And he lost. Bigly.

Hillary proved to not be the worthy successor he and others tried vainly to tout her as and it also became evident that many Americans had seen enough of the Euro-style, compromising, apologetic, “lead from behind” style of Mr. Obama.

In short and in startling terms for the Left, they wanted to see “America First.”


And so here we are, some nearly 9 months later and despite daily, persistent and costly efforts by Obama supporters and Trump haters to destabilize and de-legitimize this current Administration (Russia Collusion, Russian meddling, Russia, Russia, Russia) many continue to overlook the fact that President Obama had an 8 year run and now his successor is not Hillary Clinton and the new guy has a very different agenda.


First 100 days sean spicer

Look, I’ll shadow whoever I want, whenever I want. And yes, Shakespeare, I know it’s “whomever.” Sit down.


And while fervent Obama supporters may relish and take glee in how #44 shadows #45 whenever and wherever he (Trump) goes in the world, it sets a very dangerous and harmful precedent. If George W. Bush had chose to undermine the newly elected Barack Obama in this manner the media would have skewered him so bad it would have left a permanent mark. By the way out of curiosity, who’s paying for all of #44’s travel, lodging, meals, jet fuel and security?

But, because of the poisonous and contentious relationship between #45 and the media they choose to simply cover both men and their messages and meetings as if we elected co-presidents in 2016.

We did not.

Former president Obama is someone who certainly deserves respect and admiration on many levels for a number of reasons not the least of which was his often classy and restrained personal behavior.

He needs to exhibit those traits now as a private citizen. With the Democratic Party in its current state of tatters I understand why so many in the party still look to Mr. Obama for leadership. For all of their hyperbole, let’s face it, Chuck Schumer is no Obama and Nancy Pelosi is not even in the same zip code of political credibility as #44. Bernie Sanders and his wife are being investigated by the FBI for fraud and embezzlement, Hillary is at least metaphorically speaking, still “in the woods” and seems to find new culprits to blame each day for her loss, Joe Biden is still a 5 time presidential campaign loser, Elizabeth Warren is still trying to find her footing and well, after that there are a bunch of folks who would like to lead but clearly, it still seems to be Obama’s party.


nothing burger supporters

There, there, at least we still have Barack.


But he can serve as the head of the loyal opposition all he wishes right here in the USA. To do what he is doing is not classy, it is highly disrespectful not just to the current White House occupant but the millions of Americans who chose a very different path for the nation to take post-Obama. And depending on his message at these meetings it may even be very harmful to American interests.

In short, you are no longer President Mr. Obama. Start acting like it.


White house ralphie

I can only watch over one president at a time, so who’s it gonna be?






19 thoughts on “#45 and his presidential shadow. Did someone forget to give #44 the memo?

  1. Angelia G. Brown says:

    I’m playing the devils advocate. Is it possible that President Trump might have asked Obama for advice and some help? Every individual has different strengths and weaknesses. Maybe behind the scenes President Trump is working with Obama to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. The evidence is clear that Obama is going behind Trump, but we can’t tell unless each man addresses this topic. I’ve read that it’s common for a current president to go to the former for advice quite often. I’ve never heard of a former President going behind and meeting with world leaders as soon as the current President is finished meeting with them. That does seem odd to me.

    • Angelia, it’s a fair question and one which might be feasible if #44 and #45 had a similar or even complimentary agenda. But they see the world very differently. In fact, former President Obama just made a statement at a press conference upon his return that the only hope for mankind is a true international,liberal order. This of course is polar opposite of President Trump’s stated policy of “America First.” Also, at the recent G-20 meeting Obama was treated warmly by several leaders after he visited and Trump was isolated as they see Trump’s policies as not being “Euro-friendly.” You are right it is an odd situation but in some ways logical as Mr. Obama tries to protect his legacy even as Mr. Trump conducts business as the current presidency.

  2. Clint Backstrom says:

    In short answer, he does it because he can get away with it. It is no secret that most news organizations lean his way. Democrats and liberals were left with nothing after the election and it left them reeling. This was the solution, to send their only viable person around to try and subvert anything Trump says. As you mention, who else do they have right now? It would seem as though Obama should have told someone he is not going to go around and follow Trump, that that is just bad form. No matter how anyone leans politically it should strike them as highly disrespectful of the office of The President to be followed around by the former president.

  3. Trese Flowers says:

    Interesting read. I must admit I had no idea this was occurring. The media has been very quiet about this as mentioned. Maybe that is because #45 and his team have so much going on that they keep the media outlets overwhelmed with reporting. Additionally, as much as #45 likes and requires the spotlight surely he would have griped about this by now if it were not to his benefit in some way, shape, or form. BUT…he hasn’t.
    Is it possible that this plays into Trump’s hand? I’m sure if there is any leverage to be gained by this, he will find it and make it known. He’s certainly aware this shadowing taking place is indicative of the weaknesses of Democrats at this time and he will use this information to his advantage. Lastly, I can agree the shadowing is perplexing and not the most tasteful occurrence, but I don’t think anything or anyone has been more disrespectful to the position of the Presidency than the individual who currently holds that position.

  4. Jonathan Klusmeyer says:

    Indeed, there is a great tradition of presidents in this country of quietly returning to private life and allowing the new president to do what he was elected to do. Why is it that Obama cannot do the same? Why is he undermining President Trump at every turn? Well, the answer to this may come in several forms. First and foremost, Obama is attempting to use what influence that he has left to protect his legacy. The mere fact that he has to do this, however, shows that his actions and policies were not as strong as he once perceived them to be. Clearly the country did not agree with his policies or style of leadership. If anything, the country may have only agreed with his charisma and charm. Secondly, can we really expect Obama to quietly step aside? When he was in office, he strong-armed anyone and anything in his way and further centralized power in the executive branch and at the federal level. If he is displeased with the power that Trump now wields, he has no one to blame but himself. Thirdly, he was a very young president. Obama has many prime years left. Is it possible that he simply rose too quickly and there is nowhere else to go for him to find fulfillment? As long as Obama continues to portray himself as the leader of the Democratic Party, no one else will be able to truly take the reins and lead. Or, possibly there is no one else, so Obama continues to do so out of some feeling of obligation. The left and the media have done everything in their power to undermined the current administration. The American people, however, see through this for the most part. I wonder if other counties’ leaders can see through this as well. Continued undermining of the nation’s top elected official will only undermine American power all together.

    • Michael Rose says:


      I think your point about Obama attempting to protect his legacy is spot on. In the past, presidents had there term and then they moved on to private causes and, for the most part, left the work of governing up to those who followed. There was a recognition that, as far as governing was concerned, there work was done and it had to stand on its own for historical legitimacy. Obama, in my opinion. has always operated from a point of arrogance. He has always, to me, held himself out as better than the rest of us. I believe your point of legacy protection is the result of Obama trying to make sure the world remembers him the way he wants to be remembered, The work of the Trump administration to undue a large number of Obama’s initiatives is, to Obama, a direct threat to him and his legacy.

      The scary part of all of this is the media coverage, or lack thereof, of Obama’s actions. The media is no longer the reporter of news providing unbiased check on the government. The media has itself become a political machine that has shown to wield great influence in the political arena. Hillary 2016 was the media’s greatest political failure as well as Obama’s biggest mistake. Both are trying their best to rewrite history whatever way they can.

  5. Scott Blount says:

    Very interesting read, and I’m with Trese, I didn’t know this was happening. I like to think I keep up with politics via my practice of seeking balance and viewing each of CNN/FoxNews/MSNBC, but this is a story I’ve missed. I had seen some pictures of Obama online traveling, and saw one last week of him having dinner with Macron, but I didn’t realize he was full-out shadowing Trump. While I’m sure Trump makes some of these international leaders nervous with his often inconsistent rhetoric and tweeting, I agree that this isn’t a good look for Obama. He was a two-term president, and it seems he was a popular one with most of these leaders. I don’t think Putin cared much for Obama, but old Vlad is one detractor I’m completely okay with. Still, Obama knows this type of shadowing would be highly annoying to him, so it’s safe to say that even if he’s partaking in some sort of crisis management with these world leaders, he’s trying to get under Trump’s skin. He can easily, discretely call Merkel, Macron, or any other world leader without actually showing up for face-to-face meetings.

    In the end, though, one thing is certain…if Trump weathers this Russia collusion storm and is able to successfully navigate some of the pressing domestic issues facing this country, Obama’s shadowing antics will quickly become petty in the eyes of many American citizens.

  6. Tayo Sowemimo says:

    We have one President at a time, and our Commander-in-Chief is Donald J. Trump, there is no question about that. US foreign policies are currently driven by the Trump administration, while I agree the sequence of former President Obama’s meetings with these world leaders can be construed as suspicious; I haven’t seen any concrete evidence to suggest Obama is deliberately undermining him. President Trump’s policy of isolationism, his decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and his embrace of Russia I will argue is at the root of his unpopularity with the majority of the other G-20 leaders.

    • Michael Rose says:

      I would contend that you are correct in your assertion that the G-20 leaders do like Trumo because of his positions-almost always directly opposite of Obama. I would also contend that this is the reason why Trump pulled off the election. A large percentage of Americans were tired of the European-style appeasement government of Obama. I would also contend that more G-20 leaders like the approach of Trump than are willing to publicly admit at this time. The subversive meetings of Obama are negatively impacting the ability of the US to move on with its new agenda. Obama is no longer the president and should act accordingly.

  7. Curtis Jones III says:

    I may have a different take regarding the “shadow effect”. It is safe to say that these meetings (between President Obama and the international diplomats) are of mutual interest to both parties. In other words, if the international diplomats were “buddies” of Trump’s or were in his favor, they would likely not entertain the thought of a meeting with President Obama. Who’s to say that these meetings aren’t being initiated by the international diplomats for various reasons or possible hidden agendas?

    I’m sure that if Trump felt that President Obama was “shadowing” him or attempting to sabotage his administration in any way, he would be all over social media saying so. Also, we have to keep in mind that President Obama has formed relationships with some of the international diplomats before and during his administration. His work and his efforts do not stop the moment that his presidency ends.

  8. Wes Milam says:

    I was not aware that Obama was following along behind Trump wherever he went! What possible reason could there be but to undermine what Trump is working for! This has been the most unusual response to an election that I have witnessed before. I have never seen a group of people so unwilling to concede defeat, so beside themselves, over a presidential election. This process, good or bad, has been in place for many years and to not accept the inevitable is ridiculous. I would indeed like to know what Obama is saying to those world leaders. I, too, would like to know who’s paying for it! Hopefully not the American taxpayer.

  9. Michelle Elliott says:

    This was a very interesting article. I, like most, was surprised at the extent of the shadowing and very curious about its purpose. Obama is a relatively young man, and clearly still has a lot of political appeal internationally, precisely for the reasons his agenda was rejected by the American people. Is it possible he is lobbying for a position on the international stage or even preparing to launch himself into the 2020 race?

  10. Aaron W says:

    I did not have any idea that Obama was following Trump all around the world. I believe that Obama has better things to do with his time besides worrying about Trump. I agree with Wes and I would really like to know what Obama is saying to the World Leaders.

  11. Laura D. says:

    So many of us did not know about this because it gets ZERO media coverage. Very interesting read. I cannot see how this would benefit President Trump or America at all. I’m even more shocked that the President hasn’t tweeted about it. That’s strange…

  12. Sarah Matta says:

    This was an interesting post. It is very strange that Obama seems to not be leaving the position that he is no longer in. Now I do remember people talking about how Obama seemed more like a celebrity than a President; maybe that has something to do with it? He loved the media attention. Just yesterday my son was listening to YouTube in the car and his newest obsession is Steph Curry so any song he listens to he wants a video of Steph. One came on and it opened with Obama talking about what a great shooter Steph is and he was the best he has ever seen. Honestly, I believe he is afraid to lose all of that and that plays a role.

  13. Delane Smith says:

    Wow! I, too, had no idea this was going on. And I truly wonder if President Trump doesn’t either… because I agree with many of the comments on here… there would be Tweets about it. However, I do not follow him on Twitter so maybe there have been. The media certainly wouldn’t be bringing attention to it because it is extremely disrespectful to the CURRENT president. All due respect to #44, this country voted in a drastic manner because we wanted a change (that we could actually believe in.. haha). And by “we” I do not mean “me.” I did not vote for him. HOWEVER, I am and United States citizen and that means #45 is my president, like it or not.

    Dr. Rabidoux is exactly right, had President Bush done this to President Obama there would have been an outcry from the left! Where is the outcry?

    I absolutely hate how divided our country is. However, it is not President Trump’s fault. We were divided prior to his election. How else did his election happen….

  14. L says:

    In the U.S. we only have a single President at a time. If this is true, a former or President-elect should not do anything to undermine the authority of the current commander-in-chief.

  15. Brent Mayes says:

    My take on this issue may be slightly different than others. I believe President Trump has the right, as our elected President, to meet with leaders as needed. He has the right to speak, act, and govern on our behalf as we elected him. Now, with that said, I do not believe Obama has these rights any longer. His tenure in office has ended, and President’s Trump tenure has now begun.

    With that said, I do not feel President Trump is always perfect when he speaks. He has flaws just like any other president. But, it is not our job as Americans to have some shadow his meetings to make things right after he leaves. In the corporate world, this would be something similar to insubordination of the leader.

    Global leaders and anti-Trump Americans must realize he is our elected leader. He represents us, but also remember that he does not act alone. The Executive branch is only one of three branches that governs this nation. We have checks and balances. We have accountability. Like our core leader or not, he is our leader, but is only 1/3 of the structured American government.

  16. Emad Althagafi says:

    Trump is following the same policies of president #44 Barack Obama. In his recent visits to Asia and other continents, he has met with some leaders and people with whom Obama met. It means that #45 is not forgetting memo of #44

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