The Message is Clear-Donald J. Trump is this President’s Worst Enemy.


July 4, 2017 by gregrabidoux2013



I heard it from a little birdy that this guy sure loves to tweet


And I don’t mean junior.

No, Donald J. Trump the senior has many, many enemies. On the left, in the middle, in his own party, in show business, out of show business, in the media, in sports, even in other countries, especially so, it seems, amongst our EU allies.

I would venture to say that every time he sends a tweet, unlike in “It’s A Wonderful Life” where someone gets their wings, a new Trump enemy is born. Or matures. Well, at least ages.

His latest tweet which had a Reddit video of him wrestling and throwing down to the mat a wrestler representing CNN triggered yet another backlash of criticism and by my count the bill to impeach him in the US House gained 5 more sponsors bringing the total as of this blog to 26.


trump enemies wrestler

Stick around and watch me wrestle a Russian Bear!


But despite his countless growing list of enemies the real presidential public enemy number one is the President. It must be maddeningly frustrating to work in his White House. Every time you think you have a “win,” every time you think you just advanced your agenda, well the “boss” tweets and then that (the tweet) is the only thing that seems to get covered by the media. A media by the way, all too happy to devote gobs of time showing the world what they believe to be a completely unhinged idiot this president is and why he should be removed from office, like yesterday. And Mr. Trump seems all too happy and willing to provide them with ammunition in the form of his own tweets every single day.

Now here is the bitter irony for Trump supporters.

If you are politically conservative, if you are pro-business, if you are less than thrilled with environmental regulations and rules, if you want to see US military might restored  and if you are strong on domestic law and order then there is much to like about the first 6 months of the Trump presidency.

He has signed numerous executive orders that aim at clearing the decks of “unneeded and excessive” regulations and federal oversight in a variety of areas, including refurbishing the coal industry and reducing what many saw as federal land and water grabs under the Obama Administration. He has thumbed his nose at the Paris Accords and seemed oblivious to “Euro-snobbery” and mockery.


trump enemies ec

We snicker and laugh and mock Trump even as our own economy circles the drain. Mais Oui!


He has talked a lot about preserving and protecting religious freedom, restoring respect to American families and has asked for increased funding and resources for our men and women in Blue. He has sought to revamp the corrupt and utterly incompetent VA and made “doing right” by our veterans a priority.

Under this Administration there have already been more arrests and deportations of the vicious and brutal and 10,000 strong MS-13, a gang which originated in Los Angeles in the 1980s but today gets its membership mainly from illegal immigrants as young as 8-10 years old from Latin American nations like El Salvador, than during the entire 8 years under the prior Administration.

The DJA, NYSE, NASDAQ and futures have all been on an upward trend, several hitting record highs in the last 6 months. Business, it would seem at least, likes the policies and perspective of this real estate tycoon turned reality television host turned president.


trump enemies NYSE

Good Times are back baby! I can afford that vacation house in Barbados after all.


He has shown no reluctance to deploy American military might and has delegated to our field military commanders a discretion and power to move as they see fit that was literally unheard of under President Obama. Our US Military on balance is not on his list of enemies, thank goodness.


trump enemies n korea

Otto, we will never forget or forgive. Well, except for that professor who said you got what you deserved. The rest of will never forget or forgive.


And I haven’t even mentioned the US Supreme Court which despite newly minted Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch’s adamant rejection of politics (“there is no such thing as a republican judge or a democratic judge”) the fact is he has already moved the Court even further to the political right (Trump claims new travel ban upheld a “win”). With Justice Kennedy already taking steps towards his retirement (will not hire new law clerks, puts all applications on hold until “next guy or gal”) conservatives are already eyeing another “win” that will cement the USSCT as conservative for at least the next 25 years.


trump enemies judge

OK, now that I am officially on the court for life…yes, of course there are republican and democratic judges. geez, how silly do you think I am?


Yet independent opinion polls strongly indicate that the large majority of Americans are simply unaware of much if any of what I listed above.

They do know however, that President Trump is feuding with MSNBC co-hosts Joe and Mika (Trump referring to her “bloody facelift”) and that he has “wrestled and pinned CNN” and that Kathy Griffin had a photo of his head and he tweeted she was “sick.”

You know, the real important stuff.

Maybe it is all part of some grand magic trick of Trumpian deception. Here, Democrats, here Nancy and Chuck and “Pocahontas” and Stephen Colbert, look at the tweets in my left hand all the while you will not see what I am doing in my right hand.

Poor Kellyanne Conway gets trotted out nightly to try and “set the record straight” and make the case that there really is much progress being made despite the seeming inability of Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare despite having 7 years to develop a strategy or pass a budget or reform taxes.


trump enemies KAC

Just once I’d like him to lose the tweet machine. Just once.


But no one really seems to listen. Or care.

Nope. But they sure seem to want to know what Trump’s next tweet is and just how “low” he will go to get his enemies.

If he would only start by making peace with the top tweeter at the White House then maybe, just maybe, the message coming out of the White House would be a whole lot clearer.

Sorry, gotta go, seems I just got yet another tweet from the president. Doesn’t this guy ever do actual work?

I wonder who or what he’s wrestling this time?


superbowl minions

We’d pin him in seconds!




28 thoughts on “The Message is Clear-Donald J. Trump is this President’s Worst Enemy.

  1. Clint Backstrom says:

    I echo your sentiments with regard to “tweets in my left hand….”. He built his campaign and ultimate win of the presidency on making huge and outlandish claims, which ultimately resonated with middle class America. He baited his opponents with this tactic and they took the bait by choosing to focus on the sound bites while he worked the middle class behind their back. Behold the power of speaking to a silent majority! He is doing the same now and doing it well. His tweets and sound bites are keeping the media fed with all they can handle to bash him with. All the while he is moving legislation along, minus the Obamacare. Whether you agree with his stance and legislation or not, he has done more by the numbers in the short time frame since he was elected than any president before him. He has been in the media spotlight for many years and has learned how to work it to his benefit. Why would it be any different now?

  2. Sharon Pyles says:

    I do agree, he is certainly working the media, and they are feeding in to it. What he tweets, or his reactions and statements on TV are all that are being reported. No one is talking about his executive orders. That is the most worrisome. The only way anyone can keep abreast of what is happening is by trolling the White House web page, along with Congress’ but even that is being worked to a degree that makes it difficult to really know what is happening. I thought that eventually, the media would get wise to these “left” hand, “right” hand dealings, but undoubtedly, I gave them to much credit.

  3. Angelia G. Brown says:

    There are two topics that stand out to me. The military and his use of social media. Campaigning in a democracy today is very different from even when Obama was first elected. Now with “memes” so popular it seems to be who can grab the most attention gets elected. This does distract people from what legislation is actually being passed. When I think about the use of social media it amazes me how any citizen can reach out to the President and the President can respond to anyone he want to with a push of a button. When the USA was first being born this wasn’t an option. I will admit that Trump takes it to far, but on the other hand I think that’s one of the main the reasons he was elected. He has tapped into the demographic who enjoys “reality tv” and social media.

    I’m personally close to an Officer in the Navy who is a Dentist. We were discussing medical device companies and how they refurbish all types of equipment and sell the equipment to businesses. This particular Dentist in the Navy who works in the pentagon told me, “We would never buy anything refburished. It’s never even considered. They buy whatever is the most expensive and never consider any other option”. I asked why don’t you consider going into private practice? His response was, “I’d have to see 30 or more patients a day to make the same amount of money I do now. When currently he only has to see 6 patients a day. Also there is more liability in private practice”. I believe there a lot of small things that add up that need to be taken into consideration with our military to save tax payers money.

  4. Gina Nolan says:

    I definitely agree that President Trump’s tweets are getting more attention than the significant matters in Congress. This is unfortunate because as a full-time employee, wife, and mother I often only have time to read the headlines. It was weeks before I knew what the issue was surrounding Mika Brzezinski bloody facelift. I, however, will share one of the topics that did catch my attention. President Trump’s initial proposal to decrease the Education Budget, reduce Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Work-study, and TRIO Programs. Since I worked as a Financial Aid Advisor for several years, I understand the impact this would cause 95% of my students. For persons that don’t qualify for any of these programs, I can understand why they would not grasp how this impacts low-income students from across all ethnicities. Without these programs, many students could not afford to attend college. I dare say, without some of the programs, some students could not even pay for the College Admission Fee that programs like TRIO help to pay or assist with getting it waived. I currently work for one of the programs this administration wants to cut. Today, I am currently not a fan of his budget proposal, but since I am 3 months behind on real political matters, I may become a fan in September when I catch up on July’s news and see that he did not cut any of the programs he suggested in March. Sad to say, I am only one month behind on his tweets.
    Aria, B (2017, March 16). Trumps education budget revealed. Retrieved from

  5. Rhonda Render says:

    I agree. People are distracted by the distractions. President Trump seems to know how to cause the biggest distractions. His antics are nothing new. His tweets and unscripted comments definitely give the media ammo to feed the hyped up society of today. Trump is well informed on how to provoke other and stay current on social media. The trick is to get people to focus on what you want them to see, usually to disguise what you don’t want them to see. Ironically for President Trump, what’s going unnoticed is more positive than much of we’ll remember from his Presidency at this point in time.I am not all surprised by the stats you mentioned. Stats will be recorded in history and at the end of the day, numbers matter. It may very well be the real measure of his presidency.

  6. L. James says:

    Maybe Trump is pulling a fast one with the “look at my right hand, don’t pay attention to my left” but this tactic is distracting from the good stuff, the policies and activities that are growing our economy and making our military position stronger. His administration can’t even get the media to notice his wins because of his tweets. It is also obscuring from view the policy changes he promised to his supporters. It also obscures the policy changes that are dismantling and defunding regulations put in place to protect us and the environment.

    His approval rating is suffering because the focus is on non-policy items. I know he is still cheered among his diehard base but how long will that be the case? Maybe his long-term strategy is to continue this distraction tactic until it is time for reelection, then he will start touting the stats (jobs, military, environment) and listing his administration’s accomplishments and promises kept.

  7. Jonathan Klusmeyer says:

    I agree that Trump is Trump’s worst enemy. He is not, however, the Republican Party’s worst enemy. He has been disavowed so many times by Republican leadership and conservative PACS that I am not even sure he can be called a Republican. The good news for the Party is that if Trump goes down, he will most likely go down the same way he rose, on his own. It has been a very interesting ride seeing Republican politicians, as well as party members, jump on and off the Trump train as it speeds up and inevitably derails. It is hard to tell if Trump is using sleight of hand with his Tweets or if he generally has no filter. Clearly, he has achieved far too much in life to be as stupid as he sometimes appears to be. I find myself constantly reminding people of his conservative achievements since he has taken office. People don’t seem to notice or to care when his achievements are placed into context of his Tweeting habits. Some have acknowledged that he has broken new ground in his ability to reach directly to the public, much like FDR and his fireside chats. Unfortunately for Trump, he can’t seem to stay on message.

  8. Ebony Bowles says:

    Sure, it is great that he is actually accomplishing the things that he has agreed to do. Unfortunately, no one is focusing on his agenda because of his continuous and unnecessary tweets. With these uncalled for tweets he is feeding the media ammunition. By now we all know that the media’s job is to feed the people entertaining stories (which are sometimes lies). As a professional he should be able to not feed into these stories. I’ve never seen any of the past Presidents encompass themselves with what the media has to say about them. I wish President Trump and others would do the same! With that understanding he can dedicate all of his time to effectively doing his job and maybe the media will calm down.

  9. lauren harrell says:

    I don’t particularly like the personality of our President, or should I say “persona”…nor did i vote for him. However, in the sickest sense, the man is a genius. Never did I think he was going to enter and operate from the White House in a professional manner when he ran his campaign the way he did…Heck, when he hosted his television shows the way did for that matter. But like I said…pure genius. He has accomplished all he has in the last 6 mos. while continuing to stir the media pot. His name stays on the lips of American’s daily – and our love/hate relationship continues to grow…exactly like he wants it to. The media will never calm down because he won’t give them time to calm down and move on to the next thing. He will continue to stoke the fire.
    The threat of impeachment means nothing to him because he knows it will not happen.

    I personally feel like his defining moments are yet to come…His decisions on health care will be a game changer that I can’t wait to watch unfold.

  10. Wes Milam says:

    I consider myself a conservative, and will admit I voted for Trump. However, the position of POTUS lends itself to a great amount of decency and grace, none of which is being demonstrated by these Presidential tweets. That is my chief complaint: STAY OFF the Twitter! In my view, government employees, especially elected ones should not take to social media except for matters that reflect the best of the office they serve. Nobody ever wins an argument on social media and when the President of the United States gets into a twitter war they are no better than a spat between two pop singers. While I can appreciate some of the work he is doing, his social media activities are indeed taking center stage and making him look awful.

  11. Tayo Sowemimo says:

    The then candidate Trump effectively used twitter to disseminate his message directly to the voters; considering the way he won the Electoral College, there is no doubt his social media habit played a significant role in his unexpected victory in November. Now that he is the President of the country, I think he should stop using his personal twitter account because it has become a distraction to his agenda and the country at large. The president may still continue to use the official twitter account @POTUS to convey his message to the country, but he should not be in charge; that should be done by a White House staff on his behalf.

  12. Curtis Jones III says:

    I totally agree that Trump is his worst enemy and distraction. I understand the purpose of the media, especially social media, but it definitely is consuming his presidency and having a significant influence on his effectiveness and persuasiveness of the American public. Part of his “charm” during the election was his uncandid nature and blatant antics. However, as POTUS, it has now shed a much more controversial and negative light, and not to his advantage.

    I would say that, although Trump may not have been the “popular” one for candidacy, after his victory, even those that did not agree with him were somewhat optimistic that his administration may not be as bad as they initially supposed. However, he’s digging himself deeper into the traps of media outlets. If he wants to be effective and secure a re-election, he should limit his interaction with social media and let his actions speak his “truths” and “motives”. Also, I’m not sure if he knows how to differentiate from what he has the “right” to do versus what is “wise” to do as POTUS.

  13. Trese Flowers says:

    Donald Trump has been quite the interesting President. He stays in the media and not always for the best reasons. My issue is not that he tweets, however it has gotten to be excessive. I have wondered even before he took office, why he didn’t curtail his social media presence and why his team didn’t advise him of such. It has dawned on me that he has people advising him decrease his social media activity, but he absolutely refuses.
    Is his method the old bait and switch–most definitely!!! My concern is at what expense. Perhaps much of his agenda gets moved along, but if the end result is that we have no allies is that worth it, I think not. I worry about the long-term effects of his actions. I worry about the day when he says or “tweets” about the wrong person or subject matter and chaos erupts. I guess it’s a good thing that investing in our military prowess so we can stay on the ready for whatever may happen.

  14. Tim Hallmark says:

    I totally agree with the idea that the twitter usage of President Trump has become his own worst enemy. I would have to agree with a few of my fellow posters that at first I thought that he was using twitter to distract the general population while he was implementing an agenda, but I think that his lack of impulse control with his twitter account proves that there is no master plan.

    He has in my opinion accomplished a few good things including establishing a lifetime ban for executive branch officials from lobbying for foreign governments, but you will never hear about these accomplishments because he has fostered such a negative relationship with the news media. In my opinion, he has focused on many superficial aspects of policy development and tried to push them through, which might work if an individual had a good public image, but he has created such a negative image that it is hard for our legislatures to fully get behind his policies because of the source of them.

  15. Michelle Elliott says:

    The truth is, as you allude to- the tweets are genius. Direct, quick to disseminate and circumvent the media. All things that drive the media crazy. Focusing on the tweets has become the way to feed the 24 hour news cycle. Also, I agree with many of the reviewers that recognize the tweets serve no real purpose other than to dictate the media plan for the day (or atleast the first few hours). Trump’s agenda and performance will be judged over time. And, no matter what you think of him, he has been quite productive in 7 months. Now, what remains to be seen is if his administration can cobble together enough support to take legislative action before the midterm elections. But, my guess is that soon other candidates and officials and probably our next Presidents will incorporate the tweet into their communication strategy.

  16. Will Johnson says:

    Let’s be honest: he’s the first celebrity President. Reagan was an actor – two separate concepts. Paris Hilton, Kim K., Bieber – you can all step aside. Trump has shown he is shrewd, manipulative, and uncensored. The media is furious because he uses Twitter to his advantage more than anyone else. As a master of manipulation, he has trounced the middle ground. American sentiment right now is love or hate, no gray area. I personally think his use of Twitter is FUBAR and unbecoming of the Office of the President. However, at the same time, it’s highly effective and the use of social media will become the standard for future celebrity Presidents. #Kanye2020 #JoeScarbrough2020 #TheRock2020 #MarkCuban2020 #Oprah2020

  17. Laura D. says:

    Some of President Trump’s tweets make me cringe. I cannot imagine how frustrating this is for his staff. The tweets often times seem so un-presidential. He is a pro at fueling his on fire. However, his use of using a social media platform is genius, and I would expect this form of communication to continue for future presidents.

  18. Lucas E says:

    I really enjoyed reading this particular posting. Honesty, it is like you are reading my mind. The most ridiculous development over the last few months is the fact that the media covers tweets. Furthermore, I whole heartedly agree that the President is his own worst enemy. I also agree that he has the ability to distract folks with his twitter account. But the contradictions between talking points and tweets is incredible. The President has an uncanny ability to undermine himself with less than 100 characters.

    Personally, I am a republican. Thus, I do agree with decreasing regulation, tax reform, a VA fix, balanced budget, immigration reform, and putting America to work. However, twitter wars will not achieve this. He can’t continue to fued with folks on twitter and carry out his agenda.

    Please for the love of all that is holy take away his cell phone. I can’t stand viewing the news and seeing the President’s 3 am tweets. We have more important issues to tackle. And the argument that he circumvents his critics and the media is absurd. Respectfully, the President is standing in his own way. His tweets may be red meat to his base, but his base will grow tired of seeing tweets without action.

    Good news for folks that dislike the President’s politics. He won’t quite and it may bite in 2020.

  19. M. Brown says:

    Though the use of Twitter and other social medial platforms is not new to our daily lives, this marks only the second presidency that has employed Twitter as a means of direct communication to the American public. The Obama administration was the first to establish the @POTUS twitter handle, and conventionally used this as another way to communicate the policy goals and actions of the president. Though the Trump administration has sought to utilize this medium in the same fashion, President Trump has been much more involved in tweeting and often communicates his own ideas and reactions which noticeably have not gone through the filters of the White House communications office. The “covfefe” tweet from earlier this year is a prime example. While some may relish the fact that the public gets to hear the “RealDonaldTrump” without the hindrances of political correctness or typical Washington speak, this presidency has also been hindered by the differences between the official message of the administration and the random musings of the commander in chief. The difficulty lies in that when the president speaks (or tweets), he is the administration and speaks for all those who serve at his pleasure. Thus, a twitter statement that makes a disparaging comment about someone the president dislikes is given the same weight as a twitter statement that communicates the administration’s position on something as serious as NAFTA renegotiations, immigration policy, or international tensions with political and military adversaries. This is satirically portrayed in the twitter bot that takes the president’s tweets and displays them as if they were official White House statements (@RealPressSecBot). It seems that Twitter is both a blessing and a curse for this administration. The platform does provide unfiltered communication from the president with the drawback that such communication has enormous potential to undermine any other messages that the administration is trying to convey. It remains to be seen whether this is a strategic move to distract the media and public away from what is really happening in the administration, or if this is simply the communication style that this president prefers.

  20. TLGBFT says:

    Donald Trump thinks his actions in the right hand are going unnoticed because he is tweeting with the left. Well despite his attempts to keep the curtain closed, it is opening on him. And the FBI investigation churns along at a slow and purposeful pace. Sure he is loud and says absurd things. The loudest person in the room is usually the one who knows the least. He spends the majority of his day focused on non-policy issues and engages in cultural politics. These ideas were great for the campaign, but almost a year into the term and no real accomplishments to show. But he never promised to be productive just to make it great again, and in that respect he is doing an awesome job of sustaining the dissension and gaping the cultural divides that exist. I am holding out for hope that Trump will redirect his focus and the presidency can maintain the dignity it held for centuries, but I will not hold my breath.

  21. Gary G. says:

    Gary G

    I am glad I had the opportunity to read and reply to this particular blog now that many more months have passed since it was written. Trump is, and continues to be, his own worst enemy. And instead of 140 characters of damage, Twitter now gives him 280! Way to go Twitter! While I do not see much of the “accomplishments” the president purportedly achieved as they seem more like promises than actual achieved policy, his tweets continue to undermine what little he does achieve. Being that he is very social media active, he squanders away the political capital Twitter provides by him resorting to childish behavior. If Trump wants to use Twitter as his direct access to the people, then he needs to stop playing to only his base with it. Those are the only people enjoying it. The rest do not find it funny or intelligent to the smallest degree. It undermines his own credibility because he talks tough in one tweet, then he has to cower in another or in person because like a typical keyboard tough guy, he talks a big game behind the 280 characters, but then has to be put in his place when the reality of governance sets in. It signals that people should not take him at his word. For example, he can call Un “Rocket man” all he wants….until missiles start flying then he has to take reserved approach. He undermined his own credibility because his tweet of threats was worse than his bite and it makes him look small and weak. Social media/Twitter is a great platform to reach your constituents and convey ideas to strengthen your political position. But when used as a carnival side show, it does the opposite, and if I were a betting man, Twitter will be the greatest downfall of his presidency. He is his own worst enemy and like a bullying older brother to a younger one, Trumps needs to, “Stop hitting himself! Stop hitting himself”

  22. Taylor B says:

    I found this blog to be very relevant. If you actually look at what Trump has done, he has done some good things for our economy. I don’t think that makes up for the enemies he is creating and the division he is stirring up in this country. Many, many people want Trump out of the White House. Some of the stuff he tweets is so immature honestly. The way he acts is not professional and not how the POTUS should be acting. The POTUS is the face of the country and I know that I don’t want him to be the representation of Americans. Social media outlets are how many people receive their news. Social media is Donald Trumps worst enemy because he can say something stupid and everyone will know about it in the next 24 hours, whether he deletes the tweet. People are voicing that he has put more energy in tweeting at people then dealing with problems in our country. In my opinion, if our allies are against our president that is not good for us. I am interested to see what our future has in store for our country and POTUS. I really like what Gary G said about how it is months after this article was written and it is still relevant. Trump is still his own worst enemy!

  23. Christopher Cary says:

    I believe that social media outlets are great for getting messages out. However, Mr. Trump seriously needs to have his messages filtered because he does way more damage than policy. It is not good to have everyone talk about what you say off of the wall rather than the legislation that you want to see go through. I would much rather here about how bad the legislation is rather than here our President talk about football players expressing their protected rights.

  24. Kade Bell says:

    I defiantly agree that the presidents tweets are out shining what he is doing in the office, The issue is he does way more damage on social media to policy.The more he tweets the more people worry about his tweeting instead of what he is doing for america, which can be his worst enemy.

  25. Melissa Tolbert says:

    Since I have been commenting on these blog posts for a few semesters now, I decided to dig back in date to look at some of the presidential posts. I find this post very relevant with the government shutdown last night. One of the things that really bothers me is career politicians who clearly have their own agendas not those of the citizens they supposedly represent. I am not defending either side here but merely the side of our citizens. Why are they locking horns to save a particular interest group who clearly is not legal and following the laws of our land? Why are they not looking out for the greater good and would rather stand party against party collecting their ridiculously fat paychecks while our country looms in shutdown mode? The wake up call should be for citizens to start a major movement for term limits and “cleaning house”. It appears that it is not just Trump’s fault on this as it happened numerous times with Obama. Whether we agree with the actual President or not, the fact is, he IS the President. And then, there is the issue about what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. When Democrats had it so well with a Democrat President life was good. Now there is a Republican President, they are all up in arms to go against everything he is trying to do. How about let’s put personal agendas and under-the-table kickbacks aside and do what is actually best for the people?! Just my two cents…

  26. Levi says:

    You make a great point, Trump’s Tweets do more to harm his agenda than help it. Perhaps he thinks that he is giving to his base by making the Tweets, thinking it makes him appear “tough.” He is without a doubt an “internet tough guy.” To me, his Tweets and name calling does nothing to “make America great again” it only makes the office of President of the United States look cheap and damages credibility of future presidents. I think learning tactfulness and not Tweeting whatever comes to mind would help his agenda. Even now we have seen Trump use Twitter to fire the Secretary of State. If I could give Mr. Trump advice, I would tell him to put the phone down and work with staff before hitting the “Tweet” button.

  27. Alexus G. says:

    Donald Trump needs to learn that social media can be a blessing, or a curse in his career. Unfortunately, he seems to have no regard for anything, when he makes erroneous remarks about other individuals. People love drama and feed into it when it’s readily available. They feed into Trump’s Twitter rants, which keeps him going. As a result, he fails to focus on matters in Congress because he’s so distracted with everything else. His actions negatively impacts his administration and it’s quite difficult to point out the positives when he’s always addresses the negatives. I hope citizens are taking notes of his actions and make the right decision when it is time for re-elections.

  28. gljackson33 says:

    Donald Trump needs to take a step back from social media and focus on the country and how he can make America great again. When did he become the go to person to make America great again. He does not care what he tweets or what he says. He needs to focus on the more important things that are happening domestically.

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