Megyn Kelly interviews Alex Jones who calls the very real Sandy Hook tragedy a Hoax. Unleash the Trolls.


June 14, 2017 by gregrabidoux2013


Sandy Hook Megyn kelly

Sure I find him revolting but this is what real journalists do-We re-open wounds. Again.


When Megyn Kelly abruptly left her prime-time and extremely well-paid perch at Fox News television there was a flurry of rumors and gossip as to why.  She had clawed her way to the top, and with a $12 million salary was clearly one of the most powerful female tv hosts in the industry. Why, after all that, change venues?

Was it Bill O’Reilly’s leering and alleged advances? Was it the late Roger Ailes founder of Fox News and its former CEO alleged sexual harassment that finally drove Megyn into the arms of NBC?


Sandy Hook Megyn bill oreilly

Oh No, you can’t pin this one on me.



It also turns out that there were about $22 million other reasons. And now that hefty investment by NBC which has already reportedly caused tension and rifts between Megyn and Kelly Ripa, Megyn and Katie Couric, Megyn and Tamron Hall, Megyn and well, just about everyone not named Megyn Kelly is in peril.

Let me try and explain how NBC’s shiny new pride and joy could fall off the tracks so fast.

For Megyn Kelly’s first “blockbuster” interview she chose a willing though at times irritable (“claims of collusion are ridiculous…you should take a pill to relax”) Valdimir Putin. Two take-aways from this interview-One, it lost in ratings to a re-run of 60 Minutes and two, her choice of a saucy off-the-shoulders dress that Putin seemed transfixed by got more buzz than any substance in the interview.


Russia India

Hundreds of still photos, finally one where he’s not leering at her and her dress.


And now for her next “trick” folks the unsinkable Megyn Kelly has picked the great conspiracy theorist himself, Alex Jones, as her next “weighty and headline-making” prime-time interview.

Among many of Mr. Jones’ conspiracy theories (Hillary Clinton is an alien life-form, the government is using chemicals to turn its citizens gay, 9/11 was perpetrated by the government and we are already replacing our leaders with secret androids) perhaps none is so toxic, offensive and hurtful to its victims as his continuing claim that the entire Sandy Hook massacre which left 20 elementary school kids and 6 adults dead is a hoax.

He has stated on his very popular radio show that the entire “hoax” was staged with actors in an effort to “take away mine and your guns.”


Sandy Hook alex jones

Truly unhinged or performance art? Both?


As a native of Connecticut and having grown up not far from Newtown (CT) I can tell you that the unimaginable pain and continuing suffering and sense of loss is still felt so palpably, so raw from so many there that anytime the subject comes up it feels like the wound is laid bare. Again.

And so, Megyn Kelly who claims that “this is what real journalists do” and asserts she is “revolted” by Jones’ position on this horrible, real-life tragedy has decided to go ahead and give him a real-life national platform to share his conspiracy theories.

And the families, friends and survivors of that horrible massacre get to once again not only re-live the tragedy but in their own words are “bracing for an attack of trolls who believe this completely unhinged radio personality.”

Several leaders from Newtown and advocacy groups contacted NBC executives to, in their words “beg” them not to elevate this radio host and give his conspiracy theories credibility were told that “it’s not NBC that elevates Mr. Jones” that he is “elevated by his loyal listeners.”

In other words, ratings, however and wherever they can be had, trump sensitivity and compassion.


Sandy Hook NBC logo

Who’s got time for compassion or good taste? We need ratings…bad.


Hey, it’s television, what should we expect?

As for Mr. Jones, it’s hard to really pin-point with any precision what he really does and does not believe. Recently, in a pitched court battle over custody of their children, he and his estranged wife who are going through a bitter divorce presented contradictory versions of the “real” Alex Jones.

She claims he is completely unhinged and unfit to be a father.

He claims what he does is “performance art” and he adopts a “persona” for his listeners.

Whether his assertion that the very real and horrible shooting of children at Sandy Hook elementary school is a hoax is truly his genuine thinking or not, one thing is certain-This interview will again cause immeasurable pain and suffering for those that wake up each day and try their best simply to go on in spite of their loss.


Sandy Hook victims

I would never want any parent to endure such a real life loss. Nor to have to re-live it on national tv. Even less to be branded a hoax and have trolls target you.


But hey, if it helps Megyn Kelly solidify her brand new $22 million place in the NBC food-chain it must be worth it.

Alex Jones is that most dangerous of “performers.” He does enough homework and is lucid enough on a number of topics so that his more extreme positions are taken seriously or “tolerated” by many who embrace the overall “art.” Megyn Kelly who adamantly claims she is a “dying breed of serious interviewers” is proving to be nearly as dangerous.

It’s hard at this point to see either one of them though as real, ethical journalists.

If NBC has any class at all they will either decide to shelf the interview out of respect or at the very least write a big, fat check to charitable and advocacy groups in Newtown to help its survivors cope.

It’s clear they know how to do the latter. At least this time their money may actually help a few viewers.







17 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly interviews Alex Jones who calls the very real Sandy Hook tragedy a Hoax. Unleash the Trolls.

  1. Nathan Daley says:

    This is an interesting post. Honestly, if the people of today still believe everything they hear on tv, read in a book, or the words that are spoken from our government then there is no hope for them. Everyone is a conspiracy theorist until they prove everyone wrong. Sometimes it’s not just proving themselves but the people actually believing the truth that is told to them. I think it’s great that they give Alex Jones a platform on national television. I’m intrigued by the things that he says and it’s good for people to know the alternative truth. If people really did research they would know that a lot of things taught to us are based on theories and not much has been proven. The problem we face is that people have started to substitute truth for theories and never understanding the difference. So I wouldn’t call his version of journalism unethical. I know from firsthand experience that our major media networks don’t always practice the highest form of ethics. The media can be very misleading to the public and are heavily influenced by government and corporations. Our government operates with its own agenda and everything that happens is calculated. Now, Alex claiming Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax doesn’t surprise me. The problem is people don’t trust the government because they lie so much about things they shouldn’t. The deceitful nature and false propaganda doesn’t score well with the people. No one knows what to believe anymore plus the timing of the Sandy Hook shooting coincidentally helped support the idea of putting a ban on assault rifles. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if our government orchestrated the attack on the congressman just recently for whatever the reason. At the end of the day, if our government’s actions were truly genuine then people would never develop conspiracy theories to begin with.

    • In a way it is sad, certainly I can understand the skepticism people have about a number of items and overall lack of trust in government can be positive in some ways but certainly perilous in others. As far as Sandy Hook shooting, sorry, I can’t join you or Alex Jones in lending any credence whatsoever to any type of grand hoax theory. I am too close to that tragedy and know far too well the unimaginable grief so many of these parents continue to cope with, a tragedy no parent should ever have to endure. I also can’t join you in not calling his brand of “journalism” unethical. I believe he knows better in many instances that his hoaxes are not true but as his papers he filed in his divorce court case indicate he calls himself a “personality” who does “radio performance art” and adapts a “persona” on the air for his listeners. Good for him, it has obviously worked well. When it comes to parents having their kids murdered then have to get grief from online trolls who act on Mr. Jones’ beckoning, well, to me that’s just shameful.

  2. Beth Y says:

    Alex Jones is I think clinically insane, I really do, entertaining bit clearly has problems.

  3. Sharon Pyles says:

    I think this is an awful way to help her earn her pay. I, for one will not be watching that show and hopefully most of America will not watch it. Maybe the 60 minutes rerun will be another one worth watching again. Ethical media, unethical media – there has to be line somewhere.

  4. Charlotte Y says:

    Her episode lost to a rerun of America’s Funniest Home videos so Megyn is skidding out of control at her new digs at NBC

  5. Raymond L Pheris says:

    It is safe to say that Megyn Kelly’s NBC tenure has been a flop thus far. Both interviews were panned in the media before airing, which generated a lot of buzz around them. Controversy usually equals ratings, but in this case, the viewers have been turned off. It will be interesting to see how Kelly chooses to continue from here, as the manner by which she has started her NBC career is not what she nor the company paying her big money would have expected.

  6. Bettina says:

    I did not watch the programming as I couldn’t wrap my head around the message of the “interviewee”… Having lost a child to a drunk driver, I can imagine what the parents of the children who were shot to pieces felt when they got that call… At least my child was in one piece for burial…

    Oddly enough, this interview was the source of a water cooler debate among my colleagues. Some feel being able to interview persons such as this lets the world know what someone like this is thinking… Some feel it’s better to be informed of the “devil living next door” rather than be clueless to the reality that this insanity exists….

  7. Michelle Elliott says:

    The decision to hire Megan Kelly at NBC was poorly conceived from the very beginning. The FOX news strategy, according to their own employees, is to prop up pretty women and then airbrush and blow dry them so that they resemble pageant contestants rather than serious professionals. With this kind of legacy, Megan’s only defense can be- this is how I am supposed to be. Sensationalism, either in her appearance, or her appalling choice of subjects, should not be surprising. The response to these tired tactics may indeed signal a change in the public’s acceptance of this. Perhaps, Americans are finally catching on and refusing to support this pathetic cry for attention from Ms. Kelly and .NBC . I certainly hope so!

  8. L. James says:

    Until the dust up over Megyn Kelly’s interview, I never heard of Alex Jones or the Sandy Hook conspiracy. When I heard about the interview, I was intrigued and wanted to watch it. But unfortunately, her show isn’t really on my radar and I missed the interview (I think I would watch her show if it was on another network, I just don’t think about NBC for this type of stuff). I think it is important for us to know the opinions of others and maybe understand their perspective. Just because we listen doesn’t mean that we will switch our opinions or move over to their way of thinking. But we will be better informed about their message and be aware of this type of dangerous thinking.

  9. Gina says:

    I find Alex Jones’ view that the horrific Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax perpetrated by actors in an effort to take away guns is insulting and insensitive to the victims and survivors of Sandy Hook. Mr. Jones’ view that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a hoax to take away “his guns” is yet another reason why I do not believe people with mental issues should not be able to have guns. If a person has mental problems that impair their thinking or judgment and have undergone evaluations regarding their mental state, I believe those individuals at the time they are requesting to get a gun license or purchase guns should be evaluated at the time.
    I won’t take it to the extreme and say persons buying a gun need to disclose if they have a person in living in their home that has gone through psychological evaluations. However, if Adam Lanza’s mom had to answer that question maybe she would not have been permitted to by the Bushmaster XM 15-E25 rifle her son used to kill 20 first graders and six educators (Katersky, A & Kim, S, 2014)

    I understand and can appreciate the right for citizens to bear arms especially from a historical perspective, but with anything, there needs to be checks and balances.


    Katersky, A. & Kim, S. (2014). 5 Disturbing things we learned today about Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza. Retrieved from shooter-adam/story?id=27087140

  10. Scott Blount says:

    I’m a little late to the party in responding to this particular blog post, but I knew about this interview before it was aired, and I made it a point not to watch it. I used to like Megyn Kelly when she was first getting started at Fox. She, at least to me, seemed to be a voice of common-sense rationality on a network with extreme personalities (of course, MSNBC and others have their wingnuts too). However, as Kelly’s star grew, it appeared that her ego also swelled, and she’s basically become the poster-child for the tv news diva. Landing the Putin interview should’ve been a coup by her and her new network, but in what was probably a strong hint to NBC that they’d overpaid for a personality the public has soured on, the interview was largely met with a collective yawn. As for Alex Jones….he’s just a shameless fool who is an unfortunate beneficiary of both freedom of speech and the existence of gullible, half-witted people to feast on. This guy is proof that the world is full of all sorts of trash, but we already knew that….Kelly’s and NBC’s choice to give him such a platform is also proof that many educated, supposedly normal folks can get down in the gutter with the trash in order to make a buck.

  11. Clint Backstrom says:

    I have said it before and I will gladly say it again. Real journalism is dead in America. Every article or story has an intended purpose or slant to it rather than just reporting known facts on something. Megyn Kelly has never been the best journalist is my opinion, much less at another network. She is chasing dollar signs and pushing sensationalism with the rest of them. Ironically the most middle of the road, fact driven source, on American news stories in Al Jazeera, an international Muslim network. If you doubt me on this read the same story on Fox, CNN, and Al Jazeera and see what you think. Bringing guests such as Alex Jones for interviews hardly lends credibility to either the network or any claim to be a real journalist. Megyn playing the victim and claiming she was all but chased from Fox is just a ploy to divert attention from her 55% raise to do so.

  12. Tim Hallmark says:

    Unfortunately, it seems that the news media in the United States is more driven by ratings than by doing their homework and honest reporting. I cannot imagine Mr. Jones being given national attention by the media in any other era other than the one in which we are currently living. I take that back, I can imagine Mr. Jones being asked on a serious news program and being totally eviscerated with facts in the past, but instead he is asked on a news program and given credibility to his claims. It truly makes me sad for the future. I remember the first time that I encountered a conspiracy theorist. I was working as an intern at a chemical plant, and there was a strange guy that worked in a lab. I engaged with a conversation with him, and he started spewing all of these crazy conspiracies to me. I remember thinking that he could not be serious, but some of the other workers in the plant told me that he was. Apparently, there was some group that talked to each other on the ham radio. That is where these conspiracy people used to meet, but now with the proliferation of the internet, they can easily disseminate these far out ideas, and our media will give them the recognition that they so genuinely desire all in the name of the all mighty dollar in the form of ratings.

  13. Sarah Matta says:

    Oftentimes I think that people who are in this business for too long begin to lose sight of why they originally got into it. Maybe that is what is happening to her. Now, it is so hard to hear the conspiracy theories because if you look into something hard enough I feel like you can find what you want to. I understand how people could think that it was a hoax and I have spent hours looking into it, but I just cannot imagine how the government could do that. I do not have trust for our government and I know they are so powerful. I understand they could have needed something like this to happen in order to pass a law.

  14. A. Brown says:

    First, of all a woman should dress in professional attire while conducting an interview, especially an interview aired on national television. How can she expect to be taken seriously, while wearing an off-the-shoulder, low-cut, short dress with a slit in the skirt? Obviously, Valdimir Putin could not get beyond looking at the sexy attire worn by Kelly.
    Secondly, Megyn Kelly should not profit from airing senseless conspiracy theories about such a painful tragedy. The unbearable agony, and loss that the parents, family, and community endured in the Sandy Hook elementary shooting is hard to wrap our head around. Most difficult for many people to understand how Kelly can interview someone who found their way to fame by orchestrating the theory that the Sandy Hook shooting is a hoax. I would not give Alex Jones the time of day; much less give him prime airtime on television. It is extremely difficult for many people to take Kelly as a serious journalist.

  15. Elizabeth B says:

    I think that it’s sad someone like Alex Jones had a program to spew complete falsities. I think it goes without saying that not all American citizens have the education in deciphering what is “fake news” and what isn’t, how to research the difference, and is easily persuaded by harmful rhetoric that can be damaging. The Sandy Hook “hoax” being perpetuated by him and many others is one of those dangerous “alternative truths” (another word for alternative facts or just false “news” you’d like to perpetuate as truth). The tragedy was very real and a trip to meet with the families impacted rather than hiding behind rightist GOP celeb status and a “news” studio to tout falsities could prove to be an educational field trip for him.
    But he is not the only one sharing harmful “fake news” to fit an agenda. As we have seen Kellyanne Conway push an agenda to fit the terrorism agenda by completely making up the “Bowling Green Massacre.” Donald Trump, for years, never accepted the fact that Obama was American, perpetuating a racist lie that he was born in Kenya and demanding the publication of his birth certificate. It seems “alternative facts” or “alternative truths” is an umbrella term these individuals are using to pass of fake news or fake information so that their following base will believe it and spread it, which is a completely corrosive narrative. Why not just stick to facts…and trust your supporters enough to support the policy you’d like to push/or not?

  16. Alexus G. says:

    I think it is ignorant of Alex Jones to refer to such a tragic event as a hoax. This makes me question his character and his morals. I understand that people believe everything they see on television, but a situation like this, involving the death of elementary students is not a hoax. I believe this is just Alex’s way of trying to rise to fame.

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