Trump at 100. Days, That is.


April 14, 2017 by gregrabidoux2013

First 100 days sean spicer

I will go all Spicey on you reporter rats!

I know, I know, it hasn’t been 100 days yet. But, it’s getting close enough to fire up the discussion. So, even though it’s only 83 days at the time of this blog, let’s dive right into the often choppy political waters of a Trump White House.

Here are my Top Ten 100 Day Impressions:

10. President Trump has no problem making decisions.

Now, granted, you may not agree with all of his decisions, or even some, but clearly, this is an individual very accustomed to making decisions and delegating authority to others. Buildings tend not to get built if the commander-in-construction micro-manages everything. Again, we’ll discuss the decision-making consequences in a bit, but there were times when after 4 hour NSA meetings former President Obama’s staff just wanted something other than a “Well, that was a constructive contemplation. Let’s do this again, real soon.”

Or, as LBJ once noted, “If all I wanted was knowledge I’d read a book, what I want from my cabinet are options and then I’ll decide.”

isis trump

Just drop the Mother of all bombs already!

9. It doesn’t look like this president will stop tweeting any time soon.

While it still feels odd to see President Trump conducting foreign policy by twitter “Hey, N. Korea stop misbehaving or we’ll drop a MOAB on your head,” it gets a little less odd with every passing day or for that matter, tweet. At least his tweets seem like they are starting to consistently focus on presidential matters and less on his favorite targets like Rosie O’Donnell (“a fat slob) or Alec Baldwin (“Not funny, not me”) or Snoop Dawg (” a failed career”) or Madonna (“a nut job who could never sing”).

Okay, maybe he hasn’t actually shifted focus and it’s just been really a busy week or two at the White House, which brings me to #8.


What’s all the hub-bub about?

8. This guy really does stay busy.

Again, depending on your politics this is either really good or a nightmare. But one thing is certain, for those who really worried that all he would do is play golf at Mar-a-Lago, he seems to really knock down 5 Hour energy drinks and by comparison, makes Barack Obama look like he was putting in 3 hour days with half the time playing hoops.

7. He seems surrounded by the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players.”

When Donald Trump is the most mature acting one in the room something is clearly amiss. At various times in the first 83 days or so, several of his key WH team have just not been up to the job. Kellyanne Conway seemed to shill Ivanka’s jewelry, kicked off her shoes and got comfy on the Oval Office couch and at one point seemed to confuse Iran with Iraq (hey, we’ve all done that last one, admit it). Sean Spicer seems oddly robotic and nervous all at the same time, and really put his loafers in his mouth on day 81 when he seemed to be letting Adolf Hitler off the hook by asserting that he (Hitler) didn’t even use chemical weapons unlike Assad. Sean, doesn’t the gas used in gas chambers during the Nazi genocide of Jews count? And behind the scenes we keep hearing that Steve Bannon and Mr. Trump’s son-in-law/presidential advisor Jared Kushner (He went to Jared’s, he went to Jared’s…sorry) are squabbling. Bannon calls Jared a “Cuck” and Jared calls Bannon an alt-right fanatic. Just remember Steve, unless Ivanka pulls the plug on Jared the president can’t fire his own son-in-law. Maybe. And we haven’t even talked about General Flynn, Roger Stone or Paul Manafort. And we won’t.

First 100 days real sean spicer

It was the “other” Spicer that said that dumb thing. Honest.

6. The Wall is still a “Beautiful thing” at least in the eyes of its Beholder and Builder.

Maybe it’s all just a daring bluff designed to scare away would-be immigrants and tunnel-dwellers who cross into the USA illegally. But the bids are real and apparently, the leading bidder to build this “beautiful wall” even would use solar panels to generate the energy to electrify the fences on top of the wall. I think I’m tearing up. I need a moment.

5. The GOP continues to act like it is the minority party.

I know, the “purists” applaud the Freedom Caucus and claim it’s the RINOs that are betraying the GOP. Whatever. The first round of trying to “Repeal and Replace” was an utter disaster. And it left many convinced that Speaker Ryan couldn’t get a symbolic bill honoring Wisconsin Cheeseheads through a delegation of cheese makers. Still. Round 2 approaches and there’s tax reform waiting to be loved by the GOP. In some ways, it seems the Democrats are begging to be put of their current misery by this GOP Mega-Power which just can’t bring itself to hit the detonator button. Which brings us to #4.

First 100 days cheeseheads

How about that healthcare bill, eh Mr. Ryan? And is that Farve really retired?

4. The Donkey still doesn’t get it.

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and that often unhinged new DNC leader continue to rail about Russian hacking, Russian collusion, Russian spy ships, Russian meddling and for all I know that SNL guy who plays Putin on the show (Trumpy, come here comrade). With the exception of Joe Biden who seems to know exactly why they lost the election (“We forgot the middle class and we paid the price,” his words) everyone else in the party of the Donkey seems to be on a “Red Scare Alert 24/7” and has only themselves to blame for the fact that Neil Gorsuch is now Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch.

Really, Mr. Reid, you never thought your rules change would be used for ill and not good? Really?

First 100 days Putin snl

Trumpy, comrade, why are you no longer friends with the Russian bear?

3. They Hate him, They Really Hate Him (with apologies to Sally Fields)

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NY TIMES, WAPO, LA TIMES, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, and Ashley Judd really don’t respect Mr. Trump (no, that’s not it) they really dislike (no, that’s not it either) they absolutely hate this president with a white hot, unrelenting fury never before known to man or woman.

Yep, that’s it. I think it is fair to say that if President Trump (just seeing those two words together continues to cause uncontrollable rage to the above-named group) somehow cured cancer the MSM headline would be “Trump Puts Doctors Out Of Work” or “Trump Discriminates Against Heart Disease.”

And yet, their collective hatred which knows no rational bounds is only matched, nay, even exceeded by the unabashed, unapologetic bromance of Sean Hannity for his guy, Donald J. Trump. As Mr. Hannity conducts his show you almost want the camera to pan down to his papers on his desk which will no doubt show he is practicing writing his “new” name “Sean H. Trump,” Always and Forever.

Sigh. I guess the days of unbiased, objective news reporting will not be coming back anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Rachel A. Maddow is pouring over stacks of old IRS returns that might not even be Trump’s and vowing to really nail him next time. Yet, somehow her ratings are dropping and Bill O’Reilly’s (yep, the one who can’t keep his paws to himself) ratings are soaring. Go figure.

First 100 days maddow

I admit the first was just a tease, but really, I will nail him even if I have to someday get to primetime to make it happen. I swear.

2. Mr. Trump Seems to Really Like his New Presidential Military Toys.

Related to #10, Donald Trump as President Trump seems to have truly taken the leash off of the US military might. And while dumping 60 Tomahawk Missiles on Syria in retaliation for them using horrific chemicals on their own people (including children) and dropping the “Mother Of All Bombs” on ISIS underground tunnels and hide-outs in Eastern Afghanistan does not make for a coherent foreign policy or come any where near guaranteeing the defeat of our enemies, it sure does signal a change in approach. While the military openly complained about the former president who seemed to want to micro-manage every military decision then not actually “green light” anything, this new Commander-in-Chief seems to be like a kid opening presents on Christmas Day. “Wait, what, that bomb can do what? And what does that shiny plane do? How about that long, stealth-like missile? Geez, Generals, what are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?”

Though, I am already tired of hearing the phrase “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

First 100 days MOAB

Just call me Mama!

Which bring us to the #1 Top Take-Away from President Trump’s First 100 days:

#1. Even Hamlet Wasn’t this Split.

If you can be both one of the thinnest skinned persons alive and yet, at the same time absolutely not care and be totally indifferent to what your enemies think of you then Mr. Trump is in fact the embodiment of this seemingly walking-talking-bomb-dropping contradiction.

The amount of criticism this president has already received honestly makes the days when the media (and gasp!, the once highly respected Washington Post) leveled criticism at the notorious Richard M. Nixon seem like an air kiss.

Who knows if it is the knowledge that he has towers, mansions, yachts and secret bank accounts galore but this president just seems to be energized by conflict. Let’s face it, his supporters really dig the fact that he just doesn’t back down from anyone while his critics argue that it’s not the lack of backing down they despise but the contortions he makes when reversing “ironclad” policy stances that drives them crazy.

But the best moment so far in the first 100 (okay, 83 and counting) Days of this presidency?

Ivanka and Jared taking off to go skiing in the Alps during tense healthcare debate? Nope.

Endless talk about Russians and Susan Rice unmasking Americans? Nope.

The millions being spent to secure Melania Trump and son Barron while still living in NYC? Nope.

Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer on SNL and warning reporters that “I will get spicey on all of you rats?”

Yep. And it’s not even close.






33 thoughts on “Trump at 100. Days, That is.

  1. Erica DeVane says:

    Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) recently defended Trump’s decisions to change some of his campaign-era policy positions by saying the President is learning on the job. This requires him to re-evaluate his previous positions. The reverse on some key issues is not wrong, it shows that he is taking newly learned – perhaps even privileged, classified – facts into consideration. Even Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have supported Trump’s recent decisions regarding the military strikes against Assad in response to Assad’s chemical warfare tactics. As noted above, there are certain groups that have taken hard line stances either for or against Trump. Despite the political views on Trump’s presidential actions, we can all agree that his first 100 days in office have been very busy.

  2. Amber Grant says:

    Trump may be busy in his first 100 days but I do not agree with Trump working harder then former President Obama. I feel that Trump has it easier than Obama did. Even though people dislike Trump, the people in office don’t go against or make it harder for him. Former President Obama had to fight and work hard to try and get anything passed because everyone wanted to make it hard for him. Trump truly needs to stop tweeting and get a new phone that is encrypted. Every president has to do this so why is Trump the only one who doesn’t have to do it. It’s nice to have a president who is in touch with social media but our country is more important than a tweet. Trump has done a lot in almost 100 days but not enough, to me, to say he’s doing a good job.

    • Blythe R says:

      Please, the only time Obama seemed energized was when he gave scripted speeches then followed up with no action, played golf, shot hoops and listened to convicted thug rappers to the White House. Other than that it was Michelle who seemed to get things done.

  3. Sharon Pyles says:

    Well, it certainly hasn’t been a boring 100 (or 85) days. It’s like that Captain Picard meme – “Damage Report” every morning when you wake up and check the news while you’re sipping your cup of joe.

    However, my favorite is the internal drama of the WH over the Presidential antics. It would be the best “reality” show on the planet if it wasn’t so dang scary since his decisions impact our lives so drastically and you can’t just turn it off when you don’t want to watch it anymore.

    At this point, it’s hold onto your hats because you don’t know what the next day will bring. We certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore.


  4. Savianna says:

    I feel like Trump has a lot of potential as a president due to his experiences and knowledge in life. However, his potential is hard to really take seriously with the way things are going. Trump has good ideas at times but jumps the gun. We do not hear of any step or action plans. It’s just BOOM this is what is going to happen and its happening today. It’s culture shocking if you ask me and it makes me wonder what will happen next whether it is from Trump or another country. It has only been about 3 months and we are bombing countries now? It is only a matter of time before it comes right back, sadly. I’m over here having thoughts like dang am I going to see my own 2 year old grow up because life under this presidency doesn’t sound so hot.

  5. Obediah E. Hall says:

    The continued comparison between this administration and the last must also give credit to that administration for the positive “fake” job numbers that are now supposedly very real. The current administration must begin to own the presidency, which means good or bad the “buck” stops at one place and that isn’t at the feet of the past President. I recently heard a Trump supporter point to the appointment of Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as a win for the administration. By ignoring the Constitution and refusing to even give Judge Garland a hearing and then when the Democrats exercised the filibuster in order to object to the appointment, the Republican leadership pulled the trigger on the “nuclear” option, changing how things are done from now on. I don’t see many wins, two travel bans that can’t pass the courts, and a failed attempt to repel and replace the ACA, not to mention most of his staff is under some kind of investigation about collusion with the Russian Government. The only place he is winning, if you can consider it that is on the golf course, I refuse to count the indiscriminate use of bombs as a win when diplomacy and soft power can get far more done.

    • Beckett D says:

      What a load of nonsense. 8 years of soft “power” which is really just cowardly appeasement gave way to ISIS growth, Syrian real hard power, N. Korea nuclear weapons, Iranian deception, OMG, give me a break, Obama was so far out of his league in dealing with enemies that his own generals and Sec. of defense and NSA folks are cheering now that a real leader is in office. Russian collusion? A CNN-led witch hunt born out of disbelief that their beloved Obama the sequel Hillary lost. Sounds like you’ve been listening to Gayle King who vacations with the Obamas and then pretends to be a journalist too much. And it’s “repeal” not “repel” try to keep up.

  6. He certainly does stay busy! I think its great that he puts so much effort into everything he does. This man can work! Even if some do not agree with his decisions, we have to admit that this old man can run circles around most people. This was a great blog post and a good read. The wall still does seem to be in motion. They said it will cost roughly 10 billion dollars. Since the beginning Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall, and he has been very adamant about this. Mexico has been likewise adamant they will not pay for. I guess we will just have to see who wins. His new approach is definitely something that the world is not used to, but it doesn’t seem he will stop anytime soon.

    • Blythe R says:

      Agreed. He is busy being a true leader and not a coward who prefers appeasement like Obama. The left can’t stop their attacks because they are still in shock over the great “Hillary” tragedy!

  7. gljackson33 says:

    That episode of her acting like Donald Trump was so funny. But I can say she had him down pat. Donald Trump has cause so much trouble in his first 100 days in office. He really needs to treed lightly when it comes to his military action. He just doing whatever he wants. He really needs to be predictable especially when the American people do not know what is his next move.

    • Blythe R says:

      Why does he need to be predictable? Obama became so predictable that everyone, including our enemies knew the script-He would make some longwinded speech, the Left would cheer and weep over their love for him then…nothing. No action, no backbone, nothing. And our enemies would do exactly what they wanted knowing that predictable, cowardly Obama would just go shoot some hoops or invite some convicted thugs for a White House visit. No, Trump keeps enemies off balance just like he should.

  8. Tayo Sowemimo says:

    President Trump’s 92 days has been interesting and full of drama; I give him credit for trying to do some of the things he promised during his campaign; banning Muslims (through the back door), extreme vetting, reversing some Obama era executive orders, and the big one, confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The bigger stories of his young presidency is the stunning reversal of policies; such as not labelling China as currency manipulator (it is unclear if Mr. Trump was uninformed or simply ignorant that China has not manipulated their currency for some time), his view that NATO is no longer obsolete (I am not buying their spin that he changed the organization), and the catastrophic approach to healthcare repeal and replace despite controlling the Presidency, Senate and the House; the so called liberal media’s hatred cannot be blamed for what is simply an amateurish attempt; American people were simply not buying what they were selling; 17% approval rating! The most disturbing is the ethical and apparent conflict of interest, with the White House becoming a family affair and a monarchial enclave; we should not also forget this young presidency is under active FBI investigation for possible collusion with the Russians to meddle in the last presidential election. A good place to end is to point out that President is not draining the swamp, it is the other way round; the swamp is draining him, with lobbyists and wall street bankers flooding his appointments, keeping visitor’s list to people’s house secret, and of course, undisclosed secret meeting with Columbia’s former presidents at Mar La Go, I am sure most people will agree with me at this rate, we are certainly in for a bumpy ride for the next 4 or even 8 years.

  9. India Wilcox says:

    Trump truly has been busy. One thing is for sure, he is out to do exactly what he said he would do before he even got in the seat. We have to give him props for that. No one can say “I can’t believe Trump….. << fill in the blank) because He showed America his intentions during the elections!

  10. April Brauda says:

    I’m going to respond to these in order.

    10) “President Trump has no problem making decisions.” No he certainly doesn’t, take yesterday when Trump decided he’d be “psyched” to terminate NAFTA, and then went back on it during the same day. This whiplash, seat of the pants decision making isn’t what I’d ever want in charge of a nation, and this isn’t the only example. The same thing with our refugee deal with Australia that Trump called “dumb” before actually being informed about it. I’d take slow careful decision making any day over never knowing “What does Trump mean when he says words?”

    9) “It doesn’t look like this president will stop tweeting any time soon.” No he won’t. Neither will he stop talking about his electoral win.

    8) “This guy really does stay busy.” Does he? Busy sure, but busy doing the business of the presidency? Trump has so far passed no major bills, while during his own first 100 days Obama passed two: the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. He has also spent 24 days on vacation, nearly a quarter of his time in the White House. The appointment of Neil Gorsuch could be claimed as an accomplishment, but it is really Mitch McConnell’s accomplishment who refused to allow hearings on Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland for the last 10 months of his presidency.

    7) “He seems surrounded by the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players.”” You can say that again.

    6) “The Wall is still a “Beautiful thing” at least in the eyes of its Beholder and Builder.” Sure, and it’s still a bad idea that, if passed, will take money that could have been used to help America far more if invested in our infrastructure, something that should be non-partisan spending.

    5) “The GOP continues to act like it is the minority party.” Yup, it’s the only way they can justify having done nearly nothing with control of all three branches of government.

    4) “The Donkey still doesn’t get it.” The Donkey still won the popular vote and rightly wants a full investigation on whether a foreign power interfered in our election. Much of what you’re talking about here is political theatre though. I’ll absolutely agree that the GOP politically outmaneuvers the DNC frequently, though. The Koch brothers have funded tons of research into how to do so and are far ahead in the art of swaying a populace.

    3) “They Hate him, They Really Hate Him” They do hate him. Fox news hated Obama. Welcome to American Political theatre in the modern age? But Rachel Maddow isn’t losing ratings, she’s actually led Fox news (at the same time slot) three weeks in a row in the 25-54 bracket, which is the one that advertisers care about, at the very least. Also the days of “unbiased, objective news reporting” went out with the 24-hour news cycle. I mourn it too (though to be fair I wasn’t alive/aware when it was around).

    2) “Mr. Trump Seems to Really Like his New Presidential Military Toys.” Okay sure, though the airstrike on Syria is hotly debated as to whether it accomplished anything. During his first 100 days Obama ordered the doubling of troops in Afghanistan though so….?

    1) “Even Hamlet Wasn’t this Split.” America is terribly divided, its true. Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president at the end of their 100 days, but is still hugely popular among his voters. Resolving this split is likely key to America being able to move forward as a nation united, but that’s not going to happen while Trump continues to blatantly antagonize his opposition.

  11. Mathew Lowery says:

    Another Saturday Night Live character that is analogous to the Trump Presidency would be “drunk uncle” played by Bobby Moynihan. You never know what Drunk Uncle will say or do next. He is a little embarrassing, consistently says inappropriate things, has little self-awareness and sometimes makes no sense at all. However, at the end of each skit, he pulls you back in with a little dose of humanity.

    I am still not sold on the notion that President Trump was truly the best candidate (or Hillary for that matter) we had in the 2016 election. His first 100 days have been…interesting. There has been some good (Syria) and plenty of “drunk uncle” (tweeting about Meryl Streep, flip-flopping on campaign promises and consistently labeling any media source that does not shed him in a positive light as fake news).

    Quite frankly I do not know what to expect for the remainder of this administration, and supposedly that’s Mr. Trumps intentions. During his campaign he was supposedly very close to Russia, now obviously that relationship has deteriorated . China was once a target, now they are a critical ally. You wonder if this is all by the seat of his pants, or part of a plan. World tensions are at an all time high and things can get ugly pretty quick. Here’s hoping drunk uncle sobers up and plays each card right.

  12. Gabe Frisbie says:

    Number 4 is a great point in the democrats forgetting about the middle class and this is not the first time this has happened.

    Number 2. Is exactly right in it almost feeling like he is playing around with his new toys on a weekly basis. I just hope its not him letting off steam to start a war to show he can win a war decisively.

    Number 1. I agree he is split, but you were right on with number 10 as well in making decisions. More things have happened with things he can control than any other President in recent past. I just think he thought he could somehow over rule the house and senate in his campaign, sadly and for the better this has been the case.

  13. J. Lambert says:

    I think that is clear that President Trump has wanted to make sure that he did not forget many of his voters by enacting more executive orders (than any president post World War II?) related to his campaign promises. He seems to equate making immediate decisions with being a “law and order ” president which is what he said he would be. I think it also interesting that prior to all of that, he placed a bust of Andrew Jackson on his desk in the Oval Office and moved the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from it which former president Obama had on it before. To me, that was very indicative of President Trump’s agenda and style difference. I think that you can still be respected and seen as a “law and order” president by taking time to get acclimated to your new duties as the President of the United States and seeking intelligent and experienced advice. I think that he has made too many hasty decisions with no government or political prior work experience in the name of appearing tough. And I agree with the old adage “hast makes waste”. I respect leaders and am more trusting of leaders who do not make rash decisions seemingly “on the fly”. Many of the decisions that President Trump is making have serious long term implications, even generational, so why not take the time to gather more information and good counsel in order to make prudent decisions? I understand that some decisions have to be made expediently, however definitely not all. Also, President Trump has been called “Tweeter in Chief” due to his constant Twitter rants. It is embarrassing to me as a US citizen and it is unprofessional. Also, as Hillary Clinton brought up during the last presidential campaign, our children are watching and President Trump’s twitter antics are not a good influence on our future officials and our most precious assets; our children.

  14. E.B. Sands says:

    While all ten of these are significant and fascinating developments to take place throughout Trump’s first 100 days, I think the most significant development is the erosion of “truth” and “facts” as we know it, and the role that all sides play in this development. I thought that the new levels of polarization were reached during Obama’s administration, but it seems like those levels have been eclipsed now during Trump’s. News comes out, and it’s almost impossible to truly figure out how to objectively interpret it. When news broke of the MOAB dropping in Afghanistan, opinions ranged from “OMG, we’ve reached new level of foreign policy”, to “Wait a minute, why are we STILL dropping bombs in Afghanistan?” Did hundreds of ISIS leaders die, or did we drop a million dollar bomb to kill 50 people? Should we be afraid of Russia or are we friends? Is North Korea an imminent threat or a an incapable nuisance? I don’e even know what to think about China. It’s to the point that I honestly don’t know what to think about anything, and the circus has just begun, so here’s to the next three (or seven) years and 265 days.

  15. scwoods23 says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog post because it is absolutely spot on. Yes Trump has been busy trying to do what he said he would during his campaign. I will admit, he has kept America on its toes and I’m curious to see what else he will pull out of his hat.

  16. Well, it’s Day 101 of the Trump administration and as I sit down at my desk this morning with my cup of coffee, I still shake my head at the fact that a rich, reality TV star is President of the United States! Good Lord, what has happened to this country?!?! How could people not care that he has no governmental experience? How could that have possibly been a selling point? Would a business hire someone to fill a position who had no experience? I think not. But, yet, here we are. Donald J. Trump is president. SMH!

    10. Sure, he has no problems making decisions, but when the decisions are bad is the fact that he can make them a good thing? Let’s see…the Muslim ban – bad. Withholding of funding from Sanctuary Cities – bad. And his latest, undo the school nutrition guidelines that were revised during the Obama Administration because yes, we all know ketchup is a vegetable – very bad! Someone’s ability to make decisions is only a good thing if those decisions are rooted in facts instead of fear, ignorance, and revenge.

    9. Don’t even get me started on his Twitter habits. Seriously, his tweets are ridiculous and the last thing this country needs is foreign policy by social media.

    8. I respectfully must disagree with you on this one. Busy? He is at his Mar-a-Lago estate almost every weekend at a great expense to the American taxpayer. Another activity that is keeping him busy is his flying around the country holding “campaign” rallies in order to hear the crowd scream their approval of him in order to keep his ego inflated. He may be busy, but is his busyness benefitting the United States or him?

    7. Here, here! I could not agree more. However, Sean Spicer is killing it on SNL!! Ha ha.

    6. The Wall. A ridiculous (and offensive) campaign promise that was touted by candidate Trump just so he could get the high of his call and response during the rallies. Over and over he would call “who’s gonna pay for it?” and the salivating crowd would screamingly respond “MEXICO!” Well, guess who’s not paying for the wall? MEXICO! So, who does that leave picking up the tab? YOU AND I!

    5. & 4. Not really sure what to say about these points. Both parties seem to be on the struggle bus and I don’t know what the answer is.

    3. Hate is such a strong word and one that plays into Trump’s “woe is me, the media is so mean to me” whiny diatribe. I proffer that they are holding his feet to the fire, as they should, demanding straight answers rather than “alternative facts.” Keep on keeping on, Rachel!

    2. UGH!

    1. Strong-man complex with an extremely fragile ego – not the qualities that I look for in a leader, and not the qualities that should inhabit the White House.

  17. Zack Saunders says:

    To add to #10, I am very surprised to find that he is sticking to his campaign promises. Outside of dismantling Obamacare, he has followed through with most of his preelection rhetoric. I believe many thought his radical campaign platforms were just a way to attract votes, but it seems that’s his intention was to put these plans into action the whole time.

  18. Morrisa Rogers says:

    I would have to agree with your assessment and no matter what other ranking order I could imagine we could get a consensus on number 1. As reflect on what seems the obvious, I remember a lot of name calling and outright personal attacks while he managed many of the civil challenges from the press, media and even the public by walking away or ignoring the obvious. The reason it stands out so much, in my opinion, is that his reaction seems immature. It appears to be a take my marbles and go home mentality while plotting to get revenge on the walk home which comes across as immature. The lack of polish I prefer to see in my leaders continues to reinforce my lack of confidence in his leadership. There is no doubt he will make a decision, the true question is will he make an informed one.

  19. Yvonne S says:

    I think that the president’s first 100 days have been very eventful. One thing that can be said about him is that he is trying to stick to his campaign promises and appeal to his constituency. I think that some of the decision making on new policy, i.e. ACA should have been postponed to allow for more time to work out the fine details. It appears that the decisions were rushed to be able to include them under the 100th day mark. I hope that he and his cabinet are careful in their dealings with North Korea , Syria and Russia. We don’t want our U.S. troops in another conflict unless necessary. Also, the budget for FY 18 appears to be under tight restraints. With funding for the border wall and additional ICE agents, an occupation or war can detract from the border funds.

  20. The first 100 days of President Trump I can not fairly rate because I have not watch the news faithfully since the election. However, through snippets of late night entertainment I stay informed by Colbert and news stories online. I would rate him a C- need improvement because anyone that ran a campaign of big bold promises of executing change quicker than the previous administration we as citizens should see enormous change. I see an incompetent press speaker that is rude and out of touch, and I agree a Senate and House of Reps that are unable to passed bills with implemented something that has never been use to get their choice for Supreme Court justice. I have always been under the impression that if your house and senate or control by the party of the President than there will be success definitely more success than we have seen in these 100 days. Good luck with the next 100 days.

  21. Liz McLean says:

    It feels like every day of the past 100-odd days have brought new headlines (scathing mostly, as you mentioned in #3) about Trump’s actions and/or decisions. Several bombs, a budget proposal, attempts at healthcare reform, multiple executive orders, and restructuring of several federal programs and departments have made these 100 days a whirlwind and somewhat difficult to keep track of all of the changes. I like many have not agreed with all of these changes (but who does agree 100% with anyone?) but I do have to say he appears to be the busiest, and definitely most visible thanks to Twitter, president of my lifetime.

  22. gnfelps says:

    He really does not have any issues on making decisions, which could be a blessing and a curse. I am glad he wants to be impulsive, but at the position he is in it would be wiser to think deeply about his decisions. Especially with the decision of building the wall. I think that situation is too unrealistic and we should put more money towards educational matters since that area keeps getting cut from. Also, he does seem to tweet a lot and I really wonder if that is actually him. The media does not like him, shows like “New Girl” even ave an episode where they were making fun of him. His first 100 days have seemed a little rough, but I think he will improve throughout his tenure.

  23. Raymond Pheris says:

    Typically after a change in power, there is still a bit of upheaval by the hands of the party falling out of power, but I cannot ever recall a reaction like the liberals in this country to the election of President Trump. All of the political maneuvers and underhanded policies that were used under the Obama administration are now seen as non-Constitutional in the hands of conservative lawmakers. Democrats used obscure procedures to overcome filibuster attempts by Republicans in the past, but now balk when used in the case of Justice Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Instead of continuing to fight when the battle is lost, both sides of the aisle need to focus on working together and seeing what President Trump can accomplish over the next four years.

  24. L. James says:

    Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office were interesting to say the least. I am amazed by the number of people who are outraged or irritated over what Trump is doing, how he is doing it, and that he continues to tweet. People (including republicans) are in disbelief over Trump’s attempt to repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This was one of his main campaign promises and he is trying to fulfill it. It seems as if the people who voted for him thought they would be protected against the costly changes, grandfathered into the best provisions of ACA, or receive a special pre-existing conditions waiver. There are no surprises here.

    Some even thought he would change and become “presidential”. But Trump has not changed. Remember to old adage, “a leopard can’t change his spots”. I have also heard it said that “power reveals who you are”. Trump is human and he is not an exception to the old adage or to the revelations of power – he can’t change his spots nor can he flip a switch and become more presidential. Trump is who he is – depending on how you see it – for good or for bad and you can like it, love it, or hate it. If nothing else, Trump is consistent.

  25. Keiana B. says:

    I can agree with the fact Trump has been busy but I am not sure if I can agree on the fact that he has been busy with the right things. Yes, he has his own ideas and some of them sound ok but like most ideas anything sounds good out loud but its implementing them and setting up a strategic plan to go along with it. One of Trumps biggest down falls to me is he says something and just does it, he doesn’t care what anyone else has to say about it and as an individual this is a good characteristic to have but as a President who help make choices for others is not so good. I don’t think he thinks things all the way through. An idea pops in his head and he goes with it. Now comparing him to Obama well like the saying goes, you cant compete where you don’t compare and i will leave that at that. I feel as if since so many people like Trump or is still in shock that he even became president with no history of being able to run a country, it makes things easier for him then Obama. People hated Obama so bad to the point whether his decision was good or bad they were going to disagree with it either way. President Trump has some ideas that I believe we as a country could benefit from but there are certain ways he need to go about informing people of the ideas and putting the ideas into action. The whole twitter, social media, entertainment that is a whole different can of worms. Some things just shouldn’t be posted no matter who you are. I am curious of what positive change we will benefit from over the next four year and I am hoping he can make a difference that will better this country.

  26. Clint Backstrom says:

    What a wonderful list illustrating both sides of the so called argument. Whether you love him or hate it’s still an obsession. He has done some good things and some questionable things and the verdict is till out in my book. Either way you feel he is our president and by that fact alone we should all hope and pray to whomever that he does a good job for all of ours sake.

  27. TreseFlowers says:

    Quite an interesting perspective. This administration’s first few months have been a roller coaster ride. He hasn’t done anything that I’ve noticed that has been so beneficial to the majority of American people in my opinion. His cabinet is filled with his 1% friends who can fathom relating to the average American. Nevertheless, I respect the position and he’s in it so I hope he will begin to make choices that do in fact benefit the American people as whole.

  28. Ebony Bowles says:

    You mentioned several interesting points. First, President Trump appears to demonstrate an Autocratic type leadership where he is making most of the decisions on his own with no regard to what anyone else thinks. It is ridiculous the amount of time that President Trump puts in to ridiculing those who don’t support his action. Second, I find it ironic that President Trump used USA military resources on Syria in retaliation for them using horrific chemicals on their own people. Aren’t those the same people that President Trump refused to allow in the USA for refuge? What is President Trump’s true endgame? President Trump’s first 100 days have been quite interesting.

  29. Nathan Daley says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to sum up Trumps presidency within the first 6 months. We still have a long way to go. So much can change in such a short amount of time. Thus far, Trump has been very proactive when it comes to getting things done. Now I know people have complained about him being on twitter, but I personally don’t think it’s a big deal. As time changes and technology becomes more of a factor in our everyday lives, I think it’s only natural that we start seeing this type of behavior. I think people have a particular perception of how the president should conduct him or herself. If the president wants to be on twitter, who cares that’s his personal business. Our last two presidents have really stepped outside the traditional boundaries set forth by the previous presidents before them. Each president is known for some unique thing, which means Trump will be remembered by his addictions to twitter.

    Trump to me has been very busy and he has also been keeping up with the promises he’s made during his campaign. I was shocked to see how pro active he was once he got into office. I have never seen a president during my time be so productive. I think it’s hard to say what decisions he is making are good or bad because as citizens we really don’t have a clue. I think it’s the medias job to make us feel like we have an opinion but to be honest, I don’t think we do. Regardless of how unpractical the idea for the wall was, I think it’s awesome that he is actually trying to follow through with it. I think there are easier ways to fix the immigration problem with ought building the wall, but I’m sure they considered all the options. Overall, it’s hard to really give Trump a fair rating on his performance because the media appears to bias. At the end of the day he could really be doing a great job, but they would probably never market that side of him or he could truly be doing a horrible job. There is only one way to find out.

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