Snoop Dog and Bow Wow, just a Couple of Dawgs keeping it real? Or did they just cross the line?


March 20, 2017 by gregrabidoux2013


snoop dog video

Just keeping it real?


So, if you have been on your couch for the last few days non-stop immersed in March Madness let me bring you up to speed on a wholly different kind of march madness.

Recently, rapper, songwriter and weed advocate and practitioner Calvin Broadus Jr., better known as Snoop Dog, age 45, made a music video in which he “assassinates” President Trump. Now, the gun he uses goes “Bang” like in the circus and the “President” is an actor made up to resemble the real President Trump though with clown make-up. See, Snoop is making a not so-subtle social commentary about our president being a clown who needs to get put out of hi and apparently, our misery. In interviews about the music video, Mr. Broadus while not saying the president should really be shot and killed in real life isn’t exactly rejecting the notion. We “need to keep it real” claims Broadus and that if someone “did cap Trump then he (the shooter) would be a hero in the streets.”


snoop dog looting

Burning and Looting. Maybe it’s a designer brand I don’t know about.


Now, normally such publicly held views and beliefs about or Commander-in-Chief would be quietly looked into by serious, sober professionals within the Secret Service to see if any real, credible threat to the security of our president existed. And if so, to take appropriate action. On the other hand, celebrities seem to be going out of their way to raise the bar of hyperbole against the sitting president. Madonna shared how she dreams of blowing up the White House, Sara Silverman shared her thoughts about tanks and killing the president and actor Tim Robbins implied the president had better not stop watching his back.

Ah, freedom of expression and artistic license.

On the other hand, actually making a music video visually depicting the murder of a real-life president even if it’s “make-believe” sure seems to come right to of not cross over the line of any kind of decency.

But then again, this President seems to invite such vitriol and anger. Or at least not take steps to defuse any lit matches pointed his way. So, in his own inimitable style, President Trump tweeted ( of course, he did) a tweet suggesting the incredible outrage such a music video would have created if it had targeted former President Obama in this same way and alluded to what he claimed was Snoop Dog’s failing career.


Donald Trump angry

Is it me, my policies, the finger, what?


Which drew a response from another rapper named Bow Wow (formerly L’il Bow Wow) who dropped the “L’il” from his rapper moniker recently as he turned 30. Now, Bow Wow, real name Shad Gregory Moss, then tweeted a rather vulgar and by any measure, threatening tweet aimed at the president, calling Mr. Trump a “punk a** b***h and that he and his crew would “pimp Melania and make her work her a**  for us.”


It turns out that Bow Wow is a cousin to Snoop Dog and well, you know how dawgs must stick up and bark loudly for their own kin.


snoop dog bow wow 2

Deandre and Shad at work.


But, here’s what I am especially troubled by with this whole doggone mess. Our president, regardless of whether you agree or not with his policies, ideas and budgetary priorities gets “mock shot and killed” and our First Lady gets threatened to be turned into a prostitute by a rapper and his “crew” and the silence is deafening.

No outrage. No public rebuke of these two, um, artists by fellow celebrities. No calling for an apology to the President and the First Lady. Nope. Only cheers and “attaboys.” Bill Maher thanked Snoop Dog while Madonna and others noted their “courage” in standing up for their beliefs.


snoop dog madonna

Shall I share more of my dreams?


For their beliefs? What beliefs? That killing is first, second, last and always the answer to every problem? Especially so if you liked the previous guy but not the one now in the Oval Office? That likening our First Lady to a whore makes it “even steven” because you know the president didn’t take kindly to your cousin depicting his murder in his music video.

What makes this not only repugnant but hypocritical is that in 2013 Mr. Broadus made an impassioned plea that the violence in the streets and gun crime was robbing the Black community of a generation and was not the answer. In his words, peace, love and tolerance not guns was what we need more not less of.


snoop dog smoking

Maybe he needs to mellow out more. If that’s even possible.


I guess all that goes out the dog house if the President isn’t named Obama and clearly has no affinity for your style of music.

As for Mr. Moss, he made it clear he was not and did not vote in the 2016 election so I guess this is how he participates in the political process. I’d also hazard a guess that dropping the “L’il” from your name doesn’t guarantee you’re all grown up and mature.

But how much of this vulgar nonsense, if any, is President Trump culpable for? Is it his direct style of tweeting that makes people feel that he is just some dude who they don’t like or disagree with, someone bereft of any respect despite his office? Someone they can threaten and talk to like he was some running buddy on the street?

Are Snoop Dog and Bow Wow just keeping it real as they claim or did they cross the line this time?

is there even a line to be crossed these days with this President?


CA puss and boots

I still believe in honor and civility.












35 thoughts on “Snoop Dog and Bow Wow, just a Couple of Dawgs keeping it real? Or did they just cross the line?

  1. Brad Gernazian says:

    I don’t think that Bow Wow or Snoop Dawg truly would do the things they are saying. I see it as a continuation of the many protests that have been occurring since Trump’s election and inauguration. That being said, they definitely crossed the line. Sure they were just practicing freedom of speech, but to say you are going to harm the president and his wife is unacceptable. Obama couldn’t stay president forever, and I have a feeling that Bow Wow and Snoop Dawg would have been saying negative things about whoever the next president was. Trump’s president for the next four years, and our nation needs to come together or we will see further division amongst our people in years to come. Most media stations have a lot to do with the division in this country right now.

    • IWilcox says:

      Brad well said I totally agree with you. These two did cross the line and I do feel Snoop Dog was being contradicting because he did call for peace during the protesting.

  2. J. Lambert says:

    I don’t think that the video nor the comments made by both rappers were excusable or appropriate. It saddens me that the video was aired, and the expletives were tweeted for all the world to see and hear including our most precious commodity; our children, the future. But, in a real sense I am not surprised anymore by this behavior as it seems to be the norm in today’s society. There also seems to be a huge moral breakdown in our society from times past as well and this does not bode well for the future of our world. Unfortunately, the total disrespect of sitting presidents did not start with the Trump presidency. Former President Obama and his family were ridiculed, disrespected, etc. his entire 8 year presidency by fellow politicians, and lay people alike. To me, it points to how fickle many people are. Some will love you one day and send you to the gallows the next. It is never right,

    • Scott Blount says:

      J. Lambert,
      I agree with you 100%. Making a video about shooting a president is just weak. I guess it’s viewed as a cool form of defiance for the folks who like Snoop and/or hate Trump. Go vote! Sounds like Bow Wow sat our the election. Bow Wow’s tweet about Melania….pure trash, and he sounds like a bona fide mental midget. But, as you mentioned, the Obama’s were the targets of quite a bit of nastiness. The standards for human behavior have unfortunately dipped through the years.

      • Sharon Pyles says:

        You are so right! Standards for human behavior have dipped through the years. And the main culprit in helping that descent into nastiness is social media and the internet. So many feel that they have license to say and do whatever comes to mind because the internet provides a “shield”. It’s real gutsy to sit at home in your PJ’s and say whatever you want and yet not be able to express that same sentiment to someone’s face. Those comments about the First Lady were inexcusable, like they would be for any woman. Unfortunately, like him or not, the President has opened Pandora’s box with his own brand of internet nastiness and I have a feeling that it’s only going to get worse. Regardless of how you feel about the President – the office still deserves respect, and so does his family.


      • Lexis Lloyd says:

        I agree with your perspective on this. I think it is horrible that they would even film this for all to see. Once again, celebrities have the opportunity to use their platform in a positive light and choose to do other. Did you see Whoopi Goldberg’s shirt that she recently wore out in the public? If not, it had a picture of President Trump shooting himself in the head and blood splattered everywhere. It was horrible. We don’t have to agree with every decision he makes, but he is our President and we should at least try to support and respect him.

    • Michelle Elliott says:

      The content of this blog is further evidence of the disconnect between fantasy and reality. It would be easy to blame the video gaming culture for the callous display of insensitivity portrayed here. But, to me, it is a commentary on the effects of the 24 hour news cycle and the escalation of absurdity necessary to rise above the drone of continuous coverage to true “page one” status. Only the extreme tactics like the ones detailed in the blog can stand out when the cycle demands relentless coverage. In a world governed by re-tweets and likes, the level of extreme behavior is certain to increase on the part of attention seeking “celebrities”.

      • Michael Rose says:

        I would encourage you to read some studies on the impact that the prevalence of violent video games have on the psychological development of children. It is not convenient to contend that this has played a role, it is proven fact. Second, the 24 hours “news” cycle is little more than entertainment and the actions of Snoop and Bow Wow are entertainment. They are attempts by 2 guys to stay (Snoop) or regain (Bow Wow) relevance in an overcrowded entertainment arena. the fact that we call this news is what is insulting.

        I would contend the issue is that this behavior, in many communities has not only become accepted, but is encouraged. The issues are the socialization of our children in communities that lack fatherly influences and accept violence as an acceptable, often the preferred, method to deal with discontent or disagreement. When it is acceptable to simulate killing the president or actually kill cops, the society is broken far beyond competition in the “news” cycle. Hopefully, we will one day return to a time where responsibility for one’s own actions and decisions is required and get away from the “everyone is a victim” mentality where we look for excuses for behavior like this. This behavior is wrong and wholly unacceptable. What would the response be if this had been Eminem and the person shot had been Obama?

  3. Tayo Sowemimo says:

    I will not condone this kind of behavior, and I think it should roundly be condemned, even though Mr. Calvin Broadus have constitutional right to free speech, this crossed the line of moral decency, and a total disrespect for the office of the President in which he currently occupies. The problem with such actions is that some people with unstable minds might be tempted to actualize this despicable act to “keep it real”. It is fitting to add here that some innuendos thrown at President Obama throughout his presidency such as suggesting he doesn’t have western values, and those perpetuated by the President Trump himself that Mr. Obama is not a natural born citizen of the US appeared to have contributed to his hatred on the left, irrespective of the reason, Mr. Broadus aka Snoop Dog crossed a line that is totally indefensible.

  4. Nancy Sanders says:

    Musical expression is one of the great things about the world. There is music for everyone. There is music for every emotion and occasion. Music is a wonderful way to express yourself and connect with others. It provides an outlet for the musician and the listener. There are enough genres to go around. You don’t have to like all music. Jay Z has a song that says “If you don’t like my lyrics, you can press fast forward.” Fair enough. Music used to be fairly tame. Lyrics weren’t always optimistic, but they were almost always kinda clean. Can you imagine a crooner from the 50s or 60s singing about popping ‘n locking on a stripper pole or the aforementioned “99 problems”?

    Artistic expression hasn’t always been popular, especially as social norms relax. What happened in society between Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff” and Ice-T’s “Cop Killer”? Killing LEOs is not okay just because Black Lives Matter is in the headlines. Open season on Trump is no different than open season on Obama. The current political climate is volatile. There is no reason to pour gas on it – but then, we’re back to freedom of speech and expression. I remember being in high school in the 80s and AC/DC released Back in Black. The churches went nuts. “Hell’s Bells” was going to make us all Satan worshipers. AC/DC is still one of my favorite bands to listen to. Still a Christian, never once thought about Satan. I don’t necessarily see this music (or video) as a call to action – but I think there is a responsibility in today’s world that due to the absence of social media wasn’t required in my youth. I don’t believe that the youth of today are more impressionable than other generations, but they are far more acquainted with instant gratification.

    This president is a different flavor. He lacks class and grace. He is a target for jokes. He doesn’t project respect for the disenfranchised. He IS the unattainable ivory tower. The suggestion that pimping out Melania is an option, is no different than some of the things that Trump has been accused of saying. It doesn’t make it any less distasteful however. How can he speak out about this or appear to be shocked? Does someone that seemingly lacks respect for everyone else really expect respect? I am not a Trump fan (even before the election) – but mock-assassinating him doesn’t fix anything. The song/video are not a good call.

  5. Erica DeVane says:

    Regardless of your politics, Snoop Dogg’s video was in poor taste. It is wrong to act out killing even a clown version of the president. While it is in poor taste and wrong, it is not illegal and is protected under the 1st Amendment as freedom of speech. The constitution that protects our freedom of speech is the same constitution that Trump was sworn in to protect as our President. Unlike presidents of the past, as related above, Trump has made himself more available in the eyes of the public due in part to his constant tweeting. While this may seem to make Trump less presidential to some, it does in no way diminish the office of the President.

  6. Kimberly Warren says:

    Ahhh, the conversation of violence found in rap songs is being brought up once again. As a listener of hip hop and rap, from time to time I have questioned my stance on “are these lyrics appropriate or truly necessary.” Sometimes, I say to myself, “did you really have to say that with such anger.” Yet, other times I realize that the purpose of art is expression. Most hip hop artists defend their “violent content” by the later point, by expressing how they feel about issues, their pain and life. I think expression is good but not all expression is good, if this makes sense. We can truly sit here and say what Snoop Dogg did in the video may be inappropriate (Bow Wow’s comments did cross the line, btw) but then how many inappropriate things are done because we have the freedom to do so. Does it make it right, not at all. But one of the main problems is that, us as people, are selective in what they want to react to or pay attention to. I mean if we had to think of all the inappropriate things going on in this world, it would drive each of us mad. But its also the ignoring of someone’s issues, pain, battles, and story when it is not relatable to you that causes conversations like these.

  7. Amber M Grant says:

    Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow’s comments and reaction completely crossed the line. No one should ever depict or even try to symbolize the death of a leader especially the leader of the United States of America. Other countries look at our country and seeing a divide like this makes it easier for others to attack. I can’t believe the video even got aired since it shows a high level of disrespect.

    Now as for people feeling like they are picking on Trump, they really aren’t. There have been plenty of times before Trump became president that he ridiculed and said gruesome comments and accusations about other people but nothing was done. It wasn’t until he got into office that things became sensitive to him. You have to remember this is the same guy who said he would grab women’s private parts but yet no one said anything. Trump even attacked former President Obama for his citizenship for the 8 years he was in office but it was okay then.

    I am not condoning what Snoop and Bow did by any means. They were wrong on many counts but don’t make Trump look so innocent when he has clearly crossed the line on several occasions.

    • Not sure no one said anything, in fact, the MSM really devoted a great deal of time and criticism (deserved) for his remarks and belittling or objectifying women. But, again, as you point out that doesn’t somehow make his murder in a video okay.

  8. The way Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow went about this is really sad. These two guys have a lot of people that look up to them and for them to make such immature public statements is extreme & childish. A video of shooting the president and a statement saying that “we will make your daughter work her a$$ off” is not the way problems are solved in this country. These two should be ashamed of themselves. Now we will have more of our youth thinking that this type of behavior is ok. These guys will never be 1/100th of the man that Trump is. It really is a shame to our country.

  9. gljackson33 says:

    I really don’t think that Snoop Dog really wants the President dead. I think he just feels like everybody else feels about Donald Trump.President Trump is really clowning us. He really needs to take a step back and listen to the American people. He is very unpredictable and that is really scarring a lot of us. I know i will not be voting for him in 2020.

  10. IWilcox says:

    I do not agree with these two “keeping it real” in this fashion at all. This video is disgusting. No matter how these two feel for Trump being the president, no one should disrespect the United States President and first lady in this manner. This shows the kind of times we are living in now. It is actually quite scary! I don’t ever know what else to say

  11. Mathew Lowery says:

    The comments from Bow-Wow though fully inline with freedom of speech are overboard. My first thought was, what the hell does poor Melania have to do with this? In regard to Snoops video, it was far too cheesy for me to be offended by. I personally did not take offense mostly because I could not take it seriously.

    But we should not forget that this is the bed Trump made. Snoops video was tasteless, Bow-Wow’s comments were classless, but so is Trump. He has made tasteless comments to other celebrities and classless remarks about citizens of this country.

    If you attack others as a means to gain attention, than that same type of attention will find you.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Really interesting post! It incites anger in me but not because of the free speech – that is certainly something that is protected. However, how is this not a form of hate speech, that could very well incite the action depicted in the video to be acted out? Seriously, these rappers, and truthfully the majority of the celebrities need to loo in the mirror every once in a while, and not to check their hair for being perfect. The hypocrisy that is constant in this crowd is amazing, and no one seems to be calling them out on it. Oh, there’s too much violence and drugs in the community? Then stop espousing it. And certainly have enough decency and respect for the office to stop with the inciting of these hateful acts. The purpose of the office, as is in most governmental positions, is the chair, not the person sitting in the chair.

  13. E.B. Sands says:

    I do not condone this behavior. Let me start and finish there. During the Obama administration, I saw some of the most vulgar comments, images and expressions that I’ve ever seen directed towards a President. The majority of it carried racial undertones. I saw plenty Facebook videos and posted that negatively referenced him, his wife and his children. There were numerous media figures who lost their jobs due to on-air and off-air comments about Obama or his family. It was ugly, and it showed Americans at some of their ugliest points. The election of Trump has brought out even more of that ugliness. It’s like it builds on top of one another. I don’t mean this post to come across as picking side, a “you guys said it first” type of argument. What I mean by this is that we are all guilty of letting our worse sides pore out of us, so one polarizing election brought out the worst in some people, and when when the next polarizing election took place, rather than learn from the lessons of the first time and committing to acting better than what we saw the first time, many people are acting just as bad or worse than the first group acted. Both sides are acting foolish, and I do not condone this behavior.

  14. scwoods23 says:

    After watching the video of Snoop Dog and Bow Wow, I believe that they were way out of line in what they were representing. I don’t believe that these two would actually do what they are suggesting; however there are some crazies and wacko’s out here in this world that would do otherwise.

  15. Trump is simply reaping the crops in the field that he sowed with hatred and vitriol during his campaign for president. Yes, I will agree that neither the music video by Snoop Dog nor the comments by Bow Wow were appropriate, they are the result of political climate that has been created by Trump and his supporters. Seriously, if we are going to have a conversation about musicians making violent comments about politicians, then shouldn’t we also mention Ted Nugent who has made horrible comments about President Obama WHILE he was in office. Nugent has said that Obama should be tried for treason and hung (racist much, Ted?). He has also said Obama could suck his d*ck and that Obama was a subhuman mongrel. While two wrongs don’t make a right, Snoop and Bow Wow are only continuing a pattern of disrespect aimed at the President of the United States regardless of who’s in office.

  16. Zack Saunders says:

    I think the bigger issue here would be the loss of international prestige that occurs. When pop culture uses the leader of the free world as a punching bag, the respect that the international community holds for that position drops like a rock. GRAnted, previous presidents were criticized, but it was done in a professional way. We did not make videos fake murdering him or spend every night satiring his decisions on late night tv.

  17. April Brauda says:

    I largely agree with you here, as this kind of hyperbole makes conversation and change hard. Trump was elected by our system, for better or worse, and we’re stuck with him for the next four years at the least. These calls make it hard to call Trump out when he has crossed the line with his rhetoric as it can come off as hypocritical, though celebs being private citizens while Trump is an elected official should mean they represent the left less than he does the right.

    Where you lose me though is with this “I guess all that goes out the dog house if the President isn’t named Obama and clearly has no affinity for your style of music.” The obvious implication here is that their behavior is totally because Obama was black while Trump is white. This delegitimization of their anger is just as damning to having a constructive conversation. While Bow Wow’s statement was entirely vulgar and without message, Snoop is giving voice (in an admittedly poor fashion) to the anger he has at the current administration’s racist overtones.

    In Snoop’s video, a fake news report reads “Ronald Klump wants to deport all doggs.” This is expressing obvious sympathy toward hispanics and muslims who feel their place here is being threatened by the Trump administration’s actions. Lets not forget that, aside from the muslim oriented travel ban and the plan to build a wall, Trump has also said some things that are at best racially callous. His accusation that judge Gonzalo Curiel was biased against Trump due to his heritage and his reaction to a BLM protester being assaulted at his rally, “Maybe he should have been roughed up,” he mused. “It was absolutely disgusting what he was doing”, should show that there is basis for this anger.

    In short, Snoop’s video was in poor taste, and Bow Wow’s tweet entirely indefensible. But ignoring the reason Snoop’s anger exists is just as devastating to constructive conversation as how he has chosen to express it.

  18. Yvonne S says:

    Although the president has not shown much restraint in his use of social media, I think that mocked violence and other comments about his family should not occur. There are ways to express a dislike for his policies without resorting to these types of antics. To be honest, as things were said or effigies were hung for President Obama, there was a great expression of outrage. In President Trump’s case, this should be no different.

  19. The big debacle about Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow did not strike me as literal or offense because I see it as a form of art expression. This is nothing new about artist expressing their distaste for the world we live in or the government. It occur with the previous administration were dummies were lynched to resemble President Obama. Lynard Synker did it with their song Sweet Home Alabama. Steve Wonder opposed the Johnson Administration with “You haven’t done nothing. So, artists use their talents often to express their disfavor for administrations and who are we to limit what they can or cannot do with their music/art.

  20. gnfelps says:

    This is a really interesting post! I agree with that fact their is no shock or anger at the fact that these people are acting in that manner. I think that one problem with this generation is people are thinking the wrong things are “cool.” Had it been something else every one would have been protesting and rioting all just to get their feelings out. That is someone’s husband, dad, mom, and wife that these people are talking about killing and such. That just is not morally right, and it is a shame that people are not taking a stand in some way to say they crossed the line.

  21. Brian Rice says:

    I definitely think that Snoop Dog and Bow Wow crossed the line with their music and comments. As you mentioned, how can a person speak out against gun violence and then turn right back around and promote it a few short years later? Some people argue that it was just a song and they don’t believe that Snoop Dog would actually do that. Perhaps, it doesn’t matter if he would or would not because he is a role model to many people that may decide to act on his “idea” to be a “hero in the streets”. It seems like in today’s society we give people a pass if they are just “performing” and do not really mean what they are saying. Bow Wow crossed the line as well with his notion that he would pimp out Melania. I think we are at the point where we are today because these “role models” are doing nothing but causing more hatred between everyone. These men should be using their platform to create positive change, but instead they resort to the threat of violence and abuse of women to get their point across. Donald Trump can definitely push people’s buttons as good as anyone, but I don’t think he has crossed the line like these two rappers have on a consistent basis with their threats of violence. I am curious as to how nothing has been done because on many other occasions death threats to a President were treated as a very serious matter. The threat of murder and abusing women should never be accepted by our society, even if some consider it “art”.

  22. Nathan Daley says:

    Honestly, I don’t care how much people despise President Trump, but it shouldn’t be ok for people do express themselves in ways that depict or encourage violence or murder especially towards the president. You might not respect the man but you should respect the position. I also understand freedom speech, but even with that there should be certain things that are off limits. I personally believe that the behavior of Snoop Dog and Bow Wow was very inappropriate, immature, and shameful. Nothing they can say makes what they did justifiable. The comment Snoop made, was very ignorant but sadly enough many people share his same views. Instead he should be using his platform to encourage his audience to rise above the politics and be better people. If you don’t like Trump then aspire to be better than him. It’s very sad to see him and other adult celebrities acting the way they are acting. It’s ok to be angry and its ok to dislike the president, but that doesn’t me we start acting like children.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. When Obama was elected there were a lot of inappropriate things being done about him. People had dolls that looked like him that they lynched. They also called him a monkey along with other derogatory names. Some black people feel like because it happened to Obama it’s ok to do similar things to Trump. I guess at the end of the day you can do that, but what does it solve? Ignorance fighting ignorance doesn’t solve anything. Both of them crossed the line along with so many others who have done the same thing to Obama. It is a disgraceful reflection of our nation and society today.

    A nation can’t heal without love and communication. At some point we have to grow past the hate and racism. All its doing is pushing people further apart. Another thing is if people don’t like those who are leading this country or making laws, then they need to rise to the occasion. People need to stop complaining about things if they aren’t willing to put themselves in a position to do the job. People need to start becoming part of the solution and not the problem. People need to start becoming the change they want to see in the world. If Snoop and Bow Wow want to see things change then they need to go to school for politics and apply for jobs in government so that they can be truly productive.

  23. Gina says:

    Whether you like the President or not voted for him or not or think he is a clown that needs to be put out of his misery, the portrayal of murdering anybody is not art! It seems that we are at a time, where Americans feel they have the freedom and are entitled to say and do anything. As American’s we are expected to Accept Everything!

    I think that the video is absurd, just like I think the images of hanging President Obama is ridiculous. I also think the comments about the 1st Lady were very inappropriate just like the comments of 1st Lady Obama being a monkey or being a man and the list goes were inappropriate. When the media stops printing these absurdities, and the music industry stops making money off of these “artistic expressions” then maybe things will change. I, however, don’t see that happening.

    To your point about does President Trump’s behavior (tweets, comments) causing him to be a target of disrespect because he has become common, I would agree. I think America as a whole is adjusting to him being the President of the United States. The President, himself hasn’t been known for being diplomatic (calling women dogs, fat, etc.) and expressing a star can do anything including grabbing women in the crouch. It is no wonder the 1st Lady of Poland hesitated to shake his hand. Regardless of how the President carries on it is still no justification for this type of video. Although I know Snoop and Bow Wow have done a lot of great things for their communities these antics are really a doggone shame!

  24. Aaron W says:

    I feel that Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow are entitled to their own opinion about the president. The citizens of America are just not happy with President Trump. Snoop and Bow Wow could have handled the situation differently but they felt it was the right way to deal with it. Everyone is entitled to their freedom of speech. President Trump should not be tweeting and lashing back to all the criticism. Trump is a position that should be solely focused on making the United States a better place.

  25. Laura D. says:

    This is just wrong. Despite their feelings about President Trump, it is never ok to promote such behavior and disrespect. These 2 men are role models for millions of kids, teenagers, and I’m sure adults. Because of that they should try to be decent role models. I understand not liking the President, but that is taking it too far. I do wish President Trump would ignore such behavior and not respond via tweets. After all, his position does not call for that either.

  26. Lisa Mathis says:

    No excuse for this. It is terrible that our children are even allowed to watch these two. Where are the parents? Just stop supporting them. We have the power to make them leave the headlines. Once they leave the headlines, there will be less motivation for such nonsense. i don’t believe for a minute that the two are not capable or have not considered the deed. There is too much thought into simulating it. Seems like terrorism to me.

  27. Randall H says:

    I’m not sure how I missed all of this when it happened, but wow! I had no idea.

    The actions of all three, Snoop, Bow Wow, and President Trump are all worth discussion. However, I think Trump does have some truth in his statement regarding former President Obama. Should something like Snoop or Bow Wow’s statements be made, still, against President Obama, or Michelle, the uproar would have been crazy.

    The actions of the two, “um, artists” show a complete lack of respect for their nation and their inability to understand complex issues. Yes, he may not be the person who they would have chosen. However, slandering his name and, in my opinion, threatening to kill him can do nothing but cause harm and division. If either if these ‘puppies’ truly wanted to help their country, they would stop making online-raping and death threats and start working to produce something positive.

    That may be asking a bit much, however, from a duo who almost exclusively produce songs about drugs, sex, and crime.

    Coming together in support of the American people, not one political position, is the only paradigm shift that will make a true difference.

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