Disgusted. I am. Should Trump and Hillary both Quit the Race?


October 8, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

Maybe we should just call the whole thing off.

isis trump

Forget you if you don’t think I am a chick magnet.

isis hillary

I am so close, aggggh! So close to what is rightfully mine! All Mine!!

Honestly, between the Trumpster and his latest lewd video, his overt bullying, sexism, racism, xenophobia and Hillary’s seeming paranoia, overt lying and overall uneasiness with the truth as well as her own past shaming and bullying of Billy Clinton’s mistresses I am the one becoming more and more ashamed.

And frankly, embarrassed.

This is really the best we can do folks?

Out of a nation of over 320 million, a nation of so many bright, brilliant, hard-working men and women, a nation of so many accomplished leaders who make us all proud every single day we are looking to these two?

One of these two, to lead us in what is arguably, one of the more dangerous and tenuous times in our nation’s and our world’s history?

Can we check the birth certificate of that Justin Trudeau guy in Canada s’il vous plait, maybe he’d be available.


When I am not leading Canada I go on GQ photo shoots, you know, just for fun.

To all of my friends who are Trump supporters, may I simply say…seriously?

I get that he is not a professional politician, that he is “raw” as one of his advisors said recently and that he “says what is on his mind” as another said just yesterday in the aftermath of his vulgar and patently disrespectful remarks about women.

It’s just that what is on his mind seems more befitting a 15 year-old boy entering puberty who has yet to enjoy a fully developed frontal lobe but who clearly has the benefit of being a multi-billionaire who apparently has not paid a dime of taxes in 18 years. That sort of privileged life clearly makes one’s brain with or without a fully functioning frontal lobe cloudy and highly corrosive.

You doubt this? Then simply read his 3:00 am tweets where he seems less preoccupied with weighty issues of the world and more intently focused on things like making sure we know how much he hates Rosie O’Donnell.

isis trump

Forget you again if you like that fat, no good Rosie O’Donnell, forget you indeed.

In case you missed it-a lot.

How any of his kids, aside from Donald Jr.’s dangerously close White Supremacy views, turned out rather nicely, is a mystery. In short, if I ever need a good nanny I’ll ask for his.

And how a grown man (in age at least) can hold such sexist, chauvinistic and utterly depraved views on women and have produced such a seemingly modern, accomplished and poised woman as his daughter Ivanka is again, well, the work no doubt of the nanny or Mr. Trump suffers from acute, multiple personality disorder.


Okay, I confess, I really just met Mr. trump recently, before it was just checks in the mail growing up

And while most of this campaign has been for Hillary supporters an exercise mostly in just letting “Donald be Donald” and memorizing a lot of policy detail while forgetting a lot of email detail, there is indeed a reason that she is not 50 points ahead.

We simply don’t trust her. The majority of Americans are convinced that she lies, early and often, that she has and will continue to deceive the American public, distort reality and do everything and anything in her power (which is quite formidable) to become president. Finally.

This includes denying (at least in public) what the rest of us always knew, that her husband, the President, was a serial adulterer and liar. And worse, staying with him as she never took an eye off the prize (the White House) all the while shaming, intimidating and bullying each and every mistress that stepped forward with the same lewd and lascivious tale about Bill.


Not sure really, but I’m guessing being the First Man could make me a chick magnet.

An odd yet eerie commonality, wouldn’t you say?

Seems both Donald and Hillary are just fine with living by one set of values and ethics publicly while employing a completely opposite and twisted set of antithetical values and ethics privately.

And that my friends, scares the trump tower out of me.

Because if our presidential history has taught us anything it is that when we have elected leaders who have such a dual, contradictory belief system the result has been a disaster.



Jimmy Carter was one of the most consistent individuals you could ever meet. The values, beliefs and convictions he publicly espoused were no different than those he lived his private life by. What you saw and heard was what you got. If you didn’t respect or admire the fact he was devoutly religious and believed in the sanctity of life, all life, then you probably had trouble respecting him. Is it any wonder he and his wife Roslyn have devoted their life after the White House to conflict resolution, charitable causes and building homes for the homeless?


Let’s see, he’s 92, she’s 90, and they build homes for the homeless. What are you doing lately?

You may disagree with the man’s politics but ashamed? Embarrassed?

Nope. These don’t tend to come up when Mr. Carter’s name is discussed.

But. And it is a big one, his presidency is largely seen as a bust. For reasons other than his own consistency and basic goodness.

George W. Bush, known as a simple, straight-talker and shooter. No complexity there. Even wife Laura has described him as “a simply but sturdy leader.” Again, the public and the private “Dubya” was one and the same. And by a wide consensus his 8 years are now seen as a disaster save for his one moment after 9/11 where he did what he did when he was at Yale-be a cheerleader and a voice of hope. Folks, there is a reason the RNC has had GWB play no role in national politics since he left office. Actually, a lot of reasons and it’s not just his rather embarrassing and lewd, um, paintings (especially the nude self-portrait, oh, if I could “un-see” that).


Look at me. I hope Mama Bush is proud. I hid my nudie painting though, she wouldn’t understand.

Of course, Ronald Reagan, the hugely popular and iconic Ronald Reagan, the man who touted family values, religion, and the sanctity of marriage publicly was in his own life, a divorced man, who was not very religious and by all accounts a rather cold and distant father to his children. On the other hand, he was faithful by all accounts to wife Nancy, no White House hanky-panky Clintonism there.


The matching red was actually Ronnie’s idea. How scandalous, eh?

Jack Kennedy? His story is all-too familiar. Publicly, virtuous, energetic, a family-man with a fairy-tale marriage who called for racial equality across the land. Privately, mistresses galore, including sharing a woman with a known-mobster, cheating on wife Jackie while she was in the hospital giving birth, and privately calling for slowing down civil rights progress, not fully convinced the nation was ready for equality.

Yet, the majority of Americans who lived under the Kennedy years still see his presidency as bold, vibrant and the best of what we could do. We did get to the moon folks. No, really, we did.

Nixon? Well, anyone close to him knew what eventually we all found out-Brilliant, conniving, paranoid, vindictive, petty, shrewd, overly-secretive. Consistency in thought and action? Of course. Dangerous and disastrously destructive? You bet.


I am not a…oh, what’s the use, you all know I was a crook.

So, where does all of this bring us with Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton?

In short. We will indeed get what we see. And hear.

Nothing more and probably a bit less.

Mr. Trump as President Trump will be a man of little deep thought and much overt action. He will be egotistical, petty, vindictive, lewd, sexist, racist, bullying, dismissive, a true anti-intellectual wrapped up in a burrito of absolute, undoubting belief in his own self-worth and ability.

He will also be calculating and say and do pretty much anything if he thinks it will help himself gain greater glory.

Dangerous? Yes. Without presidential precedent? No.

Mrs. Clinton as President Trump will be a woman of deep thought and even deeper political calculation. She will be vindictive, paranoid, overly secretive, calculating, restrained, pre-programmed, a true politico wrapped up in a seaweed of self-righteousness, insecurity, all doused with a heap of destiny and a deep, deep sense of “you all owe me this for what I have endured” regardless of her casual, public denials (What me as President? I never thought much of it!).

Dangerous? Yes. Without presidential precedent? No.

So, I ask again. Is this really the best we can do in a nation of 320 million?

(Sigh). Yes, I suppose in this nasty, angry and petty election year of 2016 it is.

But look on the bright side. It’s not like we haven’t had worse. Right?

Well? Right?

Oh yeah, and the guy below will be moderating the next presidential debate between these two enigmas. Now that may just be must see TV.


Look again, there must be a loophole, do I really have to moderate the debate? Can I get Kathy Griffin to help me?

violent videogaming spongebob

This election scares the bikini bottom water out of me!


Just an FYI, yep, this is PM Trudeau’s wife.


This is PM Trudeau advocating for full workplace equality. Just an FYI. I mean, really, is the Maple Flag really that bad?


Don’t even think about blaming me for this election.







41 thoughts on “Disgusted. I am. Should Trump and Hillary both Quit the Race?

  1. Bobby S J says:

    Donald Trump is a chauvinistic pig, a complete lunatic who should simply go to his Trump Tower and become a complete recluse, never to be seen again. Even Melania says he’s offensive!

  2. Alicia H says:

    The scariest thing in this blog is the thought that there is a nude self-portrait if George W. Bush somewhere!!

    • Lexis Lloyd says:

      Haha that caught me off guard too! What a scary thought! Did anyone watch the Saturday Night Live skit of the debate? It was hilarious! It’s sad that this debate has turned into such a joke. I have heard a lot of people say that they are not even voting this go around. That doesn’t make it any better. I am definitely not thrilled with either of our options. It’s like we are being forced to pick the lesser evil. Our future is looking a little scary right now. If they could throw in the towel now, then I wouldn’t be against it!

  3. Vicky L says:

    I too am disgusted by the options in this election. A liar who blames her cheating husband’s mistresses and tries to destroy them, who blows her one big leadership chance costing American lives at Benghazi and then lies to cover it up and who allows classified data and information to get into the hands of unfriendly people. Then we got a sexist pig who is an idiot with a towering ego who acts like he is a 12 year-old. What a choice. Yep, I may say “Oui” to Canada, now there is a smart and charming, classy couple.

  4. Nathan D. says:

    This election by far will go down in history as one of the most embarrassing. For my generation, this election is a big deal. These two candidates will be representing our country in a time when we need extraordinary leadership. It shocks me that out of 320 million people in the United States these two candidates are the best we could offer.

    In one hand we have a candidate that should be prosecuted for the blatant and complete disregard for national security and common sense leadership practices. Not only is Hillary a liar, but she also believes the people of this country are as naive as she claims to be about those private servers. She has disgracefully attempted to do her job as secretary of state. She has many debacles she is known for and can’t be trusted.

    On the other hand we have a obnoxious billionaire or modern day Ross Perot, who more than likely has a hidden financial agenda for becoming president. He has shed light on serious pressing issues our nations is facing, but is too arrogant and ignorant for many people to take seriously. His lack of respect and diplomacy is unbecoming of a traditional president this nation is used to seeing. Sadly enough, each candidate is lacking fundamentals values and decorum. What is our nation to do? Fall victim to some form of uprising or civil unrest until a leader is born from the ashes? I wonder.

    Normally elections have been a choice between the lesser of two evils. Now it is more like damned if we do. There is no right choice, but there is always a worse choice. Either way, starting over and letting the people do without an executive branch for a while, might be what this country needs. Unfortunately with all the racial tension building in this country, not having good leadership will only intensify this powder keg. Overall, the presidential candidates are a reflection of the people in this country and what their hearts truly desire. That to me is the most disturbing part of it all. God bless us all after these elections.

  5. Jan S says:

    just watched the 2nd debate, what a mess! trump shouldn’t be elected local mayor of a town of 1 person. and Hillary is a liar and a traitor in my opinion. sure give Trudeau and his lovely wife a shot…mais oui!

  6. valdostaphil says:

    Both unsavory, but only one unfit in my opinion. At least the last “change” candidate had public service experience. This whole outside vs. insider is just a spin version of the fact that he has no experience in foreign policy, international relations, health policy, or any area of policy for that matter.

    She’s flawed too, but it’s been painstakingly weighed and measured, and the scales tipped long ago. And don’t think this is it. More oppo research on Trump will drop every single weekend from now until the election.

    Bush or Rubio would have been the better route and would have preserved the party. Cruz would have used a lot of incendiary rhetoric. Should’ve been Bush or Rubio. And most of the rising stars of the Democrat party are younger, so the more palatable ones will probably be out in 2020 against Tim Kaine for the nomination. I think Hillary will only do one term by her own choosing.

    • Kyle Rudrow says:

      I was thinking the very same thing about Clinton opting to be a one term president. Frankly, I don’t know why she wants to be president considering the front row seat on how her husband and President Obama was treated. If she is elected (which looking at the electoral college map is still more than likely), her administration will be dragged through the mud. The email “controversy” will not go away and neither will the Trumpers.

      • valdostaphil says:

        Ah, she got to be First Lady and Secretary of State. That should be legacy enough for any individual with even a slice of humility. The pendulum doth swing again in 2 and/or 4 years.

  7. India Wilcox says:

    This election is surely going to be rough. I think with either person chosen, we as a nation just will have to work with who ever is elected as our next president. As scary as it seems, we never know what the future may hold in terms of these two individuals. Who knows one of these two may bring this country out of the deep hole we are in!

  8. Kyle Rudrow says:

    It sounds cliche at this point, but I also have to join the choir of people proclaiming their disgust at this election. To say the least, I’m also not particularly fond of the Democratic and Republican choices for president. But I’m also a realist and pragmatist and realize this election is a choice between two people. On one hand we have somebody who is cold and calculating and on the other someone who lacks the ability to lead. Hillary Clinton has made mistakes in her more than 30 years of public service, however Trump has demonstrated his severe lack of a sophisticated understanding of global affairs, the relationships between groups in the US, his thin-skin and pettiness, and propensity to sexually assault women.

    Concerning the now-infamous Trump tapes, some will then rebuttal about Bill Clinton’s sex life and behavior. Let me differentiate. Clearly both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump “appreciate” women – to say the least. There were several sexual assault allegations made against Bill Clinton, which have extensively been examined over two decades, including by an independent council. Bill Clinton was impeached. The only relationship that was shown to be factual was with Monica Lewinsky. I will reiterate the term “relationship.” This was a consensual relationship between two adults. Trump was caught on tape describing his own “moving” on women behavior and how he grabs women by the genitals. We’ve learned how he has walked into women’s (including underage girls) dressing rooms. Astonishingly, when women assert Trump “moved” on them using these very same tactics, he denies it. Either way, he lied. He lied to Billy Bush or he is lying now. More importantly, would we want a president who would lie about grabbing a woman’s genitals?

    I disagree with Clinton on a host of issues and think she is a calculating politician, but Trump is unfit to to serve as president of the United States.

  9. Ashley K. says:

    I wasn’t thrilled with the original pool of potential candidates but as the options have dwindled down, I think nearly everyone is asking: “is this the best we can do?” This election is embarrassing on a global level. If I wasn’t an American, I think I would have to judge all Americans for letting it get to this point. In fact, I judge Americans as an American anyway. No matter which way the election swings next month, it’ll be a sad day in the history of America to see the caliber of our leadership declining so far from past presidents. At this point, I’d happily vote for a candidate who I only disagreed with on a political level.

  10. Clint Backstrom says:

    I could not agree more with this article. Surely there is a better candidate than these two out there. In the early days of the race for the Whitehouse there was some glimmers of hope. John Kasich seemed ok to me and I surely thought Trump was just a public relations stunt. Hilary is far to entrenched in Washington shenanigans to be effective as a leader and Trump is too much of an outsider and will have the same result. Not to mention they are both un-hinged in my opinion, just simple on opposite ends of the spectrum of un-lucid thought processes. I think big media should be ashamed of how they package their products and deliver an edited and abridged version of the truth to their masses who take it as the gospel. The presidency has become more a TV actor and popularity contest as of late instead of a debate of substance and researched rhetoric. If the populace would take time to think on their own and do their due diligence then we would surely have come to two better candidates than what stands before us. Now the only hope is that we can vote responsibly in the Congressional elections, which after all is where we should be concerned anyhow.

  11. Alex Tabish says:

    I think this article captures the collective conscious within society. Both candidates have glaring flaws. Personally, I think Trump is going to lose 40 states in the biggest political blowout in history (and I identify as a Republican). What is crazy to think is how close it was to have a GOP super majority in the country. House, Senate, WH, SCOTUS…all gone. I think Rubio, Cruz, Jeb, or Kasich would all have leads on HRC right now.

    HRC’s camp really needs to start prepping for the post-election day narrative that she is a fluke president with no real mandate outside of the fact “she’s not Trump.” Both candidates are one-term presidents. Whoever appears in a few years with the least amount of the Trump stench will have a good opportunity to get atop the ticket. However, the Republicans really have their work cut out to rebuild their image and escape this box Trump put the party in.

    My only hope is this election gives birth to a three-party system. It would be interesting to see what Trump’s poll numbers would look like if he didn’t have the (R) next to his name. 10%? 12%?

    • Some interesting points here-Hard to argue that these two politicians/candidates are at least in modern history (sorry, Cal Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, James Polk and Zach Taylor-all very unpopular at times).
      A Jeb Bush-Hillary Clinton match-up would have been intriguing. But whatever margin she wins by she will claim a huge mandate (just as George W. smartly did after losing the popular vote in the very contentious and contested electoral vote in 2000).
      History, electing the first woman would have ben hard for anyone to overcome but Donald Trump has arguably run the worst, most amateur, most unfocused, unhinged presidential campaign in modern history and I include Michael Dukakis and Barry Goldwater in that analysis. This must be incredibly frustrating for GOP stalwarts to stomach.

  12. will1621 says:

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Trump has been a long-time friend of the Clintons; sharing activities from golfing to attending The Donald’s latest wedding. I find it suspect that a lifelong Democrat suddenly has a 180 degree change of political heart between 64 and 69. Going from your 30s to 40s, OK, I can see that. There’s no doubt in my mind that he is a plant by the left to destroy the GOP. And why not? The GOP has done nothing since 1994 except to create a true divide between parties. Everything is super partisan and the media (ALL media) do nothing more than incite fear and paranoia.

    These are hands-down the worst two candidates in US history. One is a crook, and the other is a creep. When you vote, don’t pay as much attention to these two versus the two VP candidates. Something tells me that one of them will be President within two-three years (she will be indicted or will die and he will quit because he does what he wants).

    Will Johnson

    • Nicole Hawk says:

      Interesting theory on Trump being a plant by the left! This could actually explain all the craziness that is going on in this election. I’ve been overseas most of the year so I’ve missed a lot of the political commentary in the U.S. but everyone I speak to wants to know about the U.S. election. So far I’ve become very skilled at dodging the question!

  13. Nicole Hawk says:

    I really liked that you brought up Jimmy Carter in your blog post! My brother and I were in Atlanta a few months ago and realized that neither of us had ever been to a presidential library. We ran through the list of presidents we both admired and Jimmy Carter came up trumps (no pun intended). So we spent a pleasant afternoon perusing the displays seeing all the work the Carters had accomplished and left with even more admiration for his time in office.

  14. Harry N. says:

    The job of a politician is to kill people and steal from them – on a national scale. The prerequisites of the job are to be some sort of jerk – either sneaky, overt and pompous, or cold and calculation. Choose your poison.

  15. Harry Nelson says:

    I wonder if there will be a dissertation this year on the punctuated equilibrium. This election year provides the perfect storm. If Trump wins there are a lot of broken molds.

    • N Hawk says:

      Your comment reminded me of an article I read recently in the Atlantic Monthly while I was on a flight- the headline caught my eye- “There’s Nothing Better than a Scared, Rich Candidate”. The journalist focused on the annual American Association of Political Consultants Conference which was thrown into upheaval by the best funded and most politically experienced candidates getting knocked out of the race so early. Conference goers also seemed befuddled by the success of various candidates completely unorthodox tactics. Most of the conference goers seemed to view this election as an anomaly saying that things would return to normal and that spending a lot of money on campaign ads (and of course on consultants) was still the way to go. Myself, I’m not so sure, I think this election is a good view of the shape of things to come.


  16. Jay Moreno says:

    Yes, seriously!

    It is a beautiful day in the American neighborhood!

    The life expectancies of millions of the enemies of America and Western Civilization just became much shorter. Ditto for the societal rot of American “progressivism.”

    Ah, the shrieks of despair of millions of you melting “snowflakes”. Music to this old conservative, patriot’s ears!

  17. Raphael Walters says:

    This election was all over the place! This has been one to remember forever. After watching the campaigning and the debates, neither were qualified in my opinion. Trump is TV personality and Clinton was a former First Lady. Not good options. Why yes, Trump was elected. But is he really a worthy President?

  18. MMiller says:

    Trump will run the country and be able to recommend the next Supreme Court justice(s), brace for impact folks.

  19. Greg Gates says:

    With regards to ethics, does virtue matter? Yes. But are the policies and ideological perspectives of the candidates more important? Yes. This presidential election has demonstrated that voters can overlook character deficiencies if their ideological views are being advocated. Perhaps Trump’s success can be attributed to demagoguery, but if the system produces a choice between a demagogue and a system expert, it is logical that a demagogue will win if the general public is dissatisfied with the status quo the system has produced. As many have now concluded, an outsider was a valued asset. Those with a holistic mindset where voting for power, not for an individual. As MMiller points out, voters were well aware that their vote was not just for Trump but for increased power within the political system; a Supreme Court justice in particular. Regardless, the choice for either was embarrassing.

  20. Tayo Sowemimo says:

    I have the luxury of replying after the presidential election; with the benefit of hindsight, the revelation from the Access Hollywood tape didn’t matter after all, considering Mr. Trump is now the President-elect of the United States, some will argue however, Director Comey threw a curve ball just eleven days to the election, giving him an electoral lifeline. The last presidential election offered Americans two flawed candidates, and voters were simply faced with a binary choice, but at the end of the day, economic anxieties, racial and cultural resentment about changing demographics trumped major concern about moral decency and temperamental deficiencies about President-elect Trump; he will therefore be sworn-in as the 45th President of the United States come January 20, 2017.

  21. Aaron Whitehead says:

    This is so embarrassing. I really think that other countries are laughing at the candidates for Presidency. American does have so many intelligent people. It is just unfortunate that we have to choose from the two candidates running. I know am writing after the election and surprised by the outcome. It will be interesting to see what Donald Trump does while he is in office.

  22. Cenetta. B says:

    Looking back on the Presidential election, the outcome of which I sure I will be mourning on January 20, 2017 even more than I was on Election Day, I must say that I have never been less thrilled to vote in my entire life. I too, wondered if this was the best we could do, even looking at the 3rd party candidates. Its unfortunate that Trump’s raging inadequacy to hold the highest office in the land representing the very people he so outwardly displayed hostility toward was not enough to, once again, elect the lesser of two evils. PM Justin Trudeau couldn’t look any more appealing than he does at this moment, especially while lobbying for workplace equality, something I’m not so certain I will ever see experience.

  23. Kendria Swift says:

    Part of me wants to say that I heard all that I need to hear during the comedic sketch done on SNL depicting Clinton and Trump. I think that overall the sentiment was that we ultimately had to make the decision to choose the lesser of two evils. As we have seen since November 8th, it is often hard to determine if you are actually getting what you think you are getting. Candidates will say what they need to say to get in the door and then, they may choose to go another route. That wouldn’t be good for re-election purposes, but now that we are here, I suppose we have to allow a person to prove their true intentions.

  24. gljackson33 says:

    This election has caused the American people to become alarm. Donald Trump has not filter during the election and Hillary was so focus on Trump she did not get her on message out. I have not seen an election like ever. I think that there should have been more support for Sanders. But the people have elected Trump, so we got to see what he brings to the table other than Trump Towers.

  25. Hampton Raulerson says:

    Well the bones have been cast and they read Trump. Now President-elect, he has shown that he is definitely not ready to stop acting as foolishly as he did on the campaign trail though he is beginning to show his true colors and they are much more moderate color than those displayed prior to the election. So far he has made some good appointments and some questionable ones. I think we will all be playing “Good Trump/Bad Trump” for the next four years with Ben Shapiro.

  26. scwoods23 says:

    I have got to say this is one of the most interesting elections I have ever witnessed. I don’t think that there are enough bad words in the human language that can describe how I felt during the whole campaign. Just embarrassing and depressing.

  27. E. Griffin says:

    To me the third debate was the most entertaining of them all. It amazes me how they answer (or don’t answer) some of the questions that they were asked. This is true of both of the candidates. Its as if either they avoid answering the question all together or they just deflect the answer by the antagonizing the other candidate. Like the title states, and I’m sure many of us felt; I was like this is what we have to choose from. Yikes.

  28. In your post you said, “Mr. Trump as President Trump will be a man of little deep thought and much overt action. He will be egotistical, petty, vindictive, lewd, sexist, racist, bullying, dismissive, a true anti-intellectual wrapped up in a burrito of absolute, undoubting belief in his own self-worth and ability. He will also be calculating and say and do pretty much anything if he thinks it will help himself gain greater glory.” Weeeeelllll…I guess we have a lot to look forward to now that he is our President-elect. I jut hope he doesn’t spark the beginning of World War 3 with a thoughtless Tweet. I mean, really, can’t someone in his circle of trust take away his phone?!? Deactivate his Twitter?!? Anything?!?!

    Neither Clinton or Trump were the cream of the crop in either party. Unfortunately for the American public, the poop floated to the top and we were stuck with them as the party nominees. There are much better leaders in both parties, but the vicious political climate it probably a strong deterrent to throwing their hat in the ring. Perhaps in 2020, the Dems will nominate a strong candidate that can give Trump (or whoever is the Repub nominee) a run for his/her money. #corybooker2020 🙂


  29. Gabe Frisbie says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. People do tend forget how moral values bleed over into the office and you listed a great example of that in Carter. Trump being now President does scare the Trump tower out of myself as well. I really liked how you addressed the poor options we were given this year. I am right there with you in did-belief that out of 320 million people we were given these two as our choices for President. Another great commentary on the election actually came to me from Ernie Johnson here is the link, http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ernie+johnson+president+thoughts&&view=detail&mid=AF4CC39A74E65BBD91D6AF4CC39A74E65BBD91D6&FORM=VRDGAR.

  30. Briana Holloway says:

    They both spent more time ripping each other a part that discussing the needs of out county. It was sad and very disturbing to watch.

  31. David S Pittsenberger says:

    Remember what PT Barnum said about a sucker being born every minute. People want to be lied to as long as it confirms their world view. And people lie too, just like politicians. Clinton supporters either don’t see her lies or excuse them as needed to get the job done, and Trump supporters do the exact same. It’s very sad, but it’s the way of the world.My young children can see through their BS and that’s without coaching by me. It’s probably because they don’t have an agenda or bias yet. They just see them as two adults that are getting away with lying and they don’t understand what other adults don’t see it.

    Finally, the two party system has totally sold people on the only two choices fallacy. That’s the biggest lie of them all.

  32. Jakira Smith says:

    The options of this Presidential election left the United States disgusted as a whole. After the final cabinet candidates were announced I could not find one person that was not disgusted by the choice that had to be made. The candidates spent more time ripping each other apart than securing trust and believability and that in itself shows that neither candidate showed seriousness.

  33. Sarah says:

    The funny thing is, I said the same thing to a friend of mine during the election. Can we not just count this one a loss and start over? If both of the top runners have so many marks against them, why would they not be taken out of the running? This person is going to lead this country. This is the most important person in the United States. I just truly do not understand how they were the top two? We should be able to trust that our President will keep us safe. That they will act ethically and in the best interest of our country. We learn in every class that PA’s need to put the general public above themselves always and I just do not believe that either of those two would have.

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