Down is Up. Up is Down. And Trump Continues to Lose Big. Right?


March 16, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

down is up cat

Now the GOP is speaking my language.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland   

Down is up. Up is down. Fast is slow. And the GOP nomination is obviously John Kasich’s to lose.

And the GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump keeps losing big, right?

“I’m afraid I can’t explain myself, sir. Because I am not myself, you see?”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Well, I am myself, or at least I believe I am so let me try and explain.

The billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump turned presidential candidate has now won 18 of 32 state GOP primaries. He has now won 621 delegates toward the 1,237 needed to secure the GOP nomination. Ted Cruz is currently second with 396. Ohio Governor John Kasich who won his first primary last night, not coincidentally his home state of Ohio, now has 138. Florida Senator Marco Rubio who lost his home state of Florida by nearly double to Trump has 168 though he just suspended his campaign.

So, on the so-called “Super Tuesday 3” (please can we get a better name?) Mr. Trump won Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri and finished a close second in Ohio.

Yet, the so-called GOP establishment elites (think Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham and just about every GOP office holder over 65) refuses and I mean, refuses to accept the fact that their worst nightmare, Donald J. Trump, yes that Donald J. Trump, has essentially and emphatically said, “You are all Fired” to the GOP establishment.

down is up hillary 2

Enough already. Between questions about my emails and the GOP refusing to accept Trump even I am getting a headache.

And they refuse to accept that they’ve been fired. And they darn sure aren’t ready to clean out their desks.

And to better understand their new “Republican Reality” we will enlist the aid of the Lewis Carroll of “Alice in Wonderland” fame if there are no objections, and if there are, then we’ll do it simply twice as fast.

Said the Wall Street, “Last night’s muddled results (Trump won 4 of 5 states) now indicate a very difficult if not impossible path to the nomination for Trump.”

Said the Washington Post, “It is becoming quite clear that the GOP will reject all their nominees in favor of a brokered convention winner-take-all.”

Said Chris Stirewalt of Fox News, “Tonight’s results show real weaknesses of the Trump campaign.”

Said John Weaver political strategist, “With the electoral map shifting in his favor, Governor Kasich is now clearly the man to beat and is positioned to grab a huge majority of the 1,000 delegates remaining and secure the nomination in Cleveland.”

“Well, I never heard it before, but it sounds uncommon nonsense.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Mr. Trump is currently the only Republican candidate to have won a majority of all voters in any state, in fact he now has done this in over 8 states. By GOP rules only nominees who are able to accomplish this can become the formal GOP presidential nominee.

down is up alice

Drink up Alice soon most of the GOP elites will be joining us here in the Rabbit Hole.

Said Reince Preibus, GOP Chairman, “Our rules are made to be broken and look nothing is set in stone not even stone.”

Said Carly Fiorina former GOP presidential also-ran with 0 delegates and who has recently endorsed Ted Cruz who won 0 state primaries last night, “The momentum is clearly now in Ted Cruz’s corner.”

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks during a "Celebrate the 2nd Amendment Event," Saturday, June 20, 2015, at the CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

No, I reject the notion that I am the most hated man in the GOP. But next to me is the only one I could get to be my running mate if I do win.

Said Marco Rubio who as recently as 2 days ago reiterated that “I truly feel in my heart that whoever wins Florida will be the nominee” (Florida results: Trump 45.8%, Rubio 27.2%, Cruz 17.6%, Kasich 6.5%), “It is still very unclear and it looks more and more like we will know only after a contested convention.”

“Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland   

With the exception of New Hampshire and Ohio, Governor Kasich has finished a distant 3d or 4th in every one of the other 30 states where the GOP has held primaries so far.

Said A.B. Stoddard Conservative political host, “Mr. Kasich has clearly shown he has the national political chops to win a general election.”

down is up kasich

I’m not sure even I’d go that far…at least truthfully.”

Said Republican Senator Lindsay Graham;

“There is no question about it, Jeb Bush will be our nominee.”

“Mark my words, Senator Marco Rubio will secure the nomination.”

“Mitt Romney is a quality leader and you can’t count him out in 2016.”

“Ted Cruz is the man to beat and clearly is the only one who can beat Hillary.”

“The road to the White House goes through Ohio and John Kasich.”

Said No One Ever-“Lindsay Graham is the clear-cut GOP favorite to win his party’s nomination.”

“Well that was the silliest tea party I ever went to! I am never going back there again!”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland   

After updating viewers with news that Trump had won overwhelmingly in Illinois, Florida, and had won a close battle in North Carolina and was ahead in Missouri as well as beating Ted Cruz in all states with evangelicals, a key base of Cruz’s, Karl Rove, the “architect genius” of George W. Bush’s victory over Al Gore, said, “I just don’t see how with tonight’s results Donald Trump has a clear path to victory.”

Said Ana Navarro, GOP Latina political strategist and pundit, “The math now becomes nearly impossible for Trump which only will energize Cruz and Kasich.”

Said Ana Navarro just 48 hours earlier, “Don’t count Marco Rubio out polls and numbers aren’t always foolproof.”

Said Charles Krauthammer, conservative columnist and pundit, “Tonight’s results only serve to strengthen talk of a draft Paul Ryan movement at now what is almost certainly will be a brokered convention.”

Said CNN and not-so conservative host Anderson Cooper, “Do they mean that Paul Ryan?” (the current US House Speaker who is not a nominee and as such has as many delegates as Carly Fiorina-0.)

donald trump anderson c

Am I missing something here? Maybe Kathie Griffin can help us out.

“Why is a raven like a writing desk? – Mad Hatter
I haven’t the slightest idea. – Alice.” “Nor do I,” said the Mad Hatter.― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I think it is safe to say that as we speak most of the GOP established folks have now gone down the Rabbit Hole chasing the rather elusive if not completely vanished notion that someone, anyone, will be their eventual GOP nominee rather than that Donald J. Trump.

In a sense you can’t really blame them.

GOP donors poured well over $65 million into their “Can’t Miss’ candidate Jeb Bush and he never got much above 5% of the vote, you know, if you count the races he was in where there were actually other live candidates that also ran.

Things got so bad down the stretch for Jeb that his Mom, former First Lady and beloved Bush Matriarch Barbara Bush, now nealy 91 years of age, was out on the campaign trail making a pitch for “Little Jeb.”

down is up jeb

yes, the exclamation point was my idea. So, what about it?

Sorry Barbara, America loves you but wants Jeb to stay home watching it all on your living room television.

Leading up to last night (March 15th) GOP donors and special interest PACs threw down over $30 million on attack ads all designed to destroy Trump and elevate Marco Rubio and to a lesser extent, Ted Cruz.

The result?

Marco quit the race. Ted Cruz won 0 states.

Since the start of the GOP primaries when there were 17 candidates, there has now been over $210 million spent on defeating Mr. Trump

Said one of the anti-trump leaders, Tim Miller of “Our Principles” PAC, despite gaining no victories in FL, NC, MO or IL, “No, we are not disappointed. We are excited that we are seeing the returns on our investment.”


So, while we can probably all agree that big money tends to cloud anyone’s objectivity, it is time to at least acknowledge that the grinning, orange Cheshire cat, aka., Donald Trump is indeed the undeniable GOP frontrunner and is also undeniably the only candidate who can claim a path to victory at this time.

down is up megyn kelly

Just the thought, give me a moment, you mean I gotta keep asking this guy debate questions?

To try and claim otherwise would simply be mad.

“Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so.
You’re entirely Bonkers.
But I will tell you a secret,
All the best people are.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Maybe the GOP elites can take solace in the fact that at least in the wonderful, wacky world of Lewis Carroll they are some of the really best people around. Anywhere.

down is up djt

“On second thought… Melania says that I only contradict myself about this much.”

Said Donald J. Trump, ” I am against violence totally.”

Said Donald J. Trump, “There will be riots if I don’t get the nomination…and No I am not going to try and tell them no.”

Said Donald J. Trump, “There has been no violence at all at any of my rallies.”

Said Donald J. Trump, “I would be very willing to pay for the legal defense of any of my supporters charged with assault at my rallies.”

“Birds of a feather flock together”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland   












52 thoughts on “Down is Up. Up is Down. And Trump Continues to Lose Big. Right?

  1. Patty H says:

    Very funny, I couldn’t stop laughing out loud! But it is also true. They just cannot accept the reality-Trump will be the GOP nominee! Get over it GOPPERS!

    • Elisa Etienne says:

      The references to Alice in wonderland seem to allow all of this to make sense to me. At this point, we now know Trump is the presumptive candidate.

  2. A. Hughes says:

    At any moment Ashton Kutcher is gonna pop out on mass media and say, “America, you’ve been Punk’d!! – Trump? Nooo he’s not really running but we had you goin’ good. You should’ve seen your face! Haha! You looked terrified…”

    This could happen – right?

    One can dream – hahaha!!

    It’s just how I feel.

    This post is spot on and funny! Literally, I was reading it and thinking, “Okay, what crazy thing is Dr. R talking about now?” but as I kept reading, it’s not so crazy after all. Ha! There is so much ambiguity and contradiction, but that’s politics, right? haha!

    I’m not afraid to say it aloud, or type it, I voted for Bernie in the primaries. I studied the candidates and he fits my views best. Often I hear, “He’s a socialist, do you even know what that means?!” I do know what socialism means. I think my friend Sean said it best in a reply , “…that’s actually my only real problem with him [Bernie] is he says he’s a democratic socialist and isn’t really but rather what was the norm in our capitalist system before it became a plutocracy.”

    PS What is Trump’s socioeconomic background?… I can’t remember where I read or saw this but, unlike business – government can’t file for bankruptcy if things go bad. Trump has filed bankruptcy more than twice. He put a lot of his “chips” into a few casino-hotels and made a good business move when he sold/filed for bankruptcy but that would be horrible for the U.S.

    I have enjoyed reading these blogs and responding. I don’t have a lot of places or people to really comfortably talk politics with. I talk with my dad and husband but I think they get tired of hearing about it, haha! Yet, I can hop on here and leave some thoughts and comments then think, “Welp, got that off my chest.” and metaphorically walk away. haha!!

    • lexislloyd says:

      I love the Ashton Kutcher reference! That had me cracking up! Maybe we are all on some type of hidden camera show! You never know nowadays. I agree that this blog was quite comical and interesting at the same time. I really enjoyed reading this blog. And who doesn’t love a good Alice in Wonderland quote! I mean this blog had everything haha! This debate has been quite interesting to say the least. It is amazing how Trump continues to lead in the poles. Whatever he is doing seems to be working. People continue to bash him, but obviously there are more supporters than haters out there. I still can’t believe he came to our school! That was interesting. I couldn’t believe he introduced the Nascar drivers in attempt to win over Georgia. Oh wait, it worked. It is so crazy! I guess we just have to expect the unexpected. I am hopeful and excited to see how the rest plays out.

      • cmdarden says:

        You know, as more and more time goes by I wonder if we are on some kind of show or if one day they are going to be reporting about how this whole presidential campaign is all one big joke. I think you are right lexislloyd, we have to expect the unexpected and honestly we shouldn’t even be shocked or surprised anymore at anything that any of the nominees are doing.

  3. Fran V says:

    I could not stop laughing!!! Yes, my family watches these news morons try and explain how when Trump keeps winning he really loses, it’s amazing. It’s about the only thing CNN and FOX seem to agree on-ABT-Anybody But Trump. great post!

  4. Melissa K says:

    Personally I get a huge kick watching all these pundits try desperately and JUSTIFY the GOP ripping the choice out of its own people and into the very UNJUSTIFIED lap of Cruz or Kasich or give me a break-Paul Ryan! The only thing they are doing is ensuring a Hillary presidency which is the nightmare for any Country!

  5. James D. L. says:

    This whole primary season is down the rabbit hole and I do blame the media for trying its best to talk away Trump and Sanders, but the truth is the people don’t want the same old crap like Cruz or Hillary the liar!

    • Dave Brannan says:

      I would have to agree that the media has been put in one of the strangest predicaments I can remember. It is obvious that there are certain candidates they favor, yet even slanted negative coverage seems to add fuel to certain campaigns. With conservative and liberal news outlets alike, such as Fox News and CNN, it is obvious many analysts oppose Trump (and probably to a lesser degree, Sanders), yet ratings are so good every time he opens his mouth that they can’t help but flock to every event where he will be speaking. They are stuck between a rock (TV ratings) and a hard place (their own political agenda). The fact of the matter is that the success of the network and the almighty dollar is going to come first. The fact that the public demands to hear what outsiders, Trump and Sanders, have to say means that they have to cover it extensively.

  6. cmdarden says:

    What’s crazy is that our country is falling down the rabbit hole and some people have no idea what the heck is going on! It literally blows my mind to hear and see people discuss Trump and how much America hates him, how little supporters and voters he has, and how no one likes him…but wait, if no one likes him and he has no supports or voters well how the heck do you explain everything so far…People do not want to admit is but, he does have supporters and he is liked by someone. I think people are afraid. They are terrified as to what might come of it if he really wins the Republican party. So, I guess they think if they keeps saying no one likes him then maybe no one will like him. I don’t know. But, news flash people this is real.

    • Kershawnda J. says:

      I agree with you completely. No one wants to admit that the problems exist in our country. I don’t fear Trump; I fear the denial that exists in our society and our government. At this point, it does not matter who wins. The seed of hate as been watered and fertilized by the distorted reality that the media and even the Republican party has tried to sell.

  7. Jan S says:

    And now the 2 clowns who might be president are attacking each other’s wives, yuck! Down the rabbit hole for sure!

  8. Teddy K says:

    If only the campaign was as much fun and funny as this post Dr. R! It’s more sad-funny!

  9. Meg Giddings says:

    The campaigns this year seem to be benefitting from decreased importance on “what you say or believe” and instead shifting focus to “how you say it”. As the days turn into weeks heading into the convention months, the GOP convention promises to be an interesting event – one that, whether you are a GOP supporter, Democrat, or have simply had enough of it all – shouldn’t be missed. The outcome of the convention promises to have a lasting impact on the GOP for the foreseeable future. Determining how the Democrats are impacted (and they will be because nothing happens in a vacuum) will be interesting as well. I cannot help but wonder if we will see real, meaningful changes to the two-party system and whether a real discussion of the electoral college will emerge.

  10. Zack Saunders says:

    It is fairly obvious that the mainstream media and most establishment Republicans are determined to diminish any of Trump’s successes and exaggerate any victories by the other candidates. While bias obviously has a place in news reporting (even though it shouldn’t) the real issue is the role of bias in the Republican party that could lead to the possibility of a contested convention. I am not a supporter of Donald Trump (or any candidate really), but if Ted Cruz or John Kasich somehow get nominated instead of Trump, then that is a violation of democratic principles. As you mentioned, it is fairly clear that Donald has dominated the field so far. As I see it, even if Kasich drops out (which he won’t), Cruz still will struggle to keep pace with Trump especially in the big states like California and New York. So the nomination of anyone else other than Trump is a slap in the face to the American public. It is the equivalent of saying to voters, we allow you to cast your vote, but the only votes that count are the few that hold political power in the Republican party. Democracy is founded on the principle of people, all people, not a select few. So even though I am fearful of a Trump presidency, democracy has to be allowed to run its course, even if it returns an unsavory result.

  11. David Pittsenberger says:

    Well, in reality what they are saying about him winning at the convention is correct. Because they can project that he won’t have the 1237 needed and they know that the convention will be brokered. So they aren’t really reported incorrectly. Now, what the outcome of all that will be, who knows. The voters do not pick the candidate. The Republican party picks the candidate through the delegates and it has always been this way.,They even change the rules in the middle and have done so in the past so that 8 state thing may go away. It was a different number last time anyway. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

  12. Tayo Sowemimo says:

    The state of denial the so called GOP establishment had found themselves is caused by two things among others; underestimation of strength of Mr. Trump, and the unusual large field of GOP candidates. Mr. Trump was able to carve a niche with a strong voter base which hovers around 30%-38% of principally republican party voters, the party insiders for months thought Mr. Trump will implode and self-destroy, before they discover what had happened, he is marching speedily toward the nomination. By the time they woke up, the idea of coalescing around a single candidate to trump Mr. Trump appears not to be working, since Mr. Kasich refuses to exit the race, the republican party has therefore found itself in a very precarious situation. The options available are very bad, but any attempt to unlawfully take the nomination from Mr. Trump will lead to more catastrophic consequences, because even among some voters who are not supporting him, such act will be viewed as unfair thereby generating sympathy to his plight; the GOP establishment should accept their fate and accept that Trumpism had triumphed against all odds.

  13. Donald Trump is scary to many folks, in the GOP and outside of it. I do not think that he speaks, or thinks, diplomatically. It would be a shame to lose the positive momentum that the US has had under Pres. Obama in my opinion. But having said that, I do think that Trump represents the angry and disenfranchised or at least the disheartened. We need to address that for sure if we expect a result other than Pres. Trump.

  14. Marsha M says:

    Trump and his team are hard at work campaigning in Wisconsin today. The nomination for any other republican candidate is a tall order. I am not sure how Trump did it, but he is going to be the face of the Republican Party.

  15. jpmcvaney says:

    What a post. I too got laughs from it like many people but I also realize how real it is. I have said many a times to acquaintances and family/friends/relatives that have asked, that I see the Office of the President becoming much to similar to the British Royal Family, no longer in power but still a figurehead. Too many times this primaries have I had to just stop listening to both parties because of the nonsense and “back peddling” that keeps occurring. I am non-part affiliate (NPA) or as most non-governmental workers call them independents. But I am one of those NPA/Independents that do not go out and vote in open primaries just because. So watching this “Alice in Wonderland” nomination shindig, I start looking at my finances to figure out how much alcohol and popcorn I could buy/need for this ongoing for monthly “reality television show”.

  16. Alesia Willis says:

    Hearing Trump respond to direct questions is by far for me the most nonsensical part of this whole GOP ordeal. I have always been confused by all of the “super Tuesday’s” and delegate rules. I don’t know what’s wrong with using good ole democracy and letting the person with the most individual votes win. But yes it seems that the zany rules of the GOP are actually helping Trump. The real question is if the Republican Party will even survive after the election. Trump came in as an “outsider” and since then has caused nothing but division it seems.

  17. Bweese says:

    Great post! I think the craziness of “Alice in Wonderland” fits it perfectly. The newer cinema version with Johnny Depp is much weirder and might be a better fit though.

    So many contradictions and crazy statements:
    “I’m going to build a wall” – Trump
    “Fee College for everyone” – Sanders
    “I can be trusted” – Clinton

    The movie “Idiocracy” might provide a great glimpse into what is to come in November, regardless of who wins.

  18. Dedric Levines says:

    I don’t think it matters about how much money this man has made and because he is worth more than a Billion dollars still does not mean he has the qualities to run for president especially when he has made the ridicules comments about ethnic groups. He has brought out the hate in people and caused a new civil war against these uncultured Americans.

  19. Victoria Johnson says:

    Its a crying shame I tell you. I am scared for this country if Donald Trump gains Presidency. I must admit there is a certain level of appeal about his straight forward attitude, say it how you mean it gusto. Unfortunately, as President it is important that the President of the United States know how to build relationships, be a good representation of the Country as a whole, and be HONEST. Mr. Trump has proven himself not to be any of these things and it is for this reason why I struggle with the idea of him becoming President.

    Back to the subject of the article though. The GOP will definitely have a problem on their hands if they try to avoid naming Trump as their candidate. Facts are Facts and he has done by far more and achieved more of the necessary steps to solidify that nomination. The GOP have to give it to him if he earns it. Sucks but… it is what it is!

  20. KFitz says:

    There’s no doubt about it. The media, the GOP, the Dems…they’re all curled up in the fetal position rocking and moaning, claiming that what’s happening isn’t real. While I feel like a woman without a candidate, Trump definitely doesn’t meet my definition of presidential. Unfortunately, none of the candidates do. I’ll be voting for the least of all evils, whomever that may be come Election Day.

  21. Dylan G says:

    Haha, this blog was too funny. Probably because of the fact that everything was actually said by people and tied together so nicely. The Alice in Wonderland references just took it over the top. This entire presidential race has been so crazy to me, and you did a great job of putting my feelings into words. It seems as if Trump just keeps on winning somehow, and then the GOP refuses to acknowledge it. The crazy part is to think about how much money has been spent to bring him down, and unsuccessfully. We are talking about well over a quarter of a billion dollars. That just boggles my mind. And to top it off they refuse to admit that it has been wasted, as he just keeps on winning. I truly don’t know what to make of the guy. He has no political experience and seems to contradict every position he takes. But, I guess that is the nature of politics in a way. Unfortunately it isn’t about what you will actually accomplish, but captivating the nation into garnishing their votes. I mean, Hillary Clinton is a world class liar and should be facing criminal charges, but is the front runner on the other side of the ticket. This entire race is looking to come down to the battle of two individuals who are playing the game of gathering votes in any way possible. I guess time will tell what is in store for this great nation, good times ahead.

  22. John F says:

    It is sad to see that the Republican party cannot get behind Trump, who should end up being the nominee. The goal for the Republican party is to defeat the opposition, and with so much internal conflict it seems that the Democrats may just be simply handed the election. There needs to be more unity and less resentment with the Republican party. My fear is that if there is a brokered convention the Republican party, for all intensive purposes, will implode and the people who voted in the primaries will feel that they have been betrayed by their own party, taking votes away from the Republicans and seemingly giving the election to the Democrats. The Alice in Wonderland references are so funny that they are actually true and fit this situation perfectly. This presidential election race has turned into a Circus, at least no one had to pay Trump`s admission.

  23. gljackson33 says:

    Trump doesn’t deserve the Presidential nomination due to the fact that he does not care for certain race of people some of which he refers to as illegals. No matter what questions you ask Donald Trump, he always with the some answer every time. We are not winning overseas, the United States is broke and he is the only one capable of negotiating a good deal.

  24. Kelsey G says:

    This election has been very surprising and unpredictable. We see so many things that have been very upsetting and it appears that more and more people have been enjoying the craziness of this campaign. It is very concerning with how much support some of the candidates have been getting even with the actions that have been displayed. It makes me feel so uneasy with the conduct that has been displayed by the candidates and the amount of people in the country that are supporting them. We have come a long way but it seems like we are reverting back even further than where we were and that is not a good thing.

  25. Chris R says:

    This election cycle has been a fascinating one to watch. Those who discredited Trump at the beginning almost helped to pave the way for his inevitable strong presence at the convention. Samantha Bee may have stated the obvious best, “Republicans would give pretty much anything to have superdelegates right now.” Trump has brought a lot of conservative undertones they have used in mid term elections to get people riled up on a national level. The interesting thing to me is the surprise which seems to have taken over the establishment candidates. Why should there be shock that people are not responding negatively to what has been implied for so long, but now said out loud by a candidate? Trump’s momentum seems to come from what tea party members used themselves to get elected; “I am an outsider. I am speaking for you. And, I want to make America great again!” This is not a new campaign mantra from the conservative party, especially on the local level. I feel as though we are seeing the foundation of a true change for the conservatives. They pushed too far to the extremes during midterms, now they need to reign it in. Its going to be a process and I dont think they will be able to pull it off this election cycle. It has been fascinating to witness though.

  26. James says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we just wrote a job description for President and had a committee just hire a qualified candidate based on that individuals education and experience rather than all this political party/election/arguing/and other BS? It really would be no different than the hiring of a City Administrator only this individual handles the affairs of the country. If they do good they get a raise, if they suck they get fired.

    Maybe if we all focused on the affairs of State rather than this media embarrassment then maybe we could get our country out of debt and back into some semblance of normalcy. Every 4 years we go through this craziness and it’s always lots of wasted time and money. Every President has positives and negatives so how he or she gets in the office is much less important then whether or not they are effective doing the job! At least with a hiring process we would know they were qualified rather than it coming down to a popularity/political contest.

    Progress and logic for President! 🙂

  27. Alisha Fox says:

    It has been very interesting to see this election season unfold. I actually thought Trump was just experiencing 15 minutes of fame and that he would flame out but here is his…the frontrunner. I personally like the appeal of a business leader as the President but I am not sure he is the leader I envisioned. I really think people are drawn to his anti-establishment attitude but I am just not sure what will happen if he makes it into office.

  28. Tayo Sowemimo says:

    Wonderful satire! The GOP will have to swim and sink with Mr. Trump, their options are limited, if they take the nomination from the candidate with most votes and delegates, the party will simply implode, no two ways about it.

    • Cal says:


      The problem with thinking that way is historical fact. The process has never been “the candidate with the most votes and delegates is the nominee.”
      On the first Ballot Abraham Lincoln had 22% of the delegates (meaning he won 22% during the Primary) and William Seward had 36%. On the 3rd ballot Lincoln had 48% and Seward had 38%, Finally, on the 4th Ballot Lincoln had the majority – 73% of the delegates, compared with Seward’s 23%, and became the nominee. The rule has always been the majority of delegates, not the most (plurality) of delegates.
      If Trump reaches 1237 (50% + 1) delegates he will be the nominee. If we get to the convention and nobody has 1237, then we will see who becomes the nominee. My bet is on Cruz because not only is he a principled conservative who is articulate, but he also has the ground game and the organization to convince delegates to vote for him on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc ballots.

      – Cal

  29. Emily L says:

    The divide among the Republican party having the inability to back one runner, which seems to be Trump, has created a lack of unity throughout the entire primary. Although he may not be the most qualified in terms of political experience, he has double the delegates as his next runner up, Ted Cruz. The Republican Party needs to unify if they want a fair chance at winning office.

  30. rlgrblog says:

    This entire presidential election has been a real “big” laugh. I totally disagree with the RNC on the fact the committee is prepared to contest the people’s decision of the republican candidate. If the people make time to have their voices heard through the process of voting than it should be honored and Trump should received the nomination. And, all the sore losers should just try again and learn from this election. Its clear that both democrats and republicans are rally for Trump because they are sick and tired of the politicians not doing their jobs. And, each election its demonstrate harder and harder with the huge wins he takes. Its ironic that an individual with no political knowledge is exactly what many are taking their chance on. This is how feed up American people are…I for one can not vote alone of the message on hopes,dreams and wishes. And this is what most are considering now…How can I secure my future? The post was hilarious about Lindsay Graham how he changes it tune with every victory.

  31. Essence King says:

    First, this post is hilarious! The best way to deal with the fact that there is a chance that Donald Trump may end up becoming the leader of the free world is to laugh to keep from crying. But seriously, this presidential election will and has already gone down in the books. Donald Trump is a very successful business man and that is definitely his arena. That’s exactly why he should stay in that arena. I believe that if Trump becomes President, he will run America like a business. America does not need to be ran like a business. When this happens, the people with the most resources and influence are seen and heard while the less fortunate are pushed off to the way side and their thoughts and opinions are not heard or taken into consideration. At this point, it seems as if Trump has a great chance of being the GOP nominee and that scares me. God be with us!

  32. A Blackwell says:

    They really don’t want Trump to win! The whole thing is hilarious! He’s getting victories left and right and they can’t stomach it! It IS a refusal to accept reality or at the very least to change some peoples perception of it. Perhaps if they can convince those not in the know that he’s losing that they can sway them towards another candidate? I don’t know. Its all really bizarre.

  33. Dustin H. says:

    Trump keeps winning and the media (and the establishment) keep trying to marginalize his victories. I think Trump’s successes lie in the fact that people are tired of the same-old, businesses-as-usual politics from both parties, and he is energizing people by saying what they want to hear (regardless of whether he means it or not, and regardless if he said the exact opposite before…as Greg pointed out).

    I am definitely interested to see how the primaries and the following convention turns out, as it has been a circus so far. I’m also interested to see the general election debates, especially if it indeed includes the self-proclaimed “presumptive nominee”. Judging by the recent comments of a Republican leader in Florida, he sees them being quite graphic, as he commented that Hillary is going to “go down like Monica Lewinksy” in a debate with Trump.

    • dedric levines says:

      Great post. The media does indeed play a large role in getting the attention of voters. It is interesting to see how this is being played out ! Again great post.

  34. Hampton Raulerson says:

    As Trump keeps racking up more victories, the GOP keeps looking for ways to get rid of him. While I understand why many of those who are in office despise him (one reason being his complete disregard for being politically correct) they are making a huge mistake by trying to circumvent their own democratic process. By doing this they are almost guaranteeing their loss in the presidential election. After talking to some young people who would like to vote republican, they find it is hard to justify that vote if the party denies the will of the people. The same is true for independents. I foresee low voter turnouts for the up coming presidential election.

    • Cal says:


      One of the reasons “they are almost guaranteeing their loss in the presidential election” is because they would rather have HRC in power than Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. In fact, contrary to what the once Conservative Giant Rush Limbaugh said today, they would rather see a Trump nomination and lose the General than see a Cruz nomination that might actually win.
      The establishment hates Trump, in part because he is “beholden to no one” and they can’t control him. They hate Cruz because he is principled and they can’t control him; however, they hate Cruz more because he is principled and won’t make deals with them either – at least they know that Trump is willing to make a deal. For all the talk about Trump not being the nominee, they would gladly have him be the nominee if the only other option is Cruz.

      – Cal

  35. Holiday says:

    This is by far one of my favorite blog post that you have done. It shows how blind the GOP party is at this current point and time. I saw a quote in regards to Ted Cruz “game changing” decision to nominate Carly Fiorina as his vice presidents, “It’s like the Cleveland browns naming the starting for Super bowl 51 the day before the draft”. It’s getting weird that no one in the Republican Party seems to realize the obvious. Donald Trump will be the next nominee and it seems that he will lock up the nomination before the contested convention. The fact that the establishment was pushing so hard for Paul Ryan and he repeatedly turned down the nomination, play directly into this narrative.

    • Cal says:


      Keep in mind, Paul Ryan also repeatedly turned down the nomination for Speaker of the House – before he accepted.
      The hope on the Cruz campaign is that announcing Fiorina as a VP pick will do two things: one, it’s a subtle suggestive tactic to imply he has already won – common psychology in contests – and two, he’s banking on her popularity in California as well as the fact that she was already scheduled to speak at the California Convention. With a full day to convince convention goers that a Cruz-Fiorina ticket is best for the country, it could give him a significant advantage in the primary; an advantage he didn’t have in the other liberal states.
      It’s also noted that California Republicans (California in general) is more Conservative than the northeast, even being a progressive hot spot in LA and San Diego. California is also home to two of the biggest military bases in the world (Camp Pendleton and Twenty-nine Palms). Cruz has a decent chance of taking a large number of California delegates.


  36. Joseph Hamman says:

    I enjoyed reading this and found it funny. It should how people are saying one thing without information to back it up. They obviously do not want Trump to win. One person talked about how Ted Cruz has won zero primary’s but has a good chance to win the nomination.
    Donald Trump continues to win almost every state but still has a good chance to not get the republican nomination. The republican party is in disorder with who they want to be there presidential nomination.

  37. E Griffin says:

    This was definitely one of the funniest blog post. I can appreciate a good laugh like that. Its always good when humor and truth come together. Holiday, your analogy about the GOP and the Browns was too funny. With Ted suspending his campaign as of now, it’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  38. dedric levines says:

    It is interesting to see how this presidential race is going. I think that the outturn will be surprising. The blog is also funny. I The Republican Party is clear to have Trump. Nonetheless, the blog is funnny.

  39. Chardonnay W says:

    I understand that alot of people just can not imagine that Donal Trump will actually be the GOP nominee. I know its mind boggling, but the votes are what count. The blog you posted was absolutely hilarious because I also find this election year to be one of the craziest out of all election years I have been able to vote in.

  40. Katherine R says:

    This is a great post- fully entertaining! It is crazy to see the kind of madness that has occurred in this race. There were too many candidates running, which stretched resources thin. I am very interested to see how the rest of the year will play out- it will be quite the story to watch.

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