Sticks and Stones. Are Trump Haters Actually Helping “The Donald?”


March 14, 2016 by gregrabidoux2013

Donald Trump angry

Forget you all. I didn’t light the fire. The other thugs did.

Incendiary. Inflammatory. Explosive. Damaging. Catastrophic.

Is the media talking about N. Korea’s most recent claim that it has developed a Hydrogen bomb capable of wiping out Manhattan or the GOP front runner, billionaire real estate mogul Donald J. Trump?

At times it seems hard to tell the difference. In fact, not only has the hysteria and palpable desperation to “Stop Trump” reached near screeching, near jet-takeoff decibel levels on both CNN and Fox, Trump appears to be doing the unthinkable.

No, not winning the White House or even the GOP nomination (be honest, even 6 months ago you thought both were some kind of a joke to raise the ratings for Trump’s Apprentice show). Yet.

No. Trump appears to be uniting (see, he is a uniter!) CNN and Fox in their shared loathing, disdain and utter contempt for candidate Trump. Okay, now their responses are distinct-CNN, and NBC appears to be doing what it can to ensure a Hillary nomination (Clinton Redux) and Fox is even now, in the face of a coming Florida GOP primary Trump Tsunami victory, continuing to prop up and tout distant-third place Marco Rubio as truly the “one most qualified and day ready” to be president.

Donald trump megyn kelly

Seriously? Rubio won’t even win Florida?

donald trump anderson c

Another Trump win? OMG, WTH?

But their goal seems to be the same as GOP elites like Mitt Romney. ABT.

Anyone But Trump.

donald trump marco hands

You know what they say about guys with big hands? Yep, they run a distant third and lose their home state of Florida. Ay Carumba.

All this Rubio love despite the fact that currently, in Mr. Rubio’s homes state of Florida, Trump is polling at 43-45%, Cruz 20%, while Rubio, aka., “Little Marco” is languishing in third place with 15%, only about 5% points ahead of John Kasich.

So, with Hillary Clinton’s inevitable march to the White House maybe not quite so inevitable thanks to a feisty Bernie Sanders and millions of millennials “feeling the Bern,” and the initial “Not So Magnificent 17” now whittled to 4 on the GOP side, it’s time to examine what is becoming the dominant issue of this year’s presidential race-Are Trump haters actually helping to propel him to the White House instead of back to his digs in the Trump Tower?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during an election rally in Kansas City, Mo., Saturday, March 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Hey, I’m the real victim here. Can’t a billionaire get any love?

Well, let’ take a peek at the nasty sandbox fight this campaign has devolved into.

Hillary is calling him a “political arsonist.” This phrase comes right from a focus-group tested exercise her campaign conducted over the last 6 weeks. About a dozen insulting terms were tested and “political arsonist” scored ahead of the others, especially with her key demographic of 45-65 year olds (sorry, Hillary supporters, your candidate is as scripted and pre-fabricated as any in modern politics). The objective here is that the term will evoke images of urban areas burning, looting, destruction and chaos. With the goal that even law and order minded voters will run into the welcoming arms or at least the somewhat distant, aloof though “ready from day one” arms of Candidate Clinton.

donald trump hillary

The one on the left sure is likable. And funny to boot.

Bernie has called Trump “the Big Con” (Sounds like a Cohen Brothers movie) and he and his supporters have likened Trump supporters to “thugs,” “Stormtroopers” (Star Wars circa 2016) and “fascists” (Mussolini, circa 1942).

donald trump bernie

Thugs. I tell ya. All thugs, these one-percenters.

Within his own party, Trump’s fellow GOPers have called him among other things a “Con Man,” a “fraud,” a “joke” and a “reality horror show.”

Professional agitators and protest groups like, who have been instrumental in disrupting several of Trump’s planned political rallies of his, liken Mr. Trump to fascist figures of history like former Italian dictator Mussolini, while others bring posters and wear arm-bands of the Nazi party declaring that Trump is indeed a modern-day Hitler.

CHICAGO, IL - MARCH 11:  Demonstrators react after learning a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the University of Illinois at Chicago would be postponed on March 11, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. The campaign decided to postpone the rally, citing safety concerns, after learning hundreds of demonstrators were given tickets for the event.  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Hate travels the globe while love stays snuggled at home.


And we haven’t even reached the general election yet.

For Trump’s part, he denies the amount of violence the media claims occur at his rallies, blames professional disrupters and Bernie Sanders’ supporters, who he calls “thugs,” and asserts that his First Amendment rights of free speech is the real casualty of these protests and disruptions.

And he still calls Ted Cruz “Lying Ted” and Marco Rubio “Little Marco.”

donald trump ted cruz

You know the guy who wears his class ring 25 years after he graduated like he’s the only one who ever graduated? yep. Ted Cruz is that guy.

Well, sure, there’s that.

So, does all this Trump Hating help or hurt the candidate?

Well, recent polls suggest that it may actually be helping Trump (as if the GOP establishment didn’t have enough to worry about, right?).

While Americans may as a whole be uneasy when it comes to the arguably, extremist immigration stance Donald Trump has taken (We’ll get Mexico to pay for the Wall) and seems mixed on just how to feel or what to do with Muslim-Americans, these polls seem to be indicating that continued planned disruptions at Trump events are actually helping to create about the last thing you’d ever associate with Mr. Trump-


At events in Ohio over the week-end, Trump, while still sounding very “Trumpish,” also began to ring the victim bell quite a bit. And to resoundingly enthusiastic response. “I feel like a victim here,” he said, “We all are being victimized by these thugs” he told a crowd in Ohio. And, “They fear our ideas and our movement and want to shut us up with violence” he claimed at another rally.

donald-trump smirk

Mehhh. Keep on hating. My numbers keep going up.

He may be right. Opponents of Trump do fear his brash, even bullying words, his seeming intolerance and his swagger that borders (sorry) on xenophobia. And some, not all, but some, have hit the “Hitler Button.” Of course, a photo of a Trump supporter making the Nazi salute that has been making the social media rounds doesn’t seem to help allay fears that there isn’t some Nazi-like tendencies festering in the Trump camp.

donald trump nazi slaute

Somehow I am convinced this will help my candidate.

The fact that Mr. Trump dragged his feet in disavowing an unsolicited endorsement by David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan also didn’t help calm the nerves of folks whose “bigot radar” goes off when they are anywhere near Trump.

Donald trump kkk

SNL coneheads? Sadly, no.

But on balance, I can’t help thinking of a classic Billy Joel tune (We Didn’t Light the Fire). The highly combustible mix of anger, frustration, fear, and loathing we are seeing play out in this primary season was not created out of some thin-air, pixie-dust recipe concocted by Trump. it has been, fairly or unfairly, justified or unjustified, simmering and now sizzling for 8 years. And, while he also didn’t necessarily light this fire he sure is fanning it with his bluster, his bullying and his counterattacks. As he puts it, “If I’m hit, I’ll hit back even harder, I’ve got plenty of time to be presidential.”

And so far, he has struck a real nerve. Or make that two nerves. One that loves him and one that loathes him.

But to any and all trump haters out there I’d simply share a word or two culled from political history and perspective. The last thing you want to hand a bully is the “Sympathy” or “Victim Card” to play. In this case it could be just the trump card that Donald seeks to move his act all the way to the oval office.

If indeed Mr. Trump is nothing more than some fascist bully as his most virulent haters assert, then let him expose himself as such to America over the next few months. To do otherwise, to attempt to silence him through violence, to, in effect, bully and intimidate anyone who would support him is simply to practice a form of intolerance and coercion similar to those figures whose names are evoked when practicing such politics of suppression.

Let’s give American voters a bit more credit here. In the end, we do tend to get it right. Or left. Depends on the mood of the country at the time of the election, doesn’t it?








45 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones. Are Trump Haters Actually Helping “The Donald?”

  1. Braydon G says:

    Trump haters are absolutely helping him. What are they so scared of? That he tells the truth and is sick and tired of a weak president? That he isn’t a pushover like Obama? The more they insult and protest the more they show their true colors. And it ain’t pretty.

  2. Tim H says:

    Braydon-I am with you 100%. I am so sick of the politically correct MoveOn police trying to shove their agenda down everyone’s throat. They don’t like Trump. Fine. go vote for Bernie a commie or Hillary a liar and soon to be convict. But you had your day (actually 8 long years) with Obama. Now it’s time to as Trump say make America Great again. Enough of being a welcome mat for other countries and liberal sissies

  3. Sherry L says:

    Trump is the only thug here. a bully billionaire who thinks he can shout down thoughtful debate with his immature insults. It will be Hillary in a landslide. Trump won’t even win a state.

    • Mynisha S C says:

      Yes Sherry I am with you on that, he is very much a bully. He has no past experience or education to run an entire country, people!!!! But from the looks of things he is no longer a joke and the polls are showing that as of this week he has officially gotten the nominee vote. That many last year doubted would ever occur and now are having to eat their words, even Conservative party members. So this lets ignore him stage isn’t working and its time to not just entertain his outrages,un presidential leadership behavior. But inform the public to wake up to the real issues facing the country and looking to the only person other than Trump, whom is experienced, realistic, un delusional to the country and the year we actually living in.

  4. Vaughan D says:

    Trump should be arrested for inciting violence, don’t blame Sanders supporters!!

  5. Dave B says:

    First of all, I have to point out that the captions of the pictures were spot on and made me laugh out loud a couple of times.

    Secondly, I agree that Trump is certainly a polarizing figure. The comments so far are a good example of that. It seems that most people either love him or despise him, but EVERYONE is talking about him. Most major new outlets and political commentators are in an interesting position where it seems apparent they don’t want him to win the nomination, but not covering him at all is not an option because of the tremendous ratings he brings in. He has tapped into something that has struck a nerve with people and his supporters seem to grow stronger and more unified by the growing anti-Trump movement. When a candidate’s major appeal is his attitude that when he is hit, he hits back harder, naturally his supporters are going to band together and embody this philosophy. The more punches that are thrown at his campaign, the stronger those supporting him are united and the harder they fight back. And like any good reality TV show, the more drama and conflict, the better the ratings. The public can’t get enough of it.

    My wife loves “The Bachelor,” and of course being the good husband that I am, I’ll watch it with her most weeks and try to keep my criticism and commentary about how manufactured and unrealistic the situations are to a minimum. However, I’m always so struck by how easily some of the participants of the show, and most reality TV shows for that matter, allow themselves to be blindsided by situations designed by the producers of the show to create the most dramatic outcomes possible. I watched an episode a couple of weeks ago where they were down to three contestants and the Bachelor had already been on dates with all three of them. During the dates, he had said the big “I love you” to two of them and the producers and knew very well that this meant he would be sending the odd girl out home. However, they still offered her a chance to go “surprise” him and spend another day with him, which she was was of course very excited about. The producers knew very well he would have to break up with her there and that her joy and excitement would quickly give way to heartbreak and tears and that this would, in turn, be a great dramatic TV moment. They took advantage of this girl (a real human, not a fictional character) and completely set her up in order to give the viewers what they wanted: “The most dramatic [insert season, moment, decision, breakup or any other applicable word here] in Bachelor history!” I mention this because I think, especially considering the fact that Trump has himself spent a lot of time in reality TV, that this election reminds me a lot of a reality TV show.

    I can’t figure out if Trump is flying by the seat of his pants and has found success in the current political and social landscape of the country by simply being himself and genuinely speaking his mind, or if he is really extremely calculated and intentional in his strategy, like the producer of a reality TV show that sits behind the camera and manufactures the most dramatic situations possible in order to gain attention. I’ll admit, I think the latter is a little more concerning. While on one hand it would mean that he is a genius and is extremely capable of accomplishing the tasks he sets out to achieve by any means necessary. However, on the other hand, if that were true it would also mean that he has an incredible ability to manipulate people and situations in his favor and also that we don’t really know who the real Donald Trump is. Just like “reality” TV shows, we don’t know how much of the drama unfolding in front of the cameras is manufactured by the mastermind producers of the show, or in this case the campaign. It is dangerous territory because if someone is that smart and that calculated, it is hard to be sure who the candidate really is and what he stands for. It’s hard to be certain that we’re not simply stars of the reality show being directed by a mastermind behind the camera that may or may not have our best interests at heart.

    • Alisha Fox says:

      Great post Dave B! I have similar feelings and think you hit the nail right on the head. I am just worried about Trump’s genuineness…It seems to me that he really just woke up and decided to run to see if he could win. I am not really sure anyone knows the real Trump.

    • lexislloyd says:

      I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and point of view on this topic. The debates have been interesting, crazy, and insightful to say the least. I like how you compared it to “reality TV.” It is such a great comparison because sometimes it is hard to tell whether situations are just for show or if they are real events. It is difficult to separate the two. At times, it appears that Trump puts on a show for reactions. I think he likes the attention whether it is good or bad. He wants his name to be talked about. I hear more people dissing Trump, yet he continues to lead. Some thing just doesn’t seem to add up. Maybe people are ashamed of Trump’s brutal honesty but in the end they actually like him and his ways. It is so crazy how things work. Some people find Trump refreshing compared to the typical candidate. I liked the information that you provided in your post. It was very informative. The outcome of the election will continue to keep everyone on their toes. Let’s hope it is a positive outcome and whoever is named President will run our nation with dignity and class.

  6. Beckett D says:

    I just voted for Donald Trump because I am not going to be intimidated by leftist thugs who want to try and stop me from my free speech just because they don’t like it. If conservatives were trying to disrupt their beloved Obama it would be stopped in an instant. Maybe the media is just trying to find a cop somewhere anywhere they can distort and cast as a killer. Trump 2016!

  7. Bryce G says:

    More victories for Trump, and yet the GOP still is scrambling to stop him at all costs. Kasich? Please, he wins his home state by a bit and that’s all. Cruz? hated by everyone in the GOP. Little Marco out. Bring it on-Big Donald v Hillary! And I can’t stand carly Fiorina, go screw up some other company!

  8. cmdarden says:

    Oh, without a doubt the haters are helping Trump out. What’s that hear comment people (most of the time ones who are struggling or have had some recent issues) say in Hollywood…No exposure is bad exposure…because hey at least they are talking about you and know who you are.

  9. Marsha M says:

    The fact that Trump will be the Republican nominee should tell the party to stop hating and accept the inevitable. I am not a Trump supporter, but I do believe his arrogance and entertaining speeches struck a cord with many that support him. I still do not think he will be the next president. He still has a lot of people that will not vote for him.

  10. Tayo Sowemimo says:

    Mr. Trump is energizing a subset of the Republican Party, he is also attracting blue-collar non-college educated voters some of whom are democrats, and these are his core supporters who I will argue are not ideologically inclined. The issue of illegal immigration and outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to other countries appears to have struck a chord with certain segment of the country, some of whom have either abandon voting or may have not done so for considerable period of time. The labeling by Trump haters is viewed by most of his core supporters as an attempt to stop him from becoming president, I will argue this will help Mr. Trump in the short run as he continues to march towards the GOP nomination, however, it should be clear that winning the general election is totally different from winning the ticket of the Republican Party. Mr. Trump will be well served if his dream of moving to the White house next January is come to fruition, to broaden his appeal beyond his current admirers to vast majority of other segment of the society and curtail some of his incendiary comments which appears to hurt his bid with women and minorities.

  11. Meg Giddings says:

    Mr. Trump’s success is an interesting barometer of the U.S. populous. His boisterous, arrogant, and unfiltered approach has harnessed the interest and spirit of a subset of the U.S. population that has felt unheard and unrepresented. As someone who works on a college campus I try to stay engaged with social media in order to know what our students are thinking, saying, and how they are behaving online. (As a mother to a small child, I also like to know what I need to be preparing for social media evolves.) Over the last several months I have seen vehement and polarized anger over Trump and his positions. Often, the posts declare him to be a racist, misogynist, xenophobe, and many other unflattering identifies. The irony is that many of these same students interact with one another on social media with the same cutting, divisive, and anger-driven words and phrases that they purport to despise Mr. Trump for embodying. Ultimately, I believe Mr. Trump’s ideology speaks to this marginalized group of blue collar white voters; however, his behavior and comportment seem to align with some of the disrespectful and negative social engagement that is becoming the norm in society.

  12. Ashley K. says:

    The scariest thing to me is that Trump didn’t create these bigoted, sexist, and violent conversations–they were apparently just below the surface, waiting for a public figure to fan the flames, as you said. I really hope that Trump is strategically hoping to ride a wave of hatred into the White House and doesn’t really think that his ideas will ‘make America great again’. Either way, it shocks and alarms me that there are people (apparently many people!) who think that the ideas Trump stands for will lead to a greater country. As much as I think Trump stands for everything that is wrong with America, I agree that all of the anti-Trump talk is allowing him to gather more support and use the victim card in a really powerful way.

    • Teddy K says:

      yeah imagine that a billionaire who says he’s a victim!!

    • James Abner says:

      Unfortunately there will always be bigots, sexist and numerous other negative people. Ultimately though we still live in a free country; whether we like it or not they have the same rights and freedoms as any other American. As much as it would be nice to force people to all think alike it will always be outside our reach.

      What has caught my attention is the amount of hate generated by those that do not believe people have the right to voice their views and opinions! If someone hates a particular race or religion then we have to understand that hating them back is really no different. Some people will always be who they are; screaming and yelling about it just creates drama and more hatred.

      People who are bigots or racist will probably come around to how pointless their hate is about the same time people who hate on racist and bigots realize the same.

      There are over 318 million people in the United States; we cannot keep thinking that one day everyone will suddenly all start thinking the same.

      We have to find a way to agree to disagree; it is the only way.

      On a side note – the scariest thing to me is that the U.S. has a population of over 318 million and the people who rise to the top are those currently in the running! Scary!!

      • Kershawnda J. says:

        Well said. This is just proof that nothing has really changed in America. It still does not matter what you do but where you come from and what you look like. America has always been considered a great country but can we actually say it is great. A history filled with white lies and half truths as well as continuous belief that one race is better than the other.

        I believe the greatest disappointment is that all of this is happening after the election of a president that should be considered the best example of the America’s melting pot. He has the education and a strong demeanor that he was able to he use to unite a diverse population of American no matter who or where they came from. I had hope… real hope then that we as Americans would just be Americans but here we are. I am seeing and hearing things that I never thought I would. It is all based on fear and not on rational thoughts.

  13. James A says:

    The haters are definitely assisting in making Donald the anti-establishment candidate. People hate the media nearly as much as politicians so the more the anti-Trump news continues the more people will side with him.

    Ultimately I believe people are tired of the system as a whole. Furthermore, I really think people are frustrated with the political parties. We are forced to chose between the Democrats, the Republicans, or an “Independent”. So if I believe in the economic views of the Republicans I am automatically placed in the category of a religious, gun toting, rich, white guy? If I believe that the Democrats are correct with pro-choice then apparently I also hate guns, want more taxes, and what to provide a never ending line of social programs? Ugh, frustrating!!! I am not saying we need Trump, but we DO need a change from the status quo…

    No matter what candidate is running, some group will try their best to demonize him or her to the point that no one really knows the truth. I’ve witnesses it in every election since the first I can remember (Reagan/Carter 1980). In EVERY case, the President elected is never as bad as their opposition makes them out to be. And oddly enough, despite who is in power, we continue to increase our national debt, we continue to be the worlds military might, etc, etc. Always some positives and always some negatives but somehow I continue to live and prosper just fine.

  14. David Pittsenberger says:

    Unfortunately, you are right. People are not going to listen to your second last paragraph even though they should. It seems he has already been exposed as such. But he has millions of people that either don’t care, don’t believe it, or agree with it. That’s the frightening part.

  15. E Griffin says:

    Wow! This is like a never ending nightmare that I still have yet to wake up from. Someone pinch me please. That old “The Simpsons” episode where Donald Trump won the presidency is becoming reality. Its much like someone else posted, “reality tv” becomes actual reality. Money, social status, and race surely can one a LONG way in this country. The fact that judging by the polls the candidate (Trump) with the most hate, violence, and prejudice is apparently the one with the most supporters is quite alarming. Apparently these sentiments have been the feelings of many Americans, Trump was just the bigger voice they needed. I can necessarily say Trump haters are helping him. Although I’m sure by his standards, any publicity is good publicity so I’m sure he doesn’t mind it one bit. The outcome may or may not be entertaining, but I believe it’ll be interesting enough.

  16. jpmcvaney says:

    During this moment, I would like to say that I am glad to not have to worry about primaries other than to listen to all the randomness and to see how much the populace changes their tune over the course of January to November. People watching is such a fascinating sport. But I do have to say that some of the “haters” are helping but I also believe that the open primaries are working in Trump’s benefit with a lot of people realize that the Democrats will have an easier time with Trump as the GOP nominee. Whether Hilary is considered a liar, Bernie a communist, Cruz a…do not know actually what he is considered, Kaisch as well… Trump also has his major faults. It is hard to say how much these faults will affect any of them.

    But as an observer, I seriously doubt all of the candidates in this upcoming election. I still have not seen one that has pulled forward with any kind of sense no matter who hates who. Maybe this is the year that Mickey Mouse or Chuck Norris win popular vote by way or candidate write in…?

  17. Alesia Willis says:

    I’m probably one of the ones who initially thought that Trump running for President was a joke, but here we are. Say what you want about him, he does know how to keep his name in the headlines. Now, I am not gullible to believe that America isn’t great, and that he will “Make America great again”; the entire claim is laughable. I do, however, see the genius (if we can call it that) of the Trump method. He did mention decades ago, that if he ran for office, how he’d do it. And again, here we are.
    It’s like watching WWE wrestlemania. He keeps the energy high, he keeps the drama fresh, and he keeps the name Trump in everyone’s mouth. I guess there really is no such thing as bad press. This is very educational, because even as a PR major who studied the media’s effect on the public, I didn’t know people were so….emotional and so easily manipulated. Logic is a rare commodity it seems.

  18. KFitz says:

    Democrats, the media, and even his own party have joined together in transforming The Donald into a pariah, yet his numbers continue to increase. The bizarre unity found in hating this man seemingly has an inverse effect on the delegate count!

  19. John F says:

    The fact that all of Trump`s opponents, both Democratic and Republican, have attempted to demoralize him with the name calling and everything else they can think of, just shows how terrified of him that they really are. By doing this they are creating a polarity within the Republican party that we have not seen in decades and is something that I do not see as beneficial for the Republican party as a whole.

  20. gljackson33 says:

    Although Donald Trump might be winning in the national polls and in many state polls, let’s be real here. Who is going to support in the Republican party? No one he has alienated himself while insulting everyone else. The GOP will not be embracing Trump anytime soon. Donald Trump is out of control and needs to drop out of the race for the White House.

  21. Kelsey G says:

    The actions and comments that have been displayed by Donald Trump have been nothing less than out of hand. With the serious and sensitives things that he will have to deal with and has been dealing with has not been handled in any manner that I would want anyone in the oval office to display. It seems as if when something tragic happens such as break outs of fights at rallies it is used as more fuel than a time to address that violence is not the answer and show that these behaviors are not okay. The fact that he has so much support is concerning and I am hoping that they will open their eyes to the bigger picture and realize this will only hurt the country not help it.

  22. Emily L says:

    The violent actions that have taken place during Trump’s rally’s has more than likely aided in his campaign due to the fact that he is blunt in his approach, unlike the current incumbent. This may be a breathe of fresh air for many Americans, seeing as the lack of transparency has seemingly depleted with the Benghazi scandal, among many others. Americans may look at Trump as an individual that will be upfront, honest, and have those tough conversations that many of his opponents are unwilling to have. Maybe a typical politician isn’t who America wants anymore after the lack of trust has skyrocketed in the federal government. Maybe the violent disruptions have created sympathy due to individuals believing that he is attempting to run an honest race.

  23. Jessica says:

    Like many others, I thought (and hoped) his campaign was a big joke. What else has he got to do? I think what is most perplexing to me how many people think he can fix America “and make America Great Again” but he has no real concrete plans to do anything. He doesn’t understand foreign policy. The people who think he will be great for this country because he’s a sound business man are sorely mistaken because you can’t run government like a business. They aren’t the same thing. I am also sadden by the his racist and xenophobic rhetoric, but most importantly his inability to not stick to what idea. I hope republicans will wake up and realize that Obama isn’t the worst thing that ever happened to America, Trump would make our lives A LOT worse.

  24. Victoria J says:

    Initially when i discovered that Trump was running for office i was not apposed. Unfortunately, as his race for office has progressed, Trump is seemingly digging himself a hole that he simply can not escape. His straight forward personality combined with his business sense seem to be ideal attributes for a presidency hopeful but those very characteristics are what repels me from him now. I can’t imagine an America with Trump as president. As many Americans hold signs expressing the need for Trump to “turn America white again.” The disgrace and contempt i feel overwhelms me. Americans have made great strides and faced much adversity to live in a nation such as the one we have today. I would hate to see a Presidential candidate turn all the progress around.

  25. essking says:

    I think that the real issue is the amount of attention that Trump receives. Of course a business mogul of his kind would definitely bring about some conversation running for president, but it just seems like every time I’m watching tv, in a restaurant, or doing my day to day activities, this man’s name stays in conversation. Him and his supporters feed off of this attention. Something is always in the media about a group being kicked out of a rally, or a immoral remark made by the candidate and its appalling. As a candidate for presidency for the United States, you have to act and conduct yourself with some form of respect and manners, and he does the total opposite!

  26. Hampton Raulerson says:

    There seems to be very little middle ground when it comes to the topic of Donald Trump. People love him or hate him. All of this hate that has been directed at him over the past few months has really shown the true colors of some of the organizations and people who oppose him. As Dr. Rabidoux points out, their bullying tactics are the exact thing they are preaching against. It’s like watching people try to fight a fire with gasoline.

  27. Christopher Cary says:

    While I am not a Trump supporter, he has developed into a powerhouse that has taken advantage of the system used that tried to undermine him. His critics, the media, and the Republican Party has helped him by running 6 other contestants against him. Rather than cutting it down to two or three at the beginning of primary season they allowed ten people to run against him in the primaries. This was a big mistake on their side because if they would have ran another candidate (Kaisic or Cruz) they could have easily beat him. The negative publicity against him is simply giving him free advertisement. People wonder why no one seems to like him but he keeps winning in the polls. He is “Winning So Much that we are tired of (him) winning!” in his own words.

  28. A Blackwell says:

    A Trump presidency? Unlikely. He’s just too radical. He’s managed to insult almost every group but Caucasian men. Latinos? Check. Muslims? Check. Poor People? Check. My personal peeve…Women? Double Check. He also makes insanely large promises (so did Obama I might add) that just adds to it all.

    Make America Great Again? I happen to love my country. Now if we were to rewind things back to the time period that Trump is referencing might be another story. He’s not talking about the Obama, Bush, or Clinton time periods obviously. Its an old Reagan slogan. I don’t want to go backward. I want to go forward. I’m shocked that all the other Republican candidates washed out and Trump floated to the top. So is the Republican party lol.

    • dedric l says:

      Great post ! I can also agree with you that maby Americans want to go forward and not backwards. I am looking forward to this election.

  29. Holiday says:

    The Trump haters are the reason that Donald Trump is doing so well in the current Republican Primary. The everyday citizens are fed up with the media and pundits telling them who they should vote for. The claim that “the American voters will wake up and make the right decision or the people will smarten up and do what’s right” is belittling to the Americans voters. No one like being told what to do, especially by someone who they y cannot relate to. This is what draws people to Donald Trump. While on paper he is a billionaire from Manhattan, who dates supermodels, and is known through the world for a lavish lifestyle (Look at the plane he flies around on). Citizens relate to the rhetoric that Trumps touts. While some individuals may not feel that their life is slipping away, its clear that Donald has touched a nerve. This is what’s makes his supporters so strong and loyal.

    • dedric l says:

      Great post ! With the polls going, I think that many American voters will also make up their mind about who they wish to vote for. Great post !

  30. jkhamman says:

    I agree with this post that Trump haters have helped him gain a lead in the polls. He is always on television with free publicity. This has allowed him to increase his following without having to make commercials. His own people have hurt him also by raising their arms like they are in the in the NAZI. This allows people to call him a racist and a dictator. The debates are not about what their plans are for the country but rather about the fights they have among each other. They attack each other moral character and refuse to explain how they will fix the problem.

  31. T Leggett says:

    Even Trump’s own party doesn’t like him and yes I do agree that all of these haters coupled with Trump’s rhetoric is propelling Trump straight to the top of the party and possibly the presidency?!? That’s not possible, right?

    But the world sure has taken notice and all of this back and forth sure is entertaining. And I normally don’t do foolishness but even I have read an online article or two to catch up on the latest antics. Okay honestly – I’ve read more than one or two!

  32. dedric l says:

    It is interesting to see Trump run this campaign. I think because he is a well know business man, Trump takes the lead. Business leaders want leaders who can reframe the economy. However this is all a game to many voters who has alread predicted the outcome of the election. I am looking forward to see who will win this election.

    • Alex T says:

      I like the point regarding him being a well-known business man. Got to love how people assume he is a genius and qualified to be a president solely because he is a billionaire.

  33. Katherine R says:

    This is the craziest presidential race I have ever seen. The increase in media, especially social media, has heightened the ability to publicize such things. There have been SNL skits, tonight shows jabs, and even references in regular TV shows. It is crazy how this is all the talk. It is all very interesting to sit back and watch.

  34. Alex T says:

    The title seems appropriate as we recover from another “protest” last night in Albuquerque, where people threw rocks, bottles, a gate (!!!), and other things. It’s mind-boggling how the Democrats are TRYING to mess this election up. The irony coming from the left, preaching against intolerance and hate speech, while assaulting people with dissenting opinions is laughable and pushing individuals far away from them. This has nothing to do with agreeing with Trump, but solely because habitual protestors and people who attack the cops in situations like this are scum. Free speech is dead to these people. Last night there was waving burning American flags, rioting, and mayhem, yet no Democratic leader is going to address that, just focus on Trump (this is you, Elizabeth Warren). By allowing this to continue, the Democrats are turning so many middle-leaning individuals into Republicans, even if that means Trump. This is the bed America has made and sometimes we get what we deserve.

    Democrats: peaceful, accepting, and progressive. Unless you disagree with them.

  35. richard welch says:

    This blog was posted on March 14th and there have definitely been some changes in the nomination races since then, perhaps brought about by these Donald haters and the sympathy they are eliciting for the Donald. Rubio and Kasich have dropped out of the race for the GOP nomination as Trump has gained more support. Despite being just as “genuine” as most other candidates, Hillary continues to rise in the democratic polls and will probably secure that nomination. Even with the nomination in the bag, the Trump hating continues by both democrats and members of his own party. Many republicans are unwilling to support him as the party nominee which adds fuel to the news network anti-Trump fire. CNN and Fox have long been known to be biased parties. Unfortunately, for all these anti-Trumpers these news networks and protesters have forgotten one important thing. The more you try to suppress someone who was or is considered the underdog, the more people will rally to his side. While Trump would never have been my first choice for the republican nominee, even I can admit that he has a certain appeal with his “I don’t care what you think attitude.” In a profession (politics) where people are always saying what they think the majority wants to hear, it is refreshing to get a viewpoint that may or may not be popular but is truly the viewpoint of the candidate.

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