Aftermath of Paris Terror. A War With No End?


November 21, 2015 by gregrabidoux2013

paris terror

Life finds a way to continue. Thankfully.

If so, then it really becomes a way of life doesn’t it?

And as we, Americans, continue to move forward from the terror attacks of September 11th, many of us don’t feel as though terror has become a part of our daily lives. Thankfully.

Not for lack of trying though on the part of terrorists who mean us harm.

No, what’s become crystal clear is that the very reason for terrorist groups like ISIS existing is to do all they can to ensure that we as Westerners, Americans, Christians (the majority of us still) don’t exist for much longer. And, at the very least that we live out our lives in constant terror.

paris terror 3

Never forget. Forgiving is the hard part.

Certainly, for countries like Israel, terrorism is the very real notion that every day you leave your home and go to any public place, a pizzeria, a post office, a place of worship, you and your loved ones are in the cross-hairs of a terrorist hell-bent on taking away your life and those of your family. Of course, they don’t know you, they simply know of you. And that is enough in their distorted, violent and brutal ideology.

Make no mistake about it, terrorist groups like ISIS want to disrupt, disable and even destroy our way of life. Our values, our societal norms, our collective culture, our freedom embodied in our men and women, are apparently so abhorrent, so repugnant to these Muslim extremists that only our death and destruction will sate their lust for killing.

PARIS, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 16: The Eiffel Tower is illuminated in Red, White and Blue in honour of the victims of Friday's terrorist attacks on November 16, 2015 in Paris, France. Countries across Europe joined France today to observe a one minute-silence in an expression of solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks, which left at least 129 people dead and hundreds more injured on November 16, 2015 in Paris, France. (Photo by Thierry Orban/Getty Images)

We have heard much from the media recently about a myriad of issues they present  as “motives” for such terrorism. And unless I heard incorrectly, even dare I say “partial justification” for the anger, the violence, the murderous ways of these terrorist thugs. Whether it be Western policy and military aggression in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the dependence on and a foreign policy driven by the need for cheap oil and petroleum, our longstanding support for Israel, the “fact” at least in the Jihadist’s eyes that we are all “infidels,” all of these and more have been offered up.

One guest commentator even suggested that actors Seth Rogen and James Franco stirred sympathy for N. Korea and aided the terrorists (!) and that such behavior inflamed these terrorists. So much so that they unleashed yet another in a seemingly never ending murderous attack on our collective way of life. This time it was Paris, next time on American soil.

paris terror 4

Lousy movie but it shouldn’t inspire terrorism. A refund maybe.

Incredible, isn’t it?

It seems after every ghastly, atrocious terrorist act we must endure, after every barbaric beheading, after every slaughtering of innocent civilians, men, women and children at the hands of so-called “terror masterminds” we go through this collective “handwringing,” internal soul-searching and the “blame-game.”

Essentially, it seems we plead with ourselves and the rest of the world and ask “What are we doing to cause such horror? How can we better understand these terrorists so we can all live in harmony?” Perhaps we can not be so, so reckless in our freedom we seem to wonder out loud.

To which I say-Really? Are we that insecure and unsure of the majestic freedom we have struggled to create for some 250 years that we will question ourselves as if enjoying free will and choice must inevitably draw fire from murderers?

Let’s first please understand this irrefutable fact. The Muslim terrorists that targeted the concert hall, football stadium and open-air cafes of Paris to brutally and ruthlessly murder innocent civilians were driven by what I see as two powerful and perilous forces; Intolerance and Ignorance.

paris terror 5

The Media calls him a mastermind. To me he is intolerant, ignorant and now, dead.

Intolerance because at least half or more of the world simply does not subjugate and suppress its women as they do, does not worship the Deity they worship, does not wish to return the world to the 7th century where Caliphs ruled and enjoys a 2015 style freedom of passion, emotion, thought and behavior they cannot fathom, appreciate or tolerate.

Ignorance because these terrorists have been led to believe that they know “us.” They do not. In carrying out their blind, thoughtless murders they are inflicting death upon a caricature, a stereotype, upon people they have ignorantly been taught to not even think of as human. And only ignorance which gives rise to prejudice and hatred which so often expresses itself in violence can blind so many to a much more simple yet profound truth.

And that truth is this-You do not know us. We are varied. We are diverse. We are complex. We are not faceless and nameless and your victims were never the caricatures you were trained to believe they were.

paris terror 6

For a change I’d like to hear our media and our leaders call for a soul-searching in the Muslim community. I’d like to hear an unmistakable call for any would be Muslim terrorist to truly ask themselves this-What religion, what kind of ideology demands that its followers indiscriminately murder fellow human beings who have done no harm to them? To murder innocent children?

And what is their and our collective sin? Simply not believing what these killers do.

Before we in the West embrace yet again a soul-searching of our values, our culture and our behavior how about we demand that those that would do us and free people everywhere harm ask themselves a basic question-

Is this simply about wanting to destroy Christianity and ensure the supremacy of the Muslim faith? Is the rest simply “window-dressing” to conceal this age-old desire?

If it isn’t why did the terrorists make a point of acknowledging their plot to bomb a stadium with fans attending a football match between France and Germany, was chosen because it matched two predominantly Christian nations?

paris terror 7

If it isn’t why did the terrorists apparently exchange emails indicating that the Christian non-believers, the “infidels” would pay the price of their non-belief?

If it isn’t why did documents training recruits as young as 8 years old emphasize that all Christians are evil and that destroying them pleases the prophet Mohammed?

My point is simply this-If ISIS exists solely to kill anyone and everyone for not believing their intolerant way of life is the only and preferred way, then why should the rest of us search so mightily for more elegant, informed and more complex reasons?

As if anything could justify such barbaric, cowardly acts of terror anyway.

Let me close with this-Isobel Bowdery, a 20-something female survivor of the attack on the concert hall in Paris said that yes, she was terrified and feared she would die. But she also refused to die in a manner that would please these murderers. So, she reached out to fellow concertgoers and in what she was convinced would be her final moments of life shared a simple sentiment with those near her, strangers, all: I love you, she said. I love you. If I was to die at that moment she told reporters, I wanted to die with a heart full of love.

paris terror 8

A heart full of love. And through the grace of God-Alive.

You do not know us. We are diverse. We are varied. We are compassionate. We are flawed.

We are human.

And apparently, you who would destroy us out of intolerance, ignorance and hatred have much to learn from us.













78 thoughts on “Aftermath of Paris Terror. A War With No End?

  1. Zackary S says:

    It really is amazing to me the lack of emotion or any kind of response that Americans have towards this abomination of a terrorist group. Most exhibit nothing more than apathy towards the subject in general. I believe the thinking goes something like, “If it doesn’t effect me, then it doesn’t concern me”. The majority are content with changing their Facebook picture for a week, and this is their great contribution to this terrible tragedy. In addition to this feeling of indifference, our culture has taken on the mindset of relativism so much so that we almost apologetically explain away the crimes that ISIS is committing. We have become so afraid of offending or insulting others that we allow our values and our security to erode away in front of us in the name of political correctness. I have become frustrated with the leadership of the country and the continued insistence to sit on our hands while thousands are slaughtered by a group whose ultimate goal is to destroy us. It was not long ago that we were a country who would not stand for such defiance but stood for justice and freedom for all. I understand the damaging effects that the Iraq war had, and the results of that war have played heavily into the situation that we now sit. But I do not want to let past mistakes determine the future of our country. I do not like the condition of the world today. It is one filled with violence, fear, and devoid of hope. I hope beyond hope that by the time my lifetime comes to an end, the world is left a better place.

    • Christopher Cary says:

      “It really is amazing to me the lack of emotion or any kind of response that Americans have towards this abomination of a terrorist group. Most exhibit nothing more than apathy towards the subject in general. I believe the thinking goes something like, “If it doesn’t effect me, then it doesn’t concern me.”

      I think that the lack of consistent terrorist activity on home soil leaves the US less affectionate towards the cause of fighting terrorism. Not saying that it wrong for feeling this way, as we have different passions in our woods that we have to take care of such as obesity, drugs, alcoholism and domestic violence. Other countries have other obligations as well. I believe that the fighting in the middle east will continue until the end of times. Not trying to turn this into a religious debate, but going off of what I believe the Bible states.

      It is clear that allowing other countries like Iraq (Saddam Era) and Syria to be controlled by authoritarian regimes helped keep the fighting at bay before we stirred up the hornets nest. While at this point I should state that our way of governing will not work for every culture around the world. Fighting ideologies is an extremely hard thing to do with bullets and soldier. This is why fighting countries is easier and quicker. ISIS is an ideological enemy and we don’t have much experience combating these types enemies.

  2. Meg G says:

    Your assertion that the two driving factors for terror are intolerance and ignorance rings very true; however, you also state that American’s haven’t integrated terror into our daily lives. Certainly American citizens benefit from a sense of protection (real or imagined) that is not present in most countries in the world. While terror threat levels and TSA guidelines for travel change, for most those are not real in the context of daily life. Where I see the influence of terror is in the mindset of the American people. I have benefit of replying to this post in March 2016 – a full four months after the Paris attacks and the post publication date – today I see many Americans communicating their fear in the form of those qualities that we have assigned to terrorist: intolerance and ignorance. Trump’s lead in the political campaign today and the potential for a Trump presidency suggest that American’s are connecting with messages of isolationism, us versus them, and intolerance. The events which have shaped the American psyche and perspective on the world since 2001 are real and devastating, but I fear intolerance becoming a central American value.

  3. jpmcvaney says:

    These attacks by ISIS, formerly Al-Qaeda, are completely ignorant as stated. The stated two driving factors of intolerance and ignorance as very true, but I think a third factor plays a part as well. I think intelligence is a factor as well, not necessarily education or common sense but more of an understanding of theories, concepts, and current and past events in combination with education and common sense. As so called “first world” nations, most of the ISIS and other terrorist groups fall in either lower tier “2nd world” and “3rd world” countries in terms of education systems and variety of economy. Yes there are many wealthy individuals in these countries but the difference between those wealthy and the rest are extreme unlike France, Germany, and the United States. So I see this intelligence factor also playing a driving force because they do not seem to understand what Islam is teaching or saying. It seems that these Jihadists are interpreting the Book at the level that they can understand, not what scholars and other educated. intelligent people understand.

    And as an avid football fan and former football (soccer) college athlete, I found the attacks on the stadium and planned attack in Germany days later, a true disgrace to humanity. Football (soccer) is a world’s sport. In the past, wars were put on hold while the World Cup played out. And now a few days after Belgium attacks (March 28, 2016) an Iraqi soccer stadium was bombed killing 7 and injuring another 50. It is despicable. But we cannot change it until we can find a way to establish a proper dialogue and understanding with these people, not that we can necessarily understand and forget, yet learning what is their true driving force is imperative. Just because we are positive what Jihadists stand for and what drives them, does not mean there are other forces that even they do not recognize as underlying reasoning.

    This entire issue is always going to draw good discussion on ways to handle it and move forward.

  4. Cynthia W says:

    I cringe to think that hate becomes a way of life. I was living in NYC and working on Wall Street during the 9/11 attacks. It was terrifying but by the same token, wonderful how NYC pulled together. I am sure that Paris is reacting the same way. However, i do really wish something could be done to quell terrorism. But what?

  5. Hampton Raulerson says:

    To me it is inconceivable that we should reflect on ourselves to find out what is wrong with us to have caused a group of radicals to attack. When a child is bullied you do not ask them what they could have done to appease the bully. Last time a bully was appeased in the global arena, the entirety of Europe almost collapsed under the Nazis.These terror groups say they want the western countries out of the middle east but they must know that by launching these attacks, it only brings us deeper in. What is baffling to me is that everyone agrees that ISIS is evil yet no one is willing to take the steps necessary to eradicate them. At what point does the world say enough is enough and come together to eliminate a common threat?

  6. Mohammed Ababtain says:

    George Orwell once said some countries overlook of some terror attacks in their countries to justify their invasion of other nations and psychological and physical control over their populations, to keep their people busy, fearful and hateful towards the enemy. He continued as terrorism’s ultimate product is not death or mayhem but fear, the rich political benefits of that most lucrative of political emotions will ultimately be shared, between the terrorists who create it and the political leaders who conduct the fight against them and who, more often than not, attempt to exploit that fear to their own advantages. I think there is no end in sight as long as the root causes of terrorism continues, which are oppression, corruption, poverty, marginalization and so on. Also, Intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, in wrong ways by some superpowers, and stealing their natural resources have reinforced the phenomenon. Therefore, defeating any terror groups by military repression is the huge mistake because it usually leads to backfires. They seem to end; they keep merging, splitting, renaming. When a particular group is banned or defeated in one area, it may very well appear in a new guise, under a new name.” In short, leaving off other countries to manage their own business without any malicious intervention is one of the most important solutions to getting rid of terrorism.

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