Patriots Deflate Seahawks, Super Bowl Ads Deflate Me, How About You?


February 2, 2015 by gregrabidoux2013

superbowl lion

I am Katy, hear me Roar!

Super Bowl XLIX was exciting (thank you Katy)if not imperfect (thank you players). Tom “Terrific” Brady threw a couple of picks to go with his 4 TDs. The ESPN-anointed “elite” QB Russell Wilson didn’t complete a pass, as in a single toss, for nearly a half. Appropriately enough, the game ended on a play call as inexplicable as a team that thinks it has to (may have) deflate a football to win. Especially, when your QB is a Hall of Fame lock and your coach is arguably one of the greatest since one V. Lombardi to roam the sidelines( actually, the game ended on a kneel-down just after a silly fight but you know what I mean).

superbowl b and b

The NFL’s brilliant odd couple destined for the Hall of Fame.

Still, there were some heart-stopping, if not purely fortuitous plays (The Kearse catch with the ghost of David Tyree giving a helping hand) in the waning moments just before “The Call” and “The Catch” (interception, actually, by Malcolm “Don’t call me Rookie” Butler).

superbowl butler

If y’all gonna be silly enough to pass for a yard then I’ll break your Seahawk heart.

And there was of course, Ms. Katy Perry. Looking both fit and fierce as she strode atop her mechanical Lion, she roared louder than Richard Sherman, Gronkowski and even Serena, all combined. Lenny Kravitz made his obligatory cameo to lend even more “cool” to the moment and Katy’s special guest that was gonna “make our jaws drop and faces melt” turned out to be a rapper whose last hit was circa 2008. Still, the dancing sharks and swaying palm trees somehow seamlessly fit a bikini-clad Katy though the whole scene seemed better suited for an episode of “Yo-Gabba-Gabba.”

superbowl sharks

Yo-Gabba-Gabba or Super Bowl Halftime? No matter, Katy was Kitschy, take that Taylor Swift.

But what threatened to put me on anti-depressives (no, not “the call” that gave the Pats the win, I wanted the evil empire to win this one) were the Super Bowl ads. Anything but super, collectively, these ads appeared to be competing for the title of “Who can depress the audience more?” and for pushing we, the viewers over the edge and into the abyss of despair.

Exaggeration? Hardly.

Let’s see, there were kids and adults with no legs, absentee Dads getting into racecar crashes, a preachy message about how we routinely insult all girls even our own sisters, and a kid who will never get to grow up, you know, cuz he’s already dead (though he did look full of life in the ad).

superbowl dead kid ad

The “dead kid”…thanks ad people now please tell me where the Xanax is.


Not to be outdone in the pathos department, there was also a scruffy dog that once again is lost from his owner and needs the Budweiser Clydesdales to scare away a salivating killer wolf (geez, where do these people live and why can’t they just keep the dang dog inside?) a Weightwatchers ad about control that just made me hungry and something about hate and violence on the internet that gets “cured” because a techie spills a coke in some main network circuit. This last one just scared me and made me want to see the dancing sharks a bit more.

superbowl dog ad

How about keeping your dog inside for a change?


About the only ad that truly seemed to hit the mark was for the movie “Ted” that talked about the true golden boy Tom Brady and his “tight spiral.” A bit crude but I’ll take that over tears.

superbowl ted

A dude, his bear and his beer. How touching.

I don’t read as much into these games and its winners and losers as much as I used to. It is after all, just mostly big business. But I guess without even trying to, I have a couple of personal takeaways for those of us who won’t earn $20 million this year for throwing a tight spiral.

One, success is never more impressive when it is sustained over time. It had been a decade since the Patriots won it all. Yet, every year they are in the thick of the race and if not for 2 truly miraculous catches by NY Giants receivers I believe this could have easily been the sixth (!) Super Bowl victory for Messrs. Kraft, Belichick and Brady.

If, the definition if insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different outcomes, then brilliance is sustaining the same level of excellence year in and year out and not being at all surprised when the outcome (victory) is the reward.

Second, winning like life, seems at times nearly equal measure hard work, talent and luck. Funny and unpredictable things happen when grown men play with an oblong (usually properly inflated) ball. Life seems to mirror this formula. I have often felt that I prepare, work hard, apply my talent but Lady Luck is either with me or not. Sinatra knew.

Third, it is often the most unheralded among us that achieve greatness. Chris Matthews and Malcom Butler. If I had told you before this game those were going to be among the brightest stars of the NFL’s biggest game you would have asked me if I had been partying early and if those were the dudes who deflated the balls. Word.

superbowl deflated balls

They look fine to me.


Finally, an incredibly hyped event like this does have a way of reminding us and me of big and small things to be grateful for at game’s end.

I am thankful that despite us living in an age of terrorism that we again were able to join and celebrate a truly American national event without the tragedy of terrorism.

At a much smaller scale I am also grateful I will not have to endure Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman telling us all why he and he alone is the greatest thing that ever lived nor again be told by his teammate Marshawn Lynch that he “is just here because he has to be.”

Guess what? Everyone has a boss, and we are all usually somewhere doing something because we have to. Might as well make the best of it.

Bring back the dancing sharks and the Minions please.

superbowl minions

Cuter than the dog and not as scary as Lindsay Lohan behind the wheel of a car.


And God Bless these United States of America.

superbowl football

Hey Marshawn, enjoy all your free time.






44 thoughts on “Patriots Deflate Seahawks, Super Bowl Ads Deflate Me, How About You?

  1. Robert T says:

    I am not an avid football fan but I love watching the super bowl commercials. When I searched today, it was easier to find the worst ten commercials than was to find the best 10. I believe the link above summarizes the whole 2015 super bowl experience.

  2. Rebecca L says:

    I actually got agitated by the “I’m already dead” commercial. Come ON! That coupled with having to look at Belichick in his unkempt hoodie….it was adding insult to injury. Thank goodness for Lenny Kravitz who is still HOT.

  3. Donald S says:

    I am amazed at the movements towards political correctness, seriousness, acceptance, etc. that seem to be making their home as political and societal norms. Most importantly, football is just a game; secondly, when I’m enjoying a game amidst good company (and possibly a few “beverages”), I want to laugh and enjoy the atmosphere.

    Every commercial seemed to tug on heart strings or promote a sense of “I’m a ‘insert some protected or looked down upon group here’, hear me roar” (no pun intended as a Katy Perry reference). The attitude of being so careful as to not upset ANYONE has been taken too far. I understand we should promote a societal culture of “being nice,” but responding to unfavorable circumstances is part of life (I always say, “respond, don’t react”).

    As with many other programs (social security, welfare, unions. etc.), the idea of not offending anyone, ever, started with good intentions but has since been taken so far as to cause more complications than favorable outcomes. There are a few things that I acknowledge:

    1. Opportunities are restricted when they are reduced to racial (or sexual) stereotypes
    2. Stereotyping and prejudice are augmented by the acceptability of derogatory terms, whether this occurs implicitly or explicitly
    3. Descriptive terms once deemed acceptable absorb negative connotations and eventually morph into “offensive” terms or labels (illegal aliens become undocumented citizens; or the Negro, Colored, Black, African-American progression of acceptable terms).

    Assuming the above mentioned statements are true, it does not mean we must wage war against the imaginary pandemic that everyone’s feelings are being hurt and everyone is treated unfairly. Every statement and action can potentially hurt or offend someone. “Hi Beth, you sure look nice today,” (What about Suzi who was standing right next to her, does she not look nice as well?) Congratulations Mr. Johnson, you’ve been promoted, (“He was only promoted because he is…white, black, male, female, etc.).

    A black man is the most powerful person in the world (Obama), a women joined Augusta National (Rice), nerds can become the most successful business people in the world (Jobs), and Mexican-Americans can become famous comedians (Lopez).

    The exaggerated inputs of these movements are beginning to be counter-productive by producing unfavorable outcomes and causing more turmoil among factions.

    • Nat m says:

      Your thought to propose that the intent to not offend is one that initiates less favorable outcomes is clearly the truth. There should not be any purposeful process of policy, improvement or discussion without the understanding that someone will be to displeased with the activity occurring. This is not to say that you intentionally exclude or act in a bigoted manner toward anyone group or demographic, but you must accept that you may never please all of the people all of the time. It is the clear rule of all things.

      However, commercials during the largest sporting event of the year should not be depressing or upsetting, they should be uplifting and inspire us. After all, it’s consumerism they are fueling. I want entertainment, not Public Service Announcements. Perhaps we should begin to acknowledge that the goal of driving purchases rather than message isn’t where the interventions between game film should be; as a society we should use this as a time for the collective positive. Look at the Buffalo Bills, they probably could have benefited from a little more positivity each of the four runs to the big game without a trophy.

  4. Nat M says:

    I wasn’t able to watch the Superbowl, as I was at work on Sunday night and didn’t get to participate in the excess of both beverage, snacks and football. However, knowing that the condition of the advertisement was so clearly set to approach the consumer in to guilt verse a sense of belonging and good hearted participation I’m glad I missed it. As well, following such a terrible loss by my Green Bay Packers verse the Seahawks I just could not accept such a terrible NFC loss. This year has once again broken my heart.

    In a game that is often linked to so much indulgence and spectacle, let alone the degree of fantasy build up (in allure and leagues) to the playoffs there should be no depressing messaging during the most hyped event of the year. In America, the Superbowl is just another food holiday that we come together to enjoy a release, maybe yell a little at the television screen and over indulge.

    In this year’s Superbowl, I’m glad we could have a moment of hope with the message from a Navy Captain and Air Force Colonel in the International Space Station letting the world know that some day we’ll be watching the big game from Mars…Now, finally something more exciting than Katy Perry for our collective Superbowl Sunday.

  5. Donterrell E says:

    The commercials for this year super bowl was the worst I ever seen. The only one that was “okay” is the Nation Wide Commercial. As far as the half time show goes, it was decent. I have seen much worst. I still cannot believe the Seahawks did not run the ball and they have one of the best backs in the game. Still it was a great super bowl unlike last year. Malcolm Butler made a great play putting Division two players on the map showing we can play among Division one players. I actually played against him for three years here at VSU. He played at West Alabama.

    • Nat M says:

      Reviewing commercials after the fact, I did really enjoy the first Nationwide commercial with Mindy Kaling being “invisible.” Of course, the most entertaining part is she wasn’t at all and was having the time of her life. What does Matt Damon and Tom Brady have in common, they both are always “deflating” a good time. Okay bad joke, but great commercial.

  6. It’s funny. Neither my husband nor I are very big football fans. In fact, we never watch it. But we watched the super bowl. It was an excuse to eat chicken wings and cheer. I thought it was decent. Katy Perry was visually great. And overall a good game. I’m not sure how I feel about this deflated ball issue. I would think those things are checked by officials prior to each game. But overall a good game!

    • Kerssey N says:

      My boyfriend is a sports fanatic and I could care less for sports but we watched the superbowl at a friends house and by the time we got there it was halftime and I agree, Katy Perry did have a great visual performance and I loved that she brought Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot. However, with the whole deflation of the ball I though that the ref’s were supposed to be watching that and making sure that it was the right weight.

  7. kim f says:

    I was not able to watch the game, being at work all day. Definitely more of a baseball fan over football, I cannot fully come to understand all of the fuss of this big game once a year. Whenever I have not been at work Super Bowl Sunday always seemed like an excuse to sit around that night and pig out. Every year it seems like right after Christmas grocery stores have displays for Super Bowl foods. Weeks before the game, television shows have segments on how to throw the best party, the right snacks and drinks, and more. The World Series does not get this sort of attention, neither does basketball or any other sport. Our American culture has certainly shifted to football perhaps being the top sport to watch, as baseball seemed to be decades ago. Early reveals of a few commercials this year reminded me of some sort of award show. We ooh and aah in suspense of what the final five of fifteen seconds may hold. If companies are paying millions and millions for a time slot they should be able to advertise any message of their choosing. However, I do think these commercials have gone completely overboard and take away focus from the game. Watching men tackle each other then shifting to advertisements for websites, dying children, and others is sort of strange. We have become such critics over performers at halftime, commercials being terrible or not, commenting on the players themselves, and more, just like those who create the worst dressed list at the Grammy’s or someone paid to write restaurant reviews in a paper. Perhaps we feel somewhat better about ourselves at times, our lives and problems when able to analyze what we see on our big flat screens, knowing those we are watching on the other side are unable to do the same to us.

  8. John F says:

    I could not agree more that the commercials this year were sub-par to say the least. However, as you mentioned, I agree that it is the ultimate American sporting event and it is awesome that we can enjoy events like these without terrorist attacks. Events such as these bring us together as Americans, no matter what the team affiliation is.


  9. Katie F says:

    One thing that I am personally thankful for is that the Superbowl was worth watching this year and kept me engaged till the clock ran out! The half time show was incredible and though the commercials were sad I appreciate the meaning behind them. Although due to being a Miami Dolphins fan I was heart broken by the outcome of the game. I will now be wearing a shirt that says, “TOM FREAKING BRADY” on the back will the Patriots insignia on the front to the Dolphins v. Patriots game next season due to a lost bet in the last 5 minutes of the game. I must say it was a great game though and I cannot wait for next year!

  10. Okwudili O says:

    Growing up playing soccer (the real football though) has really deviated my inner most attention from watching American football, so to say. I only watch Super Bowl because everybody talks about it. Another personal and important reason I watch Super Bowl is the fact that I like seeing 250 to 300 pound men struggling to run, hitting and falling at every slightest second.

  11. Theresa L says:

    This was a great blog to post on because I felt like the Super Bowl talk on Monday at work was very light. I came in going, “gosh, Katy Perry’s performance was awful” but then there were crickets. No one really cared. I feel that a lot of people watch the super bowl for multiple reasons. Some watch for the commercials, some for the halftime performance (me) and some for the actual game of football. I highly look forward to the halftime performance and let me just say that I probably didn’t even watch the TV, I just listened. That performance was extremely weird, I definitely felt like I was living in the 60s. Beyonce tops them all for sure. As for the football, I did not have a team I was rooting for…I don’t even know the end result of the score. Shame on me! And speaking of the depressing commercials…I literally cried in the Budweiser puppy one. I would love to learn why almost every single commercial was somewhat depressing. Did you ever find out a reason for this?

    • No, but it sure seemed like an advertiser conspiracy to depress me and you and lots of other folks! Hey, look yet another kid with no legs, and hey this kid is actually dead (?) but telling us why and there’s another kid with no Dad…geesh!

  12. Caitlyn N. says:

    I am not a big fan of watching football on tv, therefore I did not watch the superbowl. I did however keep up with the half-time show via text message from my mom after we had the discussion of the terrorist threats in class. While it seemed that nothing too exciting happened other than a half-dressed Katy Perry on a giant lion, I do regret missing it. As far as the commercials go, from what I understand they were awful. I mean really… who wants to see commercial after commercial and not get any sense of happiness or pleasure from any of it? I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but if a sad commercial comes on, my first reaction is to change the channel. Over all, it turned out to be a good, terrorist-attack-free superbowl.

    • A half-dressed Katy Perry on a giant lion…and you say not much happened 🙂

    • Jill V says:


      I have the same feelings as you towards the Super Bowl. I received multiple phone calls from both my mom and sister asking, “Are you watching this?” They were referring to the half-time show of course. I knew Katy Perry was the act, so maybe that’s why I didn’t already have it on in the first place. However, I eventually turned it…and to my surprise…there was no surprise. I had expected a bunch of nonsense. I guess you could call her show remotely entertaining. Funny thing is, I just felt like I watched the plush cute sharks dance around and thought…hmm, I wonder if I could find one of those for my Halloween costume for next year haha. That was about the extent of it!

  13. L. Mitcham says:

    I have to agree that for the most part, the ads were the worst I have seen. The halftime shows have been less than inspiring for several years now…sort of like most of the games. If I had to establish a theme for the commercials, I would say they were somewhat depressing (with the exception of the Budweiser commercial. It was difficult to determine which target group(s) they were designed to reach. Oh well, there is always next year.

  14. Chris D says:

    The mere fact that the subject blog post exists, in addition to the number of replies so far, suggests a level of interest that some are unwilling to admit. It seems like most are disappointed with this year’s commercial lineup. After all, what does constitute an effective Superbowl ad campaign?

    I must admit that I did not see many of this year’s commercials during the original telecast. I guess I don’t take things as serious as some or perhaps I’m just not as critical (yeah, try getting my wife to agree). However, if I were going to grade or rate the quality of these (bargain priced) $4.5M x 30 second spots, entertainment value, creativity, and originality are a few criteria that would be used. Does the ad prompt viewers to think critically or intellectually at all? Or, was the intent purely comedic. By the way, does anyone else have this same issue where you have your favorite commercials, but can’t remember what the product was or who ran the ad?

  15. Kelsey G says:

    I did not watch much of the super bowl this year unexpectedly. I tuned in to watch the half time show and had the opportunity to see a few commercials but did not see the commercials referenced in the article. I did hear about the commercial the next day at work about the young child that seemed to be a bit controversial. Even though I did not see the commercial during the half time show I did see it a few days later and was in shock. I am not sure what message the company was trying to get across but it could have been told in a different way. For the amount of money spent on commercials to be played during the super bowl you want to make sure that it is a good one that everyone remembers but I do not think this commercial will be remembered in the way they would want people to remember it.
    This along with the allegations of the deflated footballs and outburst of players has made this year’s football season vey interesting.
    The half time show was very unique there were a few surprise appearances form Lenny and Missy Elliot that helped make the show memorable. Katy was her typical self with the unique stage set up and characters but she added a twist to have the other performers add a little spice for the super bowl.

  16. Jordan M says:

    The Super Bowl this year had its disappointments and also its good sides. The commercials weren’t up to par with every other year for one. There was a sad feeling to most of them and it was hard to grasp the concept of the the commercial. The halftime show was disappointing, but then again that is just based on opinion. I would have enjoyed a different performance. The face that Katy Perry was on top of a lion was pretty funny to me. Now back to the actual game. Being a Tom Brady fan, i was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the game. Tom Brady finally made up for his previous two Super Bowl loses. The Seahawks easily could have won the game, but bad play calling and an outstanding play by the Patriots corner back sealed the Patriots victory.

  17. Ashley G says:

    Being a 49er fan myself I hated seeing the Seahawks in it again this year and I’m happy they lost! With that being said I do believe the commercials were a bit too on the serious side for the type of mood people where in with regard to watching the super bowl. Here we are around friends and family enjoying ourselves with food and drinks and here the commercials come on talking about children passing and abuse. Not saying the issues do not need to be talked about but I do feel that it was the wrong setting to begin displaying these commercials. Since the super bowl has passed I’ve yet to see any of those same harsh reality ads shown on TV. So it really makes me wonder were they trying to set a statement.

  18. jsdanley says:

    I think this is the first time in history that the commercials and football ads haven’t been more exciting than the game. A lot of people watch the super bowl only for the commercials. I wondered why the commercials weren’t as exciting as they were before. Is it because the game displayed a lot of social media attention than it has in the past? I believe so because you had a rivalry game and it was so many different ways the game could have went throughout the whole game it was more intense because the media beefed everything up with the trash talking between the two teams. I still wonder did they not put so much in the commercials so that all the attention and efforts would be on the game?

  19. C. McCall says:

    The fact that these ads aired during the Super Bowl brings two things to mind for me:

    #1 I found them annoying… especially to those of us who love sports and prefer to take a break from the busyness of life, if only for a few hours of enjoyment. During the big game, we actually look forward to seeing who will be the most silly and clever— the Cheetos folks or team Doritos. The fact that the commercials were serious just made me pay less attention to them because of the context of the moment. I’m sure the goal was to reach as many people at one time as possible, but perhaps the sheer number of serious ads led some of us to hate them collectively as one serious-ad-package.

    #2 Also, I honestly watched (the beginning) of each ad and thought, who in the brainstorming session for these ads assumed these were good ideas? Sometimes marketing teams will try to find a cause to link their product to in order to make a statement, even if the relationship between the two is a stretch to explain. These ads felt so manufactured and disingenuous. At the end of the day, they spent millions of dollars and all I remember saying is, “Who was that for and what were they selling?”

  20. Ben F says:

    I long for the days when In Living Color would simulcast during the halftime of the superbowl so we wouldn’t have to suffer through the likes of Katy Perry or some geriatric band. I love the Rolling Stones, but someone needs to have a little talk with them. And I lament that it’s not about the game anymore, It’s about the event. Having said all that, “Go Cowboys!!”

  21. David B says:

    This year’s Super Bowl was one of the best ones I’ve seen in a while. It had all of the parts; a good close game, a good halftime show, all of the hype. Except there was one disappointment, and that was the commercials. I think that because Super Bowl commercials have become such a big deal in our culture that advertisers see it as a tremendous opportunity. And this results in ad makers trying too hard. When you try too hard the results don’t come out as well as you’d hoped. I think advertisers need to take a step back and and rediscover the humor and creativity that made the Super Bowl commercial such a big deal in the first place.

  22. Michael W says:

    When the super bowl aired the girl i was seeing at the time actually started to cry at the end of some of the commercials. They were actually very depressing and rather boring. So long after the super bowl i can actually look back and see how sad they were.

  23. Zach N says:

    Don’t get me wrong, the Super Bowl was truly a nail bitter and a great game. Both teams played their hearts out and left it all on the field, unfortunately when there was a break from all of the action the commercials didn’t hold their own like the game did. Every year people prepare for the hilarious and witty ads that come on when there is a break from the action, but this year I wanted to get up and leave the room until the game returned. I don’t understand why that happened because money should not be an issue with these big successful companies. Even though I love sports and watch almost everything, a little humor wouldn’t hurt anybody. Step it up Doritos company.

  24. Colin M says:

    The super bowl really is a funny event. Although I am not an avid watcher of football, I annually watch the super bowl. One part I love about the super bowl is the commercials. Every year, these major companies pay millions of dollars for just seconds on the air. Fortunately for them, the super bowl is one of the most watched events ever in America. When I see these commercials, I usually get a pretty good laugh, but sometimes I feel as if these commercials may be preachy or just plain inappropriate. Although I may think this, I still think it is not my business to judge how people do the super bowl. In the words of my grandfather, “you do you.”

  25. Tyler B says:

    Like many others have said, I’m not much into watching sporting events. Yeah the commercials kind of sucked, but maybe it was a good idea. What other opportunity do you have to broadcast something to a large and concentrated audience? Sometime pure entertainment shouldn’t be the only goal. Some of those ads could have sparked some thought and discussion on some serious issues that wouldn’t have been addressed otherwise. Maybe they could have had a better balance between the two but I know these commercials probably generated some good things, boring or not.

  26. chester m says:

    I am a big sports fan and I love watching the Superbowl commercials and the half time performances. I believe the commercials are not as good ad they use to be years ago. I believe commercials are a good thing because the can address a lot of issues that we have in the world today. I hated the outcome of the game and I’m a Seahawks fan but the winner was the patriots. I still believe the patriots are a cheating franchise that will do anything to win a game. I hope the commercials get a lot better and more money can be generated to get better commercials.

  27. Richard B. says:

    I read the full Wells report and both Wells and the media are downplaying the conclusion the facts demand. It is not more probable than not. It is. I think people have been convicted of murder on less circumstantial evidence. Take back the Superbowl ring, issue a fine equal to all Brady income from the conference game to the end of the season, and suspend him for 5 season games. Forget draft picks, punish the offender not the team.

  28. Gilbert W says:

    I’m not a football fan, watch the Super Bowl for the commercials (which weren’t that great this year), and found some minor amusement in Katy Perry as the Hot Dog on a Stick girl from the mall dancing with Saturday Night Live’s Land Shark. With that in mind, my comment may not be worth much. However, it seems to me that if the inflation pressure of the football were so terribly important to the game, then the preparation and care of the game balls would not be left to the teams’ equipment managers, but would instead be entrusted to a league official under the supervision of the referees. Given the current system, this cannot be the first time that such a violation has occurred, and without a clear chain of responsibility, the possibility of future violations is huge.

  29. Thomas R says:

    I love football obviously. I could care less about the Super Bowl commercials. But I was a big fan of Katy Perry’s halftime show. This whole Wells Report thing I think is ridiculous. It’s a huge report on how much air are actually in the footballs. I think that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. We have so many problems in our world today and this is what is taking up news time. There was no actual proof Brady did that anyways. The amount of air pressure does not make that much difference when you throw a football. This is especially true for one of the greatest Quarterbacks of all time. This was probably not the first time this has occurred and the NFL needs to have better protocol regarding their precious footballs if they care this much about how much air pressure is in them.

  30. alifox says:

    Being a Pats fan I was very happy with the outcome and excited to see another Super Bowl victory for them! I was not however a fan of the commercials. They were all such downers…normally I love to watch the commercials and as someone mentioned above, when I am together with a group of friends having a good time I definitely don’t want such depressing commercials. I know this is a huge stage for companies to advertise but why would you go this route? The entire game I kept saying…please fire your marketing team after almost every commercial. Go Pats! Boo commercials!

  31. Cenetta B says:

    I wanted the Seahawks to win, mostly because I dreamed of him being asked “Marshawn, you just won the Superbowl, what are you going to do now??”

    “Thanks for asking.”

    I truly would have found that extremely comical. Katy Perry’s show was great, but her bringing out Missy Elliot was wonderful. The commercials were depressing, but they’ve been working their way downward for a long time. This just happened to be the worst year yet.

  32. Katherine R says:

    I am not much into NFL, but this was definitely something that I found interesting. It was such a huge scandal when it first happened and I am continuing to hear jokes about them today. Some people take sports so seriously nowadays and the pressure is coming from all around. Fans, sponsors, family, coaches, everywhere. It is definitely something that needs to be lightened up a little bit.

    Oh, and I totally enjoyed the dancing shark. Too funny!!

  33. Joshlyn D says:

    The Super Bowl and all of its halftime shows and in between commercial ads have gotten out of control. From the 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show, Janet Jackson boob being exposed to commercials on erectile dysfunction medicines even to a Bud Light commercial featuring a flatulating horse and a dog attacking male genitalia, things have just gotten way out of hand! I’m not sure if its because the Super Bowl seems to be a huge All American event, if so, what’s so All American about farting horses and dogs? To me, I feel companies pay so much for the time slots they have and try so hard to impress the consumer or want to be known for having the best commercial during the Super Bowl, that they over think and over kill. As far as the whole deflating fiasco, the game itself and some of the players are paid to either throw the game, win the game, or perform and make certain plays certain way. Like stated in the blog, it’s just a big game with big business.

  34. Callen M says:

    Growing up I was always into watching the Super Bowl for the commercials, but now as a fantasy football league participant and a weekly Sunday watcher I know thoroughly enjoy the game of football itself. Even though I do not just watch for the commercials anymore each year a little part of me is disappointed because the commercials become less and less attractive and memorable each year. As an advertising major in my undergrad I appreciate just plain ole good advertising. I feel today that people have lost the basics of good, simple advertising. Let’s not forget after all this is advertising during a football game.

  35. Julie H says:

    Many people watch the Super Bowl for the ads. I looked at videos from the 1980’s and 1990’s and boy have the Super Bowl commercials changed for the worse. They are more sexual too. The good ole day’s are long gone.

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