Fat Albert, Exactly What Did You Put In My Jell-O?


November 18, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

Bill cosby Fat Albert

I supposedly did What??

Bill Cosby has been called “One of the 100 Greatest African-Americans” of all time. If, there is truly such a thing as a “Living Legend,” then he is it. He broke color barriers in television in the early 1960s starring alongside Robert Culp in the comedy-drama “I Spy” ( I love the fact they played touring tennis professionals!).

Bill cosby I Spy

The TV show that helped break the color barrier.

He broke sales records with his early comedy albums (“Bill Cosby is a very funny fellow…Right!”), wrote best-selling children’s books, created memorable characters in animated cartoons (“Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”) and helped change forever, how mainstream, White television viewers saw African-American father figures in “The Cosby Show-1984-1992.” His portrayal of the affluent, wise and gruff around the edges, Dr. Huxtable was an African-American role-model for generations of kids of color.

Bill cosby Dr. Huxtable

Playing Dr. Huxtable about the same time being accused of rape.

Recently, he co-created the character and animated show “Little Bill” for Nickelodeon which has won awards for its teaching of morals and life-lessons to kids of all ages and backgrounds. His commercials with children and the funny things they say and do while promoting “Jell-O” brand gelatin foods has made millions for Cosby and Jell-O.

And yet, somehow, despite all of his fame, his millions, his creative and comedic genius, his place in African-American and for that matter, American entertainment and cultural history he is right now at risk for being remembered for being something else altogether.

A rapist.

It’s a sobriquet, a title, that unlike his earned doctoral degree in children’s studies, is nearly unfathomable to conceive of him earning. To anyone age 55 or over it is inconceivable that the same man who starred on TV, who hosted the “Kids Say the Darndest Things” who made them laugh for decades could do such a thing.

And, if his accusers, who seem to be multiplying by the day, are to be believed, he didn’t just do “it” once or even twice. If you believe his accusers, Bill Cosby, born William Henry Cosby Jr., on July 12th in 1937 is a serial rapist and sexual molester.

Over the years, the accusations, at times soft as a whisper, at other times public accusations that were settled out of court, are nothing new. It has long been known that Mr. Cosby and his wife had a number of bumpy roads over the years and Cosby, affectionately known by his friends as “the Coz,” played the field.

Comedian Bill Cosby on State of the Union

He admits to playing the field but nothing else.

But “playing the field” is a far cry from rape.

A few days ago, one of Cosby’s accusers wrote a piece for the New York Times in which she not only reaffirmed her decades old charge of multiple rape against him but offered some chilling new details about their various encounters. According to Ms. Barbara Bowman, Cosby, to whom she met at age 17 as a struggling actress, was a “mentor” who slipped her essentially “date rape” pills. On at least two occasions, Bowman says she awoke in his apartment groggy and naked and “knowing” she had been violated by “the Coz.” Bowman says she tried to pursue legal action way back in 1984 but was “laughed at” by lawyers who said that “no one would ever go against Dr. Huxtable.”

Bill Cosby Barbara Bowman

She says the molestation began when she was 17 and Cosby was her “mentor.”

Over the past 30 years the names have grown but the “stories” have pretty much stayed the same. Tamara Green, Andrea Constand, Beth Ferrier, Sandra Tolson, Autumn Jackson. Joan Tarshis, now a journalist, says Cosby raped her when she was age 19. In 1969 when they both worked at Universal Studios.

Ms. Constand, a former assistant at Temple University (Cosby’s alma mater) story sounds nearly identical to Bowman’s. “He gave me blue pills he kept in a small, black leather case. I woke up groggy, my clothes off me on a couch. I knew I had been groped. He (Cosby) told me it was just the way things were done.”

In preparation for her legal case against Cosby, Ms. Constand’s lawyers identified and apparently deposed at least 12 other women who all had similar encounters with Cosby.

But the fact is, Cosby has never been criminally charged and while he has settled out of court over such matters, he has contended that, like in the case of sexual encounters with Ms. Shawn Upshaw (Autumn Jackson contends she is a “love child” of Cosby) anything that “happened” was simply “consensual.”

Still, the perception (belief?) of Bill Cosby getting away with serial rape over the years has become so utterly accepted as fact in pop culture that comedians such as Hannibal Buress can make poking fun at Cosby as a rapist as part of his act. And not only does it elicit laughs but no one seems to question it. In fact, Ms. Bowman said she felt “emboldened” to write the article in the NY Times recently after hearing how open “the truth” about Cosby has become to a new generation of audiences.

Bill Cosby with suit

Ms. Bowman and Mr. Cosby, now forever linked.

Look, I do not pretend to know the “truth” when it comes to Bill Cosby and his female accusers. He wouldn’t be the first celebrity to have and hold on to some despicable, dark secrets he wouldn’t want seeing the light of day or the good folks at TMZ.

Nor would he be the first celebrity to be a target for extortion and unfairly slandered due to their fame, money and in today’s Twitter-age, their virtual accessibility.

Still. The names seem to be multiplying. The denials from Cosby and his lawyer seem to be getting softer not louder and the gallows-humor laughs are growing at his expense.

Cosby may never have to face his accusers in a court of law. But fairly or unfairly, the court of public opinion seems to rendering its verdict. And for Cosby, it is going to be a very bitter pill to swallow. Even with a big spoonful of Jell-O brand gelatin.

Say it ain’t so Fat Albert, say it ain’t so.

Bill cosby Fat Albert

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I ain’t saying.

Note to self: Don’t let Artie Lange read my children any bedtime stories and no private script readings with Bill Cosby. You know, just in case it’s more than just the price of fame.









64 thoughts on “Fat Albert, Exactly What Did You Put In My Jell-O?

  1. C. Williamson says:

    I’m on the fence about these 30 year old accusations and will not make a judgement until I have further information. I do question the timing and the decades of silence. It appears if someone is violated as these women claim, then what happen to reporting it to the police. Where is the report. What is the reason we are now hearing about this now verses 30 years ago? Bill Cosby is estimated to be worth $400 million. Seeing as the statute of limitations has expired, then what is the motivation. If its true, and they just want to out him for some reason, I can certainly understand their rights to do that, because his reputation at this age we know is important to him. So I can understand the motivation to embarrass him just to get even. But I need more than just fluff of words in this case, and I believe most will withhold judgement until something of substantiated proof arises.

    • imcdpa says:

      I have been following the Cosby story for some time. Janice Dicksonson (the world’s “first supermodel” – self described) is now the latest to come out against Cosby. I am of the opinion that someone is innocent until proven guilty. Juxtapose this story with a great article in today’s NYT re: Al Sharpton a successful, yet financially troubled and perhaps ethically challenged, prominent African American leader. There is the discussion there of the Brawley case and the false accusations that gained serious steam and were eventually discredited. I am not saying that will happen here, and who am I to discredit someone that brings up a claim of being assaulted, but it is worth pointing out in terms of not relying on the court of public opinion. I will end by saying as the numbers multiply – it does not look good for Mr. Cosby. – Ian

    • Jill N says:

      C. Williamson, you say you need more than just “fluff of words,” well, it’s not easy for women to come forward in public against such a revered and powerful male. Go ahead and read or listen to former supermodel Janice Dickinson’s accusations she made today against Cosby and then tell me which side of the fence you are sitting on! Why, with no criminal charges and no lawsuit or money to gain would these women tell their stories and with such lurid detail like Janice?? For fun? I am not on a fence. Cosby may be a legend but he is a perverted, dirty, rapist. Like Janice said today, “may he rot.”

      • C. Williamson says:

        Well Jill, not to demean your response,trust me I understand it fully. But I don’t judge anyone in the court of public opinion especially with the seriousness of rape. Here are the issues in this case,
        1. There is no such thing as no money as you claimed, each time someone tells their story trust me a media outlet is writing a check, a social media sight is formulating funds in their name to use at their disposal, so the statement of no money involved is simply not true. For example Darren Wilson of Ferguson has at his disposal over $400,000 dollars given to him by supporters through the internet. Again, they have a right to the money, but its simply not true that there is no money involved.
        2. With much of what the supposed details of the encounters with Cosby being restated every day and night, anyone even me, if I crossed paths with him in the past can say or repeat similar accusations. So that dilutes or shall I say questioned a lot of the accusations or at least a real good lawyer could refute it. We just don’t know who is telling the truth. That’s not to say they are not, we just don’t know. I realize some people decide guilt on emotion and words without evidence. It happens everyday in society.
        3. I truly believe in our system of justice, that states everyone is innocent until evidence, a jury of peers says otherwise. However I realize you can not reproduce evidence from 40 years ago of sexual assault to even have a court case. Hence all we have are words, which is really shameful if he’s guilty.
        4. You mentioned Janice Dickerson the “supermodel”, for which we all should believe, whom claimed a similar incident happen to her with another powerful Hollywood star, only to find out she was fabricating for revenge. But I’m not discrediting her story with Cosby, but since we going down memory lane we have to review the backgrounds of the accusers. Trust me that will happen very soon by the media. Media works in circles one day they are on your side the next they are ripping you apart.
        5. Unless some of these women come with more than words, Cosby’s lawyer is going to hit them all with a defamation lawsuit that will quiet most if not all of those who are fabricating. But that will happen probably once we’ve finish allowing all of these women to make their rounds on the television circuit. Again, I’m only trying to paint the picture of what will likely happen in this situation. I believe this is why Cosby is saying very little via his lawyer.
        6. You are right going up against a man with almost $500 million at his disposal will be difficult. So I give all the women kudos for sticking up for what they said occurred.
        7. We are talking for the most part about allegations in the late 60’s and 70’s, and a few just before the Cosby Show came on television (1984),and I think 1 in 2005. Before that Cosby was on TV but was not the millionaire he was now. I concluded these women if were drugged at the time, had no angle, or credence due to the low visibility of Cosby and if they were violated wasted no time in blaming themselves and not Cosby. Because I’m a avid historian I can assure you if Cosby was accused of rape in the 60’s and 70’s he would been all but hanged based on the ethic issues stemming from the Civil Rights Era at that time and place. I truly believe at this juncture these women if raped feel really bad that they allowed him to go on and become successful knowing he was a terrible man on the inside. I can’t say what prompted them to talk now, but I empathize for each of them if its true, but again we all must wait for more evidence and that’s just why our justice system is design to protect the innocence and prosecute the guilty when it can. In this case Cosby has time on his side.
        Many will dispute each word of what I said, and that’s why its okay to speak our minds. I support justice for those done wrong, assaulted or taken advantage of in society. t detest rape, spousal abuse, and degrading of women of any kind by another man or human being. I believe in capital punishment completely. But we’ve had too many cases in America where innocent men, women and children have been tried and found guilty in actual court, so we need to turn over every single leaf, stone, and barnyard before we throw away the key to the cell before the court of public opinion renders its judgement. So I’m on the fence, but at no time do I support anyone who violates the law; superstar or not.

      • pycarter says:

        I am not saying Bill Cosby is not guilty but you have to much stock in Janice Dickinson to slamming the gavel before anyone has proven the guilt or innocence of Bill Cosby. One thing I do know besides Janice Dickinson being a the first Supermodel is she was broke and a money hungry drug addict and trying to be on anybody’s cable channel to get paid.
        Janice story is questionable and since she felt she had so much importance from what i saw of her interview she should have been the first to come out when she wrote her storylines years ago exposing the monster. I don’t know anything about the other women and if this proves to be true Bill Cosby should have been criminally prosecuted not just sought after to be publicly embarrassed. I get what C. Williamson was saying about not judging by public opinion with innocence until proven guilty by a court of law.

    • Granger T says:

      Sir, a 7th woman came forward today and accused Cosby of drugging her and raping her in 1976. Again she gave details like those Dr. Rabidoux described in his blog from several other women. Just how many have to come forward for you to get off the fence?? Cosby is a pervert and rapist

      • Heather J says:

        C. Williamson, so many words, so amazing you miss the point! There are now 20 women, 20! Maybe since you are such an “avid historian” you could tell us all why so many women would come forward now when putting this pervert and rapist behind bars is probably not going to happen (I’m so old, gee, don’t do this to me, I’m a legend) and they aren’t extorting some of that huge money the Coz has made. The fact is you won’t see this in any court of law but the fact Cosby is so silent speaks volumes. Why are you so blind with so many words you use??

      • Tammy L says:

        And today, a former Playboy Bunny says Cosby is a serial rapist and has 12 (12 more) women he raped. She says she wants nothing more than the world to know the truth that Cosby is in her words “a serial rapist” who is such a coward he has to drug women. by my count that is over 30 women!! He should be locked up for the rest of his pitiful life.

      • Ashley G says:

        PyCarter-There are now over 22 women!!! Why are you even talking about Janice D’s credibility?? She is not the one in the bulls-eye, Cosby, who you rightly point out disparaged the Black Community, all the while leading the double life of being a serial rapist. And enough with the why were they with him, etc, comments right, it doesn’t matter, Cosby had no right to drug and rape anybody..I don’t care of they were actresses, playboy bunnies or whatever, he is a serial rapist and should go to jail.

  2. Jacki G says:

    I definitely agree with C. Williamson. The timing of the accusations seems odd, and I refuse to judge Mr. Cosby until there is concrete proof.

    Even if the accusations are true, I hope it does not discredit all of the barriers Bill Cosby overcame as a black man in a certain time period. His depiction of strong black male father figure is still very descriptive of many black fathers, even if it is not descriptive of Bill himself. I wrote a paper once semester on the prevalence of extramarital affairs in politics. Although rape is not on the same level as an affair, when powerful figures commit crimes in their own personal lives, I do not think the benefits of their previous actions are ever undone. I am in no way excusing infidelity and/or rape, but at the end of the day, Bill Cosby still provided his audience with encouraging stories of wholesome families and relationships. In my opinion, his guilt would not take away the sincerity of many of the relationships.

    IF the accusations are true, I do not wish to downplay their seriousness, and my thoughts are with the victims. However, such actions are not representable of all male figures, especially black male father figures. I hope society continues to recognize the difference.

    • Jacki, some interesting points here. If a television portrayal such as Dr. Huxtable can impact how others see black males then I suppose it can go the other way if the role model (in this case, the actor) sullies or damages the reputation. Apparently, there is yet another, more recent female who worked with Cosby now saying he did the same to her and it was fear of his power and that no one would believe her that made her not come forward earlier. We’ll see.

  3. Marlene G says:

    I am with Jill N., Cosby is no better than any street thug or rapist just because he is some TV legend. Who cares? He is worse actually he used his power and fame to exploit and rape women because he KNEW they would feel powerless against him. He is the worst type of criminal in my mind. And I don’t hear this rapist saying he did NOT do these crimes. Has he forgot how to use a microphone after all these years?

    • Sandy K says:

      The count is up to over 30 women he drugged and raped??!! How can he even look himself in the mirror each day and what about his wife? What woman stays with a man like that and believe me the wife knows!! I agree he is a pervert and rapist and should be locked away.

  4. Tammy H says:

    I keep hearing men say well let Cosby tell his side of the story. okay, let’s. Go ahead Bill, tell your side of the story to the now, what, dozen rape accusations from at least 6 different women? yeah, go ahead you rapist, what have you got to say?

    • Tammy L says:

      It’s now 20 women!! Maybe C. Williamson could defend Cosby, he seems like he could write a book defending Cosby the pervert, drugging rapist!

  5. Blaine F says:

    Lou Ferrigno’s (former TV’s Hulk) and bodybuilder) wife just cam out today and accused Cosby of drugging her and rape. The man is a serial rapist who is still allowed to be free due to fame and power. He is a pathetic rapist. He should fry for his crimes.

  6. B. Alston says:

    It is unfortunate for Mr. Cosby if these allegations are proven to be true. He has been a change-agent in the comic world and world of television that supported a positive shift across barriers. I don’t feel compelled to offer a judgmental post towards Mr. Cosby as that’s not my purpose, even if disguised as “public opinon”. I detest the idea and act of rape. I believe that rape is a crime and sin, secularly and biblically. I believe that the women who attest they have suffered have the right to seek justice for any injustice.

  7. Ashley G says:

    This is a big unfortunate incident for Cosby specially being that he is seen in the eyes of many people as a trend setter and a great teacher. I read where they were attempting to place Raven Symone into the group of many accusing him of rape. She made a statement stating that she was never raped by him. It seems very odd that these woman would come back and say something 30 plus years, none of them state that they were scared of coming out the last 30 years.. I’m not saying he did do it or didn’t. For me personally I would have not waited this many years. With these accusations is there really a way to charge him being that the statue of limitations have run out. Rape altogether is horrible and I do not wish it on anyone and would hate for anyone to go through anything like this. Hopefully justice will be served if these facts and statements are truen.

    • Michelle Hurd, of the Cosby cast, came out yesterday and said Cosby touched her sexually inappropriately and attempted to drug her.

    • Tandra M says:

      Ashley, I know exactly how these women feel. You think you are the only one, you think no one will believe you, you think his power will destroy you, your family, your career. I don’t know Cosby but I know the situation. I have no doubt from the details these women share and their feelings, no doubt Cosby is a serial rapist and sexual predator. He is despicable and should be locked up!

  8. Niku L says:

    I enjoyed watching reruns of the Cosby show to this day, satisfied that there still remains on television, a positive portrayal of a black, successful family among reality shows that do not portray black people in the most positive light. To this day, “A Different World” which Cosby created is still my absolute favorite sitcom. Also, years ago, I attended an event in Newark where I witnessed members of two rival criminal gangs come together at the request of Bill Cosby who encouraged them to make peace, and I thought, wow, what a powerful man!

    However, despite all this, I can’t help but look at the number of accusers who have come forward with similar stories. For me, them coming forward now as opposed to 30 years ago does not discredit their credibility because like others have stated here, victims are typically afraid to come forward because of their perpetrator’s power, and it does not help when that perp is famous, rich, and is America’s darling dad, Bill Cosby. If it is true, they probably predicted the public shame that would confront them. CNN reporter Don Lemon recently embarrassed and shamed one of the accusers by informing her that she could have avoided the rape by using her teeth as a weapon when Cosby allegedly forced her to perform oral sex. Really????? Also, audio has been released of one of Cosby’s past comedy shows where he joked about drugging women with “Spanish Fly” which sounds eerily similar to the accusers’ stories today. It does not help that he has a strange relationship with his Cosby Show co-star, Lisa Bonet, causing her to leave the show and never support any Cosby Show related events or reunions which has triggered speculation that perhaps she was harassed by her TV dad. Interestingly, a few weeks ago, I watched a CNN segment that claimed that Bill Cosby’s contributions to entertainment led to the first black president in the White House. Now, look at the type of coverage he is getting in the media.

    • Niku, your having “mixed” feelings (liking the shows, concerned about the man in real life) was voiced recently by the actress (Felicia Rashad, I believe who played his tv wife. Apparently, an aide to President Obama has advised him to distance himself as evidence is thought to now be overwhelming that Cosby did indeed sexually assault at the very least a number of unwilling women. Lisa Bonet to this day refuses to say anything positive about Cosby, despite him giving her a first break at stardom. Yes, strange indeed.

  9. Tyler G says:

    Seems like the Coz is the victim here…too much accusations like 30 years later. too late. Now his rep is tarnished and he is a legend. It’s not fair!

  10. Laura S says:

    Today an old NBC employee now claims he was paid by Cosby to “set him up” with women and to pay hush money after the druggings and rapes. UGH!! Cosby is a perverted rapist. I don’t care how much of a “legend” he is Tyler, he should go to jail. And yes, it’s not fair…to all the women this creep raped. Dr. Huxtable? More like Dr. Rapist.

  11. vtshipman says:

    I recall seeing ‘Fat Albert’ on TV when I was a child (teenager). I followed his career and enjoyed his comedy. I also appreciated his giving money to black universities to help primarily black individuals become successful. But I must admit that I am very disappointed in his behavior with regards to these women. I can’t help but believe he is guilty until proven innocent. I say the comments made by that one person who convinced me without a doubt she was violated by this man. Unless he can prove otherwise he will be guilty of forcing himself on women (mostly white young ladies) when he was at the height of his power and prestige. I normally believe people are innocent until proven guilty. But now I believe he needs to come forth and talk about these allegations. While he is immune from prosecution, he should attempt to provide an explanation of what happened. If he doesn’t then I guess we will have to decide for ourselves.

  12. Callen M says:

    Say it aint so! I have such a hard time accepting these accusations because I just want to envision the real life Bill Cosby as the loving Mr. Huxtable that I grew up watching! It is sad that due to past history women are not always believed solely on their word when it comes to accusing celebrities of these types of crimes. Past history makes people second guess as to whether these are just people after his money. While I do think any claim of rape should be taken seriously and investigated I must agree with the law that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. If all is true I hope that “the Coz” will pay for his actions, but I know that even with the proper punishment these women have had to deal with a lifetime of scares left on them from their experiences.

  13. callen m says:

    Say it aint so! I have such a hard time believing these accusations because I want to believe that the real life Bill Cosby is the same loving Mr. Huxtable that I grew up watching. It is sad that in today’s society women are sometimes not taken seriously when they accuse a celebrity of rape or any similar crime. Often times people assume that they are after money or fame. While I must agree that Mr. Cosby is innocent until proven guilty I do hope that if these accusations are true that he will serve the time and punishment that he deserves. I know that regardless of the outcome, if these are true statements then unfortunately these women have suffered for years at the hands of this man.

  14. Jill V says:

    First off I’d like to counter, “If, there is truly such a thing as a “Living Legend,” then he is it.” In my mind, WAS it would be the better argument just because of all that’s been going on. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that “if” this all wasn’t true, why would there be so many women coming forth claiming otherwise. I agree, maybe 30 years…10 years…however many years seems like a long time to wait and voice accusations against someone for a wrong they may have done. But rape I’m sure, sexual assault, any accusation of this sort could not be an easy thing. When you’re up against fame, many times, you’re up against failing if you’re not the famous. So, I could see why many have not stepped up to speak until they knew there was weight (other women) voicing their stories as well.

    Aside from all of that, I too believe in the law. And right now these are all still “ifs” and “accusations” against Billy because he has not been charged with such. Mr. Cosby has not been proven a criminal nor a rapist…only a “consensual” lover. So until this happens…I’ll keep reading and listening for a trial and a verdict…then that outcome….shall be the truth I believe.

    • Jill, how about a living “tarnished” legend? There was yet another woman today who accuses Cosby of drugging her and raping her 12 years ago. That puts the count at a staggering 19 women and counting….

  15. Tinisha. S says:

    The memories associate with Bill Cosby is now tarnish forever rather he is found guilty or not. Whenever someone hear or Google him accusation of rape will appear as a part of his reputation. Although, I believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty I am not totally against the possibility that these accusation could be true. Some have argued the time frame of the alleged victims and why did they wait so long to come forth, however we are forgetting women’s rights during that era and how hard it was for women to convict a man,especially one of such status, of rape. I believe these women finally took a stand recently once they found out the number of women he’s been accused of hurting. Once they found out that he has yet to stop they became infuriated and decided that it’s better to be late reveling the truth rather than never.

  16. Jocelyn D says:

    I realize a lot of events have come to surface as well and that it sucks because if allegations are not true that will be forever over Bill Cosby’s head. I believe that someone is innocent until proven guilty but that still will not cause anyones mind to wonder no matter how much they believe in innocent till proven guilty. I understand it is hard to prosecute someone like Bill Cosby but my thing is as women we have to stop taking the easy way out such as taking “hush money”. Nothing in this world will never get accomplished if we keep doing this because it makes it harder for the next woman and also it makes it possible for someone else to be a victim. We can’t change the situation now and it stands that Bill Cosby could possibly be a serial rapist and if he is it is clear that justice needs to be served. It is difficult to get the true story with taking sides and that is going to be the toughest piece of this because unless someone else was in the room when action were taking place its all he say she say.

  17. Cenetta B says:

    This is a sensitive topic for me. While these accusations are years old, they are certainly not the first, and I think most people are not aware of that. He was also accused in 2005 by Andrea Constand, and he settled out of court. They had a large amount of witnesses then, including Barbara Bowman and Beth Ferrier. I also find it interesting that the methods these women say he used to sexually assault them are similar.

    Its ridiculous to use how long many of these women waited to come out about being raped by Cosby against them. Especially in a society in which we victim blame SO many women who are raped. We ask what they were wearing, why didn’t they stop themselves from getting raped, and what they did to put themselves in that situation. There are hundreds of thousands of women who are raped who never say a word to the police about it, and I know several of them.

    People seem to have a difficult time differentiating Bill Cosby from Heathcliff Huxtable, however I have no problem doing that whatsoever, nor am I waiting on the courts to decide it for me. Courts have long showed themselves in favor of privilege, rather than the body of evidence, especially recently. Quite frankly, Cosby isn’t even in court. His reputation is just being attacked, and I hope they burn it down. Sorry. Not sorry.

    • Cenetta, good points, the actor isn’t necessarily the man and vice-versa. BTW, the count is now 20 (!) women, black and white, who say essentially the same thing. I was alone with him, he drugged me, raped me, and then said that’s the price of fame.

  18. pycarter says:

    I don’t know anything about the other women and if this proves to be true Bill Cosby should have been criminally prosecuted not just sought after to be publicly embarrassed. I am not saying Bill Cosby is not guilty but I don’t have too much stock in Janice Dickinson and I am not slamming the gavel before anyone has proven the guilt or innocence of Bill Cosby nor will I be judging by public opinion his guilt or innocence. One thing I do know besides Janice Dickinson being the first Supermodel is she was broke and a money hungry drug addict and trying to be on anybody’s cable channel to get paid. Janice story is questionable and since she felt she had so much importance from what I saw of her interview she should have been the first to come out when she wrote her storylines years ago exposing the monster. But what I do know is many African Americans are not too happy to run to Bill Cosby’s rescue because of some of the harsh critical statements he was saying publicly to African American families a few years back and not apologizing when he was criticized about the context of his statements, Now if the allegations are true I wonder what he called many black fathers “promiscuity abandonment” hold to him being called and labeled publicly a “serial rapist” who induced young girls and women with drugs. So Bill Cosby is probably getting mixed support from the African American community right about now where many probably feel he is just getting payback for his 2004-2005 media tour of negative comments about the black community. He certainly is holding back on his comments and media tours for this conversation on “serial rapists” in the black and white community. But I will not rush t9 judge Bill Cosby until he has been proven guilty.

  19. Okwudili Ogbodo says:

    I’m a fan and will continue to be a fan of Bill Cosby until he’s proven guilty. My special likeness for Bill Cosby grew when he was bastardized trying to speak the truth about blacks ignorance, the use of specific vernacular, dropout, and jail rates. I know the allegations are not favorable to him, but I have a reservation that the law should consider why it took so long for the accusers to come forward. However, I can’t wait to see the event unfold in his favor because I had a class mate many years ago who narrated how many of her friends put their boyfriends in jail accusing them of rape just because they found out that the guys were cheating on them.
    I believe that these women are out to extort money from him because I do not see why they did not show up in his 2005 accusation according to Cenetta B.

    • Ashley G says:

      O.O.-spoken like a true male…you have no idea what a woman who has been victimized has to deal with, none! Extort money? No, They aren’t saying that, they just want the serial drugging rapist Coz to fess up. 22 women O.O., 22 women and more apparently coming forward. Cosby is a pervert and rapist.

      • Jalesa W. says:


        Being a man has nothing to do with it. Okwudili’s comment seemed to have striked a nerve. It would be close-minded of you to not think that this entire case may be a fraud. These women may be telling the truth, but they may also be lying. Either way, this case will never be prosecuted. Even if it’s true, you fail to realize that these women lack DNA and evidence. Like I said in my post, if they really wanted him prosecuted they should have fought back then for themselves.

      • Okwudili Ogbodo says:

        I’m not saying that raping is acceptable, all am saying is that even those who must have seduced him and who must have wanted to sleep with him by all means, after enjoying themselves are now shouting rape. There is even a possibility that those women raped him because he was everything a woman would had wanted from a man. I don’t believe the allegation, period.

  20. Jalesa W. says:

    This case makes me feel some type of way. Several women are coming out of no where with rape accusations about Bill Cosby. Because of who he is, this may or may not be true. This case is like a domino effect and it reminds of the Tiger Woods case. One woman speaks up, then all of a sudden every woman gains the courage to come forward. One thing I do not understand is why didn’t these women speak up years ago. Let’s take it back. I’m not one to use race as the problem, but BACK then, it was very prevalent. I don’t care who you are or what you did, but several black mean were crucified for so-called raping a white female. Majority of the time, it was found to be untrue. At the end of the day, these women should have said something BACK then. We must realize the current times. Rape cases are based upon DNA and evidence. Last time I checked, these women don’t have either. So it’s there word against theirs.

  21. junior j says:

    I don’t believe it and whether or not it is true. These women waited so long and now they need monetary compensation for these acts that happen decades again. I don’t know who Bill Cosby made upset but this is a smear campaign to tarnish his legacy but at the end of the day if he never works again he will be set until his demise and so will his children and even great grandchildren. The only thing I’m sad about is that this generation won’t get to see just how talented Bill is. These accusations have stopped Bill from making any new money but the old money still has him living in the lap of luxury and these women should be a shame of themselves for wanting to extort a man who has brought some much laughter and joy into their homes and countless others. I have never known anyone who has been the victim of rape to want money as bad as these women, most women want physical harm brought against the perpetrator or to see the that person go to jail but money, come on people just look at the attorney that is representing these women.

    • Julie T says:

      JJ,, you need to try real hard and separate the ACTOR who as you say brought laughter and joy into people’s homes you know, for a living and was incredibly well-paid from the pervert, drugging rapist! 22 women and no one is saying they want a dime, no, they want the truth to come out. He was your role-model or you admire him, who cares, get over it. someone can be talented as he was AND have a dark-side as he so obviously did and does. And until it happens to you and until you turn into a woman don’t even try and judge women and their reasons for being intimidated and scared and ashamed to some forward. It is male ego and power and some belief that every woman must just want $$$ that allowed this lying pervert to keep his dirty secrets secret for so long. Please read these women’s stories and claims closely, maybe then you can still like the Cosby show while knowing the truth that he is one sick dude!

    • Thalia K says:

      JJ., I don’t know you but you sound totally off your rocker! Are you crazy?? The 22 women that Cosby raped and drugged should be ashamed of themselves, huh, what? Nobody says they want money but even if they do, good for them! How about you get drugged and raped and then see if you feel you should get something for your trouble, horror and trauma. Julie is right, get over your Huxtable fixation, he is an actor and a pervert at that!

  22. Theresa L says:

    This seems to be the new hot topic in the daily news lately so I had to post about this blog. I knew Bill Cosby was known for many things in his life but I did not realize how big of an impact he had on little children. I may have over read this blog but these accusations are now recently being brought up in the media now? I am confused why these women are just now going around accusing him and not when it immediately happened. Is it all true? It’s crazy to think of how such an outstanding actor and comedian can ruin his career by a simple mistake that could have been avoided. Personally I was never a fan of Cosby but it does sadden me to think of all the children and adults that now have to turn him away from what he did. People are disgusting!

  23. cynthia w says:

    I really wish that something could be definitively decided here. It is a shame that his name is being dragged thru the mud, however, it is justified if the accusations are true. I just wish there was a way that it would be proved either way so that things can be done according to the law and it not be just a case of he said/she said.

    • Kaitlin G says:

      Cynthia, more like he doesn’t say and she (now 30 of them) say a lot!! Let’s face it, he is 2 people, the funny, talented comic actor and the rapist, pervert who should go to jail for his crimes.

      • cynthia w says:

        Yes, I understand completely, I believe there are now over 30 women who have come forward. I just wish something final could be decided so that everyone can get some peace/justice.

      • JusticeNow4all says:

        Cynthia, there is-Cosby needs to come clean, admit he is a pervert and rapist who drugged women for his won sexual gratification and that he needs help. Then, maybe there will be some peace. Justice? Probably not. he’s been too clever and evil over the years.

  24. Kelsey G says:

    The uproar of ll of the allegations against Mr.Cosby all seem strange to me. With all of the various females coming out with their stories several years after the “acts” have taken place is puzzling. Lately Mr.Cosby has not made himself look the best in the lime light with his comments and actions to certain topics and then everything dies down, then all of a sudden he has become a rapist. Why hasn’t any spoken up before now? Do they think they can get a plea bargain with Mr.Cosby? It is interesting that the article did not mention any pressing charges against him but he and his lawyer are getting more quiet about the situation. Are these ladies just looking for a little cash or did these acts take place?

    • Melanie R says:

      Kelsey, Why is it so hard to believe not 11 but 30 women but because Cosby was an actor we are supposed to believe him, despite him or his lawyer not making any public denials?? Why so hard to believe he was a serial rapist and over the years many women felt powerless against him due to his status and power? Really? Cash. Not now, there are no real ability to prosecute him. This is about this pervert and rapist who had to drug women to have sex come clean and give these women some peace of mind before he kicks it.

  25. Trey H says:

    Some old, washed-up comedian. Big deal. Send him to prison, he’ll get lots of action there. Yep, an old pervert who drugged women, yeah, he’ll be a big hit with bubba.

  26. Jade M says:

    Every time I discuss the Bill Cosby Rape accusations, my mind becomes flustered. I love Bill Cosby, he is a influential African-American to aspire and I’ve seen him on television my whole entire life.That’s what makes it so hard for anyone to believe he could ever RAPE anyone, especially twenty women and counting! I’m not saying he is innocent or guilty because realistically, no one really knows what goes on behind doors in Hollywood/film industry.
    Imagine being a young adult in the seventies trying to be “famous,” people don’t ever come out about it but they probably did some things they would later regret,to get where they wanted to be. I feel as if society has not distinguished Bill Cosby apart from the warm loving dad he played on The Cosby Show. Wether it is a hoax or not, it is important for woman to be aware of how society looks at the accused. When a women claims to be sexually assaulted by a rich or honorable man, it’s going to be so complicated to prove the male guilty. Previous comments argue if these women were raped about thirty years ago, why wait now to speak? The same reason i just gave, because society would probably have not believed they were raped by Bill Cosby. There are so many women who are raped and do not come out about it, they just try to put it past them. Thirty or so years ago, women and the world were not really educated on sexual assault, which is another factor on why this is probably coming out now! To get a little deeper, if the media could’ve had a story on this in the seventies it could have raised racial tension in African-American communities. A great black figure accused of raped, would have just been another reason to diminish the pedestal Bill Cosby was standing on.

  27. bcferguson says:

    Like many people, I grew up watching Fat Albert and listening to Cosby albums. Things seem to have quieted down now so it will be interesting to see if Cosby emerges from this. I also think if Burress had called Cosby a rapist any other time it would have been laughed off. But there is a movement to make people aware of crimes against women. Not that people weren’t aware, but evidently these crimes weren’t being taken seriously enough. Give the man his day in court and let a jury decide.

    • 4 more accusers came forward yesterday. That places the total at 42 accusers. Hey, hey, hey indeed.

      • Julie H says:

        The case against Bill Crosby is still on going, and recently 4 more victims have joined the lawsuit. I have been following the case since it opened and I believe he did commit the awful acts that he is accused of. I believe that Bill Crosby was in a position of power, and he used that power for years to get away with the awful acts he committed. He believed that he was above the law, and that he would never get caught.

        Dr. Rabidoux- I tried to put this in as a post entry, but the blog would not allow me to complete the post.

  28. Veronica P says:

    There are some comments on here that try to defend Bill Cosby by questioning why the victims took so long to come forward with their allegations. I think this says a lot about how the world needs to be more educated about sex crimes and how they affect victims. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to report a crime like this being committed against you, but when you imagine trying to do so against someone who was as rich, powerful, and well liked as Cosby, it becomes clear why the victims may have taken so long. I think it’s also ignorant to accuse these women of only going public now simply for money. That is a lot of shame to make public just to get a pay day. I’m not sure if Cosby is guilty or not, and I think there may never be definitive proof one way or the other since it happened so long ago, but regardless of that, people need to consider what they’re accusing these women of doing if they actually were attacked by him. If it were any other John Doe off of the street, I doubt people would be saying “if it really happened to them, why did they take so long to tell the truth?”

  29. Richard B. says:

    What a nightmare for both sets of parties, the accused and the accusers. The whole ordeal reinforces the importance of appropriate statutes of limitations. Let it be litigated in the civil courts as it is all far too old and stale to place anyone in jeopardy of incarceration. Since the only remedy the accusers can get at this point is money, it seems fair to suggest money is now the driving motive regardless of the underlying truth. I suppose if you don’t do drugs or hang around with people who do drugs you may be able to decrease your risk of falling victim to intoxicated molestation.

  30. Fransiska S says:

    People are willing to do anything for money or fame. It’s funny that the people coming foward all have the same story. Either this is truth or individuals are copying other individuals stories in order to make it look like the truth. I feel like if the ” victims ” really want to make a difference then they would have not settled for money out of court. The worst punishment you can give a person is ruining a person’s character.

  31. Chris D says:

    It can be hard to believe these claims of despicable acts because of all very public and largely successful works throughout his career. I for one, have long considered Cosby as the All-American celebrity that has done things the right way, genuinely caring about his impact on future generations. I must say though, that I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for the man and pray that these accusations are in fact false. But this may be wishful thinking on my part.

  32. Julie H says:

    The case against Bill Crosby is still on going, and recently 4 more victims have joined the lawsuit. I have been following the case since it opened and I believe he did commit the awful acts that he is accused of. I believe that Bill Crosby was in a position of power, and he used that power for years to get away with the awful acts he committed. He believed that he was above the law, and that he would never get caught.

  33. Julie H says:

    The case against Bill Crosby is still on going, and recently 4 more victims have joined the lawsuit. I have been following the case since it opened and I believe he did commit the awful acts that he is accused of. I believe that Bill Crosby was in a position of power, and he used that power for years to get away with the awful acts he committed. He believed that he was above the law, and that he would never get caught…….

  34. Ambreshia says:

    I heard of the stories in the news and seen some footage of interviews with Bill Cosby. I would have to say that i am shocked, very shocked at the entirety of the case and charges. I have not been following the case but i may catch an update here and there. I feel as if the victims should have come out with it at the time. I also feel that if Cosby did commit all of these rapes then he should be punished just as any one else would. Its just hard to grasp the fact that Bill Cosby may have committed crimes as such. I, just as well as many others, grew up with his television character and grew to love him as a great role model for all colors. As far as this case goes, justice will prevail and my prayers go out to the families.

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