Artie Lange, Cari Champion and the Trouble with Tweeting!


November 10, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

Artie Lange

Artie apparently decided it was time he got fired.

With apologies to all my trekkie followers (look again at the headline, you know what I mean) there is a rather simple yet profound “take-away” for all of us from the recent, regrettable, Artie Lange tweeting fiasco.

William shatner

The Trouble with Tribbles, yes (pause) I (pause) remember that (pause) show.

First, for those who may have missed it-Artie Lange is a self-described, pudgy, stubble-faced, blunt, white, comedian. He is also a Saturday Night Live alum and the host of the @midnight radio show. He is who he is and he does what he does. And sometimes he can be funny. Very funny. Comedy is of course a very personal matter. But for me, he misses the mark more than he hits it. So be it. His stand-up comedy shows don’t seem more “blue” or vulgar than say Eddie Murphy at his typical, Chris Rock or well, most comedians, guys or girsl who do “live” comedy. R.I.P. Ms. Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers

Artie, even too perverse and vulgar for me!

Long story short, the “F-Bomb” seems “de rigeur” if you do stand-up comedy these days. Bob Hope never used it to my knowledge but hey, times change, right?

Well, it appears that there is an acceptable, even expected standard when you pay $50 a pop to see someone make you laugh on stage as opposed to when you land on the dial for a live radio talk show. And an even different standard when you tweet or are tweeted at.

And there in lies the very contemporary nature of today’s tweeting and its own code of what is and is not acceptable to tweet.

Still confused?

Artie Lange recently went on an epic “tweet-a-thon” about Ms. Cari Champion. She is the moderator or hostess of ESPN’s “First Take” a sports debate show that features Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayliss. She is also relatively young, African-American, and attractive (though truth be told when your competition is Messrs. Smith and Bayliss it’s tough not to be the “attractive one” but again, this is all very subjective and personal).

cari cahampion

The classy and talented Cari Champion who is no doubt glad this is as close as Artie will (hopefully) ever get to her in real life.

Artie took his own “attraction” nay, infatuation with Ms. Champion a step, or two, or a dozen, too far.

His tweets described an extremely vulgar personal “fantasy” of some type of master-slave, pre-civil war type of rape fantasy of Ms. Champion which Lange admitted even disgusted his own Mother.

When you turn your own Mom off from your comedy that alone should tell you that you went way, way too far but Mr. Lange “doubled-down.” Kudos to the very classy and professional Ms. Champion who has to date refused to be brought into this nonsense and vulgarity.

Not Artie. He has been ranting loud and often about the “PC Police” and the “liberal idiots” who would have him “muzzled.” He also declared that if he listened to his own Mom he’d be broke and not the apparently, big star that he is today.

And this is where Artie and I part company (actually, we parted well before he “shared” too much about Ms. Champion, but you get the point).

Personally, I am rather tired of anytime any celebrity or athlete or politician says or does something vulgar, illegal, immoral or all three, h/she (usually he, let’s be honest here) blames the “PC Police.”

Nope. No way you are going to wriggle out of this that easy Artie. Sure, you can share whatever demented and perverse “fantasy” you harbor on the very worldwide twitter-dom but you can’t then claim you are being “persecuted” when the vast majority of twitter folks and for that matter anyone who heard of this news, groans a very audible “yuck.”

chihuahua w big eyes

Artie better never come to my neighborhood man, I’ll rip him a new one.

My own take-away-Sometimes the “PC Police” gets a bad rap. And sometimes “over-sharing” leads to suspensions and firings. It’s how sponsors and society get to have the final word or two.

And in this despicable incident, the final word or two for you Mr. Lange is “Not Funny.”

You should have listened to your Mother. A lesson for us all.

The other lesson?

If you find yourself wondering “Is this really suitable for tweeting,” the answer is almost always, “No.”


Please. Tweet with Care.


15 thoughts on “Artie Lange, Cari Champion and the Trouble with Tweeting!

  1. Cenetta B says:

    I don’t even know where to begin, other than the feelings of disgust from imagining what he could have possibly said. The description “extremely vulgar personal “fantasy” of some type of master-slave, pre-civil war type of rape fantasy of Ms. Champion” sent a shudder down my spine. Gross.

    I completely agree with the notion of tweeting with care, and, as an avid tweeter, I wish everyone would. On many occasions there have been “oversharing”. Thank God for the mute/spam/block combo, it always works.

    As far as the content of the tweets, I find it very disturbing that he had a civil-war fantasy and, as a public figure, he decided that it was a smart decision to tweet about it. He needs a PR rep, and fast.

  2. Sharriette F says:

    It is doubtful that liberals or conservatives would want to claim Artie Lange. Though I do not want to make any judgments on his character, I have to say that in some ways we have become too tolerant. From my perspective, publicly posting a rape fantasy is criminal and evil. Why hasn’t he been arrested? Though Ms. Champion has the wisdom to not associate herself with Lange, I wonder if she has the right to press charges. Rape is treated too flippantly in our society. It is time to stop celebrating all of the entertainers who consider that behavior okay—in any form.

  3. Teddi C says:

    Perhaps he is a celebrity and perhaps he is not. I have never heard of him. I find his behavior unacceptable and political correctness has nothing to do with my response. I sometimes think we go too far with “pc” behavior and make assumptions about people based on being politically correct. My response to Mr. Lange is based on my belief that we need to be respectful to others. His behavior is not respectful making it unacceptable.

    Twitter can be used in a very positive way. I teach my students to use social media to promote themselves by highlighting the positive things they are doing. It’s unfortunate that individuals use these outlets in such a negative manner.

    Kudos to Ms. Champion for not participating in the media frenzy.

  4. Patricia B says:

    You know, we used to be told that if we felt like we had to communicate something mean, demeaning, insulting, nasty, etc., that we should write it in a letter, put the letter aside for a couple of days, go back and read it again – and our usual response at that point would be to tear it up and throw it away. Unfortunately, with electronic media – twitter, email, facebook, myspace, and others – you don’t have the option to let it sit a couple of days. Once you type it in and hit enter it is there for everyone else to see. Think better of it later – too bad, the damage is already done.

    Then there are people like this one – I have not heard of him before – who just seem to have no filters on their behavior at all. Political correctness has nothing to do with it, in my opinion. It is the feeling that he is entitled to say and do whatever he feels like with no consequences. Electronic media seems to increase that feeling.

    We had a young intern who was unhappy the other day because we were short of space and he had to share an office with another intern for a few weeks. He immediately blasted us on Facebook and Twitter. While we could have immediately terminated him, we tried to use it as a teaching moment and explained to him what the repercussions could be for doing that. Did he have a “right” to say whatever he wanted? Sure – but he also needed to be ready to accept the consequences of doing so. Unfortunately, people seem to feel there should be NO consequences for their actions/posts on social media.

    Ms.Champion earns my respect for her failure to engage in Lange’s anti-social behavior. Lange only earns my contempt for his total lack of understanding of accepted social behavior.

  5. imcdpa says:

    What about just a “C” here versus “PC”? What the guy wrote was idiotic, for effect, and just play crude. It’s incorrect, not just politically incorrect. Like the rest of the Stern crew and alums, Lange is/was funny at times but I don’t listen due to the constant “jokes” on people with developmental disabilities and frequent and liberal (mis)use of the word “retard” and the like. But his goal was reached – we are discussing it, people are tweeting and blogging about it, so I guess that makes us suckers? 🙂

  6. B. Alston says:

    Each time I hear or read about some dysfunctional/inappropriate post, tweet, etc. within social media there isn’t surprise. I myself have chosen to refrain from joining Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. because of the additional time, energy, and emotional energy these mediums can requires to be “entertained”. Only if there was a true “code of social media ethics”.

  7. Tinisha S. says:

    This situation is the perfect example of how society has become too l tolerable to certain behaviors such as tweeting a sexual/racial fantasy. I myself am not a avid tweeter, in actuality I don’t even have a twitter account because of reasons such as this revealing too much personal information. I barely have a Facebook and that is to keep in contact with family members, but that is beside the the point. The point in this matter is that celebrities think they are above the law and can do whatever they please without consequences such as this case. Artie Lange has yet to face any consequences about his action besides from comments from angry citizens. It saddens me to know that people are bold enough to post or tell about their criminal activities, and law enforcement can’t do anything about it unless those thoughts of criminal activity are acted upon.

  8. C. Williamson says:

    Well first there is this thing called free speech. We tend to forget about that when we want to persecute and find those guilty for whatever reason. However, this is just another example of where we are in society. Technology allows us to present our thoughts immediately to the world and without recourse. Did he go too far, most likely he did in my opinion. He was over the edge for a comedian, but most in Hollywood will give him a pass based on his profession. I cant say I approve of the message he is sending to our younger generation. But with that thought, lets think for a moment what our teens our tweeting and texting on a daily routine to one another. I’m still rather young I guess, but in today’s teens eyes I’m a dinosaur, because I still believe in self respect, not telling everything about your life to the world through the internet, and my mom would not be proud of her achievement if I spoke vile publicly about another person.
    However, its the world we live in today. Some things we must accept and move on, most likely the less attention Lange gets the better.

  9. pycarter says:

    Artie Lange was not tweeting a personal fantasy about Cari Champion it was the actual realistic, twisted, and psychotic evilness of his character wanting to rape and enslave an African American female. Then the jerk has the nerve to blame his saddistic and criminal behavior on those he dislike in society. I don’t know him and the less I know about the drug induced pervert the better off my space will be. I am saying he uses drugs because of his sick behavior to tweet something so perverted and cruel about rape to any female of any race is just unexplainable. I am sick of celebrities thinking they can say or do anything without facing consequences of criminal charges would be a perfect start for this jerk!!

  10. Tricia P says:

    People seem to confuse free speech with freedom from being criticized. You are free to say whatever you want, but you can’t prevent people from being offended and airing their concerns. If you put something on social media, you can’t prevent people from reacting to it simply because they do not react the way you wanted them to. Hopefully people will keep this in mind before they decide to share something on social media. Generally, I follow the rule that if you have to ask “Is this ok to post?” that usually means it isn’t.

  11. Megan G says:

    Somehow I missed this entire debacle. I was unaware that any of this took place. To me, this is much, much more than an issue of political correctness. I am close friends with an At;ants-area comedian, and I see the shows he puts on on a regular basis. Let me be the first to say, comedians can and do get away with a lot. There are sometimes things said at those shows that make me squirm, but to me, this is an entirely different level. I find this whole issue not only disgusting, but also quite frightening.

  12. bcferguson says:

    I must have been on vacation when this event transpired, but it does touch on some matters that I have been thinking about lately. The first is that the internet is forever. If you write something and post it (just like here) it’s no longer yours. Now, some people are more sensitive than others and some people live to be offended. Artie Lange is as you say, Artie Lange. In a real sense, he is trolling everyone. Saying outrageous things to garner reaction. But free speech is free speech. Twitter can cancel his account if he has broken their rules, but as Voltaire said, I may disagree with what you say, but I shall defend to the death, your right to say it. Everyone’s right to free speech must be protected.

  13. Levi says:

    Old news, but I’ve run out of more recent post to meet my quota.
    Free speech is an important part of America. But, one must also consider what is respectful language, and what is disrespectful. In comedy, shock humor is supposed to present the audience with something so absurd that they laugh, maybe out of discomfort, I think. I feel that shock humor is a bit of a “cheap” form of comedy. I know that Mr. Lange is a frequent installment on Howard Stern’s radio show, a show known for its edginess and crude humor. I did a search and found the tweet in question by Mr Lange, and I do not see the humor in it. There is no comedic value to me, only the bizarre rantings of a creepy middle-aged man. It is best to keep those thoughts repressed, Mr. Lange, or seek help.

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