Nine-Month Old Baby to be Tried for Murder. No Joke.


April 8, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

baby being processed

Baby Musa Khan being processed prior to his indictment for attempted murder. No joke.

It is hard to believe the words that I am about to write. A 9 month-old baby is in hiding after being accused of taking part in an attempted murder in Pakistan. Let me check the calendar again to be sure today is not the 1st of April and I am not being made to play the fool (it wouldn’t be the first or last time, mind you).

No, I don’t appear to be the target of a tragic prank.

So, let me start again.

The baby, a nine-month old named Musa Khan, reportedly cried when they fingerprinted him at the courthouse and sucked on his bottle of milk. Hey, who doesn’t cry and want a bottle of milk when they are being processed by the cops?

disney baby

I’m taking names and I’ll get my justice.

Next, he grabbed the microphones of journalists covering this unfathomable incident and made, well, baby gurgling noises into the microphones (still, more coherent than the noises most criminals make when being interviewed by reporters).

But here’s the thing-How can a baby (a baby!) actually be accused of taking part in an attempted murder, let alone be processed and have a court date to be indicted and a trial scheduled?

What did baby Khan do? Did he drive the get-away carriage? Did he distract the authorities with his rattle while his grandfather and father (the other accused) do the deed?

Pakistani authorities, notorious for being corrupt, claim that the baby’s family along with other neighbors took part in a riot protesting gas rationing and price increases. When the police came to break the riot up they assert many officials were stoned and beaten nearly to death.

One of the police officials reportedly said that all lawbreakers must pay and obey, no matter what their age.


Be warned babies everywhere: Don’t come to Pakistan and make a mess…of any kind.

Look, I get the challenge many cultures and societies face when juveniles commit atrocious, very adult crimes. Depending on the state in our nation, young kids can be tried as adults as young as 13 years of age. The notorious case of young George Stinney, age 13 at the time of his arrest in 1944 still lingers. He was executed in the state of South Carolina for allegedly murdering two other children, aged 11 and 8.

But a baby?

Forget about the controversial ongoing debate over when one’s frontal brain lobe develops sufficiently to allow for mature reasoning and contemplation. This particular accused suspect hasn’t even switched from baby formula to real food yet.

And this is about the time when I start to get stirred up thinking about how parts of the world and other cultures use the unfathomable or disagreeable parts of our own culture and society as justification for a whole range of hostile acts against us.

If only there were some cosmic mirror of truth where we could all see our reflection laid bare and realize the error of our ways. Before it’s too late.

Disney mirror

Closest thing we have to a universal Mirror of Truth. Sadly.

Sadly there is not. But I do know one thing with certainty. There is, without any equivocation, nothing right, justifiable or reasonable about arresting, indicting and trying a nine-month old baby for attempted murder.

Pakistani officials should be ashamed today. And that shame should hopefully serve as a wake-up call.

Civilized societies don’t act this way. Ever.




51 thoughts on “Nine-Month Old Baby to be Tried for Murder. No Joke.

  1. Wade M says:

    This story is hard to believe and I just do not understand a culture that considers this action normal. Just glad that I live in a better place.

  2. Daphney Y says:

    I am also outraged that they would even consider something this crazy! What is this world coming to? You would think that with the advancement of science and basic knowldge that they woudl be able to understand that a nine-month-old baby isn’t even capable of committing a crime because they do not know right from wrong. Any courtroom that would even allow this foolishness should be watched very carefully because it takes a crook to consider convicting a baby.

  3. Mark M says:

    Yes this made national news, and to think what the official are thinking when they pressed charges on the baby. I will bet he doesn’t even know what he was convicted of yet. I don’t know what Pakistanian official think about it but it is absurd to tell a baby that it has been convicted when the baby doesn’t even know his left from its right yet.

  4. Jamie K says:

    I can’t believe that they’re arresting a nine month old. I understand that the government is corrupt, but don’t people have a heart? Something that baby “did” is going to follow him how whole life. What happens when he is old enough for a job? How is he going to explain this to a potential employer?

  5. Gabrielle R says:

    After reading this article, i was shocked in disbelief. Arresting a nine month old child is not acceptable. The baby had no clue in what he was apart of. There should be no reason as to why the government would even consider putting the child in jail. This just go to show how cruel our government can be.

  6. Kirshana C says:

    I am a little confused on what the baby is being tried for. What exactly did he do? That does not even sound logical arresting a baby for what reason? Was he there during the crime casting stones and beating up people. Really, a nine month old baby. Wow. I do not have many words for this one. The child can not even talk yet let alone murder someone. Now that I start to think about it, it does sound like some sort of a joke. Picture a baby beating up grown people. Stewie from Family Guy. Was he one of those types kids? I highly doubt it.

  7. Chris C says:

    I agree with what most of the people who commented on this article said about how they were in disbelief about the fact that a baby would be accused and tried for such a heinous crime. It is actually quite comical that any government would do this to a baby.

  8. Y'Keisha says:

    As I was just reading the article headline, I was thinking that the baby was being tried because he probably shot somebody on accident, but I was completely wrong. I believe Paskistan is doing too much right now by putting a baby on trial because he was with his father and grandfather during the time on the protest. Maybe because his mother was working so the father ended up having to babysit him for the day. lol. Unfortunately, I feel bad for the infant because he has the undergo adult criminal situations before he can eat solid foods, walk, or even talk fluently. Shake my head.

  9. Vincent J says:

    This whole situation is completely outrageous. Clearly a 9 month year old baby could not be capable of intentionally murdering anyone. Pakistan is in need of a new government because things are not right over there. There needs to be major changes. This baby should, in no way be convicted.

  10. Sarah D says:

    I am left speechless with the level of absurdity surrounding this case. A baby is without a doubt the most innocent form of human life, still uncorrupted by the world. How could a child be responsible for the attempted murder of another person? At nine months old, this baby has less ability or motive to harm and kill another person than a small dog. I see it as a primitive style of punishment where the government causes harm to the families of the accused in order to inflict more pain on the ones responsible for the alleged crime. Essentially I think the Pakistani government is leaving a message- Try and riot against us, we will come after your families. I believe that there is simply a blanket of “processing” being thrown over the truth of this KKK or gang style justice being used to enforce the power of the government in Pakistan.

  11. Shantel W says:

    This is absolutely absurd, I mean they plan to charge this child for attempted murder? This doesn’t make any sense, at such a young age this child doesn’t have the cognitive or abstract thinking skills to understand the fundamentals of murder. I just don’t understand their thinking. Even after they charge this innocent baby for this heinous crimes what punishment can they possibly give the child. Someone still has to care for the child and educate him.

  12. Lauren T says:

    I am confused as well. How can a baby be arrested for murder? A baby can literally cause no harm. Where would they even put a baby that was incarcerated? I feel like Pakistan is trying to prove a point about their government, but I don’t really know what that point could be. The baby can’t even talk to be able to vow to tell the “truth and nothing but the truth” in court. This is just fowl.

  13. Evan P says:

    I think that this completely unacceptable and unbelievable. There is no way that a nine month old baby can commit any crimes let alone a crime like murder. Where would the baby even go if it is convicted? to baby jail? lol, Pakistan just took a big loss as far as how the world views it.

  14. Yassir A says:

    It is hard to believe this story. The kid did not even learn how to walk, how could he commit a murder crime. Pakistanis must do something about this and limit their government

  15. Kay A-L says:

    I didn’t think the day would ever come where I would hear about a baby being arrested, but in these days and times I guess anything is possible. I cannot believe that they are trying to try a baby and although Pakistans believe that anyone who does a crime should be punished, I think the US won’t be able to do anything except get involved if the situation gets worse because it will cause so much upheaval in the states.

  16. Gabrielle W says:

    Well, I can say that nothing surprises me anymore. I believe that this reflects great flaws and, quite honestly, ignorance of the Pakistani government. The fact that a 9 month old child is being accused of murder should raise up a couple red flags, or so I would think. The fact that they are actually trying the child, well, that’s utter ridiculousness. I hope for the best outcome for this child.

  17. Dominique E says:

    This story is unbelievable. The kid isn’t even one and he’s being charged with attempted murder? He can barely walk, how could authorities even think to charge him with attempted murder? The government in Pakistan has lost it. Good thing the case has been thrown out!

  18. Taylr T. says:

    This is one of those times where I wonder what kind of world we live in. A nine month old baby being processed for murder is one of those things you have to see to believe and I never want to see a basically innocent life taken away like that.

  19. Casey H says:

    I could hardly believe this story when I read it. Obviously, it is corruption pure and simple. A 9 month year old baby, or even a 2 year old would not have the capacity to purposely mentally plan a crime, much less have the physical ability to commit it. I don’t even think mentioning a lack of evidence is necessary here. The arrest and possible conviction is nothing but a complete joke.

  20. Tyler Wall says:

    This is crazy! The kid can’t even walk or talk and he is being booked for murder. This just shows the freedom that we have and how much we should cherish it. I do not believe this child should be punished for something he didn’t even do, better yet something he couldn’t physically do. Pakistan is a crazy place.

  21. Abigail A says:

    This may sound hilarious but is a very serious problem. How is it possible and why must such even happen? I bet they would have arrested the family dog if it had been present during the crime. I am sitting here trying to imagine the baby on trial and asking myself if he’ll be made to talk himself or maybe his mother will be his spokesperson. I really feel sorry for this baby who’s life might even be taken because of the charges being pressed against him. Ignorance and wickedness at their peak!

  22. Sharriette F says:

    Oh my goodness! Reading this makes my heart heavy. The thought of a baby being subjected to this is more vexing than I can express. If this was an attempt to be humane and keep the baby with his family, perhaps this action could make a little sense. That does not seem to be the case. What if this baby is actually found guilty? Would they actually incarcerate a baby? Is this the essence of life in Pakistan? This is really scary and has me praying for a baby I may never know. With all that we witness and endure in the United States, happenings like this remind me that it is a great thing to be an American. We enjoy a freedom here that is so easy to take for granted. Thanks, Dr. Rabidoux, for keeping us in the know about such things.

  23. LaMoya N says:

    It is sad to know that we live in a world where babies now pose as a potential threat. That doesn’t even make sense. That government has taken the word corrupt and turned it into a much more evil word. Seriously, what can an innocent baby, whom is not even old enough to feed himself, going to do in jail? How can anyone look at a beautiful child and treat the baby as a criminal! For Christ sakes, the baby cannot even think for himself. Oh yea, maybe the vicious criminals will be so scared of being gummed to death because that baby does not even have all of his teeth yet! America needs to wake up and realize how much privilege we have. This is a big eye opener for me, and this will certainly help me to realize our true freedoms that so many take for granted (including me).

  24. Jayne D says:

    Wow! Talk about corruption. It is disturbing that a baby can be fingerprinted and charged of murder. Can the baby even crawl yet? I am just thinking of my 1 year old nephew. Something like that can be devastating for a family. Luckily we do not see things like that over in these parts, but is a shame that they are allowed to take place in other countries.

  25. Kameron M says:

    I think the Pakistan goverment is corrupt, and they should be ashamed of themselves! It is absurd how they could accused a 9 month year old baby of attemtpted murder. And the comment they said about all taxpayers must pay, was crazy also. This infant is 9 months, he can’t feed,cloth, or better yet take care of himself yet.

  26. Amber G says:

    Come on people! A nine month old baby?!?! This is not some silly cartoon show where the baby is evil and plots to destroy people. This is just a NINE MONTH OLD BABY at the worng place, at the wrong time! The baby probably cant even crawl yet, let alone hold a bottle. They really should look back over the whole situation and say “WOW, This is really stupid to charge this baby for murder.”

  27. Britleigh R says:

    This is crazy. The baby probably did not even know what was going on much less attempt murder.

  28. Jasmine says:

    What is the baby capable of doing? I mean really. They look stupid, it sounds stupid! Everyone on the law enforcement involved should lose their jobs for being so simple minded. Pakistan government needs to do better with their lives.

  29. Jermaine G says:

    This is ignorant. What did the baby do? What could have the baby did to stop anything? NOTHING. This baby doesnt even know what was going on and im sure probably wasnt around when it was going on. The government in pakistan is corrupt. Not ever in my life have i heard of anything like this. So if the baby is found guilty, are they going to put him in time out for several days, weeks, months, or years? If they actually try to send this baby to prison, their government should be shut down.

  30. Steve M says:

    Well, Pakistan has now proved how ignorant and back water of a country they are. I Do not even think their laws even say in black and white that a 9-month old must be charged. It sounds like the corrupt powers that be are just being vindictive to all those concerned in the protest and how better to send a message then to attack the youngest and most innocent member of the protesters family. It is hard to believe that we, as a country, allied with them in the hunt for Osamba. Our government, no matter how bad, should be keeping an eye on this and if the Pakistani government does not reverse its attempt to prosecute this babe, maybe they should have all aide cut off to them and maybe other sanctions.

  31. Austin says:

    What the heck how can you punish a baby, Doesn’t Pakistan know how much formula and baby food is, also diapers are a lot of money and most people in prison don’t wear diapers. I don’t think that they have calculated there budget for this yet. Its dumb though how can you punish a toddler. That is wrong and weird the baby cant even speak or no right from wrong. This thing cant even walk so lets punish it for the rest of its life, not even knowing how he ended up there. This is like an unreal story it almost seems fake, but its not it just shows how unstable some governments are around the world.

  32. Amber S says:

    Haha this is taking the law to a whole new level!! This baby did not commit a crime period, and even if he had then he would have no idea what he was doing. This baby cannot feed himself nor speak for himself therefore, how could he attempt to murder someone?? They need to check their facts again and reevaluate! You just simply cannot put a harmless baby in prison, that is inhumane! That baby does not deserve what he is getting! This only shows again how Pakistan treats people with no mercy PERIOD!! I would not believe this story if some random told me this had occurred…just unreal!!

  33. Christi B says:

    Obviously, Pakistan officials are not very bright. How they could even think that that baby had something to do with this riot is beyond me! Sure arrest the family if they have done wrong and committed crimes. However, you should not charge the baby and go through the whole process with him. Take him to family services if they have that or an orphanage. Charging a baby is stupid and it makes the Pakistan government look incredibly unintelligent.

  34. Chris H says:

    This is very hard to believe. I just can’t understand why they would actually go through with the whole process.

  35. Allison M says:

    Oh, the world we live in. I never ever thought a government, no matter how underdeveloped, could justify arresting a baby. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around what an infant would look like sitting in a crib…in a jail cell. I’m just glad they came to their senses and dropped the charges. I hope no serious mental damage was done to poor baby, but hey! Now he’s got a cool story to tell. I wonder if that’s the record for youngest person ever arrested…

  36. David S says:

    I hope that Cliven Bundy in Nevada has heard about this story so he understands what an oppressive government really looks like.

  37. Cassidy D. says:

    I am absolutely in shock that a nine month old baby is being treated this way. He has no voice and cannot defend himself, and that’s heart breaking! What kind of government would allow such a things as this to take place. At what point do they say enough is enough?

  38. Kristin B says:

    It is hard to believe that the people that are in charge of the case do not think that this is ridicules. It is not like the 9 month old child can get up and walk away. I believe that this is dumb and a waste of the tax dollars in their country. There are more things that they should be worried about than a 9 month old baby.

  39. Nick C says:

    I believe this story just reflects the weakness in Pakistan’s government. I can’t understand how this makes any sense but it should serve notice to the rest of us that Pakistan’s government can’t to trusted for anything. This story while not directly dealing with US and Pakistan relations but should be keep in mind moving forward

  40. Selenseia H. says:

    Wow! I think I am still in shock. I do not know where I have been, but this is the first time I have heard about this story. It is unbelievable. How can a nine month old be responsible for such a heinous act; one he clearly could not not have committed? In the states, we have a lot (unfortunately) of teens who commit crimes and some individuals try to say they are not old enough to be tried as adults, or they were not responsible for their actions. I tend to disagree with them most time. At some point we all have to be responsible for our actions, but at nine months? Really? The Pakastani government can’t honestly believe this baby is capable of attempted murder. How could he possibly even understand the concept at such a young age. This saddens me.

  41. Karen P W says:

    So, I’m new to this conversation and had to look up where the case stands. Thank God, someone in authority with some sense has stepped up! The BBC News Asia reported on April 12, 2014 that the charges of “of planning a murder, threatening police and interfering in state affairs” had been dropped against now 12mth old Musa Khan ( Ridiculous! I was going to ask if the UN or some other international organization could be brought in to fight for this toddler’s rights. Someone took their job TOO seriously and was going to send a strong message to every fetus yet to come! Little Musa will definitely have a story to tell. I am just glad that he will have more of a chance to live to tell it. As for the officer, I am going to be on the lookout for the charges of insanity brought against him.

  42. Charles H says:

    I”m not sure that civility plays a role in this. I’m not sure I consider Pakistan a civilized society, and this incident is indicative of the nonsense so many developing nations exhibit. Sad, so sad.

  43. junior j says:

    The subject of this discussion is one still very relevant to the issues occurring in society today. There is no justification for persecuting an infant and labeling it justice. What we see so offer in the United States is our justice system “throwing the book at” the criminals who commit petty crimes while criminals who commit more serious offenses remain on the loose for very long periods of time. The rational behind being so tough on crime is to prevent others from committing offenses but just like in this situation all it does is demonstrate how clueless (or even how stupid) people in power can be. This also shows that although there are rules and even a constitution, when being a leader the decisions one has to make cannot always be found in a document or statutes or ordinances, sometimes discretion is a leaders biggest ally.

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