S.C. Woman Arrested for Late VHS Movie Rental. Streets Now Safe.


February 18, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

Monster in law DVD

So good, it’s worth going to jail for!

South Carolina, as the whole world has known for some time now, is all kinds of green with envy and red-hot jealous of its bitter rival to the North. “They” (as in North Carolina) are home to NCAA powerhouses like Duke University (the Dukies) and the Tar Heels of UNC. Those “Northerners” have professional teams like the NFL Carolina Panthers, the NBA Charlotte Bobcats, the NHL Carolina Hurricanes and even a pro Lacrosse team called the Charlotte Hounds.

Duke U basketball

How many Final Fours do you have S.C.?

Those Carolinians to the North have the uber-cool Charlotte Motor Speedway, the Biltmore estate and it’s rumored that the Wright Brothers were set to test their newly invented flying machine in what they thought was South Carolina but got confused with which state has Charlotte and which one has Charleston (and really, whom among us still isn’t sure which has which?).

Charlotte speedway

Charlotte, N.C. Speedway where South Carolinians secretly go when they want real excitement.

But now South Carolina, in an attempt to be known as more than just the Carolina state with the Gamecocks has boldly staked its claim to something before its rival to the North (finally)….

That’s right, South Carolina is apparently pulling out all the stops to ensure its fine state is indeed a VHS-Late-Movie-Rental Free Zone. All of you no good, lazy VHS Tape rental violators who never returned your movie for whatever lame excuse you had at the time, the S.C. “Po-Po” is knocking down your door next. And you hipsters with your new-fangled DVD movie diskettes (probably smuggled in to our state from NC) are next on our priority list.

Don’t believe me?

Ms. Kayla Michelle Finley, a proud South Carolinian who is now very likely thinking of moving to North Carolina, voluntarily walked into the Pickens County Sheriff’s department to report a crime. A real crime. Fearing for her well-being and safety, she sought to press charges of harassment and stalking against a male who was victimizing her.

But apparently, the men in beige at the Sheriff’s department spotted an even more egregious criminal oversight. And they quickly sprang into action to ensure justice was served.

They cuffed Kayla and tossed her in the pokey (jail) for having an overdue VHS movie tape rental. Seems Kayla, aka, “Movie-Mastermind,” rented Monster-In-Law in 2005 for her home viewing pleasure. Counting Kayla, this cinematic slip-up, starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda, was seen by about 4 people. And three of them didn’t have to pay.

Charleston Chew

The Charleston Chew candy bar, pride of S.C. Even though it’s actually not made there.

Didn’t matter. The law is the law to the boys in beige in Pickens County. And apparently, there’s no statute of limitations on such a heinous crime. Not in these parts friend. And don’t even try squirming from the law’s firm grasp with the excuse that the VHS Movie rental store you rented it from is no longer in business. It isn’t (well, of course a VHS movie rental store is no longer in business!) but that doesn’t excuse the flagrant law-breaking, rebel without a cause, sheer North Carolina-style thuggery exhibited by Kayla Michelle Finley.

Future generations of outlaws will reverently refer to her as “KMF the VHS Bandit.” Or, simply, KMF. But today, she belongs to Johnny-Law.

sheriff jw pepper

I’m proud of you boys. You made the streets of S.C. safe again. Just in case anyone ever visits.

We can all breathe easier now.

South Carolina has sent a loud and clear message to its rival-neighbors up North. We’ve had enough. We may not have the Dukies, or pro sports (even though you patronize us by calling your teams “Carolina”) and we may even confuse Charleston at times with Charlotte as well, but  we have taken a stand.

From this point forward, South Carolina is a Late Movie Rental Free Zone. All you movie rental law-breakers are no longer welcome. Go North. But stay out of the real Carolina.

I sincerely hope Ms. Finley gets at least as much attention for those other, pesky, what were they again, oh yes, harassment and stalking charges she wanted to press as she did for her own unforgivable crime.

Being late with her movie rental?

No. Renting Monster-in-Law in the first place. A North Carolinian would have known better.


17 thoughts on “S.C. Woman Arrested for Late VHS Movie Rental. Streets Now Safe.

  1. stszep says:

    Honestly, at first I doubted the story. Thought it might be fabricated like the Dayna Morales incident, but after a check on the internet- Sad but true. I find it hard to believe that someone was jailed overnight for a 9 year old warrant issued over such a trivial matter. The really disturbing part is that Ms. Finley went to the sheriff’s office reporting that she was being harassed and stalked. SMH.

    Sure there will be those law and order types that will say Ms. Finley got what she deserved. Certainly, there must have been another way to handle this. Issue a ticket requiring a court appearance, perhaps?

  2. Tyler W says:

    I think this is a stupid law. The people should just have to pay the cost of the movie or at worst pay fine. You should not get arrested for a stupid thing such as this when there are murderers and rapists out there.

  3. Takym V. says:

    To send someone to jail for an overdue VHS tape is very silly. There are many crimes that go on in the world: robbery, murders, kidnaps, etc. But to arrest someone for an overdue tape that the probability of it being used again is low. This is just a silly crime to go to jail for.

  4. SHERREA W says:

    something’s just doesn’t make sense in society and this by far is a perfect example. Honestly can’t even believe myself for commenting on this post but, after contemplating on the reading I came across a good point. The main point is state vs. federal power . According to the U.S constitution law enforcement power is held to state not federal. In some instances this is a very good deed well most, but however in this circumstance with the lady going to jail for a late VHS rental in South Carolina is Ludacris. I feel this is a good example where federal government should intervene with state and stop this incident from forever recurring again.

  5. LaMoya N says:

    So in the world we live in today, there are plenty of killers, rapist, and robbers. With all of this crime, why is a lady getting arrested for a late VHS rental? They should have just given her a fee to pay. I do not even see which section of the jail cell that she would fit in. The part that is even more obscured is that she went in to report a harassment, but instead of the cops pressing charges to make the victim feel safe, they decide to lock her up. That seems sort of backwards to let a stalker roam around stalking people but to lock up a lady that has an overdue movie. I clearly cannot see the justice in this instance. It seemed as if in this instance, the government ignored the cries of its citizens, and protected a criminal instead of the victim.

  6. Y'Keisha says:

    This so-called crime is very petty to me, like really S.C.? I believe states are making ridiculous laws now just to take people to jail. I do not see why you should go to jail for an over-due VHS movie rental when apparently those kinds of movie tapes are non-existent anymore due to the fact of new digital technology. If I was in her shoes and it would not mess up my credit because of the movie being nine years late, I would have kept that movie as a reminder of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

  7. Marley Burke says:

    Unfortunately, the United States has one of the highest incarceration rate in the world. To incarcerate someone who is attempting to report a crime over such a trivial thing simply worries me. A VICTIM cannot go to the police with a real problem without getting arrested and somehow this is just. I found your satire very entertaining but the overall content is truly disturbing. This is exactly what is wrong with our police force mindset. When a victim comes in, lets see how quickly we can arrest them!

  8. Taranesha says:

    Just as I was about to check the accuracy of this story someone had already done that for me. It’s just so hard to fathom that someone could spend jail time behind bars for such a thing like this. South Carolina has Myrtle Beach for crying out loud! Go patrol that instead of sending someone to jail about an overdue VHS tape that people don’t even use anymore. I think that this should be immediately expunged from this woman’s record because there wasn’t a real crime committed here. Also, did I read this correctly: She was going into the Sheriff Dept. to report a REAL crime and she ended up being put away? SO what happened to the guy she was coming to report? Is he still out committing crimes? Has he hurt someone? This is just another instance in which adds on to my belief that the justice system is going to shambles. When will it all stop?

  9. Theresa L says:

    I am so confused haha. I laughed at the few first paragraphs because I am obsessed with Charlotte, NC! My sister lives there and I have been there almost every summer for the past 3 years. It truly is a great place to be, I agree they have a lot more to offer than SC but I will not sit here and bash them because I too love Charleston. In response to the real matter, I am so mind boggled at the thought of this lady getting arrested for a late movie rental when 1). she was being stalked which is a more serious crime that could cause her her life and 2). the movie store is no longer in business. What is happening with the world, is this really going to matter 5 years from now? A lady is being harassed which can seriously threaten her life and she gets in trouble for not returning a VHS. Who even cares about a VHS anymore? I feel like the law has to get their priorities straight and determine which rules matter in life and which rules do not. We need to worry more about our well-being and safety over someone forgetting to return a movie any day, even if the movie is not that great. Although I laughed when I saw it!

  10. John K says:

    You know when a group of inmates are at the lunch table and they ask ,”what they are in here for,” some might say ” I robbed a bank” or “I was was involved in a hit and run”, but “I am here because I forgot to return a VHS tape.” Now doesn’t that sound a bit odd and out of place? While I do think that she should have paid a fee, there is no reason to lock her up for such a “immoral” thing. Even if she had the mindset of, “oh I am gonna keep this movie and never give it back”, that is still in no way in comparison to the mindset of a real criminal like the one who supposedly victimizing her. I don’t believe in excuses, but being that the business is gone, I’d say that’s a good reason, what could she possibly do to make it right? What is so appalling is that the people who are suppose to protect you and keep you safe were the ones who put her behinds bars. It makes people wonder, ” should I go to the police?” The obvious answer is yes, but with cops like the ones in South Carolina, Ms. Finley could have saved herself by not going to the police. Again, that doesn’t sound right at all, but so does this whole situation. Maybe the police thought she would be safe from the stalker by locking her up, it should be the other way around.

  11. Wade M says:

    It sounds to me like there is a lack of common sense or the local authorities were board that day and needed to create some action. Their sense of urgency should have been directed at apprehending the stalker. This story is hard to believe but nevertheless interesting!

  12. Casey H says:

    I’d like to thank the fine men and women of the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office. No other law enforcement offers have the courage these heroes have. Thank you Pickens County Sheriff’s Office for making the world a safer place and a late movie rental free zone. I hope their bravery speeds throughout the country so our children can sleep soundly at night.

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