Teen Kills 4, Judge Says He’s too Rich to Know Better. No Jail Time. Huh?


February 8, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

Ethan C front

So much wealth blinded me. Blame Mommy and Daddy, I only got drunk,crashed my car and killed 4 people. But they spoiled me. Villains!

      Forget about spending a whole lot of time planning and executing the perfect murder. Just make sure you are the spoiled son or daughter of really wealthy parents. Then, when you get drunk and kill not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 people in a car crash, you can simply say “I am too rich and spoiled to have known better.”

And, amazingly, a Judge and Jury will agree with you. A trained psychologist will call your condition “affluenza” which we’ll all confuse with influenza and you’ll avoid any jail time. Meanwhile, we’ll still be wondering why some kid got away with murder because of a bad case of the flu. Ah, if only.

At least this was the case recently in Fort Worth, Texas. Wait a second, Texas? Isn’t that the state that wants to secede from the Union? Isn’t that the state that seemingly executes people like it was a football contest between them and their bitter rival Oklahoma?

Yes to all those questions. And in case you wondered Oklahoma is slightly ahead of Texas in the number of death penalty executions. But not by much.

Not that Ethan Couch need ever worry about such a fate. The Judge “ordered” a 10 year probation and time at a rehabilitation facility to be paid for by his parents. Well, of course they will pay for a nice, upscale rehab center complete with video games, wide-screen TV and a swimming pool. You think I jest? Reports had the parents ready to pay for a $450,000 Rehab-Resort in Newport Beach, California.

Newport Beach CA

Future Rehab Center location for Ethan?

Gee, isn’t this how he supposedly earned his “Get Out of Jail Free Card” in the first place? By Mommy and Daddy spoiling him to the point that a court of law decided he could not be held accountable for his actions.

So, Ethan gets essentially a cushy “Time Out” while the families of his victims continue to grieve and mourn the loss of their loved ones. Well, at least they can rest easy knowing that the Judge really threw, er, tossed the book lightly at their sons and daughters’ killer.

Couch’s attorney claims that the media’s fixation on the testimony of one of their own star witnesses and the “affluenza” theory (he was so spoiled and insulated he couldn’t be held accountable for his own actions) was “blown out of proportion.” The prosecutor who asked for 20 years of jail time for the accused is blaming the “ridiculous” defense as well as current Texas law. To the latter, he may have supporters who are now in the mood for reform. The Lt. Governor is already working closely with the State Senate to allow juries to have an affirmative role in sentencing. If he gets his way, Judge Boyd (this case) and her colleagues would not have exclusive say over final sentencing in these type of cases.

TX Gov mansion

Texas Governor’s mansion and home to future reform efforts to avoid future Ethans?

Look, we aren’t the first nation to struggle with how to deal with teens when they go from “boys will be boys” (or girls will be girls) and do something criminal. Experts tell us things like incomplete pre-frontal brain lobe development and not yet fully texturized cortex and how this can muddle teens’ decision-making skills.

Uh-huh. Ethan’s blood level alcohol content was 3X the legal limit and he had mixed this already dangerously high level of toxicity by popping Valium pills. Besides the 4 people he killed as his car crashed into a group of people helping a woman whose car had stalled, two of his own passengers were also injured. One is completely paralyzed and can only blink while the other is recovering from numerous broken bones and internal injuries.

But I am sure the traumatic memories that will haunt Ethan will will be nearly more than he can endure as he dips in and out of the Newport Beach Resort/Rehab. pool.

Poor kid. The rest of us 99% will just never fully understand the burdens of being rich. Or, at least having parents that are rich and pamper us to the point of having a jail-proof defense for our crimes.

Maybe, someday I’ll gain the wisdom to understand this all more than I do today. But, if it’s all the same to you I think I’ll just pray for his victims and those he left behind to mourn. Ethan seems to be doing just fine without my help.

They say money can’t buy happiness. Apparently, in Texas it can at least buy you a pass on doing time for your crime for those who can afford its asking price.

Biebs mugshot

Gee, even I haven’t hit anybody when I drive drunk…yet.

Be Safe. Always Have a Sober Driving Buddy.



60 thoughts on “Teen Kills 4, Judge Says He’s too Rich to Know Better. No Jail Time. Huh?

  1. Jacki G says:

    This guy should definitely be in jail. To me, his crime is worse than others who grow up immersed in drugs and violence. Other teens who don’t have money or parents or good role models in life see violence and assault on a regular basis. They also see people abusing drugs and alcohol regularly. Chaos becomes the norm and drinking and doing drugs is a part of their life. I am not saying it is more excusable for them to commit this kind of crime, but it is more explainable and understanding than some rich bored teenager who drinks and drives for fun. He was probably drinking and taking prescription drugs because he is bored and money does not buy happiness.

    The outcome of this to me is terrible. However, I do feel that in the long run, the kid is worse off than anyone. He was probably already miserable before this happened and he is probably learning that money does not buy happiness. It did buy him a way out in this case, but he will still never truly be happy if he is always depending on money and alcohol and drugs to bring him happiness and relief.

  2. Sedric C says:

    Sometimes I think our nation needs one system of Justice and that’s the federal system. There needs to be universal laws and sentencing guideline. When a spoiled child get away with four homicides this nations has a problem. No doubt that this Judge was probably paid off. There should be mandatory sentences for vehicle homicide especially from a drunk driving. If that was a poor minority child he’ll be doing prison time right know. Also, if that spoiled child would have got killed there will be all types of foundations supporting Drunk Drivers. Sounds like small town politics.

  3. Massi M says:

    As sad as this incident is few people are actually shocked that someone rich (or their parents) is getting away with a murder (or any crime). The history of our criminal justice system is replete with examples of unequal treatment, disproportionate judgments that sentence poor and/or educated defendants to long prison terms while affluent defendants receive slaps on the wrist. I am surprise (slightly) that this ruling was issued in Texas, a state that pride itself in having no tolerance for criminal behavior. This teen killed 4 people while under the influence, paralyzed a friend, and critical injured another; and his punishment is ten years probation and vacation at resort. What message does that spend to other wealthy kids or to middle class families? We see on a daily basis entertainers like Justin Beiber, Lisa Lohan, and Chris Brown given a pass for assaults, dui, and other crime that would destroy the life of Joe Middleclass. At some point, as Sedric C. suggest we must implement a criminal justice that is fair regardless of socioeconomic status or politic associations. The blind justice symbolized by the Goddess Themis must applicable to all not just the wealthy. As for the “Affuenza” defendant itself, it is ridiculous to blame opportunities derived from wealthy as the basis of “incomplete pre-frontal brain lobe development”, after all, those same result are apparent in lower social class children. This case, the criminal justice system failed, the parenting system failed, and society would made victim by “Affluenza”

  4. valdostaphil says:

    This outcome is atrocious, and so are the more recent developments in this case. This is the sort of thing that sends the wrong message and completely eradicates any argument that we don’t have different justice systems in this country. It’s class warfare alright, and poor people are losing big time.

    This is just like former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell being allowed to await his appeals outside of federal prison. Who else would be afforded that luxury?

    The judge who fell for this nonsense should be summarily removed from his position and have his license to practice law suspended for a year. Calling for disbarment would be a bit hyperbolic, but there should be serious consequences for gross miscarriages of justice and complete disregard for the balance of the rights of the accused vs. the rights of victims and their families.

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