Is it Time to Deport Justin Bieber? Belieb It!


January 24, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

Bieber holding crotch

I saw MJ do this once. Can I stay, please?

About as fast as his canary yellow Lamborghini can go from 0-60 MPH, Justin Bieber has gone from being an insanely popular teen-heartthrob romancing Disney Diva Selena Gomez to being yet another out of control, bad-boy Canadian celebrity. Michael Buble, Willliam Shatner, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, even you Celine Dion, you’ve all been put on notice, eh?

Yes, this Canadian born singing sensation who was discovered by talent agent Scooter Braun at the age of 14 on YouTube, who has sold over 15 million albums, who has 48 million twitter feeds, second only to Katy Perry, and whose net worth is estimated at 55 million US dollars is spending more time in jail lately than his recording studio.

Biebs mugshot

Another glossy for the press? I’ve got time.

And despite millions of devoted “Beliebers” who are praying (yep, they are) and holding vigils (yep, they are) in hopes that the “Biebs” escapes the fate of past notorious Canadian bad-boys, another determined hue and cry is rising. And it’s not applause or screams for an encore. Nope, many now are calling for (gasp) the Biebs to be deported. Kicked-out of the US. Banished to Canada, the land of Labatts beer, Vancouver sunsets and home to Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) of TV’s HIMYM.

Labatts beer

Welcome home Biebs, have a cold one on us!

Could this really be? Is this no longer Justin’s World? Have all the Maple Leaves suddenly gone dry?

Okay, let’s take a breath and put that vomit-inducing glass of milk down. It may not be too late to save the Biebs but we have to face facts and here they are-

Young Justin is able to come and go as he pleases in any one of his many Lamborghinis across these United States as he is here on what is called an O-1 Temporary Worker Visa. This is sort of the well, Lamborghini of Visas. Not one you or I could ever apply for and obtain. Why? It’s granted for things like an “alien who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education or athletics” (well, 15 million albums must count for something, eh?) or for “extraordinary achievement in motion picture or TV industry” (well, it was painful to witness his big screen documentary but Ryan Reynolds did “star” in the Green Lantern and he’s still here so I guess the bar is not as high as it seems).


But for how long is this O-1 Visa good for? Well, three years but pretty much unlimited extensions thereafter.

So far so good Beliebers. But (gulp) can this O-1 be revoked, yanked by the Yanks?

Yep. Some discretion here but the US Consular Officer and the Immigration Services can revoke for things like US criminal convictions, generally speaking, actions that bring discredit or infamy to self or profession or of course, intent to or actually bringing harm to US citizens or our way of life.

Ouch. In the last 12 months young Justin has allegedly been involved in a “vicious” egging of a neighbor’s house which caused thousands of dollars in damages (his neighborhood is worth a lot more than yours or mine), visited Cuba and posted a selfie instagram smoking a banned (in the US) Cuban cigar, broken up with Selena Gomez (that’s a crime right there my friend) and most recently, been arrested in Miami on suspicion of drunk driving, drag racing (if you had a canary yellow Lamborghini it’d be tempting, admit it) resisting arrest (what?) and now possession of drugs.

bieber smoking ciagr

Because I can. And you can’t. That’s why.

Mr. Bieber was released on his own recognizance, paid his bail which was set at $2,500 ($1,000 for the DUI, $1,000 for resisting arrest (did he toss eggs at the cops?) and $500 for driving with an expired Georgia license.

So, what’s next for the 5 foot 7 and 123 pound Canadian tiny terror?

Well, while doing hard time is an option he will probably get probation and community service (refrain from performing, maybe?) BUT a conviction could force the hand of US officials to deport Biebs at least until he becomes 21. Maybe then he’ll cool off a bit and be ready for a long, long career like fellow Canadian celebrity William Shatner. The former Captain of the Star Trek Enterprise just turned 82, and notched his 60th year in front of the cameras.

William shatner

I’ll take the Control now Biebs. Follow my lead my fellow Canuck.

Live long and prosper Biebs. Just slow things down a bit, eh?










50 thoughts on “Is it Time to Deport Justin Bieber? Belieb It!

  1. Lev says:

    Time for Canada to take Bieber back for good! That way he can step on their hockey team’s logo!

    • SHERREA W says:

      ok, first off there’s way more important things to discuss some rich kid doing stupid things like egging policeman and driving with suspended license because this matter occurs every day in the normal world. I feel Justin is doom because he grew up from a kid in the media whelm of things always been in the media. I think this is just a gimmick for him to get his (bad boy points) but egging a car is not the way lol. He should be put in a harsh time-out lol our world is so shallow .

  2. Samantha L says:

    he’s just acting out…let him do some hard time and then he can do a Johnny Cash style prison concert!

  3. A. T. says:

    I don’t understand why this is such a big deal, Bieber is not the first celebrity to do something illegal and most likely won’t be the last. Kids egg houses every year and people are caught speeding every day so I don’t think he’s doing anything that’s really that bad that you have to deport him. There are more important things going on in this country and this is just another distraction from the real problems.

    • Amanda S. says:

      The reason why this is such a big deal is because Bieber is a celebrity who has a huge amount of influence on young fans. Everything he says and does is open to public scrutiny and in the eyes of his fan-base – which primarily consists of people barely out of puberty. The fact that the media is coming down on him so harshly is fantastic, as it shows a shift – these kids are seeing their idol being criticized, arrested, fined, and at the risk of being deported. They’re seeing that actions have consequences. Every time someone excuses his behavior, they’re doing a disservice to the impressionable kids who listen to his music. His actions have literally been criminal and maybe if people would stop saying it’s not important, and that there are other things to focus on, maybe MORE celebrities would be held accountable for their actions.

      He’s also not a “kid.” He’s 19 years old and legally an adult. At 19, I was expected to know right from wrong, and I’m sure you were too. I was expected to follow the law, and it wasn’t all that hard to do so. So why should he – or any celebrity – be an exception?

      He is a symptom of these so-called “real problems.” He is what happens when society glorifies celebrities and refuses to punish them beyond a slap on the wrist. He uses systemic racism to his advantage (letting his black friend take the fall for drugs found in Bieber’s house). He literally violates the law and has thousands of people saying “he didn’t know any better!” and “he’s just a kid” as if those things excuse the behavior.

      No. We need to keep talking about Bieber. Because he is influencing the decisions and actions of a whole lot of young people and we need to STOP giving these people preferential treatment because they happen to have their faces tacked all over the place.

      If any other Canadian living in the U.S. had been caught drag racing with an expired license while under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs after having done $20,000 worth of property damage, they would have been deported. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. So why is this man any different?

  4. Khari L says:

    I truly believe it may be time for Justin Bieber to head back to Canada. His immaturity is unacceptable for the United States. The main problem is who he continues to hang around with while he is living in the states. Every week it is something new with this kid and I am sure everyone in the United States has had enough. Either figure out another way to punish him or deport him as soon as possible.

  5. Dominique E says:

    I do not think that it is time to deport Justin Bieber, but I do believe that he should go through the court system just like everyone else. I feel like he does a lot of things because he knows that he can get away with it somehow. If he had to deal with the consequences that most people had to deal with, he would get his act together.

    • Steve D says:

      Sooner or later he will learn that the court system imposes “real consequences!” He needs to grow up – fast! or his lifestyle will over-shadow his music career…egging houses and racing lambo’s might land him on the next Jackass movie…and end his chance to become a serious entertainer!

  6. Ashley G says:

    I personally think he needs to take a well needed time out to get his image an career goals together. He is out of control and is damaging his image and is negatively affecting a majority of his fan base of younger girls. He needs to take a media break and re-brand himself because the hip hop wanna be bad boy is an epic fail.

  7. Tyler W says:

    I think he should be deported for a year or two and get his act together. If he can prove that that he has changed he can come back.

  8. Camille W says:

    Justin Beiber is just going through what many teenage stars go through to prove themselves to be socially accepted. Nevertheless, I feel that he is simply acting out to get attention from the generation that thrives on misconduct from the stars of their age realm. It would probably be best for Justin to leave the US and simmer down a little. It’s a shame to see him transform in a way that makes his huge fan base shake their heads.

  9. Gabrielle R. says:

    Justin Bieber has so much money, that he doesn’t know what to do with it, in my opinion. He is a teenager that can do what he pleases when ever he wants to do it. He is not tied down to school work, or anything else normal teens face, so he is bound for trouble. Bieber needs to sit back and take a break for a while, then maybe go back to enjoying his life.

  10. Jayne D says:

    Lol! I think these days it is becoming the “norm” for these young stars to eventually turn wild. Has anyone noticed that the ones who don’t act out kinda lose fame after a while?

  11. Brittany T says:

    It is time for him to go back to Canada but he needs to serve the time for the crime that he has committed, because just because he’s a pop star he should not get any special treatment , because different countries have rules and regulations and if you can not follow them then he should suffer the consequences.

  12. Malaivanh O says:

    I do not think the authorities should waste the tax payers money to send him to jail because lets face it, he is a celebrity, he will get “special” treatment and will probably learn nothing. I think the government should deport him until further notice. Someone needs to show these younger generations that this type of behavior is not acceptable.

  13. Sherry B says:

    Justin Beiber is still acting in a childish mindset. I feel that he’s still growing and needs guidance. He’s famous & wealthy but has no guidance just fame.

  14. Rebecca J. says:

    I don’t agree that Justin Bieber should be deported. While under the O-1 Temporary Worker Visa the Consulate could exercise his power to deport him, I don’t believe that would be a fair and consistent action to take against him. I for one would not be supportive that he receive special favors because of his fame and fortune. However, it would also be wrong to punish him harshly because of his fame and fortune. The crimes he has committed are not the usual hard crimes that merit deportation. If a random lawful immigrant committed similar crime would not be deported, then he should not. I would only want the law to apply to him fairly.

  15. Daphney Y says:

    If Justin Bieber was just an ordinary Canadian with a student visa, he would be treated a lot differently. As we have seen so many times before, money talks. Bieber is still in the U.S. now only because he is such a teenage phenomenon, and I think that he should be deported until he turns 21. That will teach him that just because he is famous, he still has to follow the rules. He chose this lifestyle to be famous, and with fame comes cameras. Every little thing he does is magnified for the world to see. If he wanted to do drugs, smoke illegal cigars, or egg people’s houses, then he should have just stayed a regular teenager because all he is doing is drawing negative attention to himself. I think that deporting him will give him time to think and to come back stronger and more mature because he has too much talent to be remembered as a stupid teeneger that deserves jail time. Take Micheal Vick for instance, he is a great football player, but now people will only rememeber him as a guy who made dogs fight to the death. Noone talks about his football skills anymore. Justin really needs to be sent back to Canada to get his head on straight before he screws up his whole life.

  16. Kiarra M says:

    Well, honestly I don’t know why they are trying to deport him back to Canada. This is not the first time a celebrity has acted wildly and caused chaos in public. And if they only get a slap on the wrist and allowed back into society only to do it again why be come down so hard on Justin? No I’m not a big fan of his, he has some good songs, take that back maybe one or two good songs, but deporting him back to Canada seems a little harsh. I believe that if society is going to be hard on one celebrity then be hard on all. Don’t keep and choose which ones to be hard and soft on,

  17. jameeka m says:

    Justin Bieber is still a teenager and he is very immature. I think he should do the time for the crime he committed. Because otherwise he is not going to learn anything from this situation. He knows that he is a celebrity and they get special treatment. He doesn’t take the situation seriously and raising his bail money is nothing to him he can pay that off in minutes.

  18. Kristin B says:

    Last night I was watching the news and they talked about Bieber. I believe that he is doing all of this stuff for a publicity stunt. He is trying to show the public that he is no longer that child everyone came to fall in love with him. Miley Cyrus has been doing the same thing. People may not be talking good about him, but they are talking about him.

  19. Car-ra says:

    I “belieb” that he should be deported after he serves his time for his crimes, if he is even charged. If a deal is in place and he doesn’t have to do any time, he should definitely be required to return to Canada. Over a 100,000 people agree according to a petition that was signed on We the People. Now the President has to speak on the topic. What disturbs me the most about the whole Justin Bieber situation is that it is actually considered “breaking news.”

  20. Amber Sn. says:

    Sounds to me he is just another famous teen that has gone wild. He obviously won’t stop until it’s too late, and his fans no longer love and adore him. All he needs is some discipline and he will straighten up. He needs to be brought back down to earth!! If him getting deported is what it takes for him to realize that you CANNOT do what you please at any cost then so be it. I personally have never been a strong bieber fan because of his cockiness. Justin should be punished just like every other person! No special treatment!!

  21. Briana R says:

    I really hate all of this talk about deporting him. Yes he was drunk driving, drag racing, etc. but that stuff happens everyday in the US so I do not agree that he is disgracing America or giving us a bad name because America does that all on its own. I am not defending him in any way because many people could have been hurt which I do not agree with. Yes I think he should do some jail time but he’s a celebrity so we all know that will probably not happen. The worst he will get is a week or two in jail then some community service and probation. Deportation is not going to do any good because either way if he wants to act out he’s going to do it and it will still make headlines in the US. He is a teenager and he’s going to act out. Instead of the media making every little thing he does a headline they should be focusing on what is going on in our government and why our country is in a giant debt hole and why there aren’t enough jobs not Biebs throwing some eggs and driving drunk. People get arrested for drunk driving everyday and there names and faces don’t pop up on every tv station and did anybody attend high school? People’s houses got egged left and right. Let’s focus on the real issues here people.

    • Fair enough, though all of these other people you mention that are getting arrested every day for DUI and drug possession and/or drag racing are not here in the US as guests under an O-1 Temporary work visa. Again that comes with the expectation and understanding that he/she will be using their “extraordinary skill” in the artistic field. Exactly what artistic skill and value has the young Biebs been producing while here as a guest?
      The egging of the house, well, charge the kid or let it drop, I’m with you there-

  22. Rikesh T says:

    Although, I am not a big fan (or a fan at all) of “the biebs,” I think what he is doing is going to be great for his career. It won’t make his music any better, but what if he gets his act together? Perception of him would be great. I think in the US we love a great comeback story, regardless if he a Canadian. I mean, I get the argument, he’s a role model for our youth, but there are plenty of people who get caught with marijuana and get DUI’s everyday. He’s 19, he will make mistakes. I’m not trying to downplay his actions, because drunk driving is very serious, but deportation? Let him get the same sentencing that you or I would get for such a crime, a year on probation, 60 hours of community service, and the loss of your driving privileges. He’s such a GLOBAL star now, that even if he were back in Canada, he will still be making headlines here in the United States. Also, I’ve read on multiple sites, hes spending quite a bit of money, renting these cars and buying this alcohol. Might as well let him spend the money here rather than somewhere else! What about the money spent every time he performs? Thousands of fans spending lots of money at various venues across the country.

    It’s weird, I never thought I would ever sound like a “belieber.”

  23. Britleigh R says:

    I think he should be deported. He most likely knew when he got the O-1 Temporary Worker Visa that it could be revoked if he had criminal convictions in the United States. They should treat him as normal guy, not as a celebrity. If a non-celebrity alien had criminal convictions in the United States, they would be deported. Celebrities shouldn’t get special treatment.

  24. Kay A.L. says:

    I LOVE Justin Beiber, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like it’s time for some kind of intervention. None of his recent actions have been harmful to himself or others, but I think something needs to be done ONLY to show that money and fame doesn’t buy a legit excuse from punishment of the law. If this were anyone else who doesn’t have a lot of money, consequences would be more extreme than a slap on JB’s hand. Yes, some parents feel like he is a bad influence on the youth, but truth be told, he’s not the father of any child and their kids aren’t hanging out with him so whatever he does shouldn’t influence their children to do anything. Deporting Justin is a little extreme, but something legally needs to be done.

  25. John K says:

    As popular as Justin Beiber is, he is like each and everyone one of us, human. A friend of mine once told me that we have to be young and dumb before we can become old and wise. I am not condoning what he did, but he is only 19, so his brain has not fully develop. Hopefully for his fans parents sake, this is just a phase and he can get back to what he does best. There are many instances where celebrities fall from grace and never recover. An example could Amanda Bynes, big childhood star, but today, she is irrelevant. On the other hand, there are stars like Robert Downey Jr, who was affected by drugs, but made a phenomenal comeback thanks to Marvel and the Iron Man films. Now Justin once he gets through this road bump in his career has to the chance to rebound or not. Then by this, it would be fair for parents to decide what’s best for their daughters. In life, we go through mistakes that make us better in the end. The only difference is that Justin has millions of people over his shoulder. He shouldn’t be deported, but he should be punish where the punishment is due in order for him to learn, because many fans look up to him, so he should think about his fans. Isn’t that why he makes music in the first place? I would think so, but only time will tell.

  26. Gabrielle W says:

    Honestly, I think Justin needs to get his life together. A short time ago he announced that he was “retiring” from music. Which, if this is the case, he really doesn’t have much of a reason to be here. Aside from that, it would at least give him time to actually take a step back and look at what he’s doing. He’s being a negative influence on young people. Also, I think it’s very important that we take a moment to point out that if any other person committed these actions, they’d probably be facing something a little more harsh than probation and community service. I think it’s sad how we treat celebrities with “special privileges” just because of their name.

    • Gabrielle, you make an excellent point, if the Biebs is retiring then why the need for an O-1 Visa? Is he only here as a guest of our Government to drag race, smoke pot and egg neighbor’s houses? I mean he could do that in Canada, right? And let’s all stop referring to him as a kid, he’s 19 so young but not a kid…

  27. Natalia H says:

    Honestly i never liked the kid in the first place but being deported? I’m really not seeing how this will make him better. Maybe he needs to sit in time out with Mr Chris brown in rehab and figure out his life. He’s young but he is fully aware of his actions only thing is now is that he is in the public light. And who’s to say he wouldn’t do the same things if he wasn’t famous. Rihanna has a blunt in just about EVERY instagram picture and i don’t see anyone complaining. I say let him live. If he crashes and burns well its his life, Psh i don’t have a yellow lambo so…

  28. Victoria H says:

    Sending him back may be a bit to much. I personally think that he should spend some time in jail and get his act together if wants to continue to stay here and work. Maybe after that he may have a new appreciation for being here and not want to break the law. But if he continues to break the laws then why should he get special treatment because he is a celebrity,, send him back.

  29. Randi B says:

    We all complain about the way he acts and how his popularity gives him advantages in situations like this. In reality though all celebrities are treated this way because we allow it. He could have seriously injured or killed someone that night and all he will end up with is a slap on the wrist ultimately. Meanwhile, there are some innocent people in prison serving life sentences just for selling weed to try to support their families. This is what we have allowed our justice system to come to.

  30. Jamie K says:

    Justin should take some responsibility for his actions. He should be trying to be a good role model for all of his “Blelieber’s”, and not acting like he owns the country. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean everyone should love you Justin!!

  31. Harley J says:

    I feel like celebrities get away with crimes way too much. If any normal person had been arrested for the things he has done, they would still be sitting in jail. I think its time for Justin to go back to Canada. He broke the law and got arrested multiple times. So I believe his Visa should be revoked, because if it were anyone else, theirs would be revoked. He is a celebrity, but he is still not a citizen and still just another person. Someone shouldn’t get special treatment just because they are popular or famous or have a never ending supply of money that came from a few “#1 hits” that really weren’t that great.

  32. Elle M says:

    Justin Beiber is living his live as majority of teenagers would like to. He is just doing it a little more recklessly than normal. I’m not condoning him and saying what he is doing is right, but it is his life and if he would like to live this way then let him. I think deporting him back to Canada is a little to much and he should at least have a second chance with everything and his career.

  33. Evan P says:

    I think that Justin Beiber should indeed be deported because if it were any other regular immigrant that caused as much trouble as him, they would indeed be departed as well! It is time to stop giving celebrities special treatment

  34. Allison M says:

    Beiber should be deported because one day the American people will be paying for him to be in our prisons. He’s a self-centered little thug that needs a serious reality check. He needs to be deported & put in jail before he & his Lambo kill somebody just because he wants some attention. Personally I can’t stand the brat.

  35. Theresa L says:

    Even though the decision was already made, I would have chosen to let Beiber stay in the U.S. I do not condone the behavior he committed and was involved in but honestly, the only reason this is being made such a big deal is because he is famous and everyone loves to feed off of celebrity drama which I can’t stand. We hear about this behavior happening all the time and do not take 5 seconds to discuss it over someone we do not know, but as soon as a celebrity makes an “oopsie” we waste so much of our time discussing how we feel about it, which is so unattractive to me. Well news flash, we do not know any celebrity we talk bad or good about so we should focus on ourselves rather than revolving our lives around theirs. Beiber has a great voice but the comments I made above do not determine how I truly feel about him. All I know is I would give him the respect like we should with every other celebrity and focus on what matters most in life, ourselves and family!

  36. Casey Holcom says:

    I dislike Beiber as much as anyone but I don’t think he’ll be deported for what he’s done. Celebrities get away with much worse these days which is sad.

    Beiber is just like winter this year: It was cute to some at first, then everyone soon hated it and wished it’d stay in Canada.

  37. Massi M says:

    With all the debate about immigration in the United States at this moment it’s despicable that celebrities like Justin Bieber take social and economic opportunities so slightly. As a celebrity, Bieber is given an O-1 Temporary Worker Visa usually reserved for academic, educational, and athletic greatest; I don’t think Bieber is in that class. It’s sad that good hard working immigrates are forced to wait years or denied when entertainers, etc. are allowed free access to American privileges despite engaging in activities (e.g. crimes) that would automatically start deportation process for Joe Common.

  38. Emily E says:

    Justin Bieber is just as bad as any regular teenager. They get past these phases eventually. If my husband, Justin, were to be deported I would get extremely sad. It is sad, but I know people who have done and do a lot worse then Bieber.

    Forever a Belieber!

  39. Caitlyn says:

    Teenagers will be teenagers regardless of the consequences that they face due to making such poor decisions. I can almost guarantee that the teens that surround us right here at Valdosta State University have done most, if not all the terrible things Bieber has done. That being said, notice that the ‘typical college kids’ do these things and although they may suffer consequences, there will always be the excuse that ‘college kids will be college kids.’ Bieber gets a bad wrap for simply acting like the teenager he is, and is broadcasted as being a ‘rebel’ or bucking the system because he was once that sweet, baby-faced, perfect role model for kids all around the world. I am not by any means taking up for Bieber and the poor decisions that he makes, but isn’t he just a ‘normal’ teenager like the rest of us?

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