The NFL Proudly Presents The Super (Doobie) Bowl?


January 19, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

NFL logo

NFL and Cannabis growers as Game-Day partners?

As of 11:59 am EST. there were four teams left to duke it out and have their ticket punched to this years’ Super Bowl. And weed worshippers everywhere couldn’t be happier or um, more stoked and mellow. Why?

Two of the remaining teams hail from the great states of Washington and Colorado. Perhaps, not coincidentally, also the two states that recently legalized pot for recreational use. So, unless the Patriots of Taxachusetts and the 49ers from San Francisco (different legalization controversy my friends) ruin the pot-party, this years’ big events may just slowly morph into one big, mellow Super Doobie Bowl.

And lobbyists for across-the-board legalization of marijuana are working hard (well, those who got up before noon at least) to pressure the NFL to promote pot as aggressively and widely as they now do for other brewed plants like hops and barley.

In fact, if these professional pot promoters have their way NFL would run ads for pot right along with those like Bud Light now does, as in “Proud Sponsors of the NFL.” Only now, new ads would let the world know the NFL has partnered up with pot producers to make Super Bowl XLVIII one to remember. Or, depending, I guess, one to sort of remember but either way not really get too worked up about the outcome.

pot smoking ad

Could this be a future NFL ad??

So, if the Seahawks of Seattle, Washington and the Broncos of Denver, Colorado make it to the “Big Game,” will the NFL give its pot smoking fan base their collective due? Hundreds of millions of more dollars could be at stake for NFL owners. Let’s face it, beer is legal and they have no compunction or hesitation about cozying up with beer drinkers, why not with legalized marijuana users?

Apparently, one of the NFL league officials has intimated that while pot may be legal for recreational use in these states and by the way, partially legal (medicinal purposes) in 20 other states, it IS still illegal under federal law. Though, based on a recent US Department of Justice (DOJ) Memo, the Obama Administration has no current plans to pursue prosecution against anyone who fires up a doobie or two in those states legally. I mean, if you were Mr. Obama would you bite the Oreo-cookie stained hand that fed you in two elections? Probably, not.

oreo cookies

The preferred snack of NFL weed warriors everywhere. Or so I am told.

So, while it looks like a clear playing field for the NFL to throw a marijuana-touchdown it is still unlikely the NFL would throw an official pot-party at this year’s Super Doobie Bowl. Word is that the beer lobbyists are in no mood to play nice with the pot smokers. Competition is after all about winning, both on an off the field. And mellow or not, pot producers could grab market share from the beer brewers.

But, heads-up cannabis-cravers, nothing lasts forever and for the first time ever, there are real signs that in a not-too-distant future we all may just hear Chris Berman of ESPN say the following: “Welcome to this year’s Super Doobie Bowl. Sit back, and please drink and inhale responsibly. And here’s the kick-off, sponsored by Washington Marijuana Producers and Colorado Cannabis Growers. Enjoy!”

chris berman

get yer bongs ready we gotta big game coming your way. So stay awake will ya?

I wonder what Iron Mike Ditka thinks of this possibility. I hear he has a touch of glaucoma. I bet you know what could help that ailment.

Mike ditka

No need to daaable check. Chewing gum is as wild as I get you bunch of hippies.

Go Broncos. Go Seahawks. Super Doobie Bowl XLVIII. It could just happen.






19 thoughts on “The NFL Proudly Presents The Super (Doobie) Bowl?

  1. Ryien B says:

    I believe that the NFL should partner up with pot promoter. If this partnership were to happen other states can possibly see the light in legalizing this “drug” that is less dangerous than soda.

    • Taton T says:

      It might add to the humor of the commercials. However, I remind you that marijuana is still a banned substance in the NFL

      • jatvsu says:

        It’s banned in the MLB, too, but that didn’t stop Tim Lincecum or a stadium of fans chanting “Let Timmy Smoke.” As a banned substance, it’s hardly comparable to steroids, although it could be used to improve performance like it did for Lincecum!

  2. […] The NFL Proudly Presents The Super (Doobie) Bowl? ( […]

  3. Todd B says:

    I don’t know about the NBA but what I see it’s the NBA that should get pot sponsors!

  4. Bethany S says:

    I’d love to see an all Super Doobie Bowl and now we can!! Go Seahawks!

  5. Amanda L says:

    Just like NASCAR and beer sponsors the NFL like many sports are hypocrites. Promoting booze to help pay the bloated salaries of players. Nice.

  6. Kameron says:

    If they incorporated marijuana into the tv commercials for the super bowl I think a lot more people would watch the super bowl because more people use marijuana than drink.

  7. Charla C says:

    While they would probably be highly amusing, I doubt there will be national commercials for marijuana any time soon. The Justice Department letter (, providing guidance regarding marijuana enforcement stated their main 8 items of concern. Among them was “Preventing the diversion of marijuana…to other states” and some may view this type of advertising as objectionable under these terms. There are many groups (political, religious, and yes the alcohol industry) who would protest this sort of advertising in states where marijuana use remains illegal.

    Also, the NFL would find themselves in a public relations nightmare (or more of one) if they took money for pot commercials. While it may be legal in the states representing the NFL in the Super Bowl, marijuana use remains against the league substance abuse policy and players have recently been suspended for this specific type of drug use. While the DOJ may not be actively enforcing drug enforcement over state policy, private companies continue to have drug testing as a condition of employment and marijuana use remains a fireable offense.

  8. Sheldon says:

    Marijuana commercials being shown on television would be a sight to see itself and if they were to be incorporated during Super Bowl ads it would not only send states that have not legalized marijuana in some sort of uproar because people will feel that it is alright to do it whenever they feel but also many people would lobby and protest against the advertisement. It is funny that the two teams that are actually in the Super Bowl come from the only two states that has legalized recreational use of marijuana which means there will be many smoke clouds in Washington and Colorado. I do not see the NFL allowing any marijuana ads, not just because it is still considered to be illegal under federal laws, but because they suspend their players for testing positive for the drug.

  9. Taton T says:

    I wrote a paper in 2012 on the voting behavior in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. I agree that it is very ironic that now in 2014, the 2 states where it is legal, have super bowl teams. Must be something in the air 😉 Anyways, I would love to go back to this paper, and try to find statistic on number of fans versus how the vote went in these states. Though somewhat irrelevant, it would be interesting to look at.

  10. Austin says:

    I think commercials on pot are ok since they do them on beer, especially because it can take aim at two states to particularly and maybe upsell in those two states. I also think that it can help the lobbyist, in there case of persuading the rest of the U.S. It could also brings millions into the superbowl and possibly alot more advertisers, with money. Also superbowl commericial’s are funny and beer commercials are good just imagine a pot commercial that would be funny.

  11. Erik C says:

    I don’t think that the NFL represents the ”Doobie” bowl but it is pretty clear that the two teams playing in thin super bowl happen to represent cities in the two states that just recently legalized marijuana. Its all childish to me .

  12. Davon M says:

    I would love to see a pot commercial just as much as the next person, but if we can advertise for beer and beer is a lot worse than pot is then why not air a commercial or two during the game. America now is new to the legalizing pot situation but if we support it enough to legalize then why not show it. Not like we are persuading the kids into doing pot. If that was the case then why show any commercial about beer or cigarettes if both can do great harm and kill you? I say do what people come to the states to do and show off our freedom of speech and show me some trippy commercials. For the record I care less who wins but it will be a great game at the end.

  13. Jennifer T says:

    A few years ago, my outlook was drastically different on this topic. However, having a close friend in Washington State, a fiance from California, and an unfortunate relationship mistake who lived in Colorado, my perspective on the Great Weed Controversy has changed dramatically. Instead of reacting with disdain to discovering someone is (gasp!) A Pot Smoker, I now shrug my shoulders with disinterest. The irony is rich for this year’s Super BOWL that features 2 teams this year from states whose citizens still likely shiftily glance around before taking a hit from their bong or nervously look around to see if anyone noticed their trademark cough. While the stadium won’t be hazy with smoke and fans enjoying a contact high, the event will likely spark discussions across the country about the legalization of this controversial little plant. Even in Georgia, I’ve seen Facebook chatter about medical legalization (even though it supposedly already is in some cases??). At the end of the day, though, media promotion–commercials and endorsements–are still a long way from becoming anything near mainstreamed. For now, we’ll have to settle with Snoop Dogg to be the official spokesman for the product. The Marlboro Man and the Budweiser Clydesdales aren’t driving kids to drink and smoke; it’s the controversy. It’s a cash cow waiting to be exploited. If only I were rich enough to invest in the marketing of it. In the meantime, it’s a matter of time before everyone is “puff puff passing.”

  14. Casey H says:

    While I think it could be a good idea, I don’t see the NFL wanting to associate itself with that subject matter until it becomes more widely legal. While it is becoming more socially acceptable, many NFL fans will likely stay in their conservative views and be offended. I don’t know if it’d hurt their business at all, but I doubt they’d take the chance at it until it becomes more accepted. Once it becomes legal in the majority of the country I could see them accepting something of that matter as an acceptable sponsor however. Also, go Broncos!

  15. Se'Deyrius H says:

    It would be a good idea for the NFL or at least certain teams to have pot sponsors in the stadium or on their jerseys. It means more money for the player and team.

  16. Chris H says:

    I believe that the NFL should do these advertisements because they would make a lot of money, they would be the first sports organization to do so, and they would also help other states lean towards trying to get it legalized.

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