FLOTUS says Yes to BOTOX. How About You?


January 16, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

Michelle Obama

A nip here, a tuck there, it’s bi-partisan fun.

First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Michelle Obama, turns 50 (yep, the Big 5-0) tomorrow and she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to stay youthful. Even if that may mean BOTOX and plastic surgery. And, since she is the First Lady, her pro-plastic surgery stance is making news. And, since she is the First Lady, it does raise the question-Does her own personal preference matter? Should it?

In an upcoming interview with PEOPLE magazine, Mrs. Obama, who has been an active advocate of youthful exercise and healthy eating choices, told PEOPLE that women should be free to “do whatever makes them feel good about themselves” and if that includes Botox injections and plastic surgery so be it. And she for one, refuses to rule it out when it comes to her own looks.

Geez, whatever happened to being beautiful on the inside?

On the other hand with so many women and increasingly men doing “it” (plastic surgery) is it really a big deal anymore?

jennifer ansiton

Hey, who wouldn’t want to be me? I mean beside Angelina?

Well, it’s not just Hollywood types like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Kelly Ripa and the um, over-inflated Pamela Anderson who have their plastic surgeon on speed dial. In fact, many of us non-celebrity types are racing to get under the knife in our quest for eternal youth and beauty. ABC News reports that there were 6.1 million legal botox injections performed in the US in 2012 alone, an increase of 10% from just the prior year. This number included 125,000 patients between 18-25 who apparently sought to prevent wrinkles from ever emerging later in life. As one patient exclaimed, “It’s like getting a haircut, it makes you feel better.”

I guess. Though my haircuts don’t cost $250 a pop and unless I’m mistaken my barber isn’t injecting me with a deadly toxin. But hey, as Mrs. Obama says, women, and implicitly men, should be free to do it if it makes them feel better, don’t you agree?


Okay, it doesn’t always work…

Well, let’s be sure we’re all on the same page before we see if it’s a big, little or no deal at all, shall we?

BOTOX is actually derived from Botulinum Toxin. This is a deadly bacteria which when injected into the body affects our neuromuscular functions, literally paralyzing the muscles beneath our skin. So, when the muscles are paralyzed it slows or even temporarily prevents the deterioration of the skin into wrinkles or creases. It also can make it impossible to fully “animate” or move that portion of the skin that has the most intense dosage of this toxin. It leads to the “Joan Rivers” syndrome, you know, when you can’t smile or frown and your face looks like it was just frozen in place because it kinda was just frozen in place.

But let’s also be clear. Having your face temporarily paralyzed and looking less than fully animated may be the least of your worries. BOTOX is a toxin that in larger doses causes a lethal food poisoning to humans and animals called botulism. And if your own common sense thinks that can’t be good to inject into your body you are right.

New research indicates that in addition to common side effects of allergic reactions, rashes, neck pain, difficulty swallowing, nausea, swelling, loss of neuromuscular control and structural weakening in other parts of your face, the society of British plastic surgeons reports that an increase in patients are suffering lumpiness in skin, pigmentation change (from natural state to blue) and even the onset of blindness.

Face w needles

On second thought…

German research is also reporting that when patients start to inject botox before age 30 many may develop an immunity, causing them to get dangerously high levels of botox injections to sustain the same effect.

And a number of psychologists are raising alarms about the “addictive” nature of plastic surgery. Basically, folks can’t seem to stop with a nip here and a tuck there. It’s not just Kim Kardashian who believes deeply in the value of a facial “re-work.” The average number of surgeries per patient is rising from 1.5 to over 4.

Hey, who hasn’t struggled with self-esteem issues over their body image at one point or another? Who wouldn’t like to change that one or two or more imperfections about themselves if they could? And don’t kid yourself, It’s not just women and girls who are chasing the dream. More young adult boys (ages 14-17) are also undergoing procedures like calf-injections to look more “fit and muscular” and chest implants to get that “body-builder cut.” It’s estimated that well over 100,000 boys and girls get “off the books” plastic surgery before they reach their 16th birthday.

But, as Michelle Obama has said, we should all have the right to do what it takes to feel better about ourselves. The problem though seems to be that injecting a deadly toxin in your face, or filling your lips with silicone or your breasts or your calf muscles or your rear-end or whatever body “part” seems not to be quite “red carpet ready” can make you real sick and even kill you. So much for making you “feel better.”

Joan Rivers

Inside I’m smiling. I think.

Look, I’m all for my fellow Americans feeling better. It’s just I wish we’d place a much greater emphasis on truly being better not just feeling better from artificial means. Less fostering our ongoing culture of worshipping some crazy notion of ideal youth and beauty and more of admiring real inner beauty.

So, does it matter if FLOTUS is pro-BOTOX and plastic surgery to try and stay youthful-looking?

Well, if it matters when she advocates exercise and eating right and we should pay attention to her as a role model then it seems only fair we do the same now. And now that she has our attention I for one am choosing to look away.

How about you?


19 thoughts on “FLOTUS says Yes to BOTOX. How About You?

  1. Stacy L says:

    I am 45, a woman, and have had my share of plastic surgery including botox. At first, I thought it was truly a life-saver! I got my first botox when I was 24. My then boyfriend was in fashion and it was just what you did. Now I have suffered so much physical and mental pain over the years from my surgeries and have had to have reconstructive surgery because at one point my body rejected the toxin in my lips and forehead, It is a nightmare. I have a daughter 21 and she wants to have her lips done despite my experiences. What can I say? I did it at her age. My main advice-think twice. And Michelle O should be more careful, this is surgery people, surgery!

    • Jayne D says:

      Oh wow! What a crazy experience. I am not sure I am okay with injecting myself with deadly bacteria to look younger. I would say to all women thinking about these surgeries need to really consider what you will look like after if wears off. It won’t last for ever.

  2. Daphney Y says:

    I think that Botox injections are just another stupid phase that women go through. Every woman in the entire world, no matter how skinny or attractive, has felt displeased with how they look at some point in their life. Famous or important women like Michelle Obama feel that they have to look seamingly perfect to keep their reputation sturdy. Michelle Obama, being the first lady, is just following behind the rest of society in the belief that outter beauty is more significant than reaching goals. First Lady Obama is really beginning to cut down her reputation as being the face of getting more active and living a healthy lifestyle because getting Botox injections are not by any means healthy! She is just sending another message to teenage girls that how God made them isn’t good enough. She is just as guilty of self esteem detiriation as the magazines that will only show full bodied pictures on the cover if the woman is physically fit. The bigger stars only get a close up of their face. That leads to deperesion and over-eating, which is what she says is her focus on getting rid of. In theory, Michelle Obama is just cleaning up her own mess.

  3. Kyle B says:

    Michelle Obama is in a position of great influence, and should make her decisions carefully. Being the First Lady puts her in a position that is always under criticism, and her choices influence girls across the nation. Just look how crazy the U.S. went when she got a new haircut. Because of this, I think that Michelle should consider what kind of image she’s giving to young women across the nation by agreeing to BOTOX. She’s inferring that it’s okay to fill your body with deadly toxin just to alter your looks. She’s inferring that it’s okay to give in to society’s criticisms of your image, and to change yourself to please others. I think that this is something that she should wait to get when she isn’t in the spotlight, and less influential.

  4. Malaivanh O says:

    I mean no disrespect to the FLOTUS when I say this, but i feel her stance on BOTOX is somewhat hypocritical. She advocates healthy living, but turns around and says it’s okay to slowly poison yourself? If you ask me junk food and BOTOX is one and the same they are both can be additive and they are both detrimental to your health. I understand the pressures of trying to be what society defines as “perfect” and constantly being in the spotlight and criticized, I am sure, makes it so much worse. However, with her being in the position that she is in and taking the stand on being good to your body and loving yourself, saying that it is okay to inject yourself with toxins because you are not happy with yourself maybe was not the best of ideas. She had lost some creditably in my book and honestly someone bold enough to make the cookie monster into the “veggie” monster better be pro-healthy choices all the way.

  5. Nia R says:

    The FLOTUS is very influential in the United States. Any decision that she makes about anything will always receive direct and sometimes brash criticism. The botox injections is somewhat a contradiction to herself. Mrs. Obama is pro healthy living but is an avid supporter of the botox injection. The slowly but surely kill off your life and sicken you in the process. So you can look good trying to be healthy but in the end, the botox will win.

    • Sydny B says:

      I agree her stance on Botox does seem contradictory. It is sad the risks some will take to enhance their appearance or fight the natural process of aging.

  6. Evan P says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with Michelle Obama advocating botox. After reading her statements, she didn’t necessarily say that she was going to get botox. She just said that she doesn’t find anything wrong with it and thinks that it is ONE of MANY options for women to choose from while trying to combat the inevitable process of aging. I do understand that she is in a position of power and influence but the general public should choose their battles when it comes to statements made by powerful people and with that being sad, this isn’t one to fret over.

  7. Victoria H says:

    I don’t think that there is anything wrong for a women to get botox. If I were famous for what ever reason then I too would get a little plastic surgery here and there as I age. I am however, shocked that the FLOTUS would make a statement saying that she is okay with it because she is a huge advocate of ending childhood obesity and being healthy. A lot of people who exercise and are healthy look down on those that use the botox and plastic surgery because it is bad for your body.

  8. Sydny B says:

    14 year old boys going under the knife?? That idea haunted me as I tried to read the rest of the article…
    I have always greatly admired Michelle Obama and was saddened to read that she would even consider Botox or plastic surgery. I admire her for the role model she is, specifically when it comes to healthy lifestyle and eating habits. This being said, I do find it kind of ironic that she would participate in artificial, altering things such as Botox.
    I agree with the author and I feel as though our society has a very misconstrued idea of BEAUTY.
    There is a relevant quote circulating social media right now, “If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?

  9. Cassandre M says:

    With this I am on the fence. I do believe we have the right to do what pleases us and so if injections to look youthful is what it takes go for it. I do not see any difference with botox or anti aging cream, oral medications, or even herbal medications. They all have side effects because it is something foreign being presented into the body. On the other hand this day and age we have young ladies/boys killing themselves do to lack of self esteem and self worth because of their looks and body structure. If they are unable to afford these procedures should they just become victims? The main issue is work on self worth, self motivation and self love if your are high in these aspects then you can make a well thought out decision if plastic surgery is right for you.

  10. Cynthia H says:

    I loved the First Lady’s platform of addressing childhood obesity, and of teaching our children to maintain healthy eating habits etc. It is awful that she would then come out and praise cosmetic procedures such as botox injections. What message is she trying to send? It seems that she is more concerned with looks than health. It’s sad that we are living in a time where it is the norm to spend thousands of dollars to have poisons injected into our faces, and fill our unmentionables with plastics and foreign materials. We should be teaching our young people to live healthy, and to truly love what they “naturally” see in the mirror. In keeping it REAL, we should reject Mrs. Obama’s confused take on the good and the bad, and help her focus on keeping her hypocritical mouth shut!

  11. Abigail A says:

    I find nothing wrong with the FLOTUS’s comment. We eat,drink, and wear what makes us feel good so why not BOTOX and plastic surgery if it makes us feel good about ourselves too? Wouldn’t we be living for others if we didn’t do things to please us? For most people that do it, it’s definitely got nothing to do with self esteem. If it did then laser hair removal, teeth whitening, and the use of facial make-up (fake eyelash, foundation…on our faces!) would too. I think a nip and tuck to keep certain places intact as we age is fine so if there’s the need for it as well as money(of course) to pay for it, then go for it but be sure to pray for a successful procedure. I definitely would after I am done having kids! … you know what that does to most women:-)

  12. Jill V says:

    I have mixed feelings on this particular article. On one hand, I want to say to the FLOTUS, everyone watches your every move so be very careful as to what you say. On the other hand, I just want to shout, it’s your body do as you will.
    I believe people should have the freedom to do whatever they want to their bodies as long as they’re not harming others in the process. However, when you are really known to the public, I believe people such as the FLOTUS should be mindful that there are others that want to be just like her and do the same things she does. I am talking young adults and older alike. Not to stay Botox is necessarily bad, but she helps sway decisions.
    The FLOTUS has every right to do as she wants, but sometimes ideas shouldn’t be spread to the public…instead kept to the minds of the individuals.

  13. Y'Keisha says:

    I am completely for people who want to look and feel better about themselves through any means, but why would you put a deadly toxin inside your body? Like there are more things in the world that you can do to make yourself look and feel better about who you are by exercising right and eating the right variety of foods. I was never to fond about plastic surgery ever since I seen what celebrities have gone through. My opinion is that some celebrities looked kind of better before they went under plastic surgery, but I guess if you have the money to do the procedure, you can do what you want to do! I do not believe I will ever go under the knife because I am not what the top notch celebrities look like, but I know I am a healthy-looking young woman who has a figure that plastic surgery can not create naturally without it deflating! lol.

  14. Jasmine C says:

    Well, I cant really say that I agree with her opinion. But….I guess I have to respect it. I mean after all she is the first lady. However, I don’t think the message that she is sending is beneficial to her strides for american’s to live a healthier life. I know some people are unhappy with themselves, and the pressure from watching these fit celebrities is not helping the fact, but I think people should get in touch with their inner beauty. Also when talking about plastic surgery we have to consider those who look up to you, and consider you a role model. What type of message are you sending to children?

  15. Jason B says:

    Why should it matter if first lady Michelle Obama receives botox? Personally, I don’t want to look 22 years old at the age of 40. I want to age with time. Morally, she should probably issue a statement speaking against the toxic chemicals. Truth is it won’t matter. People are still going to get Botox injections to look younger. America is no longer concerned about health. Beauty trumps health. Tanning beds are healthy, but many Americans can’t live without it. Our society no longer places an emphasis on the importance of an education. Americans are breeding generations of dumb beauties.

  16. Casey Holcom says:

    I do find it a bit hypocritical she would support a healthy lifestyle while getting plastic surgery, but in my opinion I don’t see why anyone should care what celebrities choose to do. I don’t believe in getting plastic surgery but if she wants to then that’s fine. I have no right to say someone should or shouldn’t have plastic surgery done.c

  17. tara c says:

    I think so many people want results now and don’t want to put the work into being thin or the nightly natural face treatments. I myself am not afraid of getting or looking older (well with addition to coloring the ever appearing grey hairs that I get), plus I have a phobia of needles, so I will continue my nightly at home natural face lifting treatments. As far as Mrs. Obama, I think she is correct in saying that it is one of many options that women and even men have. Since she is an advocate for healthy living she is more scrutinized then any other woman so everything she says about improving your beauty is picked apart. Would I be offended if she received Botox treatment, not at all it’s your choice what you do if you don’t mind the possibility of a severe allergic reaction and dying.

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