Happy Birthday Mr. Dictator, Love, Dennis Rodman.


January 8, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013

Dennis Rodman

First, Michael Jordan, now a dictator. Next stop, the NBA Hall of Shame.

So, Dennis Rodman is in Pyongang, North Korea. Again. This time he brought 10 of his fellow basketball playing pals along with him. The plan is for Team Dennis, made up of former NBA players like Charles Smith (NY Knicks), to play a squad of N. Korean players as a tribute to Kim Jong Un, dictator of N. Korea on his 31st Birthday. How sweet.

Happy Birthday Mr. Dictator. I hope you like our gift. Please let us leave your country alive.

If I were Dennis Rodman and company I’d be sure and let the guys in the dictator-clad uniforms win. You know, just in case the dictator-in-residence was hoping for a new NBA2014 X-Box instead.

But aside from whether Team Dennis makes it back to US soil in one piece (and I sure am praying they do), the breaking news is that Dennis and his mates while claiming they are not naïve, are shocked that their “game” has been hijacked by politics.

Really? Traveling to an isolated, paranoid, brutal dictatorship that seems hell-bent on starting WW3, a place where its “Supreme Leader” imprisons, tortures and kills anyone and everyone he thinks may be an “enemy of the state.” All while he aggressively pursues an anti-US hostile nuclear weapons agenda. Now, why would politics ever come into play in that sunny scenario?

Kim Jong Un

I just had my uncle eaten by dogs. I couldn’t be happier.

Oh yes, did I forget that Kim Jong-Un just had his uncle and 300 other “enemies of the state” devoured alive by 25 starving dogs while he cheered from the sidelines? And that’s not mentioning the deaths of thousands more of his citizens the United Nations is investigating, earning N. Korea a spot at the top of the most anti-human rights nation in the world.

Yeah, the guy Rodman calls a “friend for Life” is a real keeper.

Despite all of this it seems Mr. Rodman and company are oblivious of how their presence and “gift” will be exploited by a sadistic and brutal dictator. Either, they don’t care or they actually think they’ll change Kim Jong-Un and decades of paranoid brutality through a little basketball diplomacy.

NBA games

If it’s all the same, we’ll pass on N. Korea, and that’s a No on Yemen as well.

Rodman went so far today during his interview rant as to declare that he has no doubt “the door will open” to N. Korea and it will be because of “me and the ten guys with me.”

Look, long before basketball diplomacy it was “Ping-Pong diplomacy.” Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon helped lead a de-thawing of US-Sino relations in the 1970s by agreeing to athletic competitions and student exchanges (ping-pong matches, for one) with China. This eventually lead to Mr. Nixon visiting China, toasting their premier and opening a new diplomatic path to “Red China.”

ping pong

Tools of Diplomacy.

But N. Korea isn’t China and Rodman surely isn’t Nixon.

And his fellow round-ballers aren’t exactly Kissinger or even Michelle Obama. When, predictably, Dennis lost it and started yelling incoherently and cursing at the NBC interviewer his “Team” cringed. You could almost touch the second thoughts they were all having about having agreed to come along.

If only they all could have had second thoughts before their first thought.

Sadly, but certainly, this trip will not help thaw N. Korea. It will not help Kenneth Bae, an American Missionary of ill health who has been branded “anti-state” and is being held in N. Korea against his will move one step closer to freedom. It will not help us see the “good’ side of Kim Jong Un because there is none.

No. He is who we know him to be. A petty, sadistic, brutal, paranoid and dangerous dictator.

And no amount of basket-ball will ever change him or his nation.

The head of N. Korea doesn’t need to watch a game of hoops on his birthday. But a good slam-dunking might not be a bad thing.



18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr. Dictator, Love, Dennis Rodman.

  1. Mara says:

    There must be some way to stop clowns like this from helping to legitimize dictators like that. yes?

  2. Vince says:

    Dennis Rodman is a dope but maybe it will help in the long run…

  3. Bethany says:

    No, it won’t help. Greg is right, what Kim Jong needs is a good old fashioned slam-dunking!!

  4. Amelia says:

    This whole trip is a bust. What Obama should be doing is focusing efforts to bring Mr. Bae back home alive. How about we trade Rodman for Bae and a future first round draft pick??

  5. RJ says:

    I hope the North K’s beat Rodman and his over the hill gang like 100-12.

  6. Justin L says:

    Dennis Rodman has proven over the last decade that he is not the most intelligent basketball player to ever play in the United States and North Korea (most likely because no U.S. player would survive the suicidal journey). However, he has shown that he is effectively using his American rights to travel where he so well chooses, regardless of what conflict it could create for himself or the nation that he comes from. His actions will not lead to a friendly North Korea, will not cause a devastating murderous dictator to step down, and they most definitely won’t create good relations towards the United States by playing the spoiled brat dictator’s favorite sport. This is all merely a feeble attempt to give himself more followers on Twitter or more hate mail; regardless of the reaction he gets, he’s just happy to get a reaction.

  7. Vincent J says:

    I believe that Rodman is his own man and he shouldn’t be judged based off of what he wants to do. if he decides to leave the country and go to a dictatorship ruled county then FINE let him do that. you only live once and why cant he make new friends while living his life. worst case scenario Kim Jong-Un will kill him, which i doubt considering Dennis has been there before. Best case scenario he brings the US and North Korea together and there will be no wars. I think he has nothing to lose and hes reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bold for doing what hes doing.

  8. Alison M. says:

    Rodman is wild. He may not be the first person I would call to help out with foreign diplomacy, but any from of diplomacy or peace that could possible bring Kim Jong-Un to the good side is ok with me. I really think that it’s the effort that counts. Hey, someone has to befriend a dictator they’re people too. Saying that I DO NOT agree with the way Rodman treated the new interviewer. I think that was out of line and it proves my first point that Rodman is wild. Overall we as a country need to be less focus on Rodman cursing out interveners and more concern about people like Kenneth Bae and other that are suffering under the ruling of Kim Jong-Un. I’m keeping these people in my prayers.

  9. Se'Deyrius says:

    Looks like Dennis Rodman is trying out his own method of diplomacy with N.Korea with basketball and its not going as planned.

  10. Dante.G says:

    It would appear as if Rodman is playing in the hands of N.Korean leaders. The regime is using him as a PR tool and distraction from the country’s internal issues.

  11. Jayne D says:

    As an American I can not understand how anyone can feel anything other than bitterness towards Kim Jong-un. He lets his people starve to death and gives them no basic freedoms, while he enjoys all the luxuries life has to offer. He was willing to kill his own uncle as well as countless others that have questioned his power. No one is his equivalent in his eyes. If I were Dennis Rodman I would tread carefully. If his intentions are to try to change Kim Jong-un then he will surely fail.

    • Jayne, you also may be interested to know that Kim Jong-Un recently approved textbooks to teach school kids that portray the US as a vicious wolf whose main intent is to destroy N. Korea and rape and pillage its villages and women and school girls. N. Korean kids apparently begin as early as 4 years old learning to view all Americans as vicious enemies and must be destroyed.

  12. John says:

    Dennis Rodman is almost an enigma. For a person that grew up in the inner city and used his basketball talent for a second chance at Grayson CC and then SOSU. I came in second a couple of times for coaching jobs with one of his teammates.
    Rodman wasn’t sure were he fit at SOSU but ended up befriending a young boy that had lost his best friend in a hunting accident. Dennis ended up moving to Bokchito, the small farming town where Brian Rich, the boy from the camp was from. The story even made it in Readers Digest and Brian did run a construction company backed by Rodman in TX.
    The last time I saw Rodman personally was in San Antonio after he dyed his hair. He was still the “Worm” on the boards.
    At that point he started to go crazy, the city founders in Durant, OK were shocked they ever gave him the key to the city and his own day. This was even before the NK trip.
    Maybe Rodman feels that he understands Jong-Il and that is the connection. That basketball can lead to diplomacy but shooting the round ball is helping the totalitarian dictators ways or stopping the need to create nuclear warheads to threaten the free world.
    Speaking of sports it was said on the dictator’s first golf round he shot an 18. 18 holes in one. A record but probably no invite to the Masters. We don’t see Tiger, Phil, or even Jack going on golfing goodwill missions though.

  13. Shannon J says:

    It sounds a little crazy to me but I guess you can’t blame Dennis Rodman for giving tribute it takes a lot of integrity to play ball in honor of a possible threat to the nation but its all in good intentions.

  14. Jarod L says:

    I actually think this is a good idea to have a common ground between the United States and North Korea. It seems as if tension has cooled off since Rodman has been to Korea twice. Finding a common interest even if its minor could start good communication. Who would have though that Rodman would be one of the only Americans allowed to cross into North Korea? Crazy world we have.

  15. Casey Holcom says:

    I don’t see this improving our relationship with North Korea at all. I’d be very uncomfortable around Rodman knowing he’s a friend of someone who murders and brainwashes people and enjoys it.

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