The Wolf of Wall Street….What an (“F”) Bomb of a Movie


January 3, 2014 by gregrabidoux2013


Don’t blame me. He’s the “F” ing director.

Join me as I imagine legendary Hollywood movie director Martin Scorsese starting his morning work day in his beloved New York. It may just go something like this:

Scene 1: (Primary Camera frames the legendary director with his oversized, trademark, black-rimmed glasses sitting in his Italian leather Director’s chair in his brownstone SoHo townhouse. He sits at his cherry mahogany breakfast table which overlooks the street and is about 5 feet from his fireplace and mantel which holds his many industry Oscars and awards and a framed black and white picture of Joe Pesci, Bob DeNiro and his new boy, Leo DiCaprio.

The table is adorned with a crisp white linen tablecloth. Sitting on top is an untouched onion “Three Brothers” NY style bagel and cream cheese and a black coffee in a mug that says “Cut” (given to him by Jack Nicholson) near the bagel and cheese. The director is on his cell phone with a folded NYT newspaper in his other hand, he holds it like he is ready to aim it and yell “Action”)…..

Martin: Yeah, this is “F” ing me, who the “F” is this?
Leo DiCaprio (Sitting on the deck of his yacht, the Titanic 2): It’s me, your “F” ing boy, Leo, Leo the “F”ing move star you “F” er.
Martin: Ah, “F” me and my advanced “F” ing age, I “F” ing forget stuff.
Leo: No worries you old “F” er, what’s the next “F” ing movie we’ll make together. I’m already “F” ing bored with my “F” ing yacht and all these “F” ing super-models…I want a real “F” ing adrenaline rush.
Martin: (to his Agent on line 2): Hey, you no good, overpaid “F” er, where’s the next “F”ing script for my “F”ing boy Leo?
Agent: Oh, “F” me, I thought I already “F” ing Fedexed it to you…that “F”ing assistant of mine, “F” him. I’ll send it right over or you can “F” my pay for this week.
Martin: (to Agent) Sounds like an “F” ing deal. (to Leo) Leo, I’ll get an “F” ing script to you before this “F” ing day ends or my name isn’t Martin “F” ing Scorsese.
Leo: Now that’s more like it…”F” ing “A.” Hey, sweetheart, come here and stir my “F” ing Mojito for me, the ice is melting.
(Scene One ends with Martin, Leo and his Agent all laughing together as they all declare how “F” ing great their life is)
[Fade to Black]

In need of an explanation?

You see, the latest Martin Scorsese offering, The Wolf of Wall Street has shattered the previous record for the most “F” bombs in any movie. This particular “Wolf” has 506 “F” bombs in it with a run time of 180 minutes. While the previous record-holder was Spike Lee’s 1999 Summer of Sam with 435 “F” bombs, Mr. Scorsese clearly is the King of the “F” bombs. Casino (422) and Goodfellas (300), both Scorsese films, round out the top 4 “F” bomb movies of all time.

Joe Pesci

Hey, even I think 506 times is a bit much.

So, some quick “F” ing math tells us that Scorsese in just 3 of his many movies accounts for us hearing the “F” bomb 1,228 times in our local Cineplex.

How “F” ing excessive is that?

Which all got me thinking about two items. First, we, Americans have a paucity of really good curse words to draw upon. I have traveled quite a bit in my time and folks in many other countries simply have a much more varied and rich treasure trove of swear words at their fingertips. Bulgarians in particular seem to have raised cursing each other, the taxicab driver, maybe even we, tourists, to an art form.

Second, the “F” bomb is so overused now in the US that it may just about be time to put it out of its own “F” ing misery.

Who’s to blame? Well, much has been made of early stand-up, raw comics like Lenny Bruce and Red Foxx but me, I blame Eddie Murphy. I went to his concert once live. All I can recall are 3 things. One, he does have a really contagious laugh. Two, I could never pull off red leather jacket or pants. Three, he used the “F” bomb. A lot. And people really laughed a lot. Each time.

But here’s the rub. Because of entertainers like Eddie Murphy and directors like Martin Scorsese we may just be running the risk of becoming, well, indifferent to the “F” bomb.

Maybe that’s the real genius of Scorsese. Maybe it’s not just that he unleashed a really scary Robert DeNiro in “Taxi” on us but that now he is holding a mirror on us as a society. Forcing us to examine how we interact with each other.

Martin Scorses

Who’s to say I’m not an “F” ing genius anyway, you?

Maybe the legend that is Scorsese is commenting on our social mores by having us all hear the “F” bomb so much that we become immune to its former potency. And we are forced to confront our own limitations in expressing our innermost passion, anger, even love.

Nah. Maybe Mr. Scorsese just has a real potty-mouth and he should write “I will not use the “F” bomb in my movies anymore” 1,228 times.

Ah, “F” it. He won’t change. I sure do like that “F” ing Leo though. Now that’s a real “F” ing movie star. Not like that Brad guy, I bet Angie doesn’t even let him swear around the house.


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13 thoughts on “The Wolf of Wall Street….What an (“F”) Bomb of a Movie

  1. Deli Guy says:

    The movie is an F-Bomb, even with nice language it would still be a bomb!

  2. Benny says:

    Funny that is just how I imagine a typical morning at the Scorsese household unfolding!!

  3. LaMoya N says:

    My opinion about individuals using the F-bomb is that movies would be more enjoyable if they stopped using so much cursing. Whenever I watch a movie and the actors curse a lot, it is disturbing and I cannot focus on the movies’ plot due to all of the awful language. I also do not blame Eddie Murphy (as he was blamed in the article). My blame is on American society as a whole. America loves to make money and if cursing is constantly going to be a “money maker”, then producers will just keep adding cursing words to every other sentence such as that F-bomb. I personally hate cursing but it sells because a lot of people love the scenarios that involve cursing.

  4. Theresa L says:

    I immediately picked this blog to leave a comment on because I for one love leo dicaprio as an actor and two I saw this movie in theaters. Until this blog I honestly did not even realize the amount of times the “F” word was used. I laughed a little when I read the part that says, “hear the “F” bomb so much that we become immune to its former potency” because I seriously think that is what happened to me and the person I saw it with. We were so shocked at everything else going on between the intimate scenes, drug use, and the content of it all that we never once mentioned how many times they said the “F” word. Besides the F word I can imagine how difficult it may have been to get this picture on screen for millions of viewers to see. I was told that it was turned down at first which is interesting. The whole concept is crazy in and of itself and to think that this stuff actually goes on is mind boggling. I use to catch myself saying this word out loud a lot and literally have to force myself to stop because it is not attractive and it is very degrading and over used. Better safe than sorry! Now I wonder how many times this word is used among stock brokers all around the world. Too many to count.

  5. Morgan C says:

    When I was growing up the D-word was BAD. Now it’s heard on cable TV regularly. The F-word is still bleeped out but we know what they’re saying and YES, it has become regular every day language. Cursing allows us to emphasize what we are saying without yelling the same way that we use exclamation points when we are writing!!!! I curse regularly and I think it makes my language colorful and comical, not degrading. Thankfully, I’m self-employed so I don’t have to worry about dropping F-bombs at the office. Call me classless and that’s ok because I’m rich!

  6. Morgan C says:

    P.S.- I thought the Wolf of Wall Street was an amazing film, not a bomb. I felt very motivated when I left the theater. I am a salesman. And to be a successful salesman you must be greedy. This film literally made me hungry for money! Loved it.

    • yep. The title of the post actually refers to the cursing ,as in F-Bomb…the movie itself was pretty good but no Wall Street with Gordon “Greed is Good” Gecko and the notorious Charlie “Buddy” Sheen….

  7. Dominique E says:

    I didn’t realize the f-bomb was being so much in the movie, until I saw this post. But now that I look back, I don’t think the movie would have been the same without it. I enjoyed the movie, and hearing the f-bomb so many time did not make me think any less of the movie. We all have our opinions on what we like to hear and see. If you did not like hearing the f-bomb being used so much, it does not take a lot for you to just get up and walk out of the theatre.

  8. Casey Holcom says:

    I really enjoyed this film. It’s not one of the best ever by any means, but it was a good flick despite dragging on longer than necessary. While they probably did overdo the use of the F-bomb, I honestly didn’t notice it was said that much. There’s no reason to say it that many times but they did do a good job of making the overuse of the word unnoticed.

  9. Geri Pepin says:

    The previews for this movie showed a whole different perspective than the actual movie. After only watching about 20 minutes of the movie, I had to walk away… I had no understanding why the script had all the F words I did not get the point of the movie. I found it offensive. But then again, I work with professors and students in our mass media department and most found the movie well worth the show. I asked one professor “why would this director produce a movie that is all about sex, drugs, and greed” His response was ” Because he can, it’s called freedom of speech”. Ok, I get the freedom of speech, however, call me old fashion, but to me there is not point in having 504 F bombs, and showing snorting drugs on a gals butt!!!!!!

    • Good point! The answer “Because it’s called free speech” seems better suited to the question “How can he make such a movie?” As to why, I suppose to try and shock the audience and inject what he thinks is realism…on the other hand movies that show suspense and aren’t as graphic are just as good even better, just ask Sir Alfred Hitchcock who felt the power of suggestion was better than graphic realism..

  10. Geri Pepin says:

    I guess I’m from old school, where the F word was not used and I was not allowed to use it. I could only watch 20 minutes of this film before turning it off. A friend of mine let me borrow the DVD. I noticed right away how many times the characters mentioned the F word, and that’s how the movie turned me off. Another reason the movie turned me off, it was just about drugs, sex, and power. I am sure this is true to some degree in the real world, but why promote this? Or are they trying to make awareness to the problems of Wall Street?

  11. Yazid B says:

    One of the best movies that i have ever seen. great acting and amazing scenes.

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