Six Year Old Named as Sexual Harasser. Wait. What?


December 11, 2013 by gregrabidoux2013

colorado sign

Don’t even think about puckering up kids.

So, I am beginning to wonder, what with the thin air and legalized pot, if everyone in Colorado is perpetually high or just lacking in a normal dose of common sense.

Seems that Canon City Public School District officials have suspended one of their own, a 6 year old little “sexual harasser” for allegedly kissing a fellow 6 year old female student on the cheek. Not only that but apparently the officials want the sexual harasser label to be recorded in the kid’s permanent record (you know the one file we all wish we could sneak a peek at to see what dirt really follows us all around). When questioned by local news reporters the same school district officials asserted that the young boy’s actions “fit” the legal definition of sexual harassment within their school policy and he got what he deserved.

Colorado Boy

The little sexual harasser, at least according to Canon City officials, in his lair plotting his next peck on the cheek.

Yeah, go get ’em Canon City school officials. You gotta stop this sort of juvenile delinquency in the bud before it/he blooms into a full, pouty-lipped kissing bandit by the time his Kindergarten graduation dance rolls around. Not that there may be other more pressing matters that should be taking your resources, time and energies. No, make sure the full force of the law smites this little rascal and sends a clear message to all other 6 year-old would-be “cheek-kissers”-keep those cherubic lips in check or Johnny “Canon” Law will come down hard.


Official Canon City photo on its website. Caring for their animals, as long as they keep their distance from each other and avoid unwanted kissing.

Now, as the kid’s Mom makes clear, her son is apparently a “two time” offender. He apparently kissed another little girl on the cheek once before and was previously suspended. So, now the Canonites are out to teach him a lesson about sexual harassment he’ll never forget. Of course, they may have to tell him what the words “sexual” and “harassment” mean first but it appears that this lovely little whitewater rafting community of about 16,000 “free lovers” has plenty of time on its hands for this sort of thing.

Look, real, adult sexual harassment is of course, no laughing matter. But then lots of adult stuff is no laughing matter. But as adults we do learn by then (hopefully) even without being suspended from our Kindergarten and being officially branded as a sexual harasser for all the world to see and having it recorded in our (gasp) permanent school record.

Nice touch there Canonites. Way to pervert a kid’s innocent behavior into a bona-fide  criminal act.

Do I want any little or for that matter, bigger girl to have to accept unwanted affection or physical contact? No. Is there a better way to address a 6 year old boy’s kiss on the cheek habit? Yes. I can think of about a dozen.

Let’s see when this kid grows up to be totally screwed up in his relationships with women of all ages I suppose he can simply have them read his Canon School official record and ask for their forgiveness and sympathy.

Canon city jail

Canon City is known for having 9 prisons and penitentiaries. Maybe they are reserving a spot for the little kissing bandit.

Maybe it’s for the best though. Canon City is known for having 9 federal and state prisons and penitentiaries in its comparatively small city. Seems the quicker they brand kids as criminals the quicker they’ll make sure those prisons stay filled.

Stay classy Canon City. Stay classy.









28 thoughts on “Six Year Old Named as Sexual Harasser. Wait. What?

  1. Amber Tynes says:

    They need to worry about real criminals there in lovely, open-minded Canon City. This is preposterous! Good Post!

  2. Susan Smythe says:

    Yeah, maybe the school officials should spend some time in one of those many CC jails first and you know, clear their head a bit!

  3. Cameron D'Aquila says:

    Jeez. I have a migraine now. Why put his name on the record or give him a record for the matter. If he is guilty of anything, it is being a flirt. Hold your breath people . . this is a predator in the making! Not. We see many a time real sexual predators getting off because of the twinkie defense, lack of evidence, tainted evidence, infringement of their civil liberties and sadly, real victims receive no justice but this school is killing me. Are you serious? We are going to suspend a 6 year old for harmless kissing on the cheek? What about the cyber and real world bullies out there? Did you hear about the girl in Canada that committed suicide for coming forward about her bullying and the sexual assault she endured… and we’re concerned about a 6 year old boy kissing a girl on the cheek. Shameless. Gang bangers are getting away with murder and no one holds them nor their parents (lack of parenting) accountable. I think Colorado has their priorities in the wrong place. That’s just my opinion.

  4. Mara Lencina says:

    And we wonder why Europeans have much healthier attitudes about sex and relations with opposite sex….95% of European little boys would be in jail, guess that’d be good for Canon City and its local jail-driven economy.

  5. Susan Smythe says:

    And where are the parents in all of this? They couldn’t have handled in privately before it, like way too many issues, became some official school intervention? I just took Canon City off my place to visit list.

  6. Vince Damon says:

    Unbelievable, just unbelievable, that’s all I can say, what are they thinking (smoking?) in Colorado?

  7. Takym says:

    That’s just silly to suspend and title a little child who has not even learned his fractions nor his colors, and consider him a “sexual harasser”, that is just silly.

  8. ldhodges says:

    This is ridiculous! I agree with “where are the parents in all of this?”, They should have definitely not handled it in the this manner, especially being so public about it. They dont do ISS anymore?

  9. Steve M says:

    I first heard about this case while I was driving through Denver and almost lost it on the road. This is definitely a miscarriage of justice not only for this child but for this state. It supposedly later came out that the little girl did not want this kiss on the cheek, but instead of taking him to the side or OMG sending him to the councilors office to explain the personal space rules, they suspend him and call him a “Sexual Harasser”. Here’s a news flash for this town, get over it. Maybe they knew about the legalization of marijuana for not only medicinal but recreational use and the powers that be are worried that they may have to close some of those jails and cost jobs (sic). I hope this kid turns out to be someone important or even famous and see how this towns attitude comes back to bite it.

  10. Mark M says:

    By putting a sexual harassment record in a 6 year old child is very childish in the school board’s part. For one part, it does fit the description of forcing a kiss to another child, but the ultimate consideration to consider is the fact that a child at that age does not show the same maturity of an adult.

  11. Y'Keisha says:

    So since a kid can not give a little “peck” on a little girls cheek without getting suspended. I guess little kids are going to get punished in the near future for hugging each other. The State of Colorado is taking things to seriously now, I guess they are going to ban Valentine’s Day activities in schools as well, if a child gives out harmless pre-made cartoon Valentine’s Day cards as well?!!!

  12. Brittany T says:

    This should not go on his permanent record he is only 6, I’m pretty sure during that age about 90% of us had either hit, kissed, or, touched somebody but this should not be getting as much attention we should be focusing on bigger issues such as ways to prevent future school shootings, or even actually paying attention to the serious threats that students have such as bullying ,fighting.

  13. Erik C says:

    This is just unbelievable to me that a six year own kid is being characterized like this for showing something that he probably seen someone else do. We need to worry about the real criminals.

  14. Tyler W says:

    I personally think that it is very stupid and uncalled for to have that put on his permanent record. The kid is only six and probably just saw his parents or brother and girlfriend kiss. He shouldn’t be punished for life. Now he is going to have to explain to every employer and potential girlfriend his mistake. His life is going to be very hard if he doesn’t get this resolved.

  15. Lauren T says:

    To be honest, I think that this story was a waste of reporting. Instead of worrying about a little kid who might have just had a “crush” on the girl & did what he saw his parents do, or even what people on TV do, they should worry about the real pedophiles who are on the streets committing crimes against little girls and boys. A time out, and a talk with his parents and teacher about why kissing other students is not okay should have been the consequence for his actions rather than labeling this child as a sexual harasser.

  16. Anjelica J says:

    I find this story to be absolutely ridiculous. This boy is not a sexual harrasser, he was a young boy with a crush who had no idea what he did was wrong. To hinder his life by labeling him as a Sexual Offender on his permanent record would be morally wrong and stupid in so many ways.

  17. Jamie K says:

    I’m sorry. This is absolutely crazy. As a future educator, there is a FINE line between real sexual harassment, and kissing on the cheek. For starters, IT’S A CHEEK!! Second, he’s six. How the heck are you going to explain to a six year old what that means?! He’s going to grow up thinking that kissing in general is bad, and you can get punished for that. What kind of lesson are you teaching kids up there Colorado???

  18. Dylan W says:

    In my opinion, what this school has done is quite literally “made a mountain out of a mole hill.” While I agree that a certain level of action should be taken to reduce future incidents with this child, the level of authority and enforcement, and the outright disregard for the fact that this is a six year old child, have gone bounds beyond what they ever should have. Things could have been more carefully and well cared for by simply informing the child’s parents, or even sending him to a school counselor’s or principal’s office to explain and enforce the “personal space” concept and policy.

  19. MalikS says:

    Making this permanent on his record or even suspending him is just going overboard. Now if it escalated to other things at all that is a different story and that still could have been handled differently. He probably doesn’t even know anything about a record or will even remember this happening in the future. Having it on his record will of course remind him but this is just ridiculous. Now I am not saying don’t do anything because I understand preventing other incidents from happening in the future but having it on his record right now will not stop anything from happening. I believe a school counselor or just having someone sit down and really talk about his behavior is what needs to happen.

  20. Harley J says:

    Schools these days are just getting crazy about discipline. A six year old doesn’t even understand that a kiss on the cheek is a bad thing. Even if it has happened a few times, it’s not like he’s forcing anything on anyone. It’s just an innocent gesture. By putting “sexual harassment” on his permanent record, the school system is basically comparing this six year old to a rapist or predator. That is going to affect him the rest of his life. He’ll have a hard time getting a job, having relationships, and getting into college. All because of a kiss on the cheek? It’s just an insanely unfair punishment for a child.

  21. Taranesha says:

    I want to know how his parents reacted to the suspension of their six year old. This is ludicrous!At such an innocent age, I feel bad knowing that this incident is going to haunt him. People in that town are probably going to want and keep their children away from him because of this innocent act during his childhood. It’s amazing that the town can focus on exposing the “bad” that he’s done while leaving out the things his teacher may have to say about his behavior in class. I remember specifically on the playground when I “married” a couple off and they kissed. It wasn’t a big deal back then because our innocence was who we were. To turn this little guy’s innocence into a criminal act is absurd. It’s as if they don’t have anything better to do than see the bad in people, young or old.

  22. Jacki G says:

    I still am struggling to believe what I am reading. This extreme punishment is absurd.

    If everyone who had their first innocent kiss at 6 years old had had been punished for this “crime” the world would be full of people guilty of sexual harassment.

    This reminds me of a paper I wrote once. I am very interested in the consequences of labels, particularly labeling children. Being associated with “sexual harassment” at such a young age is bound to have the opposite or some kind of negative effect on this child. It is very hard to believe that the administrators think this is a fair punishment.

    The paper I wrote specifically examined how labeling a kid as having ADHD in elementary school creates a kind of self fulfilling prophecy and most children are bound to have behavior problems after receiving this kind of label. I think they are more likely to have MORE problems than if their behavior were dealt with in a different way. For example, telling a six year old that he has a behavior problem and he needs to take medicine for it, he is going to feel like something is wrong with him. If, instead, for misbehaving he were fairly disciplined, he wouldn’t feel different from his friends and he might come out of his hyperactive stage. I think society uses labels as a way to over-medicate and a lot of times ostracize people for very normal behaviors.

    ADHD and sexual harassment are not related, but the consequences of unjust labeling are. This child is going to carry this label for the rest of his life. Even if it technically comes off his “chart” he is going to feel abnormal forever. The truth is that innocent kisses and hyperactive behavior are rather normal behaviors for young boys. Such behavior should result in discipline on both sides, but not to the point where it is psychologically detrimental.

  23. Keir says:

    I do agree with the fact that this 6 year old should be reprimanded for his unwanted kiss on the cheek to his female classmate, but I don’t think it should be classified as sexual harassment. At six years old, there is nothing sexual about a kiss on the cheek in my opinion. Of course, the kiss was inappropriate, however, children do tend to experiment with what they see.

  24. Amber G says:

    Wow! A six year old is titled as a sexual harasser?! What is the world coming too? This is just taking it to far. A simple saying ” No honey, that’s not right to do that to girls” could’ve been just fine. We know the situation was odd, but maybe the boy don’t. He is only six for crying out loud!

  25. Jill V says:

    This news is both very sad yet comical. Does the Canon City Public School District really feel a six year should be punished for a kiss of the cheek? Obviously so…but is it a little overboard, ABSOLUTELY. Omg, if we were to suspend kids for all that they do…we’d have very few kids in school. I would go on my tangent of what I feel we really should be suspending kids for, on top of what they also should be learning in school (besides some of what they’re already taught), but I believe that’d be a novel. And for all this to also go into the kid’s permanent record, you’re joking right? : /

  26. Casey Holcom says:

    It sounds like they have a little too much time on their hands over there. I couldn’t do anything but shake my head at this article. It’s just completely idiotic and sad.

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